Tired of dying before I get to use the pew pew mag

1 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:09 ID: onfy41
Tired of dying before I get to use the pew pew mag
2 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:27 ID: h5rfuh6

"Suppressing fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire" -Cyril Figgis

ID: h5rmadu


Edit: link

ID: h5rp1jo


ID: h5saype

This makes me happy.

ID: h5szwlz

Danger Zone!

3 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:44 ID: h5riasj

me outside hearing that "hmmm whats that in the other direction from this slaughter i hear in dorms"

ID: h5rihgy

There was a naked little timmy that got curious and got domed through first floor windows. He didn't bring nvgs, nor common sense.

ID: h5rinvu

"surely they left me some goods"

ID: h5shd5s


4 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:13 ID: h5rdx22

I think the last 60 bullets were... excessive.

ID: h5sxnxy

Never heard of the double tap? And a sixty tap is even safer!

5 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:42 ID: h5ri2bu

That door will never hurt you again, no doubt.

ID: h5ridhx

Hahahah omg shut up I got the guy

ID: h5s447r

He honestly died from 1 or second shoot 😀 You can see the blood spatter.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:00 ID: h5rsw8k

"I paid for the whole mag, I'm gonna use the whole mag"


7 : Anonymous2021/07/19 16:01 ID: h5rkl1t

I feel this. Spend a bunch of money on big boy mags then get sniped by a bushwookie doing SBIH is how it usually goes.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:26 ID: h5rwl2e

Rest of the map - “yeah, I heard construction site is full of lootz, dorms are overrated anyway”

9 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:44 ID: h5rz4ug

As a fellow big-mag user, you should have just kept pushing forward while firing. The only thing better than peekers-advantage is when the peeker is also non-stop firing a 95-round mag.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:12 ID: h5rdwvn

I'd consider that dude fully pew pew'd

11 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:44 ID: h5rz3jg

That's one way to turn a door into a window, bald eagles are screeching in approval everywhere.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:39 ID: h5rhjyn

Do bullets pen through door?

ID: h5ri5oe

I'm not sure if it depends on the bullet or not, but most soft surfaces that you would naturally assume you can shoot through, you can. File cabinets, doors, windows. If its wood try to shoot through it, you'll be surprised.

ID: h5riclx

Thanks for the advice I’ll keep this in mind. I died yesterday in a similar scenario but didn’t shoot because I didn’t think it would penetrate.

ID: h5s2zng

Apparently even 'sturdy/metal' looking doors as of the other day's patch is now all easily pen-able.

I've tested a few places with weak calibers, and it looks like all doors are made of paper now.

100% not cover anymore.

ID: h5seu73


ID: h5t33s4

where door?

13 : Anonymous2021/07/19 18:54 ID: h5s9055

I remember a guy who fired 3/4 of a ak74 drum mag at me, missed like 95% of shots, but hit me in the head but it was filled with T rounds so my pot helmet saved my life

14 : Anonymous2021/07/19 16:15 ID: h5rmmxc


15 : Anonymous2021/07/19 16:16 ID: h5rmo93

I love 95 rounders for that same reason.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/19 18:35 ID: h5s6ab8

Needs moar dakka

17 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:30 ID: h5sdzxs

Bullets don't come back in insurance, you may as well use them before you die!

18 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:48 ID: h5sgge6

These mags are where we should see jamming most high caps arent reliable.

ID: h5sgmdh

But the ak platform is boiiiiiiiiii

19 : Anonymous2021/07/19 17:49 ID: h5rzviq

Jesus what the hell is that recoil. It was almost non existant even after 5 seconds of full autoing non stop + moving around.

ID: h5skeuk

I mean IRL the worst kick is the first couple rounds, then (especially if the recoil is consistent) it is easy to correct and hold steady.

ID: h5t301a

It's shit for balance, but that's how most guns work irl.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/19 18:50 ID: h5s8fe4

This is hard to watch lmao

21 : Anonymous2021/07/19 15:19 ID: h5retev

Waste of money.

ID: h5rf08d

Found the mag on reserve with 95 rounds of pp. Not even remotely upset. Lost 30k rubles mag dumping a friend on accident yesterday. Tarkov giveth, tarkov taketh. Lose the gear fear, itll make you a better player.

ID: h5sf5mc

Oh no he 'wasted' 15k of ammo lol. End of the world

22 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:14 ID: h5sbrru

“Do you think I killed him?”

Well, you killed him AND the door!

ID: h5styp9

And the wall, back-yard, road, pipes and construction site!

23 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:35 ID: h5seqhl

He probably died from the first 2 lol

24 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:43 ID: h5sfrip

"This is why I can't play this game, im always getting 1-tapd by people like you" - probably someone on this sub

25 : Anonymous2021/07/19 20:38 ID: h5sng2w

Did you fire a whole lot of garbage, or was that 100k shot into a door?

26 : Anonymous2021/07/19 21:44 ID: h5swih5

Low tier ammo + big magazine = fun for the whole family

27 : Anonymous2021/07/19 22:05 ID: h5sz9td

“hey guys I gotta go dorms for therapist task”

“on second thought, we could just do it next raid”

28 : Anonymous2021/07/19 22:11 ID: h5szygi

Bro that’s not a pew pew mag it’s a pewpewpewpeepewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew mag

29 : Anonymous2021/07/19 22:45 ID: h5t4aum


30 : Anonymous2021/07/19 23:28 ID: h5t9o3m

I paid for the drum mag I’m using all the drum mag

32 : Anonymous2021/07/19 23:31 ID: h5ta15r

You should have keep firing while walking there and sweep the room

33 : Anonymous2021/07/19 23:37 ID: h5taspp

I just wish Armor would continue to take damage while on dead bodies

34 : Anonymous2021/07/19 23:59 ID: h5tdh7i

Not looking right in the room before you start looting might be why lol Couldve been a second around the corner out of your friends view

35 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:25 ID: h5sdcft

Has NVG and stuff but still uses meds from gamma...

Why people are so greedy like this? It's not hard to find or buy meds.

36 : Anonymous2021/07/19 19:51 ID: h5sgz52

Nvg is cheap lmfao, this is civilian grade. Nothing about this is greedy. Saving room in your secure so you can hoard loot IS greedy though.

37 : Anonymous2021/07/19 21:45 ID: h5swj33

It’s not about saving room in secure it’s about hot key meds.

38 : Anonymous2021/07/19 22:15 ID: h5t0jyj

His helmet is 80k on flea and his armor is 180k on flea but your concern about him being stingy with meds is the 39k night vision?

39 : Anonymous2021/07/19 23:32 ID: h5ta7ou

You guys are really funny. I think you are defending him cause you are a gamma healer too. How much is car kit?

40 : Anonymous2021/07/19 21:36 ID: h5svg5m

what kind of monster doesn't put their meds in their container


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