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1 : Anonymous2021/07/24 21:00 ID: oqy413

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2 : Anonymous2021/07/25 20:16 ID: h6ictyy

I'm not complaining, but wow is every map looted to hell since scav karma made it peaceful to loot.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/27 06:39 ID: h6ohdn1

Tarkov gameplay needs to be slowed down.

I’m sure some people might disagree, but hear me out. Right now the game in its current state rewards fast paced gameplay. With the net code prioritizing the clients that are moving, along with no inertia on strafing, this creates a huge advantage for the “moving” player. We have all heard about peakers advantage, but it’s even worse than that. If you run into a room and someone is holding an angle, you will have the jump on them. Unless they catch you off guard and you don’t see them. But if you play two pov’s of this situation, the person entering the room will be seen after the person that is stationary. The top EFT players abuse this system. That’s why they never stop moving.

Then you have the movement system in general. I have been playing a lot of battlefield lately, and when I try to strafe out to shoot someone like I do in EFT, I notice it’s so much slower, but it actually feels better. Inertia on strafing rewards the player that is better positioned. Map knowledge, positioning, and aim should be what wins firefights. Not abusing a broken net code that lets you shoot someone milliseconds before they even see you.

The next thing is sound. Unless you are completely still, everyone can hear everyone. Even turning, or aiming down sights makes a loud noise that penetrates walls. BSG should have options to be more quiet. Crouch slow walking is useless if you are over weight, because it makes sound. Even turning makes sound.

My ideal fix would be for them to tie all actions to the slow walk controls. For example, when you click CTRL or move the mouse wheel to slow walk, any action you do such as reload, use meds, or ADS, should be tied to this slider with speed and noise. So if you click CTRL and you are at the slowest speed, when you click R to reload, it will be a very slow but very quiet reload. Depending on where the slider is set, determines the speed and sound of the action. This could also work with aiming down sight. You will be slower to ADS, but it will make no sound. Give us the option to do things slowly and quietly. When someone is full sprinting towards you, all they need to hear is the ADS noise to know exactly where you are. there should also be an option like this to slowly take off your backpack. The sound of taking off your backpack (to drop weight) is like as loud as a fighter jet flying by. For any of this to work, they would need to fix audio across the board.

I’m curious to hear what you guys think of this. I think this will make gameplay more tactical and tense. Yes there will be campers, but there will always be campers no matter what. Look how Smoke plays. He walks around, and checks every single corner. He very rarely sprints. He is playing the game like it was meant to be played.

I know that inertia is coming, and if implemented correctly, that will help the situation. But until netcode is fixed, and sound is fixed, the game will always benefit the shift + W gameplay.

TLDR: BSG needs to slow down gameplay by implementing inertia to slow down strafe speed spam, and give us options to do things slower and more quietly, so that the game will reward patience and good positioning/tactics, over net code abusing twitch shooter gameplay mechanics.

ID: h6ol7d5

Post this as a seperate post and more peole will see it

4 : Anonymous2021/07/27 08:19 ID: h6oo5mp

-ZAK- if you're out there mate, l have your tags, l tried to tell you, don't run up that side of the usec base its mined...

RIP the first friendly PMC l ever met - if its any consolation l looted your smoking bloody corpse - rest easy warrior see you around the battlefield

5 : Anonymous2021/07/26 17:22 ID: h6lwfbw

Found my first graphics card and PSU in a duffle by the RUAF roadblock at customs, felt pretty cool.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/25 05:28 ID: h6g1oo3

I'm still struggling to distinguish player scavs from PMCs at a distance. Clothing is tricky as I'm colourblind. Any tips?

ID: h6g6186

The main thing is the fact that scavs almost always look like shit, and pmcs always look a little juicy or tempting.

To be doubly sure, look at the arms and see if you can see patches on the shoulders

7 : Anonymous2021/07/26 16:47 ID: h6lrkvf

Any one having problems modding? Modded this akm 3 times and keep getting a movement error.

ID: h6mplsw

Had this happen to me. I logged out and ran update check at from the launcher and the problem went away. Hope you find a fix!

ID: h6myqvh

Ya I tried that and it still did it. Ended up modding one piece at a time and it went away. Was odd

8 : Anonymous2021/07/24 21:46 ID: h6eqhiv

I love when crafting wires, I collect them and have to wait about 10 seconds for the game to individually place each wire in my stash. On the absolute top of the line PC too (i9-11900KF, 3080ti).

9 : Anonymous2021/07/25 04:57 ID: h6fz58y

How many hours did it take you all to start actually 'enjoying' the game and actually getting kills/extracting from raids?

ID: h6g86wc

Let's just say that with two wipes done, its still pretty much an open question ..

10 : Anonymous2021/07/26 14:41 ID: h6laj50

I’ve been stuck on Sew it Good Part 1 for like 2 weeks.


11 : Anonymous2021/07/26 16:14 ID: h6lmxuk

Went with two buddies on a PMC mission in Shoreline yesterday, first Shoreline run. I was level 5 at the time, very new to the game. We spawned near Road to Customs and made our way to the power station. As soon as we come in from the east, two PMCs ambush. My buddies had me staying back a bit as they went in, both go down almost instantly. I think one of them landed a few shots. Well fuck. I've got my AK with decent armor penetrating ammo, shitty tier 3 armor and helmet, and shit for aim. Click to full auto, turn the corner and go Rambo it is.

I got good and fucked up. We managed to switch places in the process of me dropping one of them, so I'm inside the fence and the other guy is outside the fence. I pop pain killers, use vaseline, cheese slice, eat crackers and drink some water, car kit...still really really fucked up and bleeding badly, and I have nothing to stop heavy bleeding. I can still hear the other dude around, but he's not pushing yet. So I say fuck it, I want to at least get the other kill before I die. Charge around to find him pushing me, manage to headshot him in a desperate spray of bullets. Bleeding really badly now. I loot. Two friends of mine, two enemies. FOUR FUCKING PEOPLE and no heavy bleed bandages. I stuff the highest dogtag into my vault thing and let me buddies guide me to my exit---Tunnel. Halfway across the map, through an awful lot of wide open spaces with no cover, and I can't afford to stop and hide or really even take the time to shoot someone. I can't run because it makes me bleed out faster.

I made it past bunker, across that last road, I can see Tunnel just a few hundred yards ahead of me. I could drive a golf ball to it. Everything's been turning red for a while, but surely another 30 seconds or so, I can do it...nope. I drop dead maybe 150 yards from my extract. Didn't see a soul on my walk of shame, my stroll through half the map leaving a mile long trail of blood. If I'd only looted a tiny bit faster, or had higher skill in search or whatever for the shit in the bags to show up. RIP. At least I got two kills and a high level dogtag.

ID: h6lvia5

This is epic. As frustrating as this can be in the moment, these kinds of raids are the ones I remember most

12 : Anonymous2021/07/28 11:08 ID: h6tfep0

Man, even with scav rep I seem to be dieing to player scavs every scav raid.

Im just looking for MP-133 shotguns for uncle Praps.

Just needed to rant, thanks.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/28 18:09 ID: h6uwxzg

VOIP is going to be an absolute game changer.

I can understand not wanting the immersion ruined, but the depth will be INSANE!

Imagine you're doing a quick run to dorms for a quest on customs. Along the way there, you manage to find a Roller or something. A gang of motherfuckers rolls up on you. They start shooting but you manage to duck into a room.

"Don't shoot!! I'm just here for a quest! You let me live, I got a Roller in my secure container I'll give you at extract!"

And all the possible shenanigans that would arise out of something like that

14 : Anonymous2021/07/24 23:48 ID: h6f46nk






pls fix 😀

ID: h6gkier

Yeah, I miss the old system where it would automatically reload after that.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/25 03:35 ID: h6frt3w

Just wanted to say I got factory key on my first raid of the wipe. Pretty great way to start!

16 : Anonymous2021/07/26 03:00 ID: h6jn0vs

How do you tell apart raiders from scav on reserve? I lose so much karma killing scav at the train station on accident.

ID: h6jo5ue

Clothing and weapons, raiders can have more equipment which is better than a regular scavs such as armor, they also tend to wear a lot of those skull balaclavas often, and raider weapons will be a lot more better and have more modded attachments on them. You can also listen out to see if they scream anything in english, and they usually have set spots that they will stay in, such as outside the bunker, outside k and train station, or on top of the bunker, and they almost always stay in a group together until shot at, hope that helps!

17 : Anonymous2021/07/26 17:39 ID: h6lysw5

I literally just need to post this comment out of anger so feel free to ignore.

Just finally got flea... 4 server disconnects resulting in my death and loss of likely, all my gear... It's every raid today lol fuck my life. Time to stop and come back tomorrow lol

ID: h6m2zu8

Same, been on a hot streak with no deaths for 2 days. Not today lol

18 : Anonymous2021/07/27 01:52 ID: h6nq585

I really like weapon durability and malfunctioning being implemented, but Jesus Christ they happen way too often on brand new guns.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/28 04:38 ID: h6sm7nd

Anyone else being baited when playing as scav lately? Running into other scavs who appear friendly, but they shoot "toward you", not actually hitting you. So when you shoot back and connect, they kill you and they get the karma increase?

20 : Anonymous2021/07/28 19:01 ID: h6v4h6t

I have tried 10 fucking raids in a row now to break a leg so j can do jaegers garbage ass quest and my legs will. Not. Break.

I jumped off a fucking building weighing 70kg and STILL they blacked out with no fracture. I don’t have the rubles to waste on fucking dehydrating myself every single raid but I can’t for the life of me get a fracture. Fuck jaeger, fuck his stupid garbage quests.

21 : Anonymous2021/07/27 05:00 ID: h6o9nvp

Whoever the scav was at reserve that killed me as i was a scav, your moms a hoe.

22 : Anonymous2021/07/26 14:42 ID: h6laocj

Please move some of the shoreline quests somewhere else, that fcking map makes me almost uninstall the game.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/25 01:56 ID: h6fhuwn

Seriously puzzled on how I can draw only 50-70 fps on customs 🙁

Tried almost everything, have a really high tier PC too.

Tried low settings, high settings to spread the load, Custom res, All the NVIDIA control panel settings, power usage settings, page file size, Game is on SSD - Im so lost its rather frustrating.

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

ZOTAC 10G RTX 3080

Plz help tarkovians!

ID: h6fkd5w

How about ram? I was getting about 50 frames with my 3600, 3070. Overclocked my ram from 2133 to 3400 and now I get 60-70 frames on all maps at 1440p

24 : Anonymous2021/07/25 13:53 ID: h6h2ics

Can't believe I lost 0.05 scav karma for killing a scav trying to kill another (friendly) scav at extract. Oh well, you're welcome friend

25 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:01 ID: h6hw35z

I've been playing tarkov for about a week now, I'm super into it and I'm planning to upgrade to eod. As I understand it, my account does not reset, but I was wondering if I should clear up space in my mostly full stash before buying it to make room for new items. I had also seen its a good idea to put my alpha container in my stash as the gamma will replace it if its left on your body so any other tips like that would be appreciated. I'm not sure if its relevant, but I still have some of the items that came with my copy of the game, so maybe I should sell them? As you can tell, I have a pretty poor grasp on how the process works so any information would be appreciated. thanks

26 : Anonymous2021/07/25 18:08 ID: h6hwy5z

Does checking for a misfire/malfunction before it happens affect the chances of you receiving one?

27 : Anonymous2021/07/25 22:47 ID: h6iut29

Anyone having issues with “lost connection to server” while loading in? I always get to it saying “connecting to server” and then it’ll lag out and say I lost connection

28 : Anonymous2021/07/25 23:15 ID: h6iy5hw

That feel when the same player blasts you twice on two consecutive raids. 🙁

29 : Anonymous2021/07/26 02:54 ID: h6jme54

Why are M67 hand grenades all of a sudden selling for so much?

ID: h6jof04

They make green gunpowder and there's a quest to turn in 10 of them

30 : Anonymous2021/07/26 08:42 ID: h6keop3

Is there a faster way to determine what to sell/keep in my stash? This is my 2nd wipe in terms of actually playing... but I still struggle with knowing what to hoard or keep. In general, it seems like many barters aren't worth doing, and I should just sell to therapist or on the flea market if I can be bothered... but it sure gets tiresome checking stuff on wiki regularly

ID: h6kkasc

Generally, whatever l sell l really needed (metal scissors and green gunpowder anyone) and whatever l keep is useless...

ID: h6kjkkh

Just find this picture with all the items that are needed for the hideout and for the quests. Thats what I will be doing next wipe

31 : Anonymous2021/07/26 15:22 ID: h6lfyh1

Thought I would get a chill shoreline run in this morning and instead died 4 minutes in because I pushed the scav at road to customs while he yelled angrily.

ID: h6m828e

that scav is on some shit

32 : Anonymous2021/07/26 16:43 ID: h6lqzu9

How the fuck does armor work in this game?

I'm only level 12, I got killas helmet, and level 4 armor and got 1 shot literally the after combat report was 1 shot to the head and it killed me instantly? I thought killas helmet deflects that shit

ID: h6ltno3

So killa helmets face shield is class six so it will stop almost any round in the game his actual helmet is only class four like a ulach or tc 800 so it can be penned by lower penning rounds like 5.45 bt

33 : Anonymous2021/07/27 02:20 ID: h6ntb8e

Is the server still lagging?

34 : Anonymous2021/07/27 09:16 ID: h6orut7

Anyone is not getting rep from killing pmc as a scav ? I just kill two and my karma did not move...

35 : Anonymous2021/07/27 12:57 ID: h6pad1z

Please free me from this desync hell

Edit: I’ve gotten killed so god damn many times now where i both spotted and should have killed the player first, then proceeded to realize my bullets does nothing, and ultimately dying. Fuck this

36 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:39 ID: h6pf7jh

What are some good beginner maps? I have been doing well on Woods with taking short loot paths. Level 5 here, first time playing.


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