I flipped the original image and adjusted it to read the background text. Can I get some help translating it?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/20 16:24 ID: o499k3
I flipped the original image and adjusted it to read the background text. Can I get some help translating it?
2 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:52 ID: h2gf2lo

Here's my translation of two paragraphs (top left and bottom left). Bottom right paragraph duplicates the text of the original article.

Hello, [unreadable]. I know we haven’t met in person in a while, but because of my research I cannot leave my cabinet even for an hour. Combat medicinal drugs are in a great demand [unreadable], regenerative injectors and other developments. I managed to create and test a new version of the “cocktail”, which can significantly accelerate metabolism, allowing to neutralize [unreadable], and significantly improve physical and intellectual abilities of a patient. However, there are some minor negative effects, which we should discuss in person. The first batch of this cocktail is ready to be transported [unreadable] will be waiting for you with a test sample at our usual place.

During the second recon mission inside the perimeter, the task group found the remains of the first group, which had stopped getting in touch a day before. Opened class “Gamma” containers were found among the bodies. According to the investigation findings, the group had been ambushed by a group of unidentified. The enemy used specialized tools to open personal secured containers of our soldiers to get access to the contents of the containers. It is necessary to change call signs of the active groups in the [DELETED] area of responsibility. Make a point of the available containers, insure the safety of the information [unreadable] sealed-off areas.

ID: h2gfw48

Wow!!! This is huge. Deserves its own thread...any takers?

Could this mean truly hardcore Tarkov? Sick of that pesky hatchling who gobbled up all the marked room loot? Use this item to pry open Gamma containers, and find the last 4 looted items.

ID: h2gj2s7

I think it'd be nice if there was a consumable tool that let you open the container and take out all found in raid items from it.

Like you cant lose it if you use the secure container to bring it in, but you can if you're using the container to haul it out. Item should cost like 30-50k roubles.

ID: h2gk4vt

any takers?

Ask and ye shall receive.

ID: h2ghf2l

oh damn you got to the first two parts before me haha, your translation seems good. The fourth will be the toughest to transcribe

ID: h2ghxkh

The fourth seems to be duplicating the original, mentioning Glukhar and TerraGroup

ID: h2h1fwe

I think, that the start is "Hello, friend" or something similar. Nothing else I can put in there

3 : Anonymous2021/06/20 17:30 ID: h2g54vi

It is hard to read the hole text. But the important part I think is pay attention to containers on Labs and something about new stims

4 : Anonymous2021/06/20 17:24 ID: h2g4fhq

Woah. Big fuckin brain.

Im not russian so i can’t help, but i just wanna comment that you are a 5head.

Love this.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:21 ID: h2gbc1x

Oh this is a bitch to read, let me try my best

ID: h2gh4he

First part: "Hello, friend. I know we haven't seen each other in a while, but my

investigation (unreadable) threw me (unreadable) on (unreadable) fighting

medicinal devices I am using huge (unreadable) (unreadable) (unreadable) (unreadable)

regenerating injectors and other developments.

I was able to prepare and test my version of the

"cocktail", which you can (unreadable) speed up metabolism

in the organism, allowing the neutralizing in (unreadable)

significant strengthening of physical and thinking capabilities(?)

of the patient. Only there are insignificant(minor) negative effects

which we should discuss personally. The first portion of the cocktail

is ready for transporting (unreadable) will be waiting in our standard(usual) place

6 : Anonymous2021/06/20 17:26 ID: h2g4p3h

I was thinking about this last night would like to know too

7 : Anonymous2021/06/20 17:59 ID: h2g8u1i

Wow. Somethings going on

8 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:40 ID: h2gdkf2

Someone has said it’s something from sanitar and talks about stims and some new people breaking into gamma containers… I haven’t seen a word for word translation yet but if they’re doing something about changing the secure containers that’s going to be huge!

9 : Anonymous2021/06/20 17:28 ID: h2g4wta

post one where it is flipped the right way, i’ll be glad to help u translate it

ID: h2g5bgn

He's talking about the faded text in the background.

ID: h2g5dec

ohhhhh i didn’t even see that! i’ll take a look

10 : Anonymous2021/06/20 19:50 ID: h2glnua

It says wipe is Thursday.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/20 18:41 ID: h2gdrv7

I used Google lens on this image and it didn't do a good job, but it doesn't seem to be meta information by any means

12 : Anonymous2021/06/20 19:49 ID: h2gln1v

Yea our containers definitely need a overhaul I’d like to see it restricted to simply meds and info items such as docs case or sicc case no fir items should be able to slink there way into those cases without any repercussions possible

ID: h2h3cvr

That will make life for new players at mid-end of wipe absolute hell

13 : Anonymous2021/06/20 23:59 ID: h2hebnn

oh i love escape from tarkov


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