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1 : Anonymous2021/04/24 21:00 ID: mxsvda

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2 : Anonymous2021/04/27 15:13 ID: gw24cev

I killed a guy on dorms second floor last night. Had a decked out HK. Just wanted to let you know, I ran your gear in the next raid and got head/eyes by a scav.

ID: gw4awq7

Living the dream.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/25 23:48 ID: gvvghwg

Shoreline far spawns are the equivalent of storming the beaches of Normandy.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/25 19:33 ID: gvulzq3

I just 'completed' tarkov shooter part 8 while still trying to complete tarkov shooter part 7. Feelsbadman. Got a SBIH kill at least I guess.

5 : Anonymous2021/04/29 23:42 ID: gwd19dp

Whenever Im bored I spawn into Customs with a pistol and some nades, kill/loot a scav, then bum rush Dorms or Crack House. Even though I die 90% of the time its very entertaining to just fuck with people as a 3rd party. Sometimes ill shoot next to someone in a firefight just to see them panic.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/25 13:34 ID: gvtegzw

I was playing a game last night and got owned. Nothing irregular there. What was a little sad for me was I saw the guy who killed me first. He was prone looting a corpse, so I thought I had a good shot at him. I'm a level 8 newb so I'm currently running PS ammo in an SKS. I put three or four rounds into the guy but I didn't manage to kill him. He managed to get up and hit me once. Then we had a drawn out fight that might have been third partied (I couldn't tell).

So why I was sad is this all seemed very unnecessary. I really should have been able to kill this guy when I had the drop on him. But it was hard to get my SKS iron sights lined up on him exactly, and it was slow to get the followup shots on target because of waiting for the SKS to return to target after recoil. Obviously I made a few mistakes.

Maybe I should have gotten closer. Is it reasonable to engage PMCs at 30-40 meters with an unmodded SKS? With PS ammo? Definitely I should have been more patient and gone for a headshot. I forget how durable characters are in Tarkov compared to other shooters when you aren't hitting the upper chest or head. Should I have declined the engagement entirely? I feel like it would have been the better money move, but I wouldn't have learned anything. Is the SKS just not the right gun for this range? Target acquisition outside close ranges is a challenge for me with ironsights. Do I need a scope to fight at these kinds of ranges? Am I running too wide an FOV (65 vert/97 horiz)?

Just looking for advice to make these sorts of engagements more productive. Thanks!

ID: gvu7n8f

30-40 metres with an SKS is fine, it's fairly accurate. 7.62 PS isn't a horrible round, it's just a bit underwhelming at this point in the wipe because most players are running level 5-6 armour. PS ammo will penetrate level 3-4 armour reliably, but you'll struggle a bit against anything higher. You need to pretty much spam the trigger and get off alot of shots quickly. Having the 20 round mag will help alot, even if you still need to top load after dumping alot of bullets.

See above but yes, always go for the headshot.

No, you made the right decision because he was looting and you spotted him first, so you had the advantage. You've got the right attitude, you wouldn't have learnt anything if you didn't engage.

It depends which map you're playing. Woods or Shoreline I would run a scope due to the mostly long sightlines. Customs, Interchange, Factory you could get away with just ironsights because most engagements are close range.

Honestly I think you'll be fine man. You posted asking for advice instead of being salty after getting killed, like most of the other people in this sub.

ID: gvuxusy

Haha TYVM for the feedback. I have played a bit of hunt: showdown, which is probably the closest to this game in terms of genre. I bounced off this game once before but I'm digging it now that I have more hours in the genre. The tension of a fight where you have a bunch of loot in your bag is real and I'm loving it. I am not particularly stressed about losing the loadouts I'm currently running as I can re-up many times without significantly denting the bank account.

Just a raid or two ago I found a stack of BT 7.62. Did a few raids with the VEPR-133 where I had two mags topped off with 10x BT rounds and I have to say it seemed much more reliable! I don't know if I ran into any PMCs but the BT ammo was really consistent in dropping scavs after just one or two shots. Extracted with a 200-300k haul from one of those raids which felt great.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/26 18:45 ID: gvylmad


I am a newer player but have been watching a lot of Trakov YouTube/Streams. Why do the top players always have that gun attachment that emits a red (IR?) flashlight that only appears at short range. I don't understand what advantage it provides. Also what is the name of that attachment?

ID: gvz0uzx

Whenever you have a tactical device on your gun and it is turned on, your point fire (i.e. non-ADS (aim down sight)) accuracy (grouping) is significantly improved.

So if you have a flashlight turned on, your grouping is better. If you have a laser on, your grouping is better. The problem with those is that they can reveal your presence/position if the other player sees them.

IR lasers / IR flashlights enable you to run with an enabled tactical device that is very hard / impossible for the enemy to see, giving you better grouping at almost no risk to your stealth / element of surprise.

ID: gvzhqju

Extremely well explained, well done. But also, they said that the improved accuracy with it is bugged and they will remove it. Which just makes me think, what is it supposed to do then? Actually, wtf does it even do in real life?

ID: gw3spqr

Worth noting that IRL red light doesn't mess us your night vision and isn't as visible from a distance.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/27 14:03 ID: gw1urng

Does the game ever start a match without a player population? Trying to do tarkov shooter part whatever (three kills on woods) and I'm on raid 4 of not only not seeing any players, but not even hearing any fighting. No scav bodies either, as far as I can tell I'm the only player.

I'm in US northeast and playing night raids mostly

ID: gw1zpwx

There is a minimum PMC count on all maps I think. Woods is always hard to get kills on because its a HUGE map and can have as few as 8 PMCs.

ID: gw2brol

You're raiding at night IRL or you're doing raids at night in the in-game time?

If the latter, do day time raids. If the former, check your servers on the launcher. If you're set to automatic then that might be fine, or you can explicitly target servers that are in the same timezone or earlier than you in hopes of hitting servers where people aren't going to bed and signing off.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/27 14:34 ID: gw1yzoc

How are you guys able to play with binaural sound? Things 10m in front of me constantly sound like they're 10m behind me and vice versa.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/26 18:01 ID: gvyfdhd

How do you handle the side sway that occurs when you begin strafing left or right, stopping, or changing strafe direction?

Say I strafe right to peek a corner. My reticle will swing to the left. When I stop strafing right, my reticle then swings to the right. Therefore, to hit an accurate flick shot, I would either have to:
1) flick and shoot before I stop strafing right so my reticle doesn’t swing to the right, or
2) stop and wait for my reticle to swing to the right then flick.

However, both these options leave me overexposed.

ID: gvyhukj

If you want fo shoot while strafing your best bet is to just hip fire, for some reason its more accurate that way

ID: gvyihfh

I was watching some streamers, and they seem to be able to peek, ads, and flick accurately like in any other fps game.

ID: gvyotu2

It just takes time to get used to it. Many guns have different amounts of sway and your sight plays a big role in how large or how noticeable the sway is. Just attempt to counteract it while in raid and you'll eventually develop knowledge over how to stop the sway for any given gun you're using.

11 : Anonymous2021/04/27 02:55 ID: gw0bepm

Do offset sights like the OKP-7 and 1P59 impact accuracy much at long range?

12 : Anonymous2021/04/27 07:58 ID: gw10359

Can we cancel reloads on SKS with spamming trigger? God damn, I hate dying because I can't stop reloading my weapon.

ID: gw1n4k4

This is why I never run SKS without external mags and extra mags. Gotten me killed one too many times

13 : Anonymous2021/04/28 23:49 ID: gw8hqsv

As a first time player (my first wipe) - really enjoying it; playing a lot; focusing on leveling and quests; up to level 21 and just building the bitcoin farm; at this point should i just get one graphics card and leave it or try and get more? The wiki seems to say if the wipe is more than 61 days away i should get as many as possible else says just use 1?

ID: gw9cneh

I would probably just leave it at one, and just add GPUs if you happen to find them in raid. Don't bother grinding for them. The value of bitcoin has tanked. Having just one is still very valuable because it's free money, but the value of additional GPUs is way down because they don't shorten the time that much for how much you pay. However if you find it fun to run and hunt for them by all means.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/26 17:49 ID: gvyds3r

I don't need any more guns, backpacks, rigs, grenades, attachments, clothes or quests to consider Tarkov 1.0

I think BSG could focus entirely on optimization and the hundreds of persistent issues that dogpiled since launch and release Tarkov with enough content to qualify as launch. We're WAY past feature creep at this point and if you can wipe the same game 6 times(in 'beta' and call it a full experience, you can probably release it.

ID: gvzftxr

feature creep

Is it feature creep if the game isn't feature complete? Makes no sense you see.

ID: gw08ihs

The team at BSG are all specialists. They don't "switch" from level design, to optimization, to art, to playtesting, etc. Same with every professional studio. Also, for the people who are already playing it, whether it's officially released or still in early access isn't effectively any different. I doubt their production / release method would change much at all (I do believe Nikita has mentioned that they wouldn't focus on wipes as much / at all after they have the game where they want it, so maybe wipes would slow down or stop, but otherwise, it's a wash)

15 : Anonymous2021/04/26 01:14 ID: gvvpriv

Reserve makes me want to rip my hair out. I’ve been trying non stop for 3 days now to kill Gluhar, and when I can manage to find him (rare) there’s already at least 2 other PMCs on him. Any little tips and tricks to this or should I just keep throwing gear to people til I get lucky?

16 : Anonymous2021/04/26 05:53 ID: gvwg3lb

is there any compilation of gun sounds at a distance?

17 : Anonymous2021/04/26 10:59 ID: gvx06p6

I came back a few days ago and gotta say the woods update is amazing. New favorite map for sure. It is a more chill map now, run around looting and killing the occasional player. I have had a few quests on it so I have just been running it constantly and I have had some insane luck with loot and player kills. Already catching up to everyone else from the wipe it has been a blast.

It seems like a good map to farm money as you dont run into players very often and there are some pretty good loot spots, but it isn't completely boring as I do run into players every once in a while.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/26 17:00 ID: gvy6swe

When was the last wipe and how often are the wipes spaced apart? I remember buying EoD edition right before the wipe but can't remember the specfic date. Thanks guys 🙂

ID: gvzg735

Wipes lately have been 8 months plus. Trending upwards, not downwards. They could wipe whenever they want though. Last wipe wasn't exactly planned out, they just decided to do it within a week, which is unusual for them. But they are still talking about wiping with 13.0, and, that patch seems very, very far away.

19 : Anonymous2021/04/26 23:28 ID: gvzndue

Anyone Familiar Enough with the Razer Synapse EQ care to give me some EQ Settings for my Nari ultimates? Sound is pretty good already but I want to ideally boost my low vol sounds and maybe dampen my high vol sounds if possible (loud sounds are too loud and quiet sounds sound almost faint/not present sometimes)

20 : Anonymous2021/04/27 01:45 ID: gw03jnz

Hey yall, I played a lot last wipe (got kappa for perspective) and stopped playing shortly after they added the GL-40 and Sanitar. I mostly stopped playing bc everytime I would go to labs, there would just be hackers / GL's. My question is: do you guys think there are a lot of hackers/GLs in the game still or has it gotten better?

ID: gw0nx3h

Your region is important when considering likelihood of running into hackers. NA-EAST, and I’ve maybe seen one hacke

GL’s after 400 raids this wipe.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/27 22:10 ID: gw3r1vi

Timmy here. Just found a blue labs keycard (!) but can't afford the fee to sell it. What's a realistic price for a blue labs keycard these days??

ID: gw490f3

You can put it up as a barter for GPUs or bitcoins or whatever, barters get less tax

22 : Anonymous2021/04/28 08:35 ID: gw5gdu2

How do you guys change the ads magnification without releasing ads? I see streamers do it all the time but I always had to release my ads to change magnification. I can't just hold right click and then press alt, it always had to be alt + right click.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/28 11:09 ID: gw5qhz6

I don't know what to fucking do. I can't kill anybody in this game. I have a .25 kd against PMCS. Most of my kills are on hatchlings or my own squad. When I actually see somebody, this is how my fight goes. Game isn't fun when you don't even have a chance. I geared up with slicks/altyns and a m4 with m855a1 and went dorms 10 times a few days ago. I got one kill and survived 0 times. I feel like I need to just give up.

ID: gw6jfh9

Some tips:

If you take a fight where the enemy knows exactly where you are, expect to die. Just the way Tarkov is. The game is 99% about setup and positioning, 1% about actual shooting mechanics. If you want to play this game like COD, you need to master the fuck out of it. So yeah, .25 KD if you're taking fights straight up not knowing how to fight is pretty good.

So what you should have done is disengage and reposition once you were spotted. Play it like Splinter cell, if you're in enemy crosshairs your very first priority is to disperse and leave them wondering what corner youre behind. Personally I would have ran either behind the locked cottage then lateraly, or to the left by the shore of the small lake and look back toward cottages but that leaves your ass end totally exposed. The best spot to kill the dude if he's in cottages is from the top of the hill to your right but it'll be hard to get there alive or unseen, plus if he has buddies they're probably going that way. Otherwise you can meme them by simply going into the second floor of the locked cottage, not peeking or staying near grenade windows, and waiting for them to try to come up the stairs. Usually they'll just camp for awhile, try to catch you peeking, then give up and leave. All of this would've been deduced in my head at the very beginning of the engagement and I can do it because I've played way way way too much. If you just bull rush for a shootout you're going to lose until you get better. Namely:

Zero patience with your shots after you panic. Spam firing is as unreliable in Tarkov as it is in real life. By firing again before your aim resets, you are simply preventing your next accurate shot and sending everything into the ceiling. God then gets mad since you're shooting up heaven so he makes sure the rest of your shots miss. So time your shots better and know where you're aiming every hit. Because if you're using an AR tarkov takes literally a single shot to the head, but 100,000 shots to the limbs. I cannot tell you how many times I used to die doing 300 damage or so to an opponent like you might have done here, but dying anyway because they torso or head me more. Thus time your shots and actually aim. This is made vastly easier if your opponent doesn't know exactly where you're peeking from.

Thus once you're good, it really doesn't matter that much what gun you're using. Because Pestily for example can just run round with a 5-7 and one tap headshot everyone. But it's not because of God tier CS:GO like shooter mechanics. Its because all you really need is the jump on your opponent, a split second to align your shot, then pop them in the head. It takes a fuck ton of map knowledge and general experience with how people move and fight. So if you're aiming at your opponent and your opponent is aiming at you, yeah expect a low win rate. Even pros, much of the time, will have a 50/50 win rate if they're just fighting heads up.

Tarkov takes an insane amount of patience to both play and learn. You need to stay cool collected and patient both in game and irl. Expect to die and get fucked most of the time head to head until you have at least, bare minimum 1k hours in the game. It's frustrating and it's hell, but that'd why it's rewarding once you can finally, finally finally solo clear lobbies. Took me 1k hours to be able to just win fights, 3k before I can actually dominate easily but ONLY on my best maps with my best guns. You eventually get to the point where you know the map so well you can aim at enemies with your eyes closed just knowing the spawns and loot paths.

Also sound is your friend as a solo. Anyone with a squad won't be able to hear you before you hear them since they have squadmates stamping their feet 24/7. So walk slow if in cover, stop once you hear anything, and you'll have the jump on squads.

It ends up being more like a hunting game than anything else. Slow, unseen, and patient.

ID: gw71k81

Keep in mind, M855A1 takes 6.5 shots to the thorax on average to kill a guy with a korund. It’s not the best ammo at this stage of wipe.

I’d go with a korund. By far the best value armor right now. Level 5 and you can buy it for 120k with level 4 prap. If you don’t have level 4 prap, you can trade 4 diaries to level 3 prap and get a korund for 130k.

When I watched that clip, it’s exactly how I feel when I have a scope and try to use it close range. I’d say fuck it and get close range gun that you feel very comfortable with and stick with it. Mine is VSS with okp-7. If you get into a long range engagement, 90% of the time, you can just break contact and run. For shoreline, I put a hunter with M61 and pso scope on my back along with the vss and use both.

Try this set up and I guarantee that it will work for you.

Tac sports

6B47 ratnik helmet (trade two bleach to ragman)

VSS with OKP-7

two 30 rounders and two 20 rounders(buy 5 pliers on flea and trade to prapor for 30 round mag)

100 rounds of SPP loaded up (You can do the craft with lvl 3 workbench for cheap)


Vest and backpack of choice

3 grenades, hemostat in pocket bound to 4 key, car first aid kit in vest bound to 5 key.

Try this out and go to the official eft discord and go into beginners assistance and just play a few runs with them. You don’t seem new but it’s alright just go in and try it out. I guarantee you, if you try this set up, you’re gonna feel so much more confident in close up fights and you’re gonna shred it and the sherpas will be able to help you out.

ID: gw73ysz

I'd be interested to see your clips from when you went Dorms, in that video at Cottages you just spam a high recoil gun and miss all your shots. Remember, RFB stands for really fucking bad.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/29 18:21 ID: gwbrysm

I'm sure this has been suggested before but a "buy all missing ingredients" option for hideout crafting would be nice. Similar to how you can buy all missing parts when building a gun. Also, they need to implement drop down menus for crafting so the whole list doesn't have to slowly load every time you click on a different station.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/25 00:26 ID: gvrmp6f

Just read the wiki on Glukhar and now I feel bad.

26 : Anonymous2021/04/25 17:15 ID: gvu45st

Shooter Born in Heaven. Got my 3rd Customs kill yesterday. Saw the notification about it being completed. Extracted. Looked at task. 3/3. Hopped on today and now it's saying 2/3. WTF? How did I lose a kill for the worst task in the game?!? Any ideas?

27 : Anonymous2021/04/26 20:17 ID: gvyyhhk

Tarkov's New Bobsleigh team! Getting ready for Bejing 2022 !!

28 : Anonymous2021/04/24 23:31 ID: gvrgq18

(Is there a place for me to post clips like this for constructive criticism? I feel like I'm spamming the weekly discussion lol.)

Any idea of what to do differently here? I feel like my 7n31 loaded vector should have the advantage over his BP ammo. I also had trouble pinpointing where exactly the footsteps were. I thought they were inside already.

ID: gvrnpbc

Well a few tips I know, you can drop your backpack to reduce your weight in combat, which lowers the sound of your footsteps.

As for their footsteps, you could have known they were outside by the specific sound of the surface they are walking on, the gravel/asphalt sound. If they were inside it would have sounded like wood, like your own footsteps.

As for the rest, I think it's just aiming and movement. You walked too far outside then back inside, which I think took its toll on your aim. For the two seconds the last part of the fight lasted, your gun was aimed at him for less than a second. The advantage of his BP is that he only needs to hit one or two shots, while you need to pump quite a few into him despite having good ammo.

29 : Anonymous2021/04/25 01:46 ID: gvrvitp

Idk if this has been for a while but when you die is your neck supposed to just straight up snap backward and all you see is your shoulder and arm as the screen fades to black?


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