Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 15 May, 2021 – 22 May, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/05/15 21:00 ID: nd8d8x

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2 : Anonymous2021/05/16 04:19 ID: gyah2ub

Literally just got killed by a hacker in labs that's streaming on Twitch. Any way of escalating this further up to Battlestate, his twitch is literally proof right now.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/16 05:39 ID: gyanvel

Anyone else sick of scrolling through crafting menus in hideout ? Why don’t they just auto organize so the crafts you have the most items available to craft it at the top ??

ID: gyav4ie

Also why aren't active crafts at the top of the list

ID: gyclovv

I think it's to combat botting.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/18 22:55 ID: gymnava

Well, I just got the game. Got destroyed twice but then came in as a scav and got some gear and even killed a real guy. Got out and got to stock up in my base, felt really fun.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/19 16:19 ID: gypoclw

Why the fuck is Bitcoin still more than 3 HOURS longer to craft at max gpu, but the price is literally below where it used to be. Not to mention that crafting GPU is way more time and resource intensive to make. When will they actually fix how awfully they ruined the game over Bitcoin price

ID: gyq2kqk

Glad they nerfed it, but it kinda feels like they over-corrected, doesn't it?

Bitcoin farm doesn't feel worth the effort at this price, if it's like this next wipe I might not even bother.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/20 20:51 ID: gyv9o7p

I am here just to show how dumb I am. Downloaded the updated played a game or two, came straight to reddit to see if others are having sound issues with the update. Like as if the sound was distant or just backwords. Like ranting to my gf level issues. I am just looking for some kind of validation. Then she goes... well im no gamer but doesnt the L mean left ear? Sorry EFT you have your flaws but that one was on me.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/16 06:56 ID: gyatez1

Is it possible to report somebody using obvious hacks after you get out of the death screen?

ID: gyatob5

Story: in Factory with a 4 man, two teammates die immediately to headshots but they were in silly positions where it was definitely possible. I flank up to where he was, immediately get one-tapped from another position that I didn't think he could get to in time without us hearing - but I've had some buggy audio so it was possible. 4th guy gets one-tapped by the same guy in a totally different area not 10 seconds later which he definitely couldn't have made it to.

Googled his name after the raid to see if he was a Twitch streamer, and the first thing which comes up is videos of other players getting killed by him with clear aimbot/speedhacks on.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/16 08:29 ID: gyazgei

Could someone explain to me who knows more about these things - why is the Desync so bad and BSG can't fix it?

Is it cheaping out on shot server hosting? Is it code? Is it not caring?

Honestly intrigued by this. I know peekers advantage exists in all online pvp but this seems absurd.

ID: gybr8zp

Really simplified explanation, so somewhat imperfect but close enough:

Position of characters and such is typically managed by the sever, not the local client, in most FPS games. Tarkov does the opposite. Any info loss between the client and server leads to the appearance of desync as the users information locally is out of alignment with the server.

Hence why peakers advantage is really bad when you’re holding a corner motionless. Since you haven’t moved the server is acutely aware of where you are, but the moving player who is jiggle peaking you is more likely to momentarily desync.

ID: gybrl7w

Thank you - understood.

So why can't BSG fix this? Or do they just not its an issue?

9 : Anonymous2021/05/20 01:30 ID: gyrqs0i

this game has started being annoying. i look for a game and get sent back to the main menu a lot more often now smh.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/15 21:45 ID: gy9brfv

How excited are you for Factory becoming a larger map?

ID: gy9d704

I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll miss the tiny, high-intensity Factory we have now, but I also really long for a slightly larger all-indoors map that isn't Labs. So long as they don't up the playercount too much I think it'll be fun, but I'll still probably miss "old" Factory.

ID: gyfmu3h

I have a feeling lighthouse could replace factory, if they are basically starting making it now like Nikita said and want it to be out in a few months. Can't be too big. It will be interesting for sure

ID: gy9ojpu

I’m excited. Factory is my least played map right now. The spawns are what kills me

ID: gy9qehf

Yeah I know where you spawn in within the first 5 seconds of the game. Within 2 seconds if I spawn by glass hallway.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/18 07:37 ID: gyjlorw

Man, tonight sucked. Cheaters hadn't been a big issue for me before this. Sure, every now and then I had a death that was questionable, but nothing extremely obvious.

Tonight I was doing a couple of night raids on Shoreline to complete some quests. Put together pretty high end kits. I don't have a lot of money, so they were big investments for me.

First raid, I'm inside a room on the 2nd floor of the resort, not moving at all (looking at wiki on a 2nd monitor for quest info) when I hear someone run up outside the building, and toss a grenade right through the window of the room I'm in. No way he could have seen me, and I had not been moving for a while, so no sound.

Next raid, after spending a bunch of money to get a new kit, I make it to the resort before anyone else. While still on the first floor, I spot two heavily armored chads approaching the resort, still a little way out. I didn't think I could take them out at that time, so I ran up to the 2nd floor and hunkered down in some random bathroom. I had to go to several different rooms in the resort for quests, so I figured I'd let them loot all the high value rooms, then do my thing once they left. They were still outside the perimeter fence at this time, so they would not have been able to determine my exact location inside the resort based on sound. With my headphones, I heard them enter the resort, and without pausing at all come STRAIGHT up to the room and bathroom I'm in. I was not moving at all this entire time. Ugh.

ID: gyluefz

I'll back you up on this. I have been playing for 4 wipes now. Since Thursday update, there are more hackers than ever before and pretty blatant ones. Shoot through walls and nading my room without ever knowing I was there.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/16 17:20 ID: gyceo7t

Been killed a couple of times today but someone called ‘IDidKillYou’, obvious hacker destroying me through walls with m856a1 ammo on factory

13 : Anonymous2021/05/19 00:17 ID: gymxflh

I killed a scav at the lumber mill (the group of buildings including a large open red roofed building full of timber, dunno if that's what it's called but that's what it looked like) on woods and he had some strangely good stuff I've never seen on a scav before. He had the door kicker boonie hat and a SCOPED SVD. is this just a rare but normal occurrence or was he not a normal scav? It was early in the raid and he was almost certainly AI

14 : Anonymous2021/05/19 17:36 ID: gypziuz

In the stats after the game if it shows the level range for a kill does that mean it was a real player?

ID: gyrm2nz

PMC, yes.

"Real players" also include player scavs

15 : Anonymous2021/05/16 16:06 ID: gyc4wry

Newish player here, what is a good order to learn the maps? Made it to level 12 by only playing customs, but it’s getting a bit tedious doing the same thing each run on the same map. Any recommendations for which maps I should learn next?

ID: gye6yxo

Interchange is great and agree with everything in the other comment so I'll cover off another great option - Shoreline!

I think Shoreline is great for a beginner player as the map has one major hot spot (resort) and outside of that you won't see much action but can use it to practice against Scavs or farm them for experience. Unlike Interchange the value comes from all the hidden stashes on the map (30+ or something) and it's a consistent way to make money with low risk and low gear. It's also rarely Scav'd compared to Interchange so you won't have player scav problems during longer raids although that isn't as much of a concern this point in the wipe.

Navigation is fairly easy as well with compass now as there are very obvious landmarks spread across the map. Both Interchange and Shoreline points of interests and beginner strategy are available here for further reading:

16 : Anonymous2021/05/16 21:22 ID: gydb0cc

Anyone have a bug where you are in raid and can’t use a single thing in your inventory, can’t reload, and can’t shoot? Hell I couldn’t even drop my bag to get to the manhole extract. bled out to a heavy bleed because of this yesterday.

ID: gydfgco

Yes, I've had that as well. Pretty rare bug in my experience but incredibly frustrating. I remember when it happened to me, I luckily didn't die and the bug eventually stopped, but I don't remember what I did to stop it. It sticks in my head I may have pressed like Alt or CTRL or Caps Lock or something. I feel like there was some key I pressed that fixed it. But I could be wrong. This was probably super unhelpful lol. Sorry.

ID: gyex7s0

yes but only once in 900+ raids over 3 wipes

ID: gyhuegw

Used to happen to me in early 2020. Desync was what caused it or more specifically my ISP using a hybrid IPv4/IPv6 technology that Tarkov can not handle. Since then Im using a VPN

17 : Anonymous2021/05/17 13:36 ID: gyfyxag

Wanting to get into the game, but am I just going to be matched against people who have been playing for a long time and have insanely good gear?

ID: gygfk1y

Yes, there is no skill/gea

based matchmaking.

ID: gyg2st9

Yes, but this is true for pretty much any point in the game other than the first week of a wipe.

ID: gymicn9

Yes, you will suffer like all of us. That is just apart of game, there is not skill based matchmaking. Sometimes you get a game full of timmies and other games chads.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/19 01:50 ID: gyn8j3r

Am I crazy or does it always sound like there is right footsteps far away in my right headphone. I want to think it is a sound file that is just the right frequency or something, but it always makes me thing that.

ID: gypo90v

Tarkov sound is garbage, get used to that

19 : Anonymous2021/05/19 23:09 ID: gyra3on

just got a fucking bug where I unloaded an mp7 I got from marked room and loaded it eith the 30 round mag I had from the mp7 I brought. Threw my mp7 in a bush. Even checked the mag to verify as it took 4/5 tried to take the round out of the old mp7’s chamber into the new one. Get into a gunfight. 1 shot. No mag. Very cool Nikita.

20 : Anonymous2021/05/20 12:53 ID: gyteva9

I'm new to the game but I have experience with mil sim games. Is there many issues with the game? Is this game still good to play in 2021? Is there anything a new player should know going in? Are there any tutorials for beginners?

ID: gytur89

Simple advice for a new player:

Your main goal for right now (assuming you are below level 10) should be to get to level 10 to unlock flea market and other features of the game.

Play like a mouse early on. Don’t take fights. Survive your PMC runs in order to farm valuable early XP (scav runs dont earn you any XP, use them for bank roll and loot).

Pick a map to learn (i recommend interchange) and focus on that one map to learn spawn points and extracts. This is valuable knowledge that will be somewhat transferable to other maps (only in theory, not in exact location).

Ammo is more important than the gun. Buy the best ammo you can afford for your gun. I personally prioritise penetration over damage.

Research, research, research. Don’t be overwhelmed by the game. Embrace its depth and appreciate the learning curve.

Good luck.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/16 23:23 ID: gydq1ya


ID: gyf8gvc

the game needs raid replay to make reporting more accurate.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/16 10:12 ID: gyb683f

Yesterday evening.. 2 raids, first disconnected after 5 minutes...reconnected just to see I was already dead, next raid black screen after exfil.. full of loot and one quest completed.. after 5 minites of black screen game crashes .. restarted the game and everything was exactly the same as before the raid.. all lost.. loot and quest. Thanks I think I will stop playing for some time..

ID: gyc5g1s

This happened to me to! Was having a rough day of raids, I finally dropped a team on shoreline. Went to exfil.... screen went black, heard the environment sounds and my dude panting. 10 minutes later, I’m back in the main menu as if that raid never happened

23 : Anonymous2021/05/18 20:38 ID: gym4vpg

Going to dorms for quests is such a waste of time. Can't go there start of map, rushed by everyone. Can't go there mid-round, full of scavs. I inevitably spawn by trailer park and have to spend 35 mins there in a bush waiting for the map to quieten down, then die to scavs there anyway. Hopefully they move some of the quest locations out of dorms in the future.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/18 23:17 ID: gymq2co

Been trying to kill sanitar, found him by the cottage and unloaded on him + 1 guard. They flee around the corner, I walk on the outside and look in through the fence and gets insta tapped before i hardly see him and die. Did 1275 damage to him and another guard, 35 hits, no kills. M855A1

ID: gymqolv

Don't push sanitar.

ID: gyp97j9

Sanitar has ridiculous stats on top of being an AIM bot.

He has 360 thorax health 70 head health, and 120 each arm. M855A1 does 45 flesh damage, which means even if you laser beam his chest and never hit a limb, he will need 8 bullets at least to take down.

Since most of the time you'll hit arms/stomach, and each can take 3 shots , he can seem pretty invincible.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/19 23:06 ID: gyr9p6g

Anyone else having server issues today? I’m kinda new to the game and lost one of my better kits from being constantly disconnected :(. I’ve never had back to back disconnects before so I don’t think it’s my internet.

26 : Anonymous2021/05/16 16:49 ID: gycadpu

When you dont bring a bag to reserve


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