GPUs should spawn more often in computers.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:37 ID: ox4sr5

Basically title.

I’ve looted over 1000 PC blocks in my Tarkov career and I have never seen a single GPU in a computer. I’ve found more GPUs in hidden stashes, but it would make more sense to see them in computers.


Edit: this thread kinda popped off, so I want to make a couple of clarifications:

1 - I am not having trouble finding GPUs. Quite the contrary, I just think it makes sense to find them in PC Blocks. Thanks to all of those helping people who are having trouble finding them.

2 - I know most office PCs don't have GPUs in them. I don't really think it matters. This is a video game where you can perform surgery on yourself in 15 seconds after getting shot. I'm not suggesting that you should be able to find 4 or 5 GPUs every raid after farming computers, but you should have a REASONABLE chance of finding them from PC blocks.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:51 ID: h7ktjne

Dude, I never seen a damn USB stick on a computer and apparently they spawn like that

ID: h7kyby5

Flash drive? Yes they stick onto the front of the tower. Got one two nights ago. Some other player had looted the room already (in big red) but apparently he didn't know about the 3rd computer so I scored one for my skier quest

ID: h7l1yo7

They also spawn right in front of the PC tower on the floor now I believe.

ID: h7l18fh

Flash drive spawns have been buggy as hell this wipe. I've gotten multiple from PCs but 0 have been actually stuck into the USB ports like they used to. Either on the floor in front of the pc or it's floating perpendicular to how it's supposed to be.

ID: h7lcfnx

I've literally gotten all of my flash drives from file cabinets this wipe. Feels like BSG really buffed the spawn rate on them. Currently have 6 in my junk box. In previous wipes, I couldn't even find one and just gave up on the quests that required them

ID: h7lyo2j

you mean like this?

3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:47 ID: h7k3pxs

Idk why they removed them from the pc loot pool. They were plenty rare. I'd love to see them remove the prevalence of some of the dedicated floor spawns in interchange and add them back to random pc chance.

ID: h7k4a6z

Are they removed from the PC block loot pool?

ID: h7k5yp0

Yes you can no longer get them in computers. This has been since 12.10 I believe.

ID: h7kq0wm

I have been finding them on top of computer desks

ID: h7kgmt9

Well this does explain why I’ve never fucking seen one. I’m so dumb.

ID: h7l2zfb

they removed them because it was "too easy to get too much money" with bitcoins as the bitcoin price spiked irl.

Most of the dumb changes to the value and rarity of items is directly related to the fact that BSG won't admit having bitcoin in game tied to its IRL price is a really shitty idea.

ID: h7kv5xo

Idk why they removed them from the pc loot pool. They were plenty rare.

I will never ever understand this nerf. Why not just...reduce the drop rate a little? When you really think about it, it's so damn stupid, we're getting the same or similar amount of GPU but we just found them the fuck? Just put them back into the PC bloc at this

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:14 ID: h7kfewr

Someone told me they don’t even spawn in computers anymore this wipe, no idea if true or not never verified. I have noticed that I have found almost no cpu fans in computers this wipe, which have always been very easy to find.

ID: h7kfqfg

I haven’t found one but the wiki says they are still in the PC loot pool

ID: h7kglo8

As far as I know they didn't spawn in computers last wipe or this one

ID: h7kxq5l

I've started mid of last wipe and never found a single GPU
Did find a tetris in some loose loot location though- that was cool

5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:32 ID: h7kzc1i

2 wipes ago there was a point in time where you could go interchange and loot all the PC's and get at least one GPU. didn't last very long though

6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:44 ID: h7kb5zs

I think it is because in Tarkov there are no gaming PC's lol. It could make sense as no one would have a gpu in a PC that is dedicated for work, I mean integrated one is enough. With streets BSG could add new type of PC that would have some sick custom case and increased or guaranteed GPU, multiple rams, SSDs. It makes sense for Streets to have these as it is a city with personal homes.

ID: h7kcvr4

These computers are already in the game. They’re just not lootable. There’s at least one maybe more in dorms and the one in factory office as well

ID: h7kd938

I was also thinking it would make sense for GPUs to spawn in dorms

ID: h7kva4x

Took me atleast 30 raids to stop trying to loot that PC in dorms when I started, for some reason it just seemed like the most logical place for some PC parts.

ID: h7ke2h1

there is only a couple of those in game too, it would be nice if they made them loot sources and added gpus to their pool.

ID: h7koluv

Also one of the PC's on Customs in the room with the green screen would seem like a PC for editing, and that would require a GPU

ID: h7kd5jq

GPUs are used for a lot more than gaming and bitcoin mining.

ID: h7kecp5

My old work PC has a GTX 960.

ID: h7kmonq

Add GPU spawns to the Shoreline room with 4 PCs lined up next to each other against the wall. They’re clearly having a LAN party in there.

ID: h7khdnb

GPU aren't exclusive for gaming. In the office I used to work some of the employees had graphics card in their computer. So this argument is not really valid.

ID: h7kkt1m

Yeah especially in the areas where there might be some video editing going on

ID: h7kopb8

It could make sense as no one would have a gpu in a PC that is dedicated for work, I mean integrated one is enough.

You realize there's a whole class of GPU's dedicated to work right? Workstation GPUs

ID: h7klrvz

Even to add 1 or 2 into the dorms on Customs would be a dope idea

ID: h7kwler

Gaming pcs in locked rooms on streets would be a sweet addition

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:55 ID: h7k4nwk

Last wipe Interchange PC's had sooooo many GPU's it was amazing. There were multiple raids where we would go in 3-4 deep as SCAV's and everyone would leave with a GPU. It was nerfed sometime late last wipe and Interchange GPU's have never been the same.

ID: h7khads

Last wipe or the wipe before? Looted so many PCs last wipe and didn’t find shit

ID: h7kipud

12.10 first week had so many GPUs in PCs. Found 4 of them last wipe but then it was nerfed due to BTC price

8 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:53 ID: h7kccc0

I feel like item spawns should be more random in general or there should be some other system in place.

I dislike this meta where people just repeatedly energy drink + pistol run the rare loot spawns and are out of the map in 10 minutes.

ID: h7kcs5x

Yup. Dynamic loot needs to happen, even if some loot were to randomly respawn in a raid when nobody is around. Racing to loot and leaving gets old.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:27 ID: h7k8ohj

It makes you wonder if there is a sort of Lore that goes with it?

Perhaps there are less GPU's found in computers because most computers during the tarkov war were already cleaned out of their GPU's and stashed by the scavs as they are considered an expensive commodity within their community.

ID: h7k9gxx

Maybe, but it was probably changed as a result of the BTC farm getting out of hand last wipe.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:05 ID: h7ke44j


ID: h7kecro


11 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:25 ID: h7lfpd0

There should be tiers of GPU. Low, mid, and high tier. Low to mid tiers should have a fair chance in the PC block loot pool. High tier obviously reserved for rarer spawns. Obviously each has its own affect on coin mining like there is IRL. It doesnt make sense the only GPUs in game are some ultra gamer tier cards considering how widely used GPUs are used in lots of applications and workstation specific GPUs are probably more common to find than gaming gpus. I've had a couple old PCs from the mid early 2000s with cheap dedicated GPUs (because on board CPU graphics just wasn't too hot back then).

12 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:04 ID: h7lcm3a

I still don't understand why they can't make use of the other PC model more as it looks like a gaming computer. Put them in those.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:25 ID: h7kgxeq

All these integrated graphics gamers

14 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:45 ID: h7l9uo5

I agree.

But I hate how in this sub if you mention something everyone pipes up with the HaRdcoRe ReAliSm argument.

I can get my legs broken or blown away, pop on some lip balm and sprint to safety.

I can tank 30 9mm rounds to the chest because I have a high tier armour and not have my insides turn to jelly.

Tarkov dropped realism a while ago, it should tweak some other Qol things because it is a game at the end of the day.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:06 ID: h7k63pn

I think GPUs should just spawn more often period

Never once have I found a GPU in raid, and farming part 3 is a bitch to complete if you’re not just rushing tech light every raid.

ID: h7k6gxl

There are a lot of secret GPU spawns on interchange that I can sometimes get GPUs in my scav raid. You just have to know them and get lucky 🙂

ID: h7k893q

WHERE bro!? This is my first full wipe (joined towards the end of last wipe) and I have yet to find a single GPU.

ID: h7lssec

Its because people pop an SJ6 and rush the spawns.

There should be zero hard spawns for valuable loot. Marked rooms are great, but that should be it for hard spawns.

Make more keys have hard spawns, especially every key required for a task. And give a hint as to where those spawns are.

Keys shouldnt be as random, loot should be more random.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:48 ID: h7k3s00

Ooooor .. we can remove the CPU and CPU fans off the PC by having a Screwdriver with us .. but then it’s more like DayZ then Tarkov. Just had to bring that up. sry.

Edit: I don’t want that tbh - But just a honest opinion on how it should be. If that isn’t destroying a balancing of how difficult it should be to get a CPU.

There’s still a good reason why it’s difficult to get them.


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