Factory Boss?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:33 ID: nxk662
Factory Boss?
2 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:05 ID: h1f8tzb

Is he fucking SHIRTLESS !?!?

ID: h1f9wqo

Looks like he's shirtless, maybe has a chunky helmet on and I'm pretty sure he had an M4 on his back.

ID: h1fccrf

I think its the mutant thats on his back

ID: h1fugba

Saiga 12 w/ drum mag was the rumor from BSG.

ID: h1fh9fj

It's the Mp153 thermal one

ID: h1ghkbl

He is, and he will smash your head in with a sledgehammer.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:55 ID: h1fntyd

Would be kinda sick if he used that sledgehammer to fuck up players' gear after killing them. Like he kills you then smashes your body and makes your gear unusable/unlootable. Not even insurance would get it back. It would make it just destroyed by the sledgehammer and make him more difficult to go after.

ID: h1funla

Just commented this. That's my hope, give a meaning to chasing gunshots by the scav boss to get there fast enough to save the player gear from him.

ID: h1g4ei9

I honestly think the bosses are too easy to go after currently so this would be fun as it would be much more punishing

ID: h1ggeci

Wait do people actually bother insuring anything in Factory?

ID: h1gjjw7

Or you get it back but it's super broken and costs some $ to repair. Make is so we have to buy new parts for guns.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:19 ID: h1fasi3

Tarkov is a horror game.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:42 ID: h1f5n8q

I hope they make this dude scary. Russian text is "Plant Manager", btw. Interested to see why a factory dude went berserk and started mashing people to bits with a hammer. Maybe one of Sanitar's experiments.

ID: h1fck50

yeah that could make sense. here’s my ideas:

since factory is apparently an entrance to labs and terragroup is known for fucked up chemical/biological weapons and drugs, my guess is that he’s either a dude that escaped and went crazy like some guy out of 28 days later

or, he took a fuck tonne of stims and went completely fucking mental

OR, he’s a terragroup mercenary hired to keep people out by any means necessary - could explain the m4, and months of killing people ate away at his sanity

all just random ideas i’ve come up with just now

ID: h1fpkrd

Finally an explanation why Sanitar has a Bandaged head! This is the lore dump we’ve been waiting for!

ID: h1fa4cl

More like Factory boss, most likely bad google translation.

ID: h1fdc4n

No, it literally translates like "factory manager"

ID: h1frmk5

That's fair. I don't know much Russian so I google translated

6 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:46 ID: h1fmk4g

this motherfucker is going to be the rat boss that makes zero sound, hides in shadow, breaks line of sight, and opportunistically sledges your torso from behind while you're engaged

ID: h1g0xu5

Extract campers just chilling in the room.
Factory Boss slips in, locks door that they can't unlock (unless they kill him and get the keys), proceeds to go all home run derby on errybody in there.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:38 ID: h1fdbtd


ID: h1gexv8


ID: h1gfz78

I promise to never call him anything else

Long live blyatman

8 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:28 ID: h1fs880

Bid starts at: 400 hp for his chest

ID: h1g1x2x

I'm thinking at least that maybe 600 or he could be bugged like sani and be a God

9 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:05 ID: h1fgznn

It looks like they added a room on the backside of the room with the locked doors, above where there are only underground tunnels currently. As well as a dropdown to the 1st floor of the office area through the bathroom.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/11 18:01 ID: h1fgk6t

Mom, I'm scared.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:01 ID: h1fom8b


12 : Anonymous2021/06/11 19:45 ID: h1fujsz

He's smashing dead players? I hope that he's making their armor and helms useless and unrepairable by doing this.

ID: h1g3zo0

The player appeared to be alive.

I'm starting to think that was an HDM 1050 shotty on his back.

ID: h1gcmpj

I was thinking it looked long for anything but an sr-25 or maybe tx-15 but it wouldnt make any sense to have those in factory but this makes a lot of sense and looks right

ID: h1g50lg

It actually looks like that player was alive for the purposes of the demo.

ID: h1g6mgw

player wasn't dead

13 : Anonymous2021/06/11 16:39 ID: h1f588v

Nope, it's footage from pestily. He gets the hammer now.

ID: h1flnyj

It dont fear much but that, that possibility scares me

14 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:09 ID: h1fxyyz

I'm sad we won't be able to use the hammer

15 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:31 ID: h1g0ugm

fucking hell

16 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:55 ID: h1g3zb2

How close do you guys think this means we are to getting lighthouse + the factory update?

ID: h1g78aa

Wipe is Thursday.

ID: h1gbfay

Not questioning you, but source? A quick google didn't show anything that looked super official.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:59 ID: h1g4kne

What gun is that on his back ?

ID: h1gdyci

Saiga 12 gauge

18 : Anonymous2021/06/11 21:07 ID: h1g5kgr

Was hoping it'd be a guy with a chainsaw so you can move around a bit without always being heard.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/11 22:33 ID: h1gg2mt

Many exciting things coming next wipe!

20 : Anonymous2021/06/11 21:10 ID: h1g5yck

No just a random scav with a sledge hammer

what the fuck do you think it is?????????????????

ID: h1g80k8

The cultists use poison knives and sneak around. Plus they have more health. Are they bosses? Nope.

ID: h1gfbbh

They have higher hp don’t make a sound when the move those are bosses in my book lol


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