Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 12 Jun, 2021 – 19 Jun, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/06/12 21:00 ID: nygf7i

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2 : Anonymous2021/06/13 10:59 ID: h1lz5k8

I can't be the only person checking this sub everyday to see if there was a stealth wipe like on Christmas Eve. With the trailers for Streets & Factory coming out, I feel like it's going to happen sooner or later.

ID: h1rnynw

BSG has been saying that Streets is still a long way out, but Factory might be ready soon. I'm surprised they don't seem to be itching for a wipe since BTC wrecked the economy with this one.

ID: h1m6s28

I check every now and then because I'm not playing again until it happens lol.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/13 20:35 ID: h1nqlrk

FYI- Stalker 2 gameplay trailer just came out

ID: h1rc745

Yeah, I'm gonna be honest, I was kind of hoping when I got Tarkov that it would just be multiplayer stalker but now that stalker 2 is coming out I might just play that instead. Hopefully it works that way for a lot of people, it'll give BSG some competition.

ID: h1rdeqz

Tarkov is still very unique but there are other exciting games coming out this year or next that look good

4 : Anonymous2021/06/13 20:10 ID: h1nnhop

Haven't really played EFT for about a year or so, anything new that I should be aware of, or is it worth grinding now late-wipe?

5 : Anonymous2021/06/12 22:43 ID: h1k9qm1
I got blue keycard running shoreline and I died with it in my pouch like a month ago and everytime I run labs and go to blue it’s never worth it I also got black and violet and they both make almost double everytime. Idk I just feel like blue is a terrible card in my opinion what’s y’all’s opinion on it? I noticed on the flea market today the cheapest violet keycard was going for 9.9mil anyone now why?

Also at like 4am a week or two ago and someone put a violet keycard on the flea market for 400k and I was able to get it for that amazing price so thank you to whoever did that

6 : Anonymous2021/06/13 14:53 ID: h1ml2ly

Was the last wipe in December? Is it worth trying to pick up the game after 6 months in the current wipe?

ID: h1mncyd

Yes, get in touch with the mechanics so you dont fall behind next wipe

ID: h1mugjo

There are pros and cons but there’s no reason not to get the game mid or late wipe. People are sweaty on day 1 anyway farming raiders. Playing late wipe will give you room to the mechanics and the maps and the quest and the more confusing aspects of the game. Cuz you’re gonna lose every gun fight for a while anyway.

ID: h1o5mdm

IMO It doesn't really matter when you pick up the game tbh. The fun of the early wipe lasts only like 2-4 weeks. After that people are running meta kits and dominating like they are 6 months into the wipe. In the end all it takes is one well placed shot to drop a sweaty boi, and thats the beauty of eft. Start now and learn the game. But be aware you WILL get absolutely shit on for probably a few hundred hours with some succsful raids sprinkled in. But godamm those few raids where you come out on top are like nothing else. No other game even comes close in giving you that rush.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/15 23:46 ID: h1wqlyu

Has anyone found a fix to discord/geforce overlays disappearing when you get in a raid? As soon as i get in my first raid, all the names of who is talking in my discord chat w me disappear and my fps display disappears. I’ve seen a lot of others had this problem but never heard a solution yet.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/16 13:57 ID: h1yvknh

Without a decent amount of scavs spawning in the beginning of raids the first 15 minutes are basically just a PVP military sim game. Especially customs, you can literally just sprint to whatever part of the map unimpeded. Makes the game a lot less “hardcore” when I see 10 PMCs running around the map lol

9 : Anonymous2021/06/17 22:23 ID: h256z6i

It FEELS like a wipe is imminent. Am I just getting excited for nothing? Maybe.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/16 19:43 ID: h207mvi

Are helmets worth it? If anyone has links to any cost/benefit analysis on this I’d love to learn more. It seems like you pay quite a lot for a very mino

chance at it saving your life.

ID: h20az0y

I'm part of the no helmet cult, we only use them when you loot it from someone and/or get it back from insurance

ID: h22dzsk

The Iron price, only take from those you kill.

ID: h20l7c6

Helmets do not exist to protect you from other players using penetrating ammo in the higher calibers. Helmets are there to protect you from a dud Scav with an MP5 or that cheeky player running a 20k shotgun with buckshot.

Going into a Sniper battle on woods? Not really worth it.

Running Factory? Worth it.

ID: h21a90a

Just run Ratnik, 2 bleach cheaper than penis and doesn't nuke your ergo, high ricochet and covers ears

11 : Anonymous2021/06/17 15:14 ID: h23jatc

Long 8+ minute loading times for matches, half of which is waiting for match or lootgen.

Anyone know whats up? Cleared cache, verified install.

Edit - For full clarity - I played more than a year ago. Redownloaded last night to check back in on development progress. Turns out the games far less stable now than it was a year ago? At least that's been my experience so far, as last time around it was like, a minute and a half tops before you were dropped in ready to loot-n-shoot.

Are there ANY tips and tricks the community may know of that helps with the load times?

Update - I cleared everything from my browsing history (chrome) and the game I just hopped into (and promptly died in haha) I got into in less than 5 minutes, significant improvement over the course of a single data point, for anyone else experiencing the same issue, go ahead and wipe your cookies and caches from your browsers. Dunno why but it helped me.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/14 00:47 ID: h1oircf

Just spent 2.5 mil listing a stack of 545 PS by mistake. Fuck you and ill see you tomorrow.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/16 11:13 ID: h1yewe2

Hey what do you guys think of this for a a labs boss?

The Administrator

Clad in his own personal plate modified, up armoured, bomb suit with all body protection and insane bullet and near explosion proof protection, the administrator is an old guard of the labs location, some say he's still on terra groups payroll to protect the labs location to this day.

The administrator carries a Hk with 100 round mags and a secondary grenade launcher (which he rarely uses because of OP issues), and of course only uses the top tier ammo, he will actively move towards gun fire happening in the labs, like a moth to a flame.

He is insanely hard to kill, almost easier to just run away and let him forget you. Luckily his super thick boy armour makes him very slow. If you do manage to kill him not only does he drop his weapons but his armour too, but of course itll have to be heavily damaged to take it from him, requiring a massive cost to repair.

Oh he is also of course on every drug imaginable that hes found around the labs location, allowing him to wear the heavy armour.

Any player wearing it has almost no hearing and can only walk not run, but they will be insanely hard to kill, almost a walking tank. Players utilising the mule drug will be able to run with it.

ID: h1ytw35

COD juggernaut boss

14 : Anonymous2021/06/15 00:24 ID: h1sl8la

Fix vertical sound please

15 : Anonymous2021/06/15 18:40 ID: h1vmvlo

TerraGroup Labs presence in shoreline. It would be cool if under the gas station set a light theirs an underground area with some labs type of equipment. Maybe an off site thing they used to hide sensitive material. Maybe some stims, and weapon caches. The station could have been a front for TerraGroup seeing as their an omnipresent group in tarkov. So a commercial gas station run by them is not a stretch. It could be flooded and the only way we would be able to accesses it is by accessing the power-station and blocking the water flow from the dam draining the area for access.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/16 06:56 ID: h1xxtul

have you guys had a collateral with buckshot? i was running reserve with a friend and we both died at the same time to the same scav to the same shot, buckshot to the face, one pellet for each

17 : Anonymous2021/06/17 01:13 ID: h21c24v

If you notice your scav has a shroud mask pls lmk last item I need for Kappa

18 : Anonymous2021/06/17 01:28 ID: h21dq9v

First wipe. I’m finally getting around to finishing Factory quests and I’m getting my legs blown out by 8.5 buckshot consistently. I’m using igolnik ammo, should I be aiming at these dude’s heads or their legs?

ID: h21m1jk

Igolnik has really high penetration and low flesh damage, you should be aiming for the consistent one tap into the head. High pen rounds, aim for the head. High flesh damage rounds, aim for the legs

For some actual numbers if you were to hit every shot into the same area it'd take:

1 shot to kill for the head 3 shots to kill for the thorax 14 shots to kill for the leg
19 : Anonymous2021/06/17 13:19 ID: h233x1z

This is going to be my first wipe that I kind of want to get serious about.

Is the smart move just to safely quest 1-10 then invest in the hide out? Is it to do both simultaneously? Just continuously quest?

Basically, what’s the path to having a great wipe with tons of cash and doing it “properly”?

20 : Anonymous2021/06/17 16:15 ID: h23rtxj

Is anyone else having DC issues

21 : Anonymous2021/06/17 18:03 ID: h2477c6

Just hit 15 for the first time. I've spent enough with every trader to get the benefits from hitting that level except for Peacekeeper - I still need like $7k. Is there any trick to leveling him?

ID: h2481y7

Buy Dollars from him, or better buy SAS drives on the flee and sell them to him.

ID: h249cw3

I buy and sell guns back to him, you lose money but I think it's worth it

22 : Anonymous2021/06/16 02:56 ID: h1xchqj

5 raids, 5 deaths (head)

Time to put the game down until wipe. Being a level 9 this late into wipe has not been very fun.

I love this game, but man it’s too fucking sweaty. Nobody can miss a shot it seems.

ID: h1xvrvm

If you think it's sweaty now, literally wait until the actual sweaters come back for the update and even more for the wipe. Right now is as easy as it's ever going to get.

ID: h1xmobz

At level 9 you should be questing safely instead of taking fights. Knowing when to avoid fights is a good skill to learn and you'll learn to path around the maps for better success

23 : Anonymous2021/06/13 00:29 ID: h1kkm45

I can't play this game. I don't really have fun when I run around and loot stuff, and I always die when I PvP, even to player scavs. It just makes me angry and depressed.

ID: h1mb2am

I played 10 raids yesterday and died in 9 of them. And I had a blast. All about perspective my friend. It helps to go in with low expectations as well.

ID: h1lf3zm

You gotta change the way you think about it.

Step 1. Just get better every death (analysis)

Step 2. Die lots

Step 3. Pro gamer moment

ID: h1m9dpd

I ve started to realise that too. I started thinking about my time investment ratio to fun. I love playing alot of fps games and the way i started thinking about is that this game is that its a unique experience.

I am only level 6 and i get rekt pretty much all of the time. I realised today that i am literally a scav. I walk around explore and make dumb decisions. But at the same time everything is a unique and interesting learing opertunity, i have nothing to lose really. Exploring areas, not rushing anything and making stupid decisions. If i feel burnt out i just play something else or call it a day.

At the same time escape from takrov is such a unique experience that i keep coming back day after day.

ID: h1o6a4w

The game isn't for everyone, however I think most of us felt the same way when we started. This game is unforgiving by design, and after a decade+ of playing other shooters we just aren't used to something like eft. You kind of have to change your attitude when playing this game and accept that you will die most of the time. It you didn't get shit on constantly the times you come out on top wouldn't be as satisfying as they are.

24 : Anonymous2021/06/13 02:37 ID: h1kx83j

Another weekly discussion thread... another week trying to potato my way through SBIH

25 : Anonymous2021/06/13 07:35 ID: h1lm42s

Thanks people on discord, had awesome labs run, gg!

26 : Anonymous2021/06/13 14:35 ID: h1mj44v

Is Nikita interview today and when?

27 : Anonymous2021/06/13 15:17 ID: h1mnvex

I think you should be able to climb stuff like fences cars or small walls. Its irritating for a highly realistic game that you can't pass these objects like normal human could. Not in a CoD way of climbing. It should be slow to do it but you should be able to.

28 : Anonymous2021/06/13 21:05 ID: h1nuazf

is the ten bitcoin trade for a weapons case worth it nowadays?

ID: h1ow5cz

Do you want to spend 2 million rubles when you could have spent 750k? No, it's not worth it and probably will never be.

ID: h1oa4ij

The asap, motor, wire barter is cheaper if you get the items at their low point on the flea.

30 : Anonymous2021/06/14 20:39 ID: h1rssgj

Should be later on all maps, and less player scavs.

31 : Anonymous2021/06/12 21:57 ID: h1k4ste

just killed 3 juiceboys and died from fall damage near extract. since when was there a whole on the walkway way up to dome on reserve?

32 : Anonymous2021/06/13 00:27 ID: h1kkeit

Like forever, Pretty much every video walkthrough of reserve shows that whole and almost every guide maker mentions not to fall down it cause you'll die.

33 : Anonymous2021/06/13 14:27 ID: h1mia9g

Why did you both spell it “whole” I hate you both

34 : Anonymous2021/06/13 17:58 ID: h1n7bx0

I'll check the bottom of those stairs before I hit D2 sometimes to see if I can grab some bonus loot without having to fight anyone for it

35 : Anonymous2021/06/13 19:01 ID: h1nf362

Wtf was this guy doing??!!! So last week I was running shoreline trying to get my Punisher pt4 done, I already had gotten a kill and looted everything I could in resort. but as I got to tunnel, I saw a guy slowly walking away on the highway. I was on top of the rocks by extract and was watching this guy slowly creep away. Normally I would let him go (since I was already stacked and I’m generally a pretty passive player), but since I’m trying to get the pmc kills i shot him once he laid down to get stamina. Once I got over to him I found out he was a level 17. He had a pilgrim and attack2 on, full of loot and TWO MAG BOXES full of random mags and ammo! He also had two other dog tags of higher level players. I would have felt bad killing him but it was so late in the raid he would have never made it to any extract and I couldn’t even get everything to extract because I was losing stam just walking. Idk what he was doing but I also don’t know why he had two kitted mp5 and mag boxes. Did I stumble across a duo swapping loot or did he? Or did someone bring them in by accident? But like how do you mess that one up? I have the names of the people and I took a screenshot of what I got out of the raid if anyone wants to see them, though I ended up having to drop most of the loot so that I could get to extract. I’m just so confused

36 : Anonymous2021/06/14 14:39 ID: h1qgxd4

I’d imagine a friend of a similar level was quitting and handing over what little worthy loot they had or they have enough that they can just dump gear to their friend. I’d assume none of it found in raid?

I’d guess his friend was low level as well because there’s no way an experienced player would let them fail like that.

Or some poor soul got screwed in RMT. People do weird stuff, no sense in figuring it out.


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