Unpopular hot take: if you are level 25+ within the first week of wipe, you can’t complain about the early game being short.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:04 ID: ogxg4k

I'm level 17. I don't like the early game. I like being able to build guns that look cool and feel good to use. The thing is, a lot of the streamers, or other people, who complain about how short the early game is, are the people who Speedrun level 40 and max traders a week into wipe. The game isn't meant to sped through as fast as possible, so if you do, don't complain about how short that early game is. The game isn't done, there are going to be more tasks, there is going to be more content, and you won't be able to speedrun level 40 on full release, but for now, don't complain about the lack of early game if you grind it out in one week.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:54 ID: h4ly3l5

If you play a game 12-14 hours a day for 2-3 weeks straight, with any game... you should reach endgame and definitely should not be complaining about a “too short early game”

ID: h4m9wf5

I just got lwl 13!

ID: h4mbqk7

Level 5 last night lmao

ID: h4ma7hm

Congrats man. I just hit 15 myself

ID: h4mnwol

This man hasn’t played RuneScape before

ID: h4mo0jh

Ahhh shit I played RuneScape haha, forgot about that one. But in all honesty endgame was just cutting trees for me, and I’m proud.

ID: h4maz3e

Tbh if you play 14 hours a day every day then...what is your job/life?

I know that sounds harsh but I’m serious. Unless you are a pro streamer raking in tons of cash those kinds of hours are unhealthy.

ID: h4mcdvr

Like most online games, this game has a serious population of honest to god addicts.

I assume some of them are highschoolers on summer vacation which is not quite as bad I guess. I feel like I spend too much time playing this when I play ~4 hours a night with my friends after they get off work, and I'm only level 14.

ID: h4mi8rd

I've been trying hard for the last week and just reached Lvl 20, and that's with the time I'm off on holiday, so I don't understand why anyone is saying the early game is short. It's not. You're just putting lots of time in a shorter period.

ID: h4nc3n2

The problem with tarkov is allot of the people who play it play absolutely nothing but tarkov.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:17 ID: h4mgp8s

Reality check:

If you play this game like a normal person, as in like 5 to 10 hours a week, there is enough content for over 6 months.

Dont ruin your own gaming experience by skipping meals and sleep to grind level 40 in a week. Its fucking stupid and youre going to burn out.

ID: h4mui4p

It seems like some of the people that no-life this game have forgotten that other games exist too

ID: h4mz89i

Unfortunately 5-10 hours a week of gaming isn’t very common for people playing this hardcore of a game.

ID: h4mtua6

This is how much I normally game and I’ve never hit level 40 in three wipes. It’s definitely enough game for the average person.

ID: h4n152x

The problem is that if you wait to long you start facing players who are way above your level and we all know what a mp5 with pst would do against level 6 armor lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:34 ID: h4lvdl0

I just want to be able to mod my guns properly without the flea. It’s impossible to go through every trader for one part for one gun just to find out the parts aren’t compatible.

ID: h4mif0v

yeah. until you get it memorized, its a pain. taken me forever.

ID: h4mktzy

Well yeah. I've memorised a few items and builds but presets will make life 10000000x easier. I'm almost lvl 20 so it'll be fine but in future, would love to see it 😀

ID: h4m32fh

Don't worry. Nikita said they are working on it.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:16 ID: h4ll0p2

The survival FPS-RPG is what tarkov is going to become and BSG have been pretty consistent with that. A lot of people are just waiting eagerly for that

ID: h4lr7vy

I’ve been coming back to this game every 6-8 months hoping that it’s manifested into that… tbh, I really don’t even remember what the game advertised itself to be back then, lol? Maybe my expectations are a fault of my own, but I remember buying Tarkov, ages ago, thinking it’d be a mix of DayZ and STALKER; a PvEvP shooter that focused heavily on survival. These days I kinda feel like it’s just an arena shooter with extra steps. Especially when I watch some of the larger EFT streamers b-hopping, A/D strafing, etc.

Not ragging, I think the game is awesome but definitely not the type I play… maybe one day.

ID: h4mgru1

I really hope that with the inertia implementation in 12.12, b-hopping and A/D strafing is gonna die and people won't be able to get away as easily with their shift-W & "mexican standoff" playstyle any longer. I would like the game to feel a bit slower and more tactical at times, but they also need to find a balance so fights are not gonna become a camping contest

ID: h4lrjrw

Honestly I find the more streamers that are Bhopping and abusing movement stuff further incentives BSG to invest resources to address those issues. THere was once an attempted fix to bunnyhopping and while i wasnt able to play during that time it allegedly broke EVERYTHING regular walking seemed impossible.

ID: h4m7n92

“Here guys, break my legs for ten hours so I can jump four feet in the air.”

ID: h4m42ie

The survival FPS-RPG is what tarkov is going to become

The game has been in development for 6 years and playable for 5. What it's going to become doesn't matter if for half a decade the game has been something else.

ID: h4mh4us

Been scrolling through the op and comments thinking "this shit has been out." Beta is just a catchphrase.

ID: h4mbefl

The way progression in tarkov works, is that the more you play, the easier the game gets. Flea access, vendor unlocks, hideout unlocks, crafting, skills.

Expecting it to remain a hardcore survival experience when you no-life it is betting on the wrong horse.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:40 ID: h4lw8jr

I enjoy early game if I start at wipe because the chaos of everyone running around with trashcan builds is fun as hell; early game sucks after people speedrun levels and now you're running a vepr with ps ammo vs dudes in slicks carrying kitted m4s.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:41 ID: h4lwclx

Cries in level 9.......wish I picked bear though, a lot more gucci customazation options

ID: h4mbmpk

just reached 9... it's been rough

8 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:26 ID: h4ma1gm

This wipe widened the gap between normal players and those who can play way too much. It is normal for someone to gain more when you play more but this game makes it punishing for those with a normal life.

ID: h4mkrlo

Careful, this sub doesn’t take too kindly to that opinion even though you’re correct.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:18 ID: h4m1dgu

I think certain players like the early game because it's real easy to get flea and run around in high tier armor and be nearly un-killable. Then they whine when they can no longer bash the people without flea running early game equipment.

ID: h4mgwht

They’ll sprint around and mag dump casual players who are way behind them, and then call that peak tarkov pvp. Then, later in the wipe, they’ll get mag dumped and come to this sub just to complain about the ADAD strafe/mag dump meta.

This subreddit is full of hypocrites

10 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:24 ID: h4mhmf4

People are playing dozens of raids a day, I know all my friends are grinding. My play group's average is 4-5 hours a day per a person. That's 35 hours a week. 35 hours is the normal length for a fully fleshed out 60 dollar rpg, and there's still gameplay. If you rush to the end it's on you.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:54 ID: h4ml8et

Last wipe I sped really hard through my tasks and as a result eventually got Kappa and the Killa tracksuit. The start of this wipe has felt awful for me. Only played one day and it was pretty good progress but something felt off about it. The early game progression in this game is torture, especially when you’re going through it for the 4th time, and I really just wanted to throw some roubles at a good kit and hunt Tagilla and use all the other new content they added. In honesty, I really hate the idea of half the future things they have envisioned for this game and hope the arena mode comes out alongside some of the more controversial changes. I basically play this game for the fun PvP and PvE, not interested in a looting shitty AK’s simulator.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:13 ID: h4mg6wc

I want to see more non combat ways to level. I know that sounds weird being that most this game is shooting, but I would like to see the expansion of the world beyond the main leveling component.

Really excited for the weekly quests to come out for more rounded gameplay.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:38 ID: h4mjapc

I hate this mentality so much, so many people putting full time job hours into games and then complaining about a content drought at the end. You like playing the game that much, stop rushing and min/maxing absolutely everything. I swear, what is wrong with just enjoying a game? Playing video games is supposed to be fun, not a second job with a wiki open at all times like it's your supervisor.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:41 ID: h4m4c9b

Eraly game doesn't exist lmao. Every raid I die to 40+ pen ammo by someone with a ttv name or kill a poor lvl 5 with a paca. I swear avg. players are an endangered species

ID: h4md58y

I agree. Early wipes has huge gear inequality.

ID: h4mi3b4

I have to say, getting Level 4 armor is much too easy, except for the first couple of rounds where I ran PACA, I was always able to walk around with T4 armor.

Others do the same, so as soon as I got the flea market, I started buying the usual ammunition, no matter the price, because I need it to kill things.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:03 ID: h4lr84u

I personally don't really like the early game either. The level 1 traders have an okay assortment, but the prices are so high for the income you get without the flea. 45k for an ADAR? 30k+ for a Vepr KM? Why?

It can be fun to run around with garbage gear, but I'm really tired of just using the AK-74 and shotguns every raid because it's the only viable, sustainable option. I want to be able to buy and use the guns I like.

ID: h4lyxno

Trader prices got inflated over the wipes because that’s the only way they seem to balance stuff: make it more expensive artificially.

It’s all fine once you got the flea market as an income source. But without it it’s pretty obvious that some of the prices are fucked.

ID: h4ly2s9

I love early game but you bring up a good point. The trader prices don't make fucking sense for the first 20 levels.

ID: h4m3l2z

50k for an sks and a scope

ID: h4m1wgq

For the first few levels, it stays fun, but the lack of any kind of variety does get a little stale. Feels like at least Prapor LL2 should unlock a bit earlier, if anything just to get a few other guns to play with. Miss the days of running a basic but still great PP-19 in the actual early wipe; lvl 15 isn't really "early wipe" any more.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/09 20:43 ID: h4mrfai

The other problem with streamers is their skill combined with the no recoil builds they use causes noobs to think the game is way easier than it is. Imagine how many people bought tarkov thinking they were gonna play like Lvndmark then quit after 2 weeks of getting head eyes'd repeatedly.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:44 ID: h4lwq7m

Also hate early game, partially for the same reason you made this thread. I feel like if i dont rush through levels ill end up behind the curve and this makes it even harder to get to where i want to be- lv40+.

This is also my 4th wipe and im so fucking tired of questing. Ive continued to play through 4 wipes, maybe a month at most of that in total was early wipe gameplay in 2 years. Early wipe rng is not what has kept me playing.

I will say the way they rolled out lvl20 market has delayed a lot of peoples progression and i haven’t felt as pressed to get lvl 40 as fast which is nice.

ID: h4m298r

If you are feeling burnt out on the game, there is nothing wrong with taking a break for a wipe; yes, you won't be in the know for the new stuff, but playing a game while burnt out on it will only make you slowly start hating it and eventually you won't stand playing it. It has happened to me with other games, and is a reason why I don't play Tarkov daily.

ID: h4mfnk6

This, came back after not playing much the past two wipes and exploring the customs, woods, reserve, and now factory expansions have made it feel very fresh again even if the quests are the same as they've always been


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