Do you guys actually like the current state of the game gameplay-wise?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/02 14:54 ID: nqnmsq

So what do you guys think? How do you feel about the current state of the game and how it plays, networking issues aside?

What do you think of the economy? The gameplay? The combat? The progression? The pacing? Anything. This is a general discussion about the gameplay itself of Tarkov in it's current state.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:09 ID: h0c2ip2

Not particularly. I'm tired of the chads running around like the tanks they are.

The economy heavily accelerates to endgame, I believe putting a limit on the economy could do some good. For instance, someone suggested only barter items in the flea, remove guns and armor from the flea entirely, would help to slow down the game alot.

At this point, I don't see anyone who isn't wearing level 6 armor with armored exfils and suped up guns with the best ammo. It isn't what I thought this game was going to be when I bought it.

ID: h0c5r8x

You and me both.

ID: h0cnbfd

The market idea was JesseKazam Btw, in case anyone wants to take a look at his video discussing the idea. First thought I didn't like it but it made more sense as the video went on. Think it's at least worth trying.

ID: h0cvj5v

I don't fully agree with his points he made in the video but he gave some good ones. If BSG adds more ammo crafts and maybe even armor crafts then the idea could possibly hold water and work well.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/02 15:12 ID: h0bl76q

I've basically stopped playing completely and have little interest in coming back for now.

There's two layers though, I've played the game when it was half of what it is today and still enjoyed thousands of hours. Someone coming into the game now will encounter a way better product than I have when I came in and they'll definitely enjoy themselves.

But from a perspective of a long time player, everything is basically fucked - movement, combat, progression, economy, loot spawns, loot distribution, availability.

I wouldn't mind them being under-cooked still, but we're not moving an inch towards fixing anything actually. .

ID: h0bmatj

I'm in a similiar boat as you. The game performs much better than it did in the past, but find myself enjoying it less and having less fun that I used to.

What do you think specifically about the movement, combat progression, economy, loot spawns, distribution, and availability contributes to that?

ID: h0bojuw

Movement - impact of skills, lack of inertia, lack of vaulting leading to comical jumping as means of traversal, strafe spamming, boost jumping and other out of place mechanics

Gunplay - onedimensional laserbeam meta, automatic recoil control (probably not going away though), sorta related - grenade spam

Loot spawns and distribution - static, which perpetuates farming and hatchet running and leads to boring raids

Economy - starts off as a survival shooter, ends like a battleroyale with extra steps. Inherently inflationary, reliant on wipes to keep it "fresh" (fuck me if I'm going to go for that pocket watch again)

ID: h0bpdwi

Movement: Too fast, snap shooting nonsense, MASSIVE BAGS with barely any downsides.

Combat: Goldeneye DK mode head hitboxes.

Progression: Labs is locked off early on, but Reserve is easily accessible so rich/high level players from day 1.

Economy: See above. Some people don't like the hideout (I think it should give returns over a longer period, so btc payouts weekly but reduce running costs to compensate).

Loot spawns: Needs better scav spawns to block off hatchet runners. Dynamic might help, but static makes immersion and pvp more predictable.

ID: h0c43te

Pretty much this. Seeing this game develop it is pretty much just a cod with more waiting around in menus, worse cheater impact and the most trashcan servers ever. Not to even mention how the entire game is structured client side still. ROFL

ID: h0c4w50

What do you think could be done to make the game less "cod with more waiting around in menus"? Do you think movement changes such as player inertia will have a positive, negative, or no affect? And why do you think server side structure is bad? In what would would changing that make the game better?

4 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:01 ID: h0c186t

Hate the quests, most aren’t fun just monotonous and annoying.

Love the high end pvp. I grind the quests out to max traders and hideout and to tease myself with the chance of kappa that I’ll never get, then chase pvp the rest of the wipe which I love

ID: h0c47rq

What about the PvP do you love? Is there anything about the PvP you hate and feel needs improving upon? How do you feel about future mechanics like weapon jamming and player inertia that will inevitably have an affect on player-vs-player encounters?

5 : Anonymous2021/06/02 15:00 ID: h0bjhua

Some of the quests are really grindy/boring.

I prefer early wipe to mid wipe combat. The end game no recoil/ap rounds meta is kinda stale tbh and makes it more of a “whoever sees the other guy first wins” fire fight. Not saying I like bullet sponge games like Apex but I do enjoy fire fights that last slightly longer.

I think otherwise gameplay and economy are fine

ID: h0ct5ln

I got stuck on the first flash drive quest for two months this wipe. I haven't played for about 3 months...

ID: h0ctd3x

Flashdrives aren’t terrible to find but you have to know where to look

ID: h0blyb3

Which specific quests would you consider unejoyable and why?

ID: h0c048f

kill pmcs with pisyol only, kill scavs on woods woth no armor. anything like those. it makes no sense.

why would a dealer give two fucks about that. how would they even know.

ID: h0bt90w

"equip X kit and kill X PMCs"

A few different variants of them, for me mainly the bolt actions. Gets stale quickly and doing it later in the wipe is atrocious

ID: h0c3kbo

SBIH, Punisher 4, Tarkov Shooter, Pretty much all of Jaeger's things like "drink a bottle of chlorine, shoot yourself in the foot, do the hop-scotch, jump into a vat of acid, then get 5 kills while you're blinded with bird scat"

ID: h0bva86

Tarkov Shooter pt. 8 and Setup are terrible.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:03 ID: h0c1mzq

The significant peeker's advantage, combined with the zip-zappy nature of having virtually no inertia is really starting to kill it for me... 🙁

ID: h0c5nxo


ID: h0csbdx

What will inertia solve other than bunny hopping? I'm a noob and genuinely curious to why so many are attracted by this forthcoming feature.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:54 ID: h0c0afq

Imo, this game steamrolls to super loaded chads too fast. Remove class 4+ ignoring rounds from the flea market. Increase drop rate in raid. Create crafting for all the rounds that aren't sold by merchants that would be too rare.

Combat is ok. I'd bump the HP on head to 40 to make ear armor more relevant. Desync and peeker's advantage is always an issue, but no amount of complaining has fixed it so far. REMOVE ADS AND SCOPE TOGGLE SOUNDS PLEASE.

Progression is fine, though there are a bunch of quests that annoy me to no end (12 kills with nades, kills in dorm, <50% 6b43, kills with tremors). I would like to see more hideout upgrades that give bonuses to exp gain for specific skills. Skill progression is way too low. Most of the time, even 'training' a more difficult to train skill takes many raids to get a single skill point.

Speaking of skills, PLEASE rework EVERYTHING about skills. Half of the skills aren't relevant or don't work. Charisma doesn't influence traders, sniper isn't about using sniper rifles, bunch of unused skills, strength is too influential and difficult to train, recoil control diminishes after THIRTY shots, ect.

ID: h0c7mbz

Imo, this game steamrolls to super loaded chads too fast. Remove class 4+ ignoring rounds from the flea market. Increase drop rate in raid. Create crafting for all the rounds that aren't sold by merchants that would be too rare.

How is removing anti-chad ammo from market going to hinder the chads?

8 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:03 ID: h0c1mz0

Nah, that's why I'm taking a break for now. The state of PvP fights is terrible, and I can't be bothered redoing all the same quests/hideout upgrades every wipe. I'll come back when/if the turbometa-magdump-bigmag-CODhipfire nonsense gets sorted, and when we have some new maps/content.

ID: h0cu6r8

I can't be bothered redoing all the same quests/hideout upgrades every wipe.

Literally this. It wouldn't be so bad if the hideout didn't require 500 car batteries, 30 thicc cases, 5 vector's, your kidney, 50 billion rubles and a metric shitton of random components. On top of the fact that past the starting quests it get's more and more absurd what you have to do for a normal player to achieve. Especially mister fucking "go kill 50 usecs while dehydrated with 2 broken legs, a blacked thorax, 20 total hp, while drunk with your monitor turned off using only a melee weapon and no body armor" Jaeger.

ID: h0cslbw

I'm surprised as to how accurate hip firing is in this game. It is junk in PUBG so it's ADS or get real lucky with a hip fire headshot.

ID: h0cu330

The idea is that it's point firing rather than hip firing, so the character has the gun shouldered while pointing instead of just holding it by his hip and spraying. That mechanic is sound, the issue is the ability to transition between full sprint and point firing within a half second. That being said, BSG plans on implementing low-ready and high-ready character states to negate the current movement meta

9 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:03 ID: h0bseen

Game is great until about level 30 where the survival aspects really fall off and the PvP starts to become more forced.

Current quest system is just a placeholder so not worth talking about it that much, but I don't like how the more you level the less it is about survival and investigative tasks and the more it is about killing other PMCs with sometimes ridiculous restrictions that are not at all what this game is about for me.

Overall current state is fun enough, but looking forward to something a lot closer to the original vision. I like what Nikkita says about not wanting a meta, and without getting hung up on the fact there will always be a meta of sorts, we are still a long way away from truly diverse gameplay in the end game. I blame the marketplace for this more than anything. As nice as it is when you are struggling, it really ruins the spirit of the game when you can just buy anything you want.

ID: h0cvwjq

Current quest system is just a placeholder so not worth talking about it that much,

That would be true but. You are REQUIRED to take part of the quest system for trader levels, unlocks, hideout and probably a few other things. I still haven't even unlocked a task for peacekeeper but I have to complete them to get him to LL3 or I will never hit that because I am FORCED to take part in the quest system for it.

People will still complaining about it when they remove the FORCED nature of it or improve the system to not suck ass like 99% of Jaeger quests.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:50 ID: h0bzkba

Absolutely zero interest to return for the foreseeable future and I am immensely frustrated with the direction the game has taken and the current state of it and the laundry list of bugs and issues.

That said, I'm like disappointed parent, not a mad one. I want Tarkov to be better, I want it to be the game Nik promised us back in 2015. I would rather be wrong in two to three years than be proven right and see the game abandoned before 1.0. Which is why I keep my ear to the ground about news and updates, even if I have no desire to play right now.

ID: h0c3blf

What do you feel is missing from the game currently that makes it not what was promised to us back in 2015?

ID: h0ctxv0

Roaming PvE with friends and then you can enter "raid areas" where you would fight other players for crazy gear. Essentially what ww have now.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:25 ID: h0c4uw3

I think the bitcoin price fucked with the progression of this wipe. If you grinded hard the first week or two and got a bitcoin farm before they nerfed them you were basically set for good. I have high hopes next wipe will be a lot better, been trying to get my friend into the game and I think the next wipe will be way better.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:58 ID: h0c0tc8

Yep, it's pretty good. If I didn't like it I wouldn't play it. I love the scarcity, the loot mechanics, the fact that I have a chance against almost anyone. My biggest regret is that I have to use bolt actions until I'm done with Tarkov Shooter.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/02 18:19 ID: h0cctmz

I think this game should be more of a survival shooter for longer. I haven't played this wipe and only really played the game for 1 full wipe but I did play for around 800 hours. I went in expecting a gritty survival shooter where people were cobbling together whatever shitty gear they could put together. For the most part of learning the game - that's exactly how it was.

Then as I got to grips with the mechanics, maps, spawns, weapons, ammo types etc. etc. I began to accumulate some wealth. Suddenly gone were the days of shitty AK's with janky ass sights that shot what felt like confetti. It was onto the meta HK and M4's. Rocking fully kitted M1A's with clips and clips of M61. Running marked room in dorms with a silenced MP7 packed with AP SX rounds, an Altyn and a slicc. I was sat on around 25 mil with what was almost a near infinite amount of 'meta' guns in weapon cases.

Then the game felt like every other shooter. Nothing had any value because I had so much. As cringe as it is to say - it's not the endgame I enjoyed. It was the struggle along the way that was fun. Once you're at endgame it's like someone else in here said... It's just a BR with extra steps.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:37 ID: h0bxkv7

Im pretty sure it's the general consensus among most people who aren't new that Tarkov right now is extremely stale and more frustrating than fun.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:29 ID: h0c5h4y

Randomized loot would go a long way.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/02 18:54 ID: h0chy0v

The one thing I'd like to see changed/removed is the auto-controlled recoil, and if BSG insists on keeping it in the game find a way to reduce recoil for semi automatics that makes it somewhat viable.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/02 19:46 ID: h0cpazs

Economy is fine,

Gameplay is bad

Combat is great

Progression is terrible (Hideout progression is fine)

Pacing is terrible

Netcode is bad

Been playing 5 years. As someone that does none stop resort and is named “SumDudeAtResort” I think the gun play and combat feel great once you learn to utilize your kit and learn the maps, it really does become a play ground.

I hate the fact that it’s fixed spawns and is an instance based shooter. Me playing resort is entirely different than you playing resort. Every single spawn means something different, it means a different route it means I know where you spawned and where to spawn peak it means am I going to take 45 seconds to reach my first room or 2 minutes? Etc If you are new you know nothing, which means I am at an advantage even when we spawn in. Make spawns random, keep the game fresh having fixed spawns is so predictable I guarantee they have a heat map of all engagements and you can see hotspots 30-60 seconds in the match.

Netcode just sucks ass, i Love throwing nades to force you to reposition into unfavourable angles for me to get an advantage on you, but with netcode just peeking feels bad I have to prefire all my shots just to be consistent with what the game actually sees

the early game for new players is terrible game design.

It doesn’t explain the mechanics you need to know… It just does a terrible job explaining everything….. it’s so unforgiving for new players to try and learn the game there is so many noob traps that new players fall into because you are forced into learning systems before you can benifit from them….. for instance ammo…. I loved the AK round prs for my first 2 wipes it was my go to round. It wasn’t until I started to learn about ammo did I realize it wasn’t actually armour piercing it was trash

18 : Anonymous2021/06/02 20:34 ID: h0cwc7x

I've fully quit the game. I don't mind the direction it's heading in (though it is turning a bit into COD) but the fact we've had the same bugs and many of the same issues since I started playing in 2018 is too much. The game has hardly grown, everything we get has been surface level things then just forgotten about.

I understand they want to create this giant game but there comes a point, especially with the insane amount of money they've earned, where you have to round out what you currently have instead of tacking on more shit thats never going to be fully completed. How long have we been promised a quest rework or a skill rework but received dumb meaningless shit like deep bleeds lol.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:12 ID: h0btovj

Hrrmm. I am still enjoying it, but maybe a bit bored quest wise. Level 42 player, upgraded my hideout as much as is feasible.

Economy...let's just say I spent 1.6 million on a few graphics cards right before the, the fact that you can find M995 at certain times of the day for 2600 and then again at certain times for 4600....something weird there.

Gameplay, the biggest thing I like about early level Tarkov is the variety of quests. Be dehydrated, find x in y location and bring it out, stash items in this location. It allows for a variety of definitions of what makes a "successful raid", which is fun. Also, these quests tend to funnel players to certain areas of the map, which makes for some exciting engagements.

But late level? All my quests are now focused around killing X number of PMCs in Y location, and tend to be a bit of a bummer in the late wipe. Like a lot of people are saying, most players are running around with Meta Ammo, this doesn't bug me so much, as since I am a rat at heart, my typical tactics are ambush, or bide my time moving and finding an angle. But when I have to actively look for players in low population lobbies, and running towards gunfire often means you will have the disadvantage, those quests feel more like a "run the raid location 30 times" as opposed to seek out combat.

Progression on guns is a bit whack too. Sniper is a bit broken, since the bolt action guns put you at a clear disadvantage in mid to close range scenarios. Likewise, filling random bushes in shoreline with hundreds of rounds of LPS Gzh as I reload for 20 minutes is not a lot of fun either. Some skills need to progress more quickly than others.

Pacing is fine most of the time, unless you are in a raid devoid of scavs. Nothing is worse than loading in, again trying to level up Sniper, and going from south fence passage, to road to customs, weather station, power station, cottages, and tunnel extract and seeing 1 scav.

Overall, I enjoy the shit out of Tarkov. Gets the blood racing, and is a lot of fun. But it has its troubles like a lot of games. I think some of the woes people face could be mitigated if there was more focus on making fun loadouts / cheap loadouts, instead of trying to fight meta with meta; this is one of the reasons I think I hear so many players say they prefer early wipe, because they feel they can actually use the guns the like without being punished for it. I know when I need a pick me up, a few raids of factory with a m-153 and some magnum buckshot does the trick.

20 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:37 ID: h0bxn8s

Since I finally switched over to some other FPS games I've noticed some of the glaring issues with progression and just general gameplay that has pretty much completely killed my will to keep playing. The two biggest examples are Hunt Showdown and Rust. In hunt they have the PvP reallllly down to a fun formula. Same risk and reward as tarkov, but the gun balance seems a lot more logical, and their isn't a way to just time gap someone with exponentially better gear. It's rewarding to kill a player with a better gun, because they didn't have such a massive advantage over you, but you were able to upgrade your kit potentially. Same goes for Rust, but that game imo has the looting WAYYY more down than Tarkov has by miles. So much more streamlined, and almost everything you pick up has purpose for the entire wipe.

Tarkov is in desperate need of a loot rework, an actual progression system, to stop adding in guns that won't ever be used and are useless to the game, give players better audio cues for players approaching an area, more complex high loot areas that take legit tactics to get into, better AI or a bigger PvE threat, and tbh I could keep going but this post is already long enough.

I love Tarkov and the thousands of hrs I've put into it, but I'd be lying to myself and others if I said it is in anyway close to their final product. I have hope tho, because when Tarkov becomes an complete open world like Rust's gonna completely change the game entirely, and I'm sp excited to see how Nikita does it.

21 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:17 ID: h0c3p61

To be fair, most games are not meant to be played forever. It’s the bitter truth of it. Getting a thousand hours in a game is a blessing.

I’m seeing a lot of people post about enjoying it in its previous state. Most likely due to the fact that it was fresh and exciting. After countless hours of play (in any video game, you are bound to be bored.

We play to get temporary enjoyment, whether that is 60 hours or 2000 hours, it will not last forever.

22 : Anonymous2021/06/02 16:12 ID: h0btor1


Absolutely abhorrent.


Frustrating, because the potential is right there. It COULD be a slow-paced intense shooter, but with 0 inertia, bad spawn design, predictable map flow, broken skill system and laser beam weapons, it all goes down the shitter.


See economy


See combat

ID: h0bwn26

Yep. That's why I get so frustrated with this game. It has the POTENTIAL to be unlike any other shooter out there. But right now it's just CoD with longer respawn times.

ID: h0bzhkp

A buddy of mine gave Tarkov a description to a discord member that hadn't played the game yet and was interested in what it was like, and in my opinion he absolutely nailed it. It went something like this:

"It's CoD free for all with loot, bots and spawn camping"

23 : Anonymous2021/06/02 15:10 ID: h0bkvnv

Economy is non existent. You can go from 0 roubles to shooting the most meta ammo in the game after a single decent scav raid. Pvp is completely busted and it completely depends on who has the better latency and who clicks first

24 : Anonymous2021/06/02 17:38 ID: h0c6vr6

Fuck no. This game went downhill after the flea market was introduced and the popularity exploded from the first twitch drop campaign. Now the game is full of COD kids who think they are entitled to running meta loadouts starting at lvl 15 because they only have experience playing casual games like COD and all the BRs out there. Pre-flea market EFT had a real sense of progression and there were far fewer chads running around abusing the netcode. Wipes lasted months before things got stale. Now these kids just copy their favorite youtubers or steamers playstyles and gun builds. They rush flea market and completely avoid leveling traders or quests. They run only meta kits and play as aggressively as possible because they know it gives them a massive peaker's advantage.

EFT's prime was back when shoreline had just been released. There was no easy gear from labs, raiders and scav bosses. There were no extremely expensive loot items like LEDX and labs cards. It used to take people awhile to accumulate money, and you had to level traders if you wanted to be able to purchase good stuff easily. You needed to be level 40 to buy the best stuff from some of the traders. Buying from traders is more expensive and selling to traders nets you less money (both good things). I hardly ever made it to level 40 during the old wipes but the game was still totally superior even to casual players...especially to casual players. The average gear of people in raids was much lower back then. The only thing that was worse was optimization and desync.


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