Recap of Klean’s podcast with Nikita – Patch 12.11 delayed

1 : Anonymous2021/05/27 21:56 ID: nmipn0

Biggest news that came out of this was the Patch 12.11, which had been scheduled for early June, has been delayed. No one asked about a new timeline for the patch and it was not mentioned further.

Nikita says he is always trying to combat metas in-game. He thinks it was much worse a couple wipes ago and says it is more balanced now in terms of ergonomics drawbacks with low recoil builds. BUT he says it isn't enough. Before the official release of the game, they will have all the weapon parts balanced so there are as few metas as possible in the game, because Nikita says metas are not good for the game. This is currently a struggle due to all the new parts they are adding to the game. Nikita says it scares him sometimes to make things too realistic in terms of weapon builds, insinuating that the game could be used for training by bad people. They will not take a detailed approach to explosives in Tarkov for this reason. Nikita mentions that in the lore of the game, the idea is for the USECs and BEARs to unite and fight evil. Storyline quests are coming soon, Nikita says, which is when we will really see the lore of the game. Nikita mentions that some sort of plague is possible in game, given that Terra Group has worked on viruses in the past. Nikita says that in-game monetization (ie microtransactions) will never be part of Tarkov. PATCH 12.11 is being finalized. Nikita says first iteration of weapon malfunctions will include misfires. Ammo type will influence durability burn, in addition to other factors. First iteration will only include misfires based on durability. Weapons will need to be "treated well" The stock weapons from traders will have a range of durability. Scavs will have different tiers of weapon durability. Ex: Low level scavs will have low durability weapons. Raiders would have higher durability weapons. Durability is linked to the receiver of the weapon so individual parts won't impact the durability (YET, but this could happen in the future). Total rework of sights is coming in 12.11, such as red dots, in terms of uniformity of reticles. Nikita called the PK-06 a piece of shit IRL, and he is aiming to make sights more like real life. So read into that what you will. Tarkov PATCH 12.11 IS DELAYED. They had wanted it for early June, but that's not possible anymore. No word on wipe, but when asked about the long-term gameplay loop, he said: You will have one profile that will be permanent (with prolonged levelling), one will be seasonal with slightly altered gameplay features (on separate servers). Nikita said that he listens to what the player base says and builds a picture of what they need. It doesn't always mean he will go in that direction (BSG has a vision for this game after all) but it sounds like it informs his decision making. Specifically on QOL issues. Nikita wants to add quick tactical reloads but they don't have it now because of limitations... also he wants to change the pump-action animation on shotguns in a way that would keep the gun shouldered potentially. Nikita says he wants to eventually redo graphics from scratch, make them "more beautiful, more modern."
2 : Anonymous2021/05/27 23:07 ID: gzp18c0

Thx man!

3 : Anonymous2021/05/27 23:20 ID: gzp2s71

Thanks for this man, it's nice to see actual content about the development of this game.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/27 23:19 ID: gzp2n67

OP thanks for doing this synopsis!

Just love how a streamer has a podcast with Nikita and the community is somehow supposed to be aware of that. Would it kill them to give people a heads up via Twitter or - bear with me here - post a notification on Reddit? Doesn't BSG have an official Community Manager or Managers who are supposed to, you know, manage the community as the name suggests? Then again, communication was never BSGs strong suit in my limited 3.5 year experience...

ID: gzp3sum

BSG has reduced communicating on the Tarkov sub. You know why.

Also, BSG retweeted this:

And also put it on the launcher.

ID: gzp43ng

I did not see any of the above but ok, fair.

ID: gzp4rbb


ID: gzp9awh

Spoon feeeeed meeeee eeeeeverything BSG

5 : Anonymous2021/05/27 22:48 ID: gzoyy3v

Nikita says it scares him sometimes to make things too realistic in
terms of weapon builds, insinuating that the game could be used for
training by bad people.

Lol... Yeah, ISIS training camps have 144Hz, 1440p monitors and RTX 3070's for all their recruits.

I imagine ACTUAL GUNS provide more weapon experience than WSAD and LMB...

ID: gzp3lr9

Maybe someday you'll learn that ISIS aren't the only bad people in the world and that it definitely is a solid concern about taking games into too much realism to where people could feasibly learn from them to do stuff like create explosives or suppressors, etc.

ID: gzp5a12

Considering other milsim shooters in the market today, I doubt many people will notice anyways.

In ArmA 3, for example, all supressors well into the 1.0 release of the game actually slowed down the projectile. Hardly anyone even noticed, let alone pitched a fit about it. But after all, authentic feel is IMO, more important than physical accuracy anyways.

ID: gzp8awf

I’ve created suppressors and I sure didn’t need tarkov to teach me. Super easy

ID: gzp3vaj

I mean I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to fear. Because if you look at the next sentence it says that's why he's not doing detailed explosives because then he'd literally be showing the ingredients for IEDs

ID: gzp8ev7

How to build an IED is pretty common sense

6 : Anonymous2021/05/28 00:31 ID: gzpazjt

Surprise surprise they can’t get anything fucking right with the game surprise surprise they have yet again had to delay an update surprise surprise

7 : Anonymous2021/05/27 23:19 ID: gzp2nj2

no wipe? lame

ID: gzpaxza

it was said last week that the wipe is not arriving any time soon

ID: gzpbwrb

Probably been the longest I've made it through a wipe without getting burned out but I'm reaching the end for me personally. Setup is a bitch of a quest and i have found that if a quest calls for a specific way of playing it will nah at me until I have it done. And oh boy has setup been a total pain in the ass.

If wipe isn't til mid June or early July I might just do shooter born in heaven for the first time.

ID: gzpcle0

On Dec 23 they said no wipe soon. Dec 24, they wiped.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/28 00:03 ID: gzp7tyu

I genuinely don’t know what he means by bad people using the game for training. There are training videos and actual combat videos out there. Ever heard of the anarchists cookbook? I don’t remember if that’s the actual name but when I was like 13 I had access to methods of making homemade explosives. It’s a game, it’s not going to be realistic like that. I’m going to try and find the podcast for context. Sounds to this grumpy veteran that he’s being too soft and unrealistic.

But the delay. Genuinely what the fuck is taking BSG so long to roll out content lately? Is it streets of tarkov? Can you guys table this fucking thing already and get some actual content into the game? Releasing this map is just not realistic right now, I love the drive and they may not want to admit defeat but I’m a pragmatist and it sounds like way too much of the team is focusing on this pipe dream that never produces.

Nothing of substantive value has even added to the game since December. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the year where they need to show some results. Genuine excuses before but this is the biggest the game has ever been, most money made, biggest team working on it, plenty of foundations laid and were nearly halfway through with zero actual content on the horizon (still don’t see anything besides factory expansion and malfunctions in these patchnotes). Why? Get ‘me off streets and onto something that has solid chances of being real this year.

ID: gzpcxc7

Genuinely what the fuck is taking BSG so long to roll out content lately?

Seriously. The Scar was teased back in Oct. last year as right around the corner, now I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see it until August.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/27 23:15 ID: gzp26w4

Wow games stale already and no talk of wipe 🙁

ID: gzpa1dv

They never say anything about wipe until just before they're gonna wipe

ID: gzpb2aw

that was just last time. They usually let us know a bit in advance

ID: gzp3gz2

Play a different game then

ID: gzpb09c

Nikita literally said last week that wipe is not comming anytime soon

10 : Anonymous2021/05/28 00:20 ID: gzp9sok

Oh man I can't wait for better and more realistic sights. I never understood by the pk-06 was so expensive and was the only viable sight. And the graphic redo is incredible to hear, I can't wait to see what tarkov will look like at that point. Tarkov right now is good, but it doesn't feel modern anymore like it used to. Right now the graphics are kind of paper-y kind of, hard to explain.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/28 00:23 ID: gzpa2cd

before the official release of the game, they will have all the weapon parts balanced so there are as few metas as possible in the game, because Nikita says metas are not good for the game. This is currently a struggle due to all the new parts they are adding to the game

I doubt he will read my reply but fuck it imma do one on the off chance, this is not hard to balance at all. Just make it so the stats-performance makes sense for balancing so many of them. The biggest issue RN is that there is next to no point in going for ergo over the recoil which is why it's pretty unbalanced (which he has admitted to). I think the differences between grips and handguards and such is pretty good, it's just that every always seems to min-max so it's seems alot more unbalanced than it actually is.

If you play like me and go for price to performance rather than just getting the best of the best, you'll find they are in a pretty good spot and I never feel I am "forced" into getting a certain grip. I would like to see ergo buffed more though, but atleast compared to where it used to be where it did practically nothing it's alot better.

Maybe buff ergo based ones even more, e.g. most ergo based grips only increase by 6-10 or so. If you buff it up to 20 (numbers you wouldn't think to buff a recoil based one), these would be great for sniper builds or things like the ASH-12 where recoil is so high going for ergo is preferable.

Couple ideas for ergo buffs:

Increase movement speed.

Increase acceleration (would be especially helpful once inertia is introduced).

"Debuff" to weight. In that if you have a good ergo gun, you won't be as affected by the weight mechanic.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/28 00:07 ID: gzp896r

Why not make it “too realistic?” It’s easy to learn about weapons and explosives from Google


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