This sub is overly moderated and it’s negatively effecting the community.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/06 10:49 ID: oesi44

I had a post with ~20 upvotes that was gaining traction and actually helping people with their gunsmith 4 quest, as made evident by the comments on it. Meanwhile a mod comes in and removes it because it's a "repost" when it isn't.

The mods need to just back the fuck off and let the community share information with each other.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/06 12:09 ID: h489g2g

Fair enough. People want the floodgates open, but people also fail to do any amount of searching to find an answer, and then there's bitching about seeing the same post over and over. Edit: I don't mean to imply that there's only over-moderation or no moderation. So sorry if I came off like that, crossed out my initial statement, but I'll leave it for context and transparency. There are quite a bit of duplicate posts, which can easily be found (even with Reddit's terrible search) whether it be LVNDMARK Rat Poison, or long matching queues, post raid healing bugs, etc. So, we try and strike some semblance of balance between removing posts and leaving stuff up.

However, I would ask that people not throw insults around at each other. I'd like to think we're reasonable people and want to see the community and this game prosper.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:10 ID: h484sl2

Meanwhile we have 10 posts suggesting handover for Hideout

ID: h48cfbi

Hey what if we had rested exp

ID: h48ek4f

Hey, what if we could sort scav loot

ID: h48woio

what's handover for hideout?

ID: h49l1ew

Basically handing things over to the hideout as you go even if you don't have everything needed to build a portion. Basically a way to save stash space, especially since moving the flea market to level 20 makes managing stash space a fucking nightmare until then now.

ID: h49l77g

Instead of needing all 15 bulbs stored somewhere and you hand them all over at once, the most often suggested QoL improvement asks to allow us to "handover" one bulb at a time as you find them.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/06 12:10 ID: h489k4x

Yeah I was shocked wipe day when I couldn’t find any posts of anyone having the same issue as me, until I posted about it and it was instantly removed.

ID: h495587

Just now realized that the question that I posted a few days ago got deleted and I didn't get notified. I'd assumed that it just had no replies, but turns out the mods didn't want me to know the answer for some reason. Cool. Thanks mods, I'll ask in the EFT Discord instead.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/06 12:06 ID: h48971q

Yeah normally this sub is pretty interesting on a wipe but everything get's condemned to an unreadable megathread.

ID: h48ffqs

megathreads are a nice idea but does anyone actually use them? I feel like the ratio of people who subscribe to a subreddit and participate in a megathread is pretty low

ID: h48k2zi

I posted a video of a huge bug that happened to me where I could see my stash every time I hit TAB in an online raid, couldn’t ADS, couldn’t crouch, etc. Mods took it out because I had to post it in the megathread, where I’m sure no more than 3 people would’ve seen it.

ID: h48xpf4

I fucking hate mega threads and I’m still posting my post to get a quick answer if the mega thread talks about it. half the time no one even oooks in the mega threads to even answer your question, or it just gets buried all the way down to the pits of hell

ID: h48w9zo

I think one of the major issues of a megathread is availability. Google search will not pull up a comment thread of the issue you are experiencing, however it will pull up a post on the same topic. Megathreads are outdated.

ID: h499ifh

Megathreads are the bane of all communication.

Imagine a forum, other than reddit, being compressed into a single thread...

I mean, spam is bad, but tbh stupid posts just die out on their own, replaced by posts that are interesting and people keep alive. It's natural and it works on reddit too.

I hate it how now it's "the thing" to have every community on reddit have a stupid megathread for questions and stuff, making the whole point of hunting down a specific community to ask something a bit pointless since let's be honest - what % of users read and answer things in a fucking megethread with 105061006 pages?

ID: h48eree

I scroll for like 3 seconds and then I'm like "nah" lol

6 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:01 ID: h4844rs

Yeah I tried to make a post asking what rules players are going to impose on themselves this wipe and it got deleted for being "event related", then got told the rules are a result of community feedback and therefore I can't complain. I really doubt the community asked for random posts to be deleted because some irrelevant megathread exists.

ID: h48j73z

Yeah megathreads are garbage.

ID: h48oxzw

I agree that many mega threads lose value and wash away discussions. It also sucks to see so many duplicate threads too.

Both suck :/

7 : Anonymous2021/07/06 15:32 ID: h48w6wq

Years ago they removed memes from this subreddit. I waited and saw how it went. Subreddit was terrible, no genuine discussion etc

I made a post… Nikita replied to my post agreeing memes should be back. My post was promptly removed.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/06 16:01 ID: h4902cs

This sub always has interesting conversations the first few weeks of wipe then it turns into "hey look at my stupid clip" sub because everything else is removed.

That OTHER sub with the memes is better.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:23 ID: h485opw

I was inactive for while and just came back with the wipe. I posted one post and instantly remembered why I stopped doing this. Everything gets removed. I post a screenshot with a question and while I wrote a comment detailing my question further the post gets deleted because you are not allowed to post single screenshots that don’t give new information. Meanwhile there are multiple clips of standard gameplay and these can stay. Asking mods about this always results in the same answer: These are the rules, they are made by the community, deal with it. And I bet this post gets removed too.

ID: h48mwe7

you are not allowed to post single screenshots that don’t give new information.

Sometimes not even that.

On wipe day when people posted the new streamer items they found that got added to the game I did the same. My post got removed and helpful automod instantly posted a comment in it that all discussions about price changes and trader unlocks are to be posted in the megathreads.

ID: h48bukj

And the clip is always from months ago...

ID: h48idyv

Oh look another clip of a person stepping on a landmine in Woods. Didn't see that one in almost an hour now.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/06 16:25 ID: h493dmz

Asked a technical question on how to boost frames. Post was removed since I didn’t follow the “recommended format” which is to list out computer specs in a bullet list format.

This information is not found in the rules; how was I supposed to know that this “recommended format” is required?

ID: h49i1r4

I'm actually playing without a gpu rn - I'm using a ryzen 3400g apu.

I'm running min settings on everything, and play at 720p. Fps is usually around 50 fps, and can dip into the 20's if you zoom in with a variable zoom scope on less optimized maps (reserve cough).

Cutting the resolution (and then) the LOD slider had the biggest impact on increasing fps, respectively.

If 1080p is rough, 1680x1050 can give a ~15% fps increase with only a slight decrease in visual fidelity compared to 1080p. Just make sure you use the 16:10 aspect ratio.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/06 13:57 ID: h48kiv2

It's cause they are obsessed with suppressing any negative sentiment, so the rules are insane.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:39 ID: h486x47

did you expect likeable and smart people to volunteer for reddit mod lmao

ID: h48epwp

Does anyone who's sane even volunteer for modding anything. 4chan jannies must be the saddest individuals on the planet.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/06 18:40 ID: h49le8f

The mods neutered this sub when they axed memes. I've been saying it for years, these fuckers are power hungry and have nothing better to do than micro manage a subreddit.

ID: h4a84jl

And Nikita (PBUH) actually loves the memes.

A compromise might be to allow memes on Saturday or something like that.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/06 14:02 ID: h48l4k7

Yeah the EFT mods are about as shit as they get

15 : Anonymous2021/07/06 16:39 ID: h4956i4

I completely agree. I've been out spoken about this for awhile now.

They once remove a well edited video for being meme. But allowed the vastly inferior raw video. (also see one of the top upvoted videos mocking the mods for being abusive where he adds a fake, satirical guide before the actual video so it wouldn't be removed)

They regularly remove threads helping people for being of 'no value' but allow hitching and complaining threads with baseless accusations.

There has been multiple attempts to make other subreddit to circumvent their abuses sush as

16 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:14 ID: h4852fx

Couldn't agree more, the rules are just stupid. I had a post deleted yesterday asking if anyone found any fix to the stutters from the latest patch, was told to just submit a bug report instead.

ID: h4875h9

My game is stuttering, but only after like 4 raids does it become really bad. Like I can't even move. I have to restart my game to fix it.

ID: h488ms9

Have you tried the auto ram cleaner?

ID: h487x87

Weird... Memory leak ?

ID: h489dad

Might be RAM. Try the autocleaner in the settings. Had the same issues, decided to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB and it solved the issues. :v

ID: h48d49p

Yep this. I was running 16GB and my game was constantly stuttering. Decided to upgrade to 32GB and it fixed the problem immediately.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:15 ID: h4854d4

Yeah some mods are pretty bad and give shit reasons for deleting a post

18 : Anonymous2021/07/06 13:32 ID: h48hmwt

Mods here suck, like the absolute worst of any gaming community. This is a no fun allowed reddit.

I make sure I go through and downvote all their posts when they delete my posts for not being part of the "mega thread".

19 : Anonymous2021/07/06 12:32 ID: h48bhx0

One time (old Reddit account I nuke mine regularly) I tried to post about how I was falsely banned because I saw other people posted about false bans and even Nikita responded to a couple and helped them. I was pretty desperate so I figured why not.

Mods here removed my post and actually said something like “get fucked hacker cry more.” They also threatened to ban me from the sub if I posted again.

I was unbanned from the game 2 weeks later because I wasn’t fucking lying.

ID: h49gqrk

Jesus christ what a bunch of shit heads.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/06 11:26 ID: h485wtm

Yeah the mods of this sub are some of the worst I’ve seen in gaming subs. There’s a reason you can rarely come to this subreddit for any useful information, nor laughs.

Edit: I had a post removed not last wipe, but the prior wipe, when I posted about finding a keytool full of reserve keys on a PMC I had killed and was trying to find this person so I could return the keytool to them. It wasn’t a repost, it wasn’t clutter, it was simply removed because the mods didn’t want me to have my own separate post for it and wanted me to post it in the MEGATHREAD (lol).

ID: h48uii3

Or seeing my post get removed because its a screenshot that adds no new information but the top post this week is a screenshot that adds no new information.

Also nobody is going to use Reddit's useless search feature

21 : Anonymous2021/07/06 10:50 ID: h483dn0


ID: h4864xo

Like the mod (Akari) that apparently has an alt account and uses it to insult other people. They fucked up once and responded using their mod account.

ID: h4878si

Moderating on an alt account is pretty standard practice so you don't get targeted on your main account. Obviously, there's no excuse for the insults though.

22 : Anonymous2021/07/06 12:37 ID: h48bx7c

I posted a cool AK bullpup conversion kit, flaired as a suggestion. Put some cool details of how it could fit into the game. Just as a conversation was started....

Removed for being 'Unrelated to Tarkov'.

They don't even read the posts they delete.


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