BSG, your level designers have mad talent and i can’t wait to see what they do with streets of Tarkov

1 : Anonymous2021/04/30 11:48 ID: n1s55x

Whenever i slow down to take in the scenery in this game, i always come accross some new set-piece that tells a story. It really helps to set the atmosphere and is really something that this game excels at. And i feel that this part of the game is not being appreciated enough - hence this post.

The layouts of the maps are both believable in practical sense and relatively balanced*, furthermore the groundwork that's been layed out for linking the maps together furher shows the vision of the world that these devs have in mind.

It might not look like much at first, but believe me when i say that an insane amount of planning and foresight had to go in to these maps. I cant wait to see what they do with Streets of Tarkov, and would love to see an interview with the team at some point regarding their work process, cut content due to performance, etc.

That being said - please, for fucks sake, do something with interchange garages. Thanks :*

*spawn issues / Interchange loot hotspots excluded

P.s wish there was more ambient sounds, we have crows that do not cawk, chainlink fences that dont rattle in the wind. There's no random creaking metal from all the abandoned steel contructions and all of that. It would make it harder to hear players, but well worth it imho. However the ambient sounds that are currently in the game are absolutely stellar. So big thanks for BSG's sound team as well*

*directional player sounds is a whole other thing which has way more to do with code than with actual sound design


Just felt like showing some appreciation as i feel like a lot of the playerbase has burned out this wipe and are a bit negative, and im here silently lurking and enjoying the game on every chance i get to play it. Thanks for all of your hard work BSG <3

2 : Anonymous2021/04/30 14:42 ID: gwficya

Go up near rock passage on shoreline, where the campers hide on the rocks, and turn up your headset. Ever so faintly, you hear a dog barking.

Someone in a discord chat showed me that once and it blew my fucking mind.

ID: gwfkc64

Yeah noticed that, its around the nearest stash from scav fence extract.

First time i've heard it i thought that it was dogs barking outside of my window 😀

Makes you think of all the wild household pets like in that Chernobyl liquidation episode. Would be mad if they added them in to the game but i don't think it would suit the gameplay, as much as it would do for the atmosphere.

But those stray cat jump scares would be so worth it

ID: gwfs3ch

I always thought that adding in more wildlife wpuld be kind of interesting like a really really low chance of seeing a dear or two, maybe killable and you could sell it to jaeger or someting. At the very least something to make those luscious wooded forest feel less desolate.

ID: gwfrqdk

stray cat jump scares

My immediate thought

ID: gwfzvu7

They literally said they want to add wild dogs didn’t theyv

ID: gwfk7dy

That is where you can see the dome from Reserve map

3 : Anonymous2021/04/30 14:24 ID: gwffto5

But for the love of god, attach rattling to actual chain link fences. I was spooked FAR too many times in DayZ where ambient noises would play randomly regardless of where you were. Kept thinking there was a player or zombie waking into a fence or stepping on a stick.

ID: gwfh6xz

Yeah i think that currently all of the ambient sounds are map/area based as in outside/inside/underground etc. There are no sounds associated with certain objects.

Might be due to performance limitations, im sure it would impact the game a lot if every individual tree in woods had a possibility to creak.

Perhaps applying certain ambient sounds to smaller certain zones would be a good middle ground. I.e wooded terrain - que additional tree background sounds.

Then there would be audio mixing required for smooth transitions though... i dont think that this game implies any as you can clearly hear when you move in/out of certain "soundscapes"

ID: gwfuozl

It's cause Unity is a pretty shit engine for something like Tarkov.

ID: gwg0as8

Plus chain link doesn't sound like goddamn sheet metal when you step on it

4 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:03 ID: gwfl9e5

On woods theres the new usec camp. One of the tents has a gap between it and a rock and it is just littered with trash. Like anyone eating a toshonka just yeeted the can out the back window.

Also trash bags! Omg this is the one thing tarkov does that every military game forgets.

Every encampment. Every map is fucking loaded with trashbags. There a rooms stuffed with them. Every nook and cranny around encampments are trashbags.

This is such an army life thing. Theres no such thing as recycling or real waste disposal. Just black bag it and chuck it somewhere. We dont have the time nor energy to deal with it properly theres bad guys to shoot.

ID: gwfmrhr

There's absolutely waste disposal! As long as you have a junior enlisted and the resources to boil or burn, you've got shit duty.

ID: gwg0mna

clutches DD214 and VA partial disability cert for lung damage

5 : Anonymous2021/04/30 13:54 ID: gwfbu0t

One more thing i'd like to add: placement of sleeping bags/paraphernalia.

It made me go more than once "oh yeah i can see why they would bunk down here for the night".

Some spots are more questionable like reserve barrack stairwells, but even then its behind a steel sheet that's been placed to cover the window, and hey guess you play the hand that you're dealt, especially when that psycho Gluhkar orders you on stairwell access guard duty... But i digress.

You will never find a sleeping spot that's exposed to long range fire/elements

6 : Anonymous2021/04/30 12:28 ID: gwf1zei

The layouts are believable and not balanced because they are real layouts. They are not supposed to be fair, balanced or whatever.

ID: gwf2mwb

Well its hard to discuss what "balanced" is, some woud argue that de_dust2 is not balanced.

What i was trying to say that there was though put in on balancing the maps, even if they are based on real locations.

Take resort corridor baricades, holes and some rooms that allow to cross rooms via balconies, and some don't. Those restrictions/passageways aren't arbitrary imo

ID: gwfkmhc


You find the optimal locations on the map over time, and if you end up in a death zone, you die. Those are the consequences of ignorance

7 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:33 ID: gwfpbky

Yea the attention to detail is rockstar level in my opinion. Actually way better less filler and many warehouses in construction are like mini arenas with flanking routes and secrets.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/30 14:46 ID: gwfiuzc

wish there was more ambient sounds - as long as they are not as the current ambient sounds... they are badly recorded and cut in a loop that is so annoying...especially the many "hisssss"-sounds in their recordings...

ID: gwfufqn

The ambience sounds especially on customs are so awful, it’s just continuous loud white noise

ID: gwfl2lb

It is noticeable, mostly during loading. I still think that they did a good job but it could definitely be improved.

I guess i'm just a sucker for rain ambience in this game, even if its noticeably looped (it can get a bit too loud at times, they did decrease it by 30% recently i think)

ID: gwfv355

Have you heard the birds chirping on Reserve?

9 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:53 ID: gwfs6eu

Nice positive post OP love to see it Idk why people love to complain and talk shit on tarkov so much especially when there the ones who keep playing it. I don’t think people understand that perfection in a game is next to impossible, everyone cannot be pleased. Yes I agree there’s work to be done and things that need changing but hey get over it. Enjoy the game it’s unique and exhilarating.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/30 12:52 ID: gwf4iw1

this game quite honestly has the best map design in the first person shooter category of games

11 : Anonymous2021/04/30 16:27 ID: gwfwzj0

Not sure if it’s planned, but I would LOVE to see the introduction of wildlife in this game. It would make it more terrifying, because you won’t be sure whether that rustle in the bushes is a bunny rabbit or one of the thick juicy men on labs that lvndmark talks about.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/30 14:54 ID: gwfk11p

Fuckin love the atmosphere and design of the maps. Some of the best I’ve played in a shooter or any game for that matter.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/30 12:29 ID: gwf23lo

I love the map design. Every box, bush, and terrain change seems to have been thought out to how it impacts gameplay in that area. They even go back in and edit stuff to tweak it. Tons of attention is put into the maps and it shows.

14 : Anonymous2021/04/30 17:42 ID: gwg7ljh

I agree 100% with this, but another thing that I like about the maps is the art direction, and I see nobody talking about it. I know there isn't really any "art direction" in this game since it's trying to be realistic, but I have no clue what else to call it.

Some maps in Tarkov just have really cozy spots in certain places, and I really find that interesting, considering the type of game that Tarkov is trying to be. I feel like the most prominent example of this is in the third floor office on Factory, because it feels like the room almost tells a story. If it weren't for the common sounds of grenades and gunshots there in every raid, walking into that room in Factory would have that exact same feeling as walking into a safe room in Resident Evil 4. The sunlight beaming in through the window at certain times of day, the trash on the floor, the kicked in door, all just comes together to tell a story, and to create a feeling of a brief respite before heading back into danger.

I know I probably got kind of over-poetic there, but I really want to commend Battlestate for the things that I think they're doing with the environment design, as they're probably among the best out there right now in terms of making a location in a game feel like real life, or realer than real life.

Also, I'm fucking awful at the game, and I literally have like 10 rubles in my stash as of yesterday, so just let me enjoy the pretty rooms man ;~;

15 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:15 ID: gwfmubb

honestly thats one of the things that makes tarkov so immersive. I get spooked easily and istg if they add rattling fences ill lose my shit or develop a heart condition

ID: gwg8f9n

imagine on a windy day, all the bushes rattle on every gust.

imagine on a stormy night, rain water trickling inside a building.

good luck paying attention to all the other sound ques 😀

16 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:19 ID: gwfnetq

The layout and object detail/uniqueness of every corner and location is great, but the lighting, skyboxes and audio transitions are not great tbh.

Hit in some areas, miss in others.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:43 ID: gwfqqk4

I play interchange all the time and the level is amazing, dark as shit but still amazing. I just need to complain about the damn sounds. Why do I hear a generator under 2 feet of concrete when I'm in the parking garage and it's on the next floor above me?! Why does it sound like I'm a fucking horse walking along wooden floors every time I take a damn step?! The level designs are great but for all that is holy please fix the god damn sounds.

18 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:37 ID: gwfpumb

Maps are top notch

19 : Anonymous2021/04/30 16:30 ID: gwfxhij

I'm extremely fond of the way they both design and implement their maps. When I think of FPS maps I want them to be memorable. Think of all the great maps you could probably still imagine the layouts of in your head just because they were so well designed.

Even the names are characteristic of the maps, and it sets the atmosphere for the game well.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/30 18:25 ID: gwgdgot

I can't wait for my kids to see what they do with Streets of Tarkov

21 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:03 ID: gwfl6j4

yea can't wait to see thous 5+ years of map development in action

22 : Anonymous2021/04/30 13:09 ID: gwf6hjs


23 : Anonymous2021/04/30 18:29 ID: gwge1sk

Dude! Imagine hearing the mounted GL at reserve while you were in Shoreline

24 : Anonymous2021/04/30 13:50 ID: gwfbcir

I also thought of it.. the Maps in Tarkov are incredibly well worked out. Interchange is in my opinion the best looking map. The super huge mall is perfectly build (exclude camper spots and unfair loot spawning) but in general it’s awesome.

ID: gwfgjf0

Interchange is a tough one as i too love the layout/theme of the map. But the lightning on it is jarring. I believe its due to game engines limitations as it doesn't seem to support light refraction that well/at all.

The contrasts that you get as result seem like surfaces just suck up light, when it should bounce off (partially) and illuminate surrounding areas as well.

As is, i find it easier to see in interchange during the night (power on) when during the day (power on/off). Until engine starts supporting at least partial refraction of light this will remain the problem.

There's a reason why factory has fixed time of day, they used manual lightning around the map and as such it doesn't share its lighting problems with interchange.

I wouldn't mind if they reworked interchange for fixed time of day as well, but that would be a colossal amount of work. I'd like to know BSG is planning to do with it... i know that they are moving to newer unity engine but I haven't bother to check if it would allow for better lighting. So here's hoping.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/30 15:56 ID: gwfsmvc

I hope they make more maps like labs, enough of the bush camping fests

26 : Anonymous2021/04/30 13:14 ID: gwf6zkg

If only the talent of BSG map designers and artists was matched by BSG network and coding specialist.... one day!

ID: gwfggs1

To be fair to BSG it's much much harder to find talented Networking/Back-End programmers than it is to find game designers and artists. For the most part, people who are talented in those fields can earn a lot of money and not have to deal with video-game industry crunch culture.

ID: gwg1hgh

Exactly. I was going to get into game development, but when I got the chance and then learned about the 80-120 hour weeks and crappy pay, I noped out and stuck with a regular IT job with good hours and good pay. I make somewhere between 3x to 4x as a infra guy than I would have if I'd stayed in the video game industry, with far fewer hours and a lot less stress.

ID: gwfnccy

unity 18 is just complete garbage tbh which doesnt rly help them. not to take into consideration that the netcode was made by less experienced devs unlike the ones we have now. The animations team has taken all stimulants. Just look at the grach reload and the pl-15 they are both ugly guns but the pl-15 feels just so much better just because of the animations.

I dont get one thing. The reloads of some guns (mk-18, rfb and some 7.62 NATO guns) sounds "wet" which really disgusts me. Legit i reload the rfb and i feel like its all slimy and shit

ID: gwg2bla

What, you don't lube up your magazines with weapons-grade silicone for that smooth reload action???

27 : Anonymous2021/04/30 16:39 ID: gwfyqls

One of the big pluses of this game, the maps are just great

28 : Anonymous2021/04/30 16:41 ID: gwfz0oi

I’m scared tbh, I don’t want to go in there

29 : Anonymous2021/04/30 16:58 ID: gwg1gf8

I'm just waiting for, "50,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town"

30 : Anonymous2021/04/30 17:00 ID: gwg1oli

Play Hunt: Showdown, and just copy their homework. Some of the best audio / ambient design in any game.


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