This game would be way more interesting/suspenseful if loot and AI spawned way more randomly.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:03 ID: nxfhyb

Title. I wish maps were not so static. Would make it so everyone had to play much differently because now instead of knowing where the hot spots are going to be every time.... They could be anywhere. I just think it would make things so much more fun. You'd have to constantly be expecting a fight anywhere you went. Would also make hatchet running less effective since you wouldn't be able to just gun it for a specific spot each time. Also certain spots on maps that currently have no reason to fight over (ahem interchange) would suddenly matter. Imagine trying to take d2 out and Gluhar and the boys are chillen down there. Thoughts?

2 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:26 ID: h1efeks


This has been discussed for some time and Nikita is on-board with loot randomization, it's just not in the immediately prioritized work. It would require a major overhaul of the loot system and objects which may not seem like a lot on surface, but is a ton, ton of work for the devs.

Cant wait until this is the case though. I hate knowing where every scav is going to be, let's not even talk about the item spawn locations.

ID: h1ekg54

Do you think that Streets might introduce a random loot spawn system? I’ve heard in the past, and I apologize i can’t source it other than reading it on reddit, that He wanted to experiment with tons of new features in this map. As well as having car extracts that take your gear for a fee (and without found in raid status would be a cool balance to this)

ID: h1em1ui

It is possible for sure, he has withheld a lot of info because I am sure he wants some of their work to be a surprise. Someone else may know actual facts though

ID: h1g3uri

The demo gameplay recently showed that there is dynamic destructible walls and physics for items on shelves/the ground to actually move around instead of being static items so I think they might really try to push some really cool stuff with streets which hopefully translates back into the other maps

ID: h1g709m

I honestly have no idea what people mean when they say "stuff should be randomized." You can't go truly random because then stuff ends up places that don't make sense or are inaccessible (are we just gonna sprinkle the woods with gear?) Maps are only so big. So at the end of the day the potential locations of any valuable item will necessarily be finite, and when millions of hours of gameplay occur people are gonna figure them out and put them in the wiki/youtube/here, and now we're right back to where we started.

Basic math says it's impossible to eliminate high value loot areas that people will rush to. Unless the map is homogenous there will always be local maxima for loot value that attracts players.

ID: h1gcfvd

Yeah, I agree there should still be loot hotspots, but I think with the number of items in the game, having a more varied loot table across the board might be beneficial. Although for me it really is less about the loot and more the Scav spawns. I barely have to check areas in some routes bc I know where the Scavs will be.

ID: h1f4q74

I spend so long trying to spot loot in places where I know it will spawn, if loot is not made more visible I think it will be slightly annoying. Maybe have perception (or whatever the looting skill is called) make loot light up a bit even in dark rooms?

ID: h1fti4r

Attention I think? But that's a really interesting idea actually.

ID: h1fysao

Idk loot already does have a brighter tone to it then any non lootable items whenever I’m in dark areas. Is it not tied to a skill already that makes looting easier as you level up?

3 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:33 ID: h1eg728

Yeah I don’t enjoy the buy keys and rush rooms play style or check the same loot spots everytime. It’d be more exciting finding nice things in random spots

ID: h1eylts

i still think locked rooms should have a standard loot pool; keeps hot spots around but opens up the rest of the map to have a reason to still stick around i.e., unless you open ULTRA med storage and see 3 LEDXs you'd still want to check out the rest of interchange

I still don't know why they haven't utilized the manikins around interchange to have tact rigs, (possible armor rigs), and backpacks; would be an easy addition imo

ID: h1f47qo

I don't think it would ever happen but I'd like more "single use, found in raid" keys for locations. Go to a keyhook on a wall, there's a key spawn there that has a key that goes to door XYZ on another distant part of the map. Key has one use that only works in that specific raid.

Could help fight the "just shove all the keys up your ass and sprint every spawn" a bit.

ID: h1fa1n4

Some of them do. Specifically one in kibba I’ve had a defender (I think?) spawn on

ID: h1fkg1v

Well because they don’t usually sell armored rigs in the mall lol

4 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:22 ID: h1eeulg

100% right.
More "rpg" to have to search all around the map for supplies than rushing obvious area where all the players will be.
Random loot position means random encounters with others players, that the way i like to play the game.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:49 ID: h1ei8a2
Dynamic loot BiS ammo FiR only BiS armour barter only JesseKazam flea market idea

Would be amazing improvements imo.

ID: h1ev53e

JesseKazam's idea isn't great. I think general Sam had a better idea(dogtag + player gear =FIR). Jesse's first premise is that players who spend 80hrs a week shouldn't have everything they want, and then he goes on to say that those are the people buying m61 off the flea in bulk. That makes no sense. My buddies who play the game VERY little all buy m61/m855a1 on the flea, while I just buy it from traders. I think this idea would make it so people who don't sink hours into the game to level traders would basically never be able to compete with "chads". I can buy a shit ton of m855a1 and rip through any armor, but the dudes who can only spend a few hours a week playing (without the option of buying ammo on the flea market) would basically never be able to kill me wearing my slick.

ID: h1f1gug

They would have a lower chance to kill you, this whole "never" thing is nonsense. Hell I've reset late wipe because of boredom and just run around with quakemakers killing people before they can turn. Even if they're on painkillers they fold over faster than they can react. Sure, 1v1 point blank facing each other you're at a disadvantage. But if you don't have top tier ammo access, you just change your engagement distances. Its not like you don't know when someone will be ahead of you, comtacs basically give you audio wallhacks in this game.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:38 ID: h1egu7o

I am extremly new to the game and to learn and have succsess it helps that the rng factor is not hat high. I might change my mind later.

ID: h1ehsyj

Well being new good luck getting things like led'x's for upgrading things when theyre locked behind highly contested doors, this late in the wipe with a lower population its probably not that difficult, but for the first 2 months things like tape key are going to be contested by 3 stacks of chads every game

RNG loot spawns would help new players as well as remove the exact same rotations and fights for vets

ID: h1eqr3l

So you want a ledx to spawn in a duffle bag, and frequently enough at that to make it worth looting specifically for that? Stupid idea

7 : Anonymous2021/06/11 15:46 ID: h1exwfo

so what the fuck will be spawning in tech stores? toilet paper and screw drivers?

What about military bunkers?

ID: h1f1n8o

Why does it have to be mutually exclusive? You can have things spawning in tech stores while also having dynamic loot in other parts of the map. For example, have a dead scientist with a laptop that can spawn in a lot of different locations, kind of like a hidden stash, that has tech things on him and/or "research" stims. Stuff like that.

ID: h1ezh8z

See I like the idea of dynamic loot too but this is something I struggle with. If you need certain pieces of tech for a quest or hideout upgrade, then it would make sense to hit the tech stores, right? Or the server racks on Reserve. Same thing if you need medical equipment.. logically you'd check med spawns like inside Sanitar's office.

I'm just not sure how they'd implement it. Even with "dynamic loot" places like the resort and dorms would probably still be hot spots just based on the fact that so much loot could potentially spawn there.

ID: h1fb97n

I think the biggest thing for me would be to make it hit the tech stores, plural, not just run at a particular tech store and leave. Today techlight is the winner, tomorrow ras.

A really big thing I'd like to see is more like kiba where it is more than just "run at the store with the key". Kiba is akin to prisoner's dilemma. Turning on the power gets you better access to loot, but it also gets other players better access to loot. So I could spawn and run at kiba, hoping someone else turns on the power and I can beat them in and out, but if no-one turns on the power I have a problem. More like that would definitely liven up the game, and reduce the hatchet running. Combine it with some cranked up scav spawns for even more reduction of hatchet running.

It's not as bad as it was pre-bitcoin nerf but I deffo hated when interchange only existed for tech spawns. Rest of the mall untouched, dead raid after 10 minutes.

ID: h1fpq2a

so what? Maybe someone brought it here. Of course some parts will have higher chance

8 : Anonymous2021/06/11 14:57 ID: h1er92v

Yep, dynamic loot spawns would help tarkov tremendously

9 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:31 ID: h1fkh4k

It was here many times, but imo it wont change that much, as people think. Lets make little thought, what do you expect to change?

After few weeks in the wipe, many chaddy people just looking for pvp, they dont care where some 100k roubles items spawn, because they already have many milions, completed hideout etc.

Loot makes many places special, otherwise they would just blend and be useless. Like lets imagine casual maps like factory, cutoms, woods. Where do you expect cases from marked room spawn? Wouldnt marked room became useless since it could spawn could items anywhere? What loot do you want to move where? Intelligence doesnt spawn at intelligence but at any duffle bag? Do you think you will force level 50 to loot all duffle bags, because there is 0,05% chance of fiding intelligence now?

Only good examples for which it could work are imo graphics card + ledx and few expensive items. So imo it would be enough to just more spread those expensive items so poeple couldnt just rush 2-3 electro stores or medical room.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:03 ID: h1fx5sf

Right? It was one solution for the 'hatchling' "issue" the games had. Static spawns and rooms is what allows someone to make a route to minmax for profit. By making it completely random you force players to assess the map every raid and not just Beeline to the closest profitable location.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/11 21:46 ID: h1gagl2

Lootwise it makes sense to have hot spots in order to promote fighting. Want good loot? Go there but everyone else will be there. Imo the servers are too small (especially if you have more than 2 groups on the server) and the maps too big to not have hot spots especially on maps like reserve or woods.

I wouldn't exactly completely randomize boss spawns. If they spawn in the open it's too easy to kill them when you have anything with a scope and I like the idea of bosses guarding something special adding a high loot box to boss spawns (like woods) would be nice. But adding a few can't hurt (glukhar D2/dome for example).

12 : Anonymous2021/06/11 14:20 ID: h1em8mo

While most people agree with dynamic loot and the devs have talked as much about it, I feel like the pathing of most people will probably stay mostly the same. Since questing items will probably stay static and since the current loot locations are also high quantities of loot in those locations, most people will probably stick to the normal pathings. Biggest examples would be the Shoreline resort, and Reserve’s underground. Although I’d suspect that more Custom’s dorm and non ledx resort keys would be utilized and not plummet to worthless prices.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/11 14:23 ID: h1emlpk

It's called dynamic loot and it's been talked about for a while.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/11 15:02 ID: h1erub5

This is a feature that would actually improve Tarkov. Just another failed promise stacked on many at this point. I honestly believe this is way out of bsg capabilities.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:35 ID: h1f4knk

Its not just been talked about by the dev's, its planned. The current gameplay loop isn't even "gameplay," We're testing features and mechanics, while 'putting up' with other features and mechanics that are temporary placeholders for things that haven't been added yet.

Scav spawn points will be reworked when maps are complete. PMC spawn points have already been reworked a few times and are not final. static spawns for items will be replaced with a dynamic loot system, and even containers for loot will be dynamic in the sense that sometimes a jacket or duffle bag will/wont be there, military crates will change back and forth to ration/tech crates, etc.

The game we're playing right now is not by any means even mechanically complete, let alone feature complete enough to start balancing these things for release.

Now cue the 'BSG is a scam company, Nothing in this game ever changes, the game in its current state is what we're getting at release' retards.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/11 14:25 ID: h1emusz

This game has basic functionality issues that need to be solved before they can even bother with this stuff.

When some servers will give you a full 1-2+ second desync in multiple raids per day, when hackers can spend $20 and get the ability to do just about anything with little fear of getting caught, and when running Labs is a diceroll as to whether or not your entire raid will be ended by a RMT hacker gathering shit...

Well how can we even know what the game is really like when we can hardly play it?

17 : Anonymous2021/06/11 13:50 ID: h1eidrp


18 : Anonymous2021/06/11 15:41 ID: h1ex4kf

I feel like the game needs to make rare loot a bit more common because of how some of the pieces are required for game progression, it would also be nice to have certain items not be so expensive, just my thoughts

19 : Anonymous2021/06/11 15:46 ID: h1exu2y

I like being able to chose your engagements. The pvp hotspots are what really define tarkov for me

20 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:17 ID: h1f26gr

Fully randomized loot shouldn't happen, but more dynamic than current loot pools should definitely be looked at.

Finding a GPU in a bathroom stall next to a 3M armor loose loot spawn is just dumb. Improving the loose loot pool per area should definitely be reviewed.


More scav spawns in general along with per-instance interactions (scav war, "centralized loot drop," etc) will hopefully be coming soon™.

ID: h1f7ygi

Personally I feel like the item crates, bags, toolboxes and such could easily be made dynamic. Instead of 20 locations a lootable box is guaranteed to be, choose 100 locations and randomize where the 20 containers are in those locations. Just add so many potential locations for lootable boxes that non-key/quest PVP hot spots revolve around people searching areas where lots of loot could be.

21 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:37 ID: h1f4vnr

would be, but then youd never see the loot rats with cheats who have the thing where they can see items names through walls and current market value.

22 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:55 ID: h1f7gbq

I wish bro. less loot while being more random so everyone isn’t rich. More scavs to slow down the pace of a raid. Some daily/weekly missions to give some areas interest and create some high risk locations. Rn it’s just dudes running around like chickens playing call of duty looking for desync fights. Instead of any form of tactical gameplay. I want to give a fuck about dying and losing my loot again like I did when i first started. Games way too easy once you learn how to refine loot paths. I wanna get dropped by tactical players. Not sift through raids looking for chads to fight.

23 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:11 ID: h1f9n14

I want there to be loot in places that make sense though. Thematically I want there to be gas at the gas station, graphics cards and other electronics in tech stores, guns and ammo in gun shops, valuables in safes.

I think that it'd feel really weird to have a GPU spawn in a bathroom or medical supplies spawn on a computer desk etc, likewise guns and ammo and other weapons/armour in say a grocery store.

I don't know how you solve it because I also think dynamic loot would be amazing, but I just think it's super jarring for stuff to feel likes its just all over the place for no thematic reason

24 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:47 ID: h1femff

I wish the guns and gear were more random in scavs too, like the scavs adapt to use what the players lose, like I’d love to see normal scavs with slightly better guns, ofc I don’t mean raiders or some shit, but like it’d be cool if there was a chance that a scav could have decent gun on them

ID: h1fivo1

Technically speaking scavs can pick stuff up as of a few patches ago problem is they are still dumb as rocks and don't usually switch to guns they picked up off dead players

25 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:03 ID: h1fgtqh

I would kill for a group of raiders to enter each raid at like 13 min left and they patrol around the map. Not stuck to an area or confined to a building, but walking around the map chatting with each other and maybe on the hunt for stragglers

26 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:55 ID: h1fnsu3

I also think scavs need to be way more prevalent in top tier loot areas. Would be waaaay better if the tech stores or ledx spawns were already occupied by scavs searching for loot when players got there. Would really change up the dynamic of spawning in and rushing the good loot spawns to put in your butthole.

Would make sense for scav lore too. WHY DONT THEY LOOK FOR THE GOOD LOOT? it would be so cool if players were forced to engage with a group of 3-4 scavs looking for those two graphics cards in tech light.

It would most likely give info to other players that there is conflict occurring over there too. Instead of everyone hiding in corners waiting for pmcs or rushing those gpus and insta extracting

27 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:06 ID: h1fpar5

Here it goes, you're obviously the first person to suggest it, good job

ID: h1fpd2z

Thanks man!


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