I hope dynamic loot is still planned, it would be such a revelation compared to the way the game is currently played, especially mid to late wipe.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:06 ID: nhqwdq

Taking a break in the early phase of this wipe and coming back a couple weeks ago, it's really shined a light on just how much more boring and static the game is when everyone is playing solely for ruble farming. Raids are empty except for the occasional player scav after 15 minutes, it's rare to even see PMCs unless I sprint to the nearest high value loot area from spawn and then I usually get bushwhacked by a sweaty squad that beat me there with stims.

I just ran a night interchange to do Hot Delivery, and by the time I walked to the bandstand from checkpoint spawn, planted the armors, and made my way to the front of IDEA I just barely caught a glimpse of three giant, ambulatory backpacks bunnyhopping their way across the highway at about 30 miles per hour headed to train extract. Needless to say all the GPU spawns, KIBA, and medical room had all already been picked completely clean ~12 minutes into the raid and I never saw another soul.

It's so sad to see the game reduced to this, especially compared to early wipe when you'd still have fights between PMCs breaking out sometimes with 10-15 minutes left on the clock.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:47 ID: gyxrir8

There is something special about early wipes that I wish they could capture and keep through the progression. I hate to be a flea market basher but the flea has some influence on longevity of a wipe. The game is a race to lvl 10 and then it is a race to earn fk tons of money and then it's dead. You can boil that down to saying end game is opening the flea and maxing out your bitcoin farm. Once you open the flea and have money flow, you can buy top tier everything and the game progression is done.

I want to try a wipe with no flea but traders and loot would need a tweak to fill in the gaps. Truly dynamic loot would be needed so people aren't jam packing to the same 5% of maps and racing the hatchet bois to be first there. I really think that you should have to go into raid and use traders to find things instead of having an EFT Amazon store available though. Maybe not a popular opinion but I think that would slow progression down and eliminate the bypassing effect where quests aren't needed and looting dies off at lvl 10.

ID: gyxzgf8

I saw the idea of a flea market only for barter, food and medical items. That would be something that sounds interesting to try.

ID: gyynhnj

I think this and adding more scavs to high tier loot spawns would slow that race down.

ID: gyywtct

Yeah I think a more restricted flea would help too . The critical stuff like ammo, guns, and armor seem to cause a balance issues enabling lvl 10 players to jump into upper tier chad gear.

ID: gyy71cq

So I've said this before but as a new and very casual player, I rely heavily on the flea market to play. Completely removing it would most likely make me stop playing at all. However, I also agree the flea needs some type of change. This is the best idea I've read that is a best of both worlds type of thing.

ID: gyy819u

And I personally would like to see delivery time on market. Now you just sell instantly. There should be a time between putting on flea and actually having the item listed and the same should happen for purchase as well.

ID: gyxy638

I really liked the idea of a “civilian flea market” I saw a few days ago. Can’t list/buy weapons, ammunition, etc. from the flea market, but other things like attachments and of course barter items could still be sold.

ID: gyzkc71

I think the problem with the flea market regarding weapons is the attachments, not the weapons themselves. I think I haven't bought a weapon on the flea once. What I usually do (and I guess what most players do) is find a gun in a raid and then buy a shit ton of attachments and turn it into a meta gun.

ID: gyym16c

It's been talked about for a long time, but don't hold your breath for any changes while we're still in "beta". A limited selection or barter only system seems very likely for full release though.

ID: gyyvklw

I've played on rust servers that just disable certain guns etc early in the wipe. It's so much more fun than just rushing the best stuff. Wish tarkov would gate stuff too.

ID: gyztdmq

It stops being interesting because making money is too easy, not because the flea market is inherently detrimental to the game.

ID: gyyoq3z

remove flea, rework traders, enjoy THE best tarkov experience.

i feel sad for all the dudes that didnt experience tarkov before the flea and those cancer ap rounds

or just add hardcore section, with no flea and such. oh man that would be so awesome

ID: gyz5xam

I just bought a second account to do a hardcore challenge:

No flea

No scav runs

Bonus hardmode for crazy people: Barter only

Boom, instant fun

ID: gyz5jsa

Also rework some quests to go along with that. Looking for a specific key for hundreds of raids (which really isn't that uncommon, just look at Pestily's quest for the Goshan key) is not good gameplay.

ID: gyz48xp

I heard an idea where they give you a second PMC that 'ages' based on the number of raids they've been in. Once they're deemed old, they start to take on less skill xp per raid. Go long enough and you'll start to get negative skill xp if you die early in raids, simulating the effects of aging. I think they chose 'number-of-raids' (instead of real-time) to determine age so that both sweaty and casuals can play on more equal footing. You also get to keep an 'all-time' pmc that doesn't age, if that's more your jam as well.

The point of it is that instead of wipes, pmc's naturally grow old and retire. The server population becomes a mix of new and old pmc's, which give new players a much better chance. Furthermore, the good players that make it well into old age are kept challenged by the ever-growing struggle to overcome their old age.

Thought it was a cool idea that'd help address some of the issues the wipe-cycle presents (such as joining late in a wipe), while keeping the lore and immersion of the game intact.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:03 ID: gyy081f

I definitely dont think dynamic loot would fix this particular issue. This issue also isnt a flea market issue.

The real issue is availability of end game gear hour 1. Stop allowing crafted ammo to be FiR. Dont open labs for a few weeks. Dont spawn raiders day one or better yet, maybe make their chance to spawn really low and increase it week by week.

There needs to be a sustainable beginning and mid game.

ID: gyy1g0b

I kinda like the idea where raiders/bosses get better gear as we progress into a wipe. So even if you farm them you still dont really get too OP stuff while levling.

ID: gyy5wzz

The only issue with this is you're still gonna have the top % of people that want to speed run the game and only further punish those who don't want to or don't have the time to.

Someone like LVNDMARK is going to have everything at his disposal day 1 regardless of what changes you make - unless you artificially gate it behind time just for the sake of gating it behind time.

There has to be a way to naturally keep people from having everything they ever wanted from day 1 continued to the end of the wipe. I don't know what that answer it I just wanted to start a conversation on why I may disagree with you on some points.

ID: gyz9m05

Really, there are two options:

1) Time limit things, per the suggestion you're replying to. So access to labs/reserve isn't possible at all until a certain time has elapsed since wipe, and bosses/raiders don't (or have a very low chance to) spawn. Does this gimp the 1%? Sure. Does this help out the 99%? Also sure.

2) Quantity limit things. This would mean implementing a global (or perhaps regional) limit on the number of a given weapon, attachment, or gear piece that can exist in raid or in stash. Once that limit is reached, no more spawn in the world and the traders don't have any stock. Shit tie

weapons would be abundant and high-end military hardware would be increasingly rare as you go up the scale. So, for example, there could be a total limit of ten Vector 45s, which would mean that instead of seeing one practically every raid they're a rare sight (and all the more special when one is found), but you could find MP-133s everywhere.

This I think is a better option and less jarring than the first option, and could be tied into random 'events', such as traders suddenly having a higher than normal stock of a given thing because one of their scavs found a stash of them.

ID: gyy5sd9

They won't do it because there will be no wipes in the future. Making exclusive changes to the start of the wipes is just a waste of dev time in a long run

ID: gyyk9vu

this game longevity will live or die based on seasons. end of story

ID: gyz1q9y

How would it not? The reason that raids are dead with little to no PMCs 10 minutes in is because everyone knows where the good loot spawns. So they rush those spots, fight over it with someone else that rushed there immediately, then run to extract. If the spawns were dynamic then PMCs would have to check different spots all over the map to find the valuable stuff, because they wouldn't immediately know where it was. This would make them spend more time in raid searching and not just speed run to where the good loot always is. They wouldn't be able to just sprint to marked room in dorms for example then bolt to extract. This would make for varied fight locations since people wouldn't be taking the same old paths every time, and PMCs having to stay in raid longer if they want to find valuable loot.

ID: gyymeb8

Dynamic loot is a necessity at some point any which way. It keeps people from rushing to certain spots (except bosses, but even they could be dynamic as well) and makes your spawn much less relevant to how successful a raid will be.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 14:17 ID: gyy1z1x

Comments like this always make me think people don't really understand what kind of game Tarkov is.

It's not an arena FPS shooter like Call of Duty or Apex legends.

It's a scavenger game where you protect your haul with force. And while you can absolutely seek out PVP if you wish, or have it sprung upon you. In Tarkov, your goal when entering a map is dynamic and changing.

Do you need those last couple hoses to finish off your next upgrade? Are you looking for a car battery? Do you need to plant the next drop? All those things are valid reasons to leave the hideout. The goal of entering a map only includes PVP if you decide it does. And I have never not found an abundance of PVP if I ever go looking for it.

I've never played though a map without encountering PMC's if I want to find them.

But that's the thing. Some people are playing through the map trying to hide. Because they rightfully aren't looking for PVP. They need that gas can, or that water filter for their quest.

That's the beauty of the game design of Tarvok. You aren't some random soldier dropped on the battlefield told to kill. You are a soldier cut off from base, trapped in a conflict zone. Trying to find the means of survival and eventual extraction.

Your goal isn't always to kill. You need food, supplies, medicine, radio parts. And if you were in a conflict zone looking for those things I think you'd be pretty fucking happy if you didn't come across a roaming gang of soldiers during your excursion.

But sometimes you do, and its you or them. Or sometimes you are low on ammo and weapons and you know the best way to stock up is to click heads.

If you LOVE tarkov only for the PVP. Good news, we have labs, factory, dorms, pretty much the entirety of reserve. If you play slower there's sawmill, USEC camp, stronghold, crackhouse.

That's all guaranteed pvp.

And that's tarkov. You aren't owed 10 engagements per 20 minutes. We have games that satisfy that itch. Tarkov is its own thing. And I get really confused as the game gains in popularity, what even brought you over to tarkov in the first place. Because Tarkov is not PVP centric. Again, unless you choose to play it that way. But don't be upset if you don't always que into lobbies of people doing the same. We have games that drop your from the sky for that.

ID: gyyaopx

It's not an arena FPS shooter like Call of Duty or Apex legends

In theory, you're right. In practice? No. Once people get high enough level and have enough money the desire to loot goes out the window and if you have a BTC farm going you're literally printing money. No need to focus on loot if you have millions of rubles.

ID: gyylkzf

Sure but that's a personal thing. If BSG released metrics I would bet less than 5% of the active player base even has invested in BTC farming.

I'm there, and it sounds like you're there. So yes, you and me are likely dropping into maps looking for that pvp rush. But I covered that in my original post. That's our personal motivation. Not necessarily what the game centers around, or is supposed to specifically cater to.

That's why its a great game. And again, if you are at that stage you can run Labs back to back. I would love for BSG to make more labs like activities and maps so there's more choice.

But again, the game has range. It's not all about pvp all the time.

ID: gyyuxzf

I mean thats a really cool description if bitcoin and farmi doesnt leave a good chunk of the playerbase with top tier gear and nothing to do but pvp

ID: gyz0ebf

I think it stands either way. There's plenty of PVP to be had once youre a chad. Like I said, I've never gone looking for PVP and not found it.

ID: gyyksva

most of the people complaining, are complaining because they do the EXACT thing they are complaining about.

if you are finding PVP that much and dying to tryhards its because youre also rushing those hogh tier loot areas.

you can make plenty of money looting shit barter items.

ID: gyzu0pa

I really disagree with this statement.

Trying to do quests on customs is fucking aids cause of all the PVP

ID: gyzuh3y

man you focused on one sentence in the post loooooool

ID: gyyb2as

This is perfect.

ID: gyyp9wj

Your comment makes sense if the flea market did not exist. It's not really about survival anymore since you can just buy anything off the market when you have enough money. IMO the game shit the bed when the flea released.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:46 ID: gyxrduc

There's underlying faults with some of the core mechanics (relating with survival and progression ) that dynamic loot will mitigate but the issues they create will persist.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:52 ID: gyyeowd

the issue i feel rn is that i can have 8 good raids in a row that i survive and make like around a mil. but dying 2 raids in a row after surviving 8 blows all that money away, the economy is kind of just at an unfixable point until wipe

ID: gyyn7oa

If you are surviving 8 raids in a row , you should be making at least 4-5 million lol.

ID: gyynszg

yes and no, i have a very slow and careful style of play so usually by the time i get to loot spots they’re already hit and i can usually only ever find 1 or 2 pmcs because people just leave 8 minutes into the raid

ID: gyykucz

you're definitely not the problem 🙂 losing a fully chad'd out kit should hurt, what peiple are saying is you shouldn't just have another one (or 10) ready to go straight after.

ID: gyyl8rn

yeah i realize that i just feel like you can have a ton of good profitable runs ruined by dying once, the profit margins when using good gear is so much lower than doing budget or zero to hero runs

ID: gyylcdk

also losing chad’d out kits isn’t crazy unlikely because every single person has them, it’s just a very weird situation the game is in rn

7 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:30 ID: gyybrop

Raids are empty except for the occasional player scav after 15 minutes, it's rare to even see PMCs unless I sprint to the nearest high value loot area from spawn and then I usually get bushwhacked by a sweaty squad that beat me there with stims."

I'm on East Coast, Canada, I started playing about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I play everyday and my raid are full of people, noobs, chads and Scav. I meet low level and high level, some people are using shitty ammo and guns, some are using meta ammo. You'll all full of fucking shit with the complaining.

ID: gyyij3p

he is running night interchange raids and is fucking surprised people are avoiding pvp or that there is less pmcs to kill. Tells you all you need to know about him and his rant

If you want pvp go into a day raid on a NA server i fucking promise him that he will be battling all raid long.

ID: gyyugxz

I feel for OP if he's playing from the hours of midnight to 6 AM irl. It genuinely can be rough to find players.

Peak time Tarkov though is a massive clusterfuck in comparison.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/21 16:17 ID: gyyi4sp

runs a nighttime raid and is surprised there are no pmcs to kill

People run night raids to loot and scoot. To quest and get out. Why are you running night raids at this point of the wipe looking to pvp. Player count is a bit down and they nerfed interchange lighting. Its dark af.

Cmon man

9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:09 ID: gyxnont

Maybe to some degree but it’s ineffective. People literally only rush like 5 spots on interchange and they’re all on 1 side of the mall. German and tts may get hit but only as secondaries. After the first 5 minutes it’s a dead raid unless the resident chads are out to wipe the lobby.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 17:26 ID: gyyrd1t

Dynamic loot doesn’t make logical sense. Graphics cards should spawn in tech stores in interchange, not the restaurants.

ID: gyyt0ei

they could spawn in computers and delivery vans too.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:12 ID: gyz5f7w

This post is retarded. How is this 90% upvoted?

Wipe fatigue has settled in so raids are way more dead, BSG is too slow to pump out meaningful patches. Last patch all they did was ship some garbage guns that everybody forgot about.

You're playing NIGHT INTERCHANGE and are complaining about the lack of players? Hello?

"""""Dynamic loot"""""? Every time I see this brought up, I am so confused. What does this mean? It seems like even people who support this idea cannot explain it properly. Are you saying tech stores should spawn food? Ultra med should spawn guns? What would be the point of keys if loot was truly fully random?

And how is this supposed to improve the game? It seems to me like it amounts to a global loot buff to areas with no traffic, thereby buffing rat runs which in no way shape or form would improve the number of PMC encounters. Why would I contest techlight if I can find GPUs underground? And if you say "I can still go to tech for a higher chance"...then what's the point of the mechanic?

ID: gyz7kry

You're playing NIGHT INTERCHANGE and are complaining about the lack of players? Hello?

You do know there's a quest that makes you get PMC kills on Interchange at night right??

"""""Dynamic loot"""""? Every time I see this brought up, I am so confused. What does this mean? It seems like even people who support this idea cannot explain it properly. Are you saying tech stores should spawn food? Ultra med should spawn guns? What would be the point of keys if loot was truly fully random?

"dynamic loot" refers to a global table of item availability. Mainly weapons and ammo, barter items are just RNG chance and wouldn't really be affected by this system.

So, for example, all the UN gear that's being brought in is being brought in almost exclusively by Peacekeeper. How many HK's and M4's can he bring in per day?

That amount would be the global limit of HK's and M4's available that day, in both world loot and vendor inventories.

BUT that's not the entire system. A realistic supply and demand system, alongside dynamic loot, means that as an item becomes more desired, but the global stock isn't increased, the price will go up considerably.

With this kind of system, we can have really strong, otherwise unbalanced guns that are balanced by the price tag.

For example, a Kriss Vector in real life is about $1500. So imagine they buff .45 back to where it used to be, and then introduce these systems.

Suddenly, Vector .45 is a highly sought after gun. It's extremely strong, you're going to kill a lot of people with it. That means people want it, that means the price goes up.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to see the best guns going for $5000-$10,000+ or the ruble equivalent.

Then, you kill someone holding one of those guns? You've just got yourself a MAJOR payday.

It also means you can't run these top-tier kits every raid without a large financial risk involved

And how is this supposed to improve the game? It seems to me like it amounts to a global loot buff to areas with no traffic, thereby buffing rat runs which in no way shape or form would improve the number of PMC encounters. Why would I contest techlight if I can find GPUs underground? And if you say "I can still go to tech for a higher chance"...then what's the point of the mechanic?

That's just not how it would work at all.

Applying Dynamic Loot to barter items, you might see that perhaps today's global limit of GPUs is 1000. So once 600 of those have been looted, they're going to show up in tech/ras/tex much less frequently, however, the price will go up in the flea for them as a result.

So, those points might be exhausted by the end of the day, however, other dynamic loot tables (Tetriz, Magnet, Mcable,etc) haven't been touched as much because people were going for GPUs, thus, you're going to start finding these in abundance (in their normal spawns) because the loot table is now more populated with those items.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:06 ID: gyz4kqs


Seriously, dynamic look would be amazing so people don't spend two weeks or a month of the wipe trying to find flashdrives

14 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:07 ID: gyxni9b

Dynamic loot is already implemented...it has been for over a year and a half

15 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:08 ID: gyxts07

Dynamic loot is already implemented

When we refer to dynamic loot in Tarkov, we refer to the still not implemented randomised loot spawns. Right now loot is static, the only "dynamic" thing about it is whether or not something does spawn (Ledx spawn locations are static, what's random is their spawn chance). Devs want to get rid of static loot spawns, and that is what OP is talking about. (Ledx spawn locations are random + so is their spawn chance)

16 : Anonymous2021/05/21 13:28 ID: gyxw0kx

The devs NEVER said that they want to implement random loot and the whole idea doesn't make sense anyway. This gets parroted way too muchfor something that was never planned at all.

Dynamic loot as supposed to be that the spawn chances of loot spots get lower the more often they are looted.

E.g Dorms gets looted all the time so the loot gets more scarce at dorms.

I think it was already tested at some point but didn't work as intended and was subsequently dichted.

If it will ever be implemented again in a different way hasn't been talked about by the devs.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/21 12:11 ID: gyxnvzt

I don't know what version of dynamic loot you think we have, but it's not what was initially pitched lol

There is almost nothing dynamic about it except that the loot pool in specific spawns varies a little but every map still has a small handful of areas that consistently spawn top tier loot and there's very little reason to care about the other 90% of it. There are like 5 areas on Interchange that can spawn a GPU, people rush those and ignore everything else unless they're new or working on some specific task.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:23 ID: gyz6rsp

Been having the opposite problem on interchange. Been trying to do quests and kill scavs but keep running into players.

19 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:15 ID: gyzdb0r

If there is dynamic loot the entire map needs to be redesigned. Think about it, why would a tech store not have tech spawn? Maps like reserve sure, but on int change it just makes sense. The store is literally named techlight why would it be a grocery store?

20 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:35 ID: gyzft3l

Game is broken without dynamic loot and dynamic spawns.

21 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:40 ID: gyzgfn3

There needs to be a daily and weekly quest list which will add something, but except those I think there needs to be an endgame goal as well to make people do things.

22 : Anonymous2021/05/21 21:12 ID: gyzkcy0

I want daily tasks that utilize the markers (or other quest items) on as many different parts of the map as possible. Even better if people aren't rolling the same dailies. Give players more to do, make it worth it, and make it influence PMC pathing enough to add more variables.

23 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:44 ID: gyzvmat

Think about it though, they will have to relocate a lot of loot crates and even out all the possible loose spawns. its a lot for fucking work, i bet they dont feel like undertaking.

Its still highly concentrated in certain areas so you will still get the russing for the best loot spots.

BSG wont break away from their situational loot area either, Medical rooms, warehouses, food areas.

24 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:30 ID: gz00ttb

That has been my complaint with the games loot system. Too static; most profit paths are planned and executed. There need to be more locations but not all locations have stuff. Maybe it was raided, maybe not.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:47 ID: gz02oi8

As much as you might like to complain about static loot spawns it creates points of interest where you can expect to find other players and thus pvp which is a good thing.

26 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:49 ID: gz02v1b

BSG really fucked this wipe up from the beginning. First month and a half, only doing hidden caches on shoreline netted me at least a slick/hex plus an expensive helmet. Every run.

Even caches on Customs had gpu's and bitcoins quite often.

They should do it the other way around. Raise the barter loot the longer the wipe, but they have to be really gentle with the tier 1 ammo. People where shooting with M61 after a week. That kind of ammo should be RARE, not common.

27 : Anonymous2021/05/22 00:03 ID: gz04gkq

Everyone just spawns in and beelines it to the same place everytime to the good loot. It's like those old tv shows where people had to fill their cart with as much stuff as they can in a short time. This game was supposed to be open world, but they cant even manage to put out a map a year so thats probably screwed at this point. Nice gameplay BSG, my enemies are pistolings, hatchlings, and hackers or if I'm lucky, a 4 or 5 man squad.

28 : Anonymous2021/05/21 16:15 ID: gyyhv3x

Why would people be farming ruebles this late in the wipe? I think most people have their quests done and lots of money saved up, it’s PVP time! A lack of PMCs is probably more due to the wipe being much less populated at this point.

29 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:53 ID: gyz2vcp

Guy was in a night raid and questing. Tells you all you need to know. Go into a day raid on customs and run towards the gunshots. Boom, lack of pvp problem solved.

30 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:49 ID: gyza48c

go into a fucking day raid on any map and you are good to go. Shit...go into a day raid on interchange and you might be pvping before you even step into ultra lmao

31 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:03 ID: gyz47r6

I see tons of lower levels as I play on NA servers, myself included. Not everybody was able to get on that new wipe hype when it happened. This late in wipe though, it has been relatively easy to keep the cash flow going if I just SCAV run inbetween every raid and do night raids for some of the higher traffic area quests.

32 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:33 ID: gyzubx0

I farm rubles because I have none and want to PVP with good loadouts

33 : Anonymous2021/05/21 17:03 ID: gyyo902

but then good luck getting tank battery

34 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:49 ID: gyz2eco

You ran a night raid to complete a quest and you’re complaining about a team who ran a night raid to farm roubles. Night raids are for doing those two things under the cover of darkness and avoiding pvp. If you want pvp then play a day raid. I don’t know what you expected. Nikita himself has said that 90% of raids played are daytime raids so that should tell you all you need to know about why night time raids are empty.

I don’t know what servers you play on but on NA servers a day raid on interchange or customs is pretty much non stop pvp start to finish. Last night my buddy and I got bogged down in Oli for 20-25 minutes fighting multiple teams. We were there so long we eventually started fighting scav players. Another raid on customs we fought a team 1 minute after spawn near ZB11, moved to checkpoint and fought another solo, moved to gas and fought a duo, then went to dorms and fought 2 more teams. When we left we heard fighting at stronghold but decided against going there. But that would’ve been another fight if we wanted it.

I don’t know what to say other than maybe you need to be more aggressive with your play style if you’re complaining about dead raids. And maybe don’t play night raids because the only reason why people play at night time is to specifically avoid pvp.

35 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:47 ID: gyz9v45

what he needs to do is stop playing fucking night raids if he wants non stop pvp

Fucking guy is here bitching and moaning about lack of action when i know he knows what people do in night raids most of the time.


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