Hidden text in the BSG tweet translated.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:36 ID: o4byte

First of all, thanks

for noticing this.

Second, I'm still in the process of transcribing the whole thing. I will be editing the post as and when I transcribe and translate the parts. It is done.

First part

Здравствуй, друг. Знаю, мы давно не виделись лично, но мои исследования не дают мне покинуть кабинет ни на час. Боевые медицинские препараты пользуются огромным спросом, как и регенеративные инъекторы и другие разработки наших "друзей".

Мне удалось изготовить и протестировать новую версию коктейля, которая сможет значительно ускорить обмен веществ, позволяя нейтрализовывать у [covered by headline]

значительно усиливать физические и умственные способности пациента. Есть и незначительные негативные эффекты, которые нам лучше обсудить лично. Первая партия "коктейля" уже готова к транспортировке и будет ждать тебя с пробой в нашем стандартном месте.


Hello, friend. I know we have not seen each other in person in a long time, but my research won't let me leave my office even for an hour. Сombat medical drugs are showing great demand, as do regenerative injectors and other creations of our "friends".

I was able to develop and test the new version of the "cocktail", which will be able to significantly increase metabolism, allowing to neutralize [covered by headline]

significantly increase physical and mental capabilities of the patient. However, there are minor negative effects, which we would do best to discuss in person. The first batch of the "cocktail" is already prepared for transport and will be waiting for you with a sample in our standard place.


Second part

Second part(cont.)

Во время второй разведывательной операции внутри периметра оперативной группой были обнаружены останки первой команды, переставшей выходить на связь днём ранее.

Среди тел были обнаружены вскрытые защищенные контейнеры класса "гамма". По результатам исследования было выявлено, что группа [illegible] в [illegible] неизвестных противник использовал инструменты, позволяющие вскрыть защищенные контейнеры наших бойцов и получить доступ к содержимому.

Необходимо провести работу по смене позывных активных отрядов в зоне ответственности "данные удалены". Обратить особое внимание на имеющиеся в наличии контейнеры, обеспечить сохранность информации имеющейся в наличии оперативников на оккупированных территориях.

During the second recon operation inside the perimeter, the task force has discovered the remains of the first team that stopped communicating the day before.

Among the bodies were unlocked "gamma"-class secure containers. Research has found that a group of [illegible] in [illegible] unknown the enemy used tools that allowed them to unlock the secure containers of our operatives and gain access to the contents.

It is necessary to work on changing the callsigns of active units in the area of responsibility of "redacted". To pay close attention to existing containers, ensure the safety of information in possession of operatives in the occupied territories.

The rest appears to be the same as the article.

2 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:48 ID: h2geie4

So it’s about the cocktail stim already in the game?

ID: h2glx82

I don't know, he says the "new version" of the cocktail, and that it will increase metabolism (iirc the Obdolbos one doesn't give increased metabolism guaranteed, it's a side effect) so possible new stim introduction? I'm wondering if there is a "Sample" somewhere on Labs.

ID: h2gr5gw

That would be interesting

ID: h2h996o

My other theory.. Killa had gone to Factory to check for the secret entrance to Labs. Once he got the information he needed, the bosses all met up in Reserve to go over their plans. Now they've sent Gluhar to Labs to recover the first team + secure whatever they are looking for.
Hoping they blow the lore open on this more and don't just leave it as an event haha.

ID: h2gx76l

I’m wondering if it’s the opening to introducing the new boss. Since he’s all skin and has a little bit of armor only maybe they are coming up with a story to say why he doesn’t feel the rest of our bullets or why we need so many to take him down.

I think it would be pretty rad to find out that this is a tie in for a new guy because it just makes me wonder what else in the future these guys can do narratively

ID: h2h7wu4

i always felt like scav bosses were some sort of terragroup experiments and thats why they can take more damage before they go down

ID: h2gzlzu

Ooooh I like that idea

ID: h2geqsx

Its about gluhar coming to labs

3 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:57 ID: h2gflj8

It is a note from sanitizer I think

ID: h2gnan6

Lol sanitizer

ID: h2gqle2

The janitizer

4 : Anonymous2021/06/20 20:38 ID: h2grzwk

Okay might be crazy, but... what if the operatives opening secure containers are the same ones that raided the shorline base in the "Raid" series(weren't they after Skif's Alpha container btw?)? Could this be a hint that if you die to them, they will be able to take stuff from your secure container?

ID: h2h1zjs

Didn’t watch the series but I think you might be referring to the “Black division”? That was my thought as well

ID: h2h2c36

Yeah thats the one

ID: h2h62o8

that was my thought too, i love how dedicated bsg is at refusing to acknowledge the existence of [REDACTED]

5 : Anonymous2021/06/20 19:24 ID: h2giobr

Is no one else concerned about the "special tools" used to access the operatives secure containers? To me that sounds like a hint of an item we may get access to which will allow us to break into dead players secure containers.

ID: h2gja80

Exactly or dying directly to a SCAV boss makes you loose something :O

ID: h2gkjzf

I highly doubt they could implement this without massively changing something. Not having a secure way to carry keys would fundamentally break the game.

ID: h2h6vmr

This is actually a sweet idea. Engage a boss and he kills you? He loots something for the next guy to find if they succeed.

Cool mechanic I wouldn't have a problem with if they make it only FIR items get taken. Kind of appeals to the players that want changes made to secure containers without being too aggressive.

ID: h2h896l

cultists gona plunder your booty hole!!!! searious note that is a scary thought. get back to the char screen and all of a sudden your key tool is just gone 0.o

ID: h2gzi9b

used tools that allowed them to unlock the secure containers

the hammer?

ID: h2h6bct

Good it would be a step in the right direction

ID: h2h6we9

Concerned? No. Excited about? Absolutely.

ID: h2gpz90

Sounds like their way of getting rid gamma containers.

ID: h2gqg3j

Because it stats a specific clearance of case in the note, I'm assuming there will be different variants of the break in item (if it's even going to exist) that allow access to different cases. I'm also assuming it's going to be either very expensive, or very rare FIR only.

ID: h2h8b4i

Sounds like that might be a little bit of a problem as although the game is in beta that is one of the listed benefits of EoD. Screwing around with secure containers is going to upset a lot of people are really only hurt newcomers.

ID: h2hej21

Alot of people are mentioning how being able to loot players secured containers is that it's extremely disruptive both in how it's implemented and how it impacts progression for players and it makes me think that it's very unlikely.

What's more reasonable is a secured container being a lootable item from scav bosses (and Black Division once they're added) that may have even been foreshadowed in the Raid miniseries with the secure container that the characters find.

It would function like any other case in the game that fits into a backpack but it cannot be opened without a specialized tool that is limited use. That means if you get your hands on one of the containers you can either open it yourself with the tool or sell it on the Flea unopened. Another interesting touch might be to make it so that the items inside an unopened case are always FIR, even if you buy it from the flea (this means that if you have a pile of cash you could buy the tool and the cases and basically gamble for rare stuff inside to flip).

6 : Anonymous2021/06/20 20:11 ID: h2goiru

Do you think the new factory boss will have had this stim applied? Maybe he will have a really high Heath pool etc??

ID: h2gtx2y

Considering he apears to be a close rang /melee boss I would say it is possible

ID: h2h061o

His gimmick appears to be a class 6 full-coverage faceshield with no thorax armor, so I'd bet he's going to have a high damage reduction or high thorax base health or some of both.

ID: h2h0xfa

If you closely he does have a small armored plated rig. In the pic that bsg released of him.

ID: h2h6pfc

his helmet is literally made of cardboard or fiberboard with a fire resistant coating, standard issue 80s USSR welding mask

7 : Anonymous2021/06/20 19:00 ID: h2gfxa3

Its about Obdolbos stim?

ID: h2gjt1d

I'm more concerned about who that message was intended for. But yes, I assume so.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/20 22:21 ID: h2h3wwk

Perhaps there's going to be something new every day until wipe, including Sanitar joining Glucose on labs tomorrow to speak to him "in person" regarding his new cocktail

9 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:57 ID: h2gflth

Think I’m going to start hitting as many hidden stashes as I can

ID: h2gmh9t


ID: h2gvopt

Good loot

10 : Anonymous2021/06/20 19:29 ID: h2gjb43

Ylyxa you've just ruined me. I'm so afraid rn.


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