Bitcoin is getting cheaper

1 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:28 ID: mmt08j
Bitcoin is getting cheaper
2 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:12 ID: gttpji4

Oh no

Buys another thicc items case

ID: gtucbem

I can't believe you're being so blasé about this, Nikita has just destroyed my chances of filling my entire stash with thicc item cases!

What am I supposed to do with a paltry 1.2 million roubles per day?

ID: gtvofd6

as someone who has finally got his bitcoin farm in his first wipe ever who just put his first graphics card in. i cri evertim.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:13 ID: gtty7zu

One of the comments on twitter is some guy complaining about how dare they do this because he has over 100 bitcoins.

Like dude, you have over a 100 bitcoins and haven't needed to liquidate them for your playstyle. Some people will have 100mil roubles in cash and continue to rat, just human nature.

ID: gtua5i4

Almost as bad as the "I need the bitcoin farm to make money!" people who needed to make millions to build the bitcoin farm in the first place, proving they can make money just fine without it.

ID: gtubz2z

So, just to put my two cents in, It took me two months to get Bitcoin up and honest to god it’s made the game better for me. I don’t like fighting as much as I like looting, but I still like fighting. And this being my first wipe I ran stashes till I could get the money for things. Now that I have Bitcoin I don’t have to spend my 3 hours a day on the game just hitting stashes and can actually start getting better at fights. I didn’t need it to make money but holy god the game is so much better when I don’t have to worry about staying sub 100k because ive had some unlucky runs.

ID: gtu9rfg

Imagine having a passive income farm but not selling the items it produces to actually produce that passive income. That's just silly. Sell the bitcoins and make your money!

I know it's not you who did that, but man that's just weird.

ID: gtubfgf

Its not weird at all, its just saving space in your inventory.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/08 15:53 ID: gttmso0

Bitcoin price just dropped 10% MORE for me. I sold some at 770k. Then I sold more at 680k.

Either thats the same for other people or they have instituted diminishing returns per account.

ID: gtusmrb

I just sold 8 for 680k each

5 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:06 ID: gttom5w

So at this stage as someone who started the wipe way too late is it too late for me to grind the Bitcoin farm?

ID: gttramg

It's still something to do but you'll probably want to take your time and not buy the items until prices level out for other items on the market. It's better to just find the items in raid at this time though without knowing where prices will stabilize.

ID: gttymls

Honestly I’d say hold off on buying any of the parts till the dust settles and there’s a more clear indication of what they’re actually doing. The Bitcoin price is going down right now, but we don’t know if there’s going to be hideout changes following this. They might reduce the building requirements for some things, kind of revert some of the changes they made to try and nerf bitcoins. Or maybe they’ll make it even more expensive, who knows

As far as going out and actually finding the parts, that’s always worthwhile because GPUs are always going to be expensive. And I make a decent amount of money of stocking up on other electronic items you find where GPUs spawn and selling them when the price is high.

ID: gtu958x

I just have 2 GPUS, I get a BC every like 30 hours or something pathetic. It helps a bit... it's honestly not that hard to make enough bucks to run decent loadouts, especially if you are willing to run an inferior AK so ammo is only like 2k a round...

ID: gtv4cei

No, it's good practice for future wipes.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:03 ID: gtto9b2

Considering it has dropped twice (860k -> 770k -> 680k) so far, I wonder if every Therapist reset it will drop until it gets to where they want it. There's about an hour left on the current cycle, so we will see if it drops again then.

ID: gtts4n1

Isn't this inline with the true value though? It is currently £41k IRL

ID: gttvi3b

No. It seems they are decoupling it from irl value.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:06 ID: gtu5s1d


Had a debate like 2 days ago with my friend about stacking bitcoins worth it or not?

And i said that no way, they will change something about it making it cost less so you would loose your money, but he insisted on stacking bitcoins and selling later, but i was selling them asap, RIP.

ID: gtuazyu

Always sell. It's not passive income if you never sell it

8 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:36 ID: gttszux

I sure hope they also change the hideout costs back to normal prices aswell.

ID: gtuia8i

doubt it knowing them. this was my fear for a while.. implement .. whats it been now like 8 different nerfs. then finally after they run out of ways to make it harder to get THEN they finallly will lower the actual bitcoin price.

ID: gtupu4m

Yup. This is their ass-backwards way of going "huh...looks like we were dumb I guess, idk". Months worth of annoying and unpopular changes that only dicked over lower levels that could've been avoided by decoupling BTC from IRL price, and now they are finally realizing to some degree that they fucked up and created a ton of work and ill will for no reason.

Tangentially, I think a major mindset problem with BSG and most of this community in general is that we think we can reasonably equalize the experiences of hardcore streamer grinders who play nonstop and the rest of the more casual playerbase. We really can't. People who grind are always going to have significant advantages and that's something that we have to accept and not try to ruin the game over.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:30 ID: gttbdmx

Sweet. They need to readjust the mining time/gpu craft/etc now though.

On another note, this is kind of a cool way to announce market changes like this.

ID: gttpjiy

They should make a news report tab from the home screen or a hideout upgrade (Fiber Optic cable, or cable, or something) where BSG can post updates to global economy, weather events, or whatever fits the feel of the game. It would be an awesome way of implementing in game events or changes.

News report of tariffs against certain metals resulting in certain ammo prices increasing (lead, copper, steel, tungsten). A new petroleum/helium/hydrogen gas pocket discovered which would result in lower cooling costs, or higher availability of tritium for electronic sights, or greater fuel availability. Just some way of organically making adjustments without requiring a reddit post, while still allowing for some fun discovery by the players. Have it impact loot drops in the world too.

ID: gttpuq1

I really like this idea. Having a tv with “news” would be sweet, and that way those not on Twitte

/etc will see the updates as well.

ID: gttxyex

They should make a news report tab from the home screen or a hideout upgrade (Fiber Optic cable, or cable, or something) where BSG can post updates to global economy, weather events, or whatever fits the feel of the game. It would be an awesome way of implementing in game events or changes.

I mean...shouldn't getting this info from an intel center make sense?

ID: gttkgg7

I think they intend it to remain like this.

ID: gttrvt2

Got a friend who just joined this game. He's trying to do the mechanic quest and he's not thrilled about the 90 hour craft lol!

ID: gttt3mp

Along with the insane price of the hideout upgrades

ID: gtv1t81

Make a benefit of intel center being able to see these market changes ahead of time. I realize some people will leak the information on Reddit or whatever but that would be such a fun thematic update.

Like you hear over your intel radio “gas shipment to Tarkov attacked by Reshala’s gang. No knowledge on when gas arrive will supplement current supply.”

Suddenly there’s a rush on fuel before the drought

10 : Anonymous2021/04/08 15:19 ID: gtti1qp

Good. They need to continue to mess with the balance and progression outside of just changes at wipe. All these tests and changes will get us a better product faster.

ID: gtu8rmt

At this point the economy is unfixable this wipe, I'm all for this change, but with all the tweaks made already to try and address the economy, I wonder how much time that took away from fixing bugs, developing the maps, etc.

ID: gtufwp5

I wonder how much time that took away from fixing bugs, developing the maps, etc.

I've heard Nikita can literally just sit there and change things so its probably not taking too much time away from other developers.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:29 ID: gttbbvw

Nikita: there I fixed it!

12 : Anonymous2021/04/08 15:30 ID: gttjmis

congrats to all the early power players and streamers

F's in the chat for the casual/weekend warriors who don't even have farm 1

ID: gttkozy

Let’s be honest. Even a weekend warrior can easily have level one farm by now. It is not nearly as hard to obtain as you make it sound.

ID: gtuvht1

I started a month late and play ~2-3 hours a day, and I’m nowhere close to getting a Bitcoin farm. I mean, I suck, but I’m not even close (level 1 intel center, meditation 2, nutrition 2, lav 2). Mind you I focus tasks and don’t hatchet run

13 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:53 ID: gttvbyv

Of course as soon as I get my farm going, before I even get and bitcoins from it

14 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:27 ID: gtupe28

Literally not stopping the Giga chads and only increasing the wealth gap in this game drastically.

I play maybe max 3 hours a night and I only just got my Bitcoin farm and was happy to be able to start slowly adding a graphics card to my farm every few days that I get a Bitcoin ( 5 cards currently ) it worked out including fuel I could get a new card every three days.. now that’s crushed and I’ll be lucky to have 50 cards by the end of the wipe.

First wipe, and I feel drastically left behind, scraping by with an average of 1-3m in my stash and constantly wiped by a laser beam HK or M4A1.

My poor SKS can’t keep up.

This wipes fucked. Just wipe the servers and admit that current Bitcoin price was a bad idea from the start

15 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:44 ID: gturph6

Let's fuck everyone who isn't already rich as hell and at end-game - BattleState Games

16 : Anonymous2021/04/09 00:35 ID: gtvkjpi

Ah just as i get my farm, perfect

17 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:32 ID: gttscuv

Once implemented let's hope they revert the nerf to the mining time.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:05 ID: gttoh7u

They should have added this in when bro was at 300 k

19 : Anonymous2021/04/08 16:11 ID: gttpfle

Kinda funny how many people are whining at this change after everyone’s been crying for a nerf to btc price and to not have it tied to irl for the last 2 months lmao. I finished my farm recently too. It’s not hard to make money without it. This community is legit going to complain no matter what BSG does.

ID: gttuulv

The problem is that when hotfixing broken money making methods so late into the wipe, a large portion will already have abused it for a long time. While those that still haven't abused it will now no longer even get a chance to equalize with the ultra wealthy.

Gigantic changes to the economy probably shouldn't happen mid-wipe and instead be implemented when it wipes. Personally I think the game's progression (XP and kill-quest grindiness) should be a lot faster and the wipes a lot more frequent. that way they can go "fuck we realized that OP bitcoin farming kinda destroyed the economy this wipe, we'll wipe soon and make adjustements then.)

ID: gtu382t

People wanted the bitcoin farm nerfed before it would permanently warp the economy for the whole wipe, and here we are. People like me who got ahead of the curve and have had a farm for essentially the whole wipe are almost completely unaffected, and anyone who thought it might be rewarding to slot in cards in the past month get burned.

It's not that this change is horrible in of itself, it's that it should have been done 6 weeks ago, or done at the start of next wipe for us to get to play a whole wipe with the expectations and understanding that BTC could get thrown around based on more factors than the real world price alone.

There won't be great data driven takeaways for BSG from this change at this point in time. The economy is already inflated, and any behavioral changes from players will be narrow in scope.

ID: gttr5s4

Generally it seems that people are mad that the nerfs hit casual players harder and increase the gap between mega chads and casuals instead of making it more even. Those mega chads already have a maxed farm and shit tons of money, so none of these nerfs actually hit them.

ID: gtu4mjs

Exactly. This change would fix the problem if it was implemented at the next wipe... not now. It’s only hurting the casuals at this point

20 : Anonymous2021/04/08 15:17 ID: gtthsur

Glad I just bought like 3 GPUs from the flea to get my farm going!


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