Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 31 Jul, 2021 – 07 Aug, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/07/31 21:00 ID: oveyh4

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2 : Anonymous2021/08/02 01:35 ID: h7dombl

SICC case moved to level 4 Jaeger. BSG hates standard edition, epsiode 304

3 : Anonymous2021/08/01 13:55 ID: h7baxo3

Can of Thermite, thats all l'm saying...

ID: h7cxdwr

I just want one. Just one can.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/01 20:52 ID: h7crnhi

What is going on with insurance costs? I'm running moderate kits and theyre costing over 100k in insurance. A decent rifle and level 4 armor never cost this much before.

ID: h7d3og7

I think the idea was to make it so the 5 players that manage get fence rep to level 6 have something to buy from him.

This whole buying uninsured gear from fence sounds good in theory but has one major flaw... It is a absolute grind to get fence level 6. ANYONE who manages that is going to be so rich they don't even need it.

The whole thing is completely pointless and is such a unrealistic grind that only like 1-5% of players will even achieve fence LL 6.

ID: h7cxj12

Thought i noticed this too. Ive only been insuring guns im actually attached to and almost never equipment

ID: h7czfqy

afaik there is a bug that the higher your rep level with the insurer is the higher the cost is

5 : Anonymous2021/08/02 00:03 ID: h7de92f

Why does it sound like I'm walking on broken glass and sticks everywhere I step yet as I spawn another player can sprint up my asshole without making a sound, one tap me, and I don't hear a goddamn thing? I cant count how many times I've died by it.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/02 01:20 ID: h7dmvfu

I hope at some point bsg takes a break from adding stuff and just spends a month making qol changes or something. I like guns too though so I'm happy either way

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:35 ID: h7lh7ef

I don't think I'll even hit level 15 this wipe with how things are going for me, how do I even remotely get better at the game? I'm decent at shooters but this one I just can't for the life of me get around. Don't get me wrong though, I love the game and that's the reason I'm trying to improve.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/02 07:14 ID: h7ekay3

After about 120 raids this wipe, I FINALLY ran into a boss (Sanitar). I was able to take out both of his guards, and inflicted a lot of damage on him from a distance. Finally cornered him on the stairs of the office building on the pier. I knew he was right around the corner from me.

I jumped around the corner, ready to unload a full mag of BP from my brand-spanking new tricked out AKM into him. He was right there, about 2 feet in front of me... and my brand-spanking new AKM jams....

ID: h7elrdw


I feel ya, had some really unfortunate jams myself as well. Had a hilarious fight with a PMC where we pushed each other just for both of our weapons to jam at the exact same time. For a sec we were just standing there staring at each other in disbelief. I fell back and decided to disengange entirely, dude also didn't seem to care to hunt me down. Tarkov situational comedy is the best.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/05 01:57 ID: h7r69n7

If you exit camp factory you deserve death by hanging

10 : Anonymous2021/08/02 04:38 ID: h7e827c

I just want to get to level 20, how do you guys manage to get there so quick?

11 : Anonymous2021/08/02 12:12 ID: h7f5nff

When did people get so good at this game? It feels like I am constantly losing PvP fights no matter the situation. The problem is I cannot even fire my gun before I end up dead, like everyone has this built-in aimbot that instantly shoots me in the head before I can even react. I tried using flashlights to kinda blind the enemy so they have a harder time shooting my head but it's not working. No matter if I'm holding an angle or rushing to an enemy they just appear in my screen and 0.2 seconds later I am dead before I even begin to shoot. Never had this problem with any FPS game I've played, it just feels like I am at such a disadvantage on every single fight. Maybe I don't know how to use the desync to my advantage, i don't know.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/04 02:30 ID: h7mqksq

Attempting to do Bunker Part 2 is the most maddening shit ever. Everyone and their mom rushes that spot it seems like, in addition to hella bosses everywhere

13 : Anonymous2021/08/06 07:31 ID: h7wrpcc

The loot teleport hack still exists I see, the GPU I spawned right next at Interchange power to vanished as I was about to click it.

Weird how much power of the game engine cheats has, laughable.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/02 13:38 ID: h7femiv

playing scav is no longer fun, just killed a dude coming out of dorms with a full kit and he was just a scav. I just ruined his day and I lost reputation. How can you tell if the players is a scav? Im back to 0.90 fence reputation. Is there a better way to get scav karma than hunting pmcs?

15 : Anonymous2021/08/02 16:13 ID: h7fyxu3

Didnt know scav can spawn in with FLIR lol

ID: h7g6nfp

Jesus how high is your fence karma haha

16 : Anonymous2021/08/04 18:26 ID: h7phjgw

I have a confession -

I like to scav into reserve, like most people do. I like to go meet other player scavs, like most people do. When there's a lot of us all together I start shooting up in the sky, you know to celebrate.

Well, I also like a good murder mystery, every now and then after the celebrating, a body of one of our comrades will be on the floor. I like to watch the chaos unfold as friendships are ruined, backs are stabbed, and ultimately, most the scavs die.

I'm sorry father, for I have sinned.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/01 02:43 ID: h79sr4j

Hey guys, I have a n00b question, if someone could help me out? This is the first wipe I've really been grinding and taking the game seriously. I've made it to LVL 17 so far (somehow XD) and I have a quick question about armor.

It stands to reason that LVL 4 armor is better than LVL 3 armor (or at least that's what I assume) in the same way that LVL 5 is probably better than LVL 4.

But right now, for example, I have a LVL 4 6B13 F armor with 34AP, but I also have 2 LVL 3 Kirasa vests with almost double the AP (65+)

My question is, am I still better running the 6B13 because it's a higher level? Or is it not so much of a detriment, maybe even better, to run the Kirasa's right now? I know the ammo whoever is shooting at me makes a big difference, but will the extra AP on the Kirasa's potentially get me out of more trouble than the 6B13? Or am I gonna get melted much quicker in the LVL 3 regardless of how much more AP they have?


ID: h79uzd2

It’s complicated, honestly I only have a rough idea of how the armor system works because it’s a lot of math.

So, armor points might as well be a percent. A vest with max hit points out of max hit points is 100%. That’s when the level of the armor comes in. When a level 4, 100% new piece of armor gets hit, it provides full protection. A trooper and a ulach both have the same chance to stop the first bullet, even though they have different material types and armor points, just same armor class (4).

The armor points thing comes into play with different material types and armor levels. Armor points are only how much damage your vest can take, and depending on the armor type, it will slow damage.

So, a kirasa, made with combined materials, and with more hitpoints, technically has a lot more health than the other armor, which has ceramic (breaks quicker), but if the bullet has enough penetration (40 or more to reliably penetrate level 4, 30 for lvl 3, etc), the kirasa will fail and potentially get you killed.

Kirasa = more low level damage

6b= can take fewer, higher pen bullets

ID: h7aghi4

Protection scales with the % of its max hp the armor is currently sitting at. Eg a lvl 3 with max hp could potentially provide more protection than a lvl 4 that already ate a couple of bullets. You can check exactly how much with this calculator

18 : Anonymous2021/08/01 11:07 ID: h7avphe

Did they up the spawn chance for red rebel? It's spawned on Sturman 3/5 times that I've killed him this wipe

19 : Anonymous2021/08/01 15:28 ID: h7bmahn

I just did the Therapist quest where you have to stash 3 gunpowders in night Factory. As I completed it, another quest appeared, didn't notice the name. When I tried to accept it, I got an Error 7-something: Quest not available or something of that sort. Now when I go to Therapist's tasks I can only see the previous quests I already had and not that new one I think. What's wrong ?

ID: h7bw8tg

That happens a few times with therapists quests. They unlock too early and therefore when you go to accept you get an error and then it disappears. Decon service for example has happened to me two wipes in a row. The level requirement is much higher and it “accidentally” unlocks, gives an error then fixes itself.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/01 20:35 ID: h7cpi3d

Did they nerf leveling speed in Tarkov? I've been much slower in terms of levels this wipe, currently I am at 24 and doing quests that I did when I was 30+ previous wipe so idk

ID: h7crp2v

Yes I believe they have. The xp requirements to go from each level to the next are higher this wipe

21 : Anonymous2021/08/02 12:01 ID: h7f4mbu

Last time I played this game the flashlight or laser attachments made the gun much more accurate when fired from the hip. Is that still a thing? Should I pay the extra 10k for a flashlight to be more accurate while hipfiring or did they change it in the past year?

22 : Anonymous2021/08/05 14:10 ID: h7t3cpj

How can people survive being dealt 506 body damage in a single burst (no time to heal)? Literally how? This is the second time today I die after dealing more than 440 damage to the enemy.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/01 22:22 ID: h7d2nzq

BSG suck at nerfing.

Destory the viability of every 9mm just because the vector.

Val/VSS should be re buffed it's accuracy is a joke with all the other great guns in the game now.

No single person is picking up this shit 5.45 T ammo fuck off with that shit.

GPUs still take like 9000 hrs to craft as if BTC is still worth 800k

Wtf is up with insurance pricing

ID: h7d60cp

Agree especially with higher tier 9mm was hit too hard by being completely removed from traders especially when you can still buy FMJ SX at Peacekeeper 3 at the equivalent of 279 roubles. They nerfed it too hard. If you’re running 9MM the only cost effective option is pst gzh and aiming for head or leg mets if you really really want. AP 6.3 is going for MINIMUM 1,080 a round right now which is absolutely insane. PBP(7n31) is 1,600. Or you could spend 6 hours and 101,000 roubles to craft 200 of AP 6.3. Which is 506 roubles a round, where you can only get it every 6 hours. Or 11+ hours to craft 200 rounds of PBP where it comes out to 1300 a round still. I understand it needed to be nerfed but it feels a bit extreme especially with the long crafting times.

ID: h7d4pfm

insurance for some stuff is almost 50%... thats fucking dumb ngl

ID: h7e1vel

Where do you find rhese changes??? I never see fucking patch notes when I update and am working full time so can't trawl through the recenf changes in the wiki lol

24 : Anonymous2021/08/01 10:08 ID: h7armch

Kind of crazy we can throw in an event for the weekend that removes items and changes the temperature and dehydration for all players, but we can't get a duffle bag fix.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/01 15:51 ID: h7bpaby

Has the event finished now?

ID: h7bs8pq

Yeah my dehydration rate is back to normal

26 : Anonymous2021/08/02 17:58 ID: h7gdm82

I've been doing Scav and offline only runs for a week or so now as a new player. When do you guys reckon I should try online runs for my PMC?

ID: h7hgsya

Start now. You need to try and level strength & endurance so you can be competitive against people that already have level 30 to Max of these skills. You'll die alot, but don't get discouraged as majority of players go through these growing pains.

27 : Anonymous2021/08/03 11:28 ID: h7jhj6v

Is there a weapon guide out there? I'm level 2 and I got my hands on two VPO 136's which I like but I have no idea if it's an optimal weapon to use.

ID: h7jkhsu

It's a decent gun that shoots the best ammo you have access to early on. But be careful about using guns you find off scavs. They have low durability which makes them more susceptible to jams and have bad accuracy.

ID: h7jkmq8

Pestily has some videos on Youtube about weapons and gear loadouts for different levels. Not sure if he made an updated one, but still worth checking out.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:19 ID: h7leup2

Any advice/tips on how to survive Reserve? I always find myself dying in this map, the looting is fine but getting out is a real problem. Also whenever I need to move from building to building I feel so stressed like I am on a stage, it's like there are tons of windows and anybody with a decent scope can see and shoot me

29 : Anonymous2021/08/05 23:16 ID: h7vbl59

Have they added a “broken English” bear voice in yet?

I feel like that will greatly improve the quests that require a diversity of kills

ID: h7wthfp

that would be great imo. i always run USEC because its easier to communicate with people on my servers with the voice prompts. more people in Europe speak basic english than fluent russian

30 : Anonymous2021/08/06 01:07 ID: h7vp4k0

Doing tarkov shooter 3 and secured perimeter, need 1 kill for both but in 6 raids absolutely no fucker has gone into the office area, can i be in office and shoot outside? for secured perimeter

ID: h7vug6i

you can be outside and shoot inside I think, but not the opposite

I might be wrong

31 : Anonymous2021/08/06 07:39 ID: h7ws98f

Something strange iv noticed is like 8/10 times when I die a suspicious death I get nearly all my gear back from insurance. Even had a ReaperIR make it back to me gun and all

32 : Anonymous2021/08/06 09:00 ID: h7wxxi1

Don't repeek tagilla. Just DONT


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