Friendly reminder that either /u/DuckOnQuack420 or Myself owe one of you an EOD copy on Patch Day

1 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:22 ID: o6g857
Friendly reminder that either / or Myself owe one of you an EOD copy on Patch Day
2 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:28 ID: h2s7roy

The loser will be banned from the sub until they pay up.

We are not WSB but we can try to achieve this.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

The wager so far:

Head 2 Head

- wipe soon but unknown.

- events are a direct precursor to wipe.

Side action:

- unknown side but throwing in standard.

- there isn't a wipe with this patch/next 2 weeks. - EOD

3 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:56 ID: h2sry06

I'll throw in a Standard copy if anyone needs it for a bud.
Good wager.

ID: h2sw4xb

Your sacrifice has been noticed. Mods,


Add this man to the wager rules. If he doesn’t pay up, he’s banned from the sub til he does 🙂

ID: h2swkrc

Dibs! I've been playing on and off on the same account with a good friend of mine. I'd love to die alongside him instead of switching after every death!

ID: h2tqkgx

Imagine dibsing a free giveaway on a 600k sub lmao

ID: h2sx9wa

My friend has wanted it for a while but he's been out of a job for a minute... would be nice for him

ID: h2tk1zr

Starting on the 25th and 26th BSG is having a sale on EFT. That would be your best time to purchase a copy for yourself

4 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:25 ID: h2s7f32

lmao ggs man

5 : Anonymous2021/06/23 17:15 ID: h2seppq

I don’t know why some hold up 12.12 as a likely wipe candidate as reason we’re not going to wipe 12.11.

Let’s be real here, 12.12 probably isn’t going to get here for another 6 months anyway, probably going to wipe on both

ID: h2sl96d

The last 2 wipes lasted between 180 and 210 days. Iirc we around 190s for this one(I’d have to double check my account) so it is within reason to think wipe at 11 and 12. That being said, nikita could just be trolling us and then wipe next week or even next month who knows. For now, I’m gonna just enjoy the chaos and try not to spend my entire load

ID: h2t12hd

Imagine them releasing the patch without wipe and 2 days later they wipe the game

Would be the ultimate troll move from nikita

ID: h2sp7ss

Tomorrow is exactly 6 months / 182 days since last wipe.

ID: h2srcn7

Maybe they want to try an extra long wipe with events like this to see how they can affect the economy and fun of the game without having to wipe which only really keeps the game fresh for a week.

ID: h2t0xe3

They said they want the end result to have no wipes. So a long wipe makes sense as a test for that. They should slow down skill progression and high tier item spawn rate next time they want to test it

ID: h2t5340

Nikita said in his interview a few weeks ago that 12.11 will be soon and 12.12 will be early next year. He mentioned both patches will be somewhat close to each other.

ID: h2sfoqb

This is the ONLY reason im 10% chance of wipe tomr or Friday. Everything makes sense for 12.12 wipe but they have proven that they can't stick to a schedule and everything is delayed. They would be letting everyone out to dry for a minimum 3-4 more months. A wipe gives them breathing room until the massive 12.12 is ready to go.

ID: h2ss52f

Since tomorrow is 6 months since last wipe, that would mean 12.12 is most likely 3 months or more away, which would make this the longest wipe in history at 9+ months. Don't think that's gunna be the case.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/23 20:26 ID: h2t455k

I'll place my bet with a standard account (I ain't no pussy. Make it EOD). that there isn't a wipe with this patch/next 2 weeks.

ID: h2t4m0j

Another person of culture has thrown their hat into the ring

ID: h2t69nd

And fuck standard I'll do EOD.

Let it be known.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/23 19:35 ID: h2sx6il

Put me in the list of this lottery. I don't even need EOD, I'd love a standard copy, cuz 40$ is like 2 weeks worth of groceries here in Moldova and I'm tired of sharing the PC everytime I come over to my friend's house.

ID: h2tkzjd

If you don't get a copy out of this lottery, I got you bud.

ID: h2trfai

good human

8 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:49 ID: h2sr4m9

reality is EFT would GREATLY benefit from a laid out wipe schedule, similar to Path of Exile.

ID: h2sypes

Opt-in Seasons is already confirmed for the eventual goal.

ID: h2stdh1

Maybe but I find it more exiting and fun this way

ID: h2sylsa

That’s more fitting for a “season” system post-launch, not when the game is in active development. The main reason they wipe is of an update actually calls for it because of certain changes, you can’t really schedule that easily.

ID: h2t5lc7

I disagree. I think most wipes line up with patches for convenience obviously, but I think they are fully aware that wipes greatly improve the game/econ.

ID: h2sy2j5

Which is kinda the plan whenever the game is closer to completion. Nikita has mentioned that he'd like to have a seasonal server alongside a permanent one.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/23 20:46 ID: h2t6v0i

This is getting interesting

10 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:45 ID: h2sa7j4

Yeah it’s still not confirmed anywhere

11 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:42 ID: h2s9tpl

can we ban both of you and call it a day?

ID: h2t8cx1

You have my vote.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/23 17:32 ID: h2sh4qx

Duck is right

13 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:56 ID: h2ss1fa

Who uses light mode? Are you some kind of heathen?

ID: h2t7rat

TIL there is a dark mode.

ID: h2ti7rs

Light mode at work, can't be having the lack of white glare give you away!

14 : Anonymous2021/06/23 19:10 ID: h2strmx

Is there a technical reason why unity2019 needs a wipe?

ID: h2tcanq

I can't imagine why--obviously all this stuff is sitting in some backend database anyway--wipe would be technically much more required (but still not strictly required) when the structure of that database is changing significantly. It's a lot harder to restructure all the existing data when doing stuff like that, so may as well just wipe it if the data isn't important.

None of that really has anything to do with the game engine version.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/23 19:39 ID: h2sxozi

I mean you were wagering on a wipe not a patch so...

ID: h2syhay

And I still am positive there is a wipe with this patch.

Did you want to bet otherwise, too? Lot of folks around here that could use a shiny new EOD from you guys 🙂

ID: h2t22k8

Oh no I couldn't I'm too broke. A standard account though? Yeah actually, I just gotta figure out how to buy it for someone else

16 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:37 ID: h2s90sc

So wipe is confirmed or? Where is mans getting his info.

ID: h2s9scw

It's all speculation. Nobody knows for sure and anybody who says they know is full of shit.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:15 ID: h2smqed

Wipe is Thursday

18 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:29 ID: h2s8002


19 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:07 ID: h2slrot

why do they have to wipe with the unity update anyways? Engine updates are mostly behind the scenes improvements and things like progressions can absolutely be carried over.

ID: h2sws9o

Depends on how they code it. If they rework skills for example they have to wipe.

20 : Anonymous2021/06/23 17:01 ID: h2scrjl

I have faith

21 : Anonymous2021/06/23 17:16 ID: h2sevor

I believe the terms on how to distribute the copy haven't been made public yet. Could the both of you elaborate on how to allot the copy in question from this wager?

edit: mods are already on it


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