Can the price of clothes be reverted back to pre Bitcoin economy?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:57 ID: ox6fby

I’m pretty sure they were increased substantially to account for all the extra money people had last wipe. Since Bitcoin has been nerfed to price of clothes has remained the same.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:49 ID: h7kt6vh

So has solar power, and the stash upgrades. They just yesterday made stash lvl 2 a million roubles cheaper.

BSG doesn't think about the future when they make changes, its all reactionary.

ID: h7lo8d4

What the fuck. I just paid 1.8mill for stash upgrade

ID: h7lpv1p

heh it happened to those that bought the junk box early too.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:05 ID: h7ke601

None of the Bitcoin nerfs were reverted….. this one absolutely needs to be looked at. 1.5m for a top is absurd

ID: h7kf68f

1.8 million for the BEAR black lynx. I’m level 35 waiting for this one. No point in spending way too much on earlier available clothes.

ID: h7kqu0d

yeah I bought the blue outfit for bear and didn't get anything else til 40 for the black lynx and the striker infil ops pants

kinda lame, last two wipes I loved buying all the clothes and matching them to my loadout or location I was heading to

ID: h7ko1fy

Solar power and clothes definitely should be reversed. I could see if BSG is going for a everyone-is-shit-poor-wipe but other QoL changes suggest otherwise

ID: h7kroz3

Solar power is fine where it is. It's supposed to be an end game upgrade, it's a lot of money but not impossible it just requires you to save up for some time by selling your hideout crafts for Euro on the flea market. If you also sell all your bitcoins it's pretty easy to get before even reaching lvl 40.

ID: h7kq7tg

If they revert the solar power cost after the majority has upgraded, I'm going to be pretty disappointed. BTC sitting at 250k is a fair price, considering the crafting time.

ID: h7ktl4s

Why does it? Just treat it as the new norm. This game needs more gold sinks not less.

ID: h7lgprx

I told everybody to stop complaining because of this. This isn't how BSG works. You complain something is too easy or plentiful they'll change it and it's likely never getting changed back. They only make changes to make things harder not easier lol

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:56 ID: h7kub8k

6.5 for black pants is fucking absurd

ID: h7kysbc

6.5 mill? You serious??!!?? Jesus I have BTC2 fully upgraded and am only around 4 mill. This game is getting absurd with inflation.

ID: h7lfj0k

yes, only one usec black pants cost 6,5mil on lvl55

5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:39 ID: h7kixol

I used to have a lot of fun changing outfits around to match my gea

, can't do that anymore with the obnoxious prices.

Seeing variety among friends/other players was nice, these prices make things dull on that front.

ID: h7lb1t0

I had my Tan Man setup, my Woods Green set & my Urban Warrior set last wipe, but I can't afford most of my clothes comfortably yet this wipe 🙁

6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:58 ID: h7lkdz7

drip or drown

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:03 ID: h7kmhoq

nah. leave it, people need the money sinks.

ID: h7l8e8k

The problem is that they aren't REAL money sinks.

They are one time purchases that are then forgotten about.

If someone was able to get the money to buy 6.5m pants, and they are comfortable making that purchase, they likely have or can get that much rather quickly/easily.

Outside of if you are running High End Meta Kits with expensive ammo, there isn't anything that is a money sink in this game.

ID: h7laxk9

I could sort of disagree but not fully.

The other day I reached 6mil, bought a pair of pants for 600k, a few sessions later with mostly deaths I finished the day at 5.9m and down 1-2 kits. I effectively lost money for that day where as I would of broken even or profited prior to it.

I also switch pretty often between my "Default clothes" and my "Tan Man" outfit.

ID: h7m5es1

If someone was able to get the money to buy 6.5m pants, and they are comfortable making that purchase, they likely have or can get that much rather quickly/easily.

So what arbitrary amount would make you feel better? 20 million? Or are you arguing that the clothes should just be free? Hell, why not make them paid micro transactions and we can just go full circle back to playing cod.

ID: h7l4143

Yep, I agree.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:46 ID: h7liq3y

Bitcoin got nerfed irl too feelsbadman

9 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:07 ID: h7kn24w


Imho the clothing is only prestige option.

I actually like to have higher price, eventually makes the apparel special.

ID: h7l5w6w

Other way around.. Your clothes are only special if you grind out the millions to buy it early before everybody else has them. If you wait to get them they aren't special because everybody can afford it by then. It would be a prestige option if we unlocked them after hitting 40 and self wiping or something.

ID: h7m5hsw

Prestige is a real word that has meaning outside of COD bro...

ID: h7lpnun

This is the exact answer of why the clothing price is what it is per what Nikita said on one of his more recent podcasts. Something along the lines of he wants clothing to be exclusive and rare so people know you earned it. Dumb AF as the alternative is a million clones of each other but BSG does what BSG wants like usual.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:35 ID: h7l8h8c

The clothing prices were changed because they wanted them to be money sinks, and something to flex, rather than just something everyone has.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:57 ID: h7klp54

They made them more expensive to siphon money out of the economy. It's perfectly fine and shows a little prestige for some of the clothing.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:57 ID: h7l3212

Nikita said they will increase it because they want them to be more expensive, this was not related to btc in any way.

It's fine as it is imo.

ID: h7lpwta

This is the correct answer in here, nothing related to BTC. Nikita stated this on a recent podcast. Not a fan of it as everybody starts looking the exact same. If you had the option to pick through a few tops/lowers at the start then i would be 100% okay with this but not as is, too stale.

Based on how they added in choice of face and voice, i wouldn't put this outside the realm of possibility in the future.

ID: h7m5n1e

So any real argument here other than “because I want it”?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:45 ID: h7linrf

i like it, gotta pay money for drip.

increased price also brings a factor of “what clothes do i want to choose...” vs just buying all the clothes cus they cost nothing.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:46 ID: h7ksvps

it's typical bsg, the nerf/change stuff to combat various issues and exploits thrice over but once they finnaly come around to fixing the issues they newer go back to revert some of then changes and go back to the original intent for the system/items

15 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:33 ID: h7kqvzg

Unpopular opinion: make the game track your purchases and trader rep from wipe to wipe. If you were cool with ragman, spent a lot of roubles with him, and purchased clothing items previously, find a way to make in game explaination as to why he could give you a discount on clothing purchases. Or, make the costs lower, but require trades and add in some more textile like items or quests. Find these 6 RANDOM parts in different locations around tarkov so ragman can build a new machine to help produce different colors or patterns, which in turn means he can provide you with lower cost articles of clothing.

I.E, bought it last wipe? 10 percent off that item this wipe. Bought it two wipes in a row? 20 percent off. Stop it at 30% so 3 straight wipes makes the item more affordable and definitely emphasizes the "prestige" of getting to a certain level each time around.

The level or quest requirements stay the same, but the cost is lowered substantially. The cost actually makes a bit of sense considering a lot of these are obscure or difficult to obtain camo patterns and clothing in an active warzone that's closed off to the world. Just like everything else in tarkov, it's all black market goods being moved for cold hard cash and labor. Why would clothing be any different?

Your more common clothing like pants or a flannel should be the cheapest options as they can be found within the many shopping areas within Tarkov. Military and tactical clothing will be harder to find or produce.

ID: h7kv149

i think thats a bit of a stretch. I could see it for cosmetic items but for anything elsse would be a bit yknow unfair for people whove played the shit out of the previous wipe vs the people who just started playing the new wipe or didnt play as much

ID: h7lb8uv

Don't think this would make sense just cause when the game comes out officially I don't think they will be doing wipes anymore

16 : Anonymous2021/08/03 21:45 ID: h7lr0su

Can we seriously just get rid of the economy as a whole? This isn't Escape from Tycoon dammit. A small team of a little over 100 people does not need to be spending their time adjusting market prices. They need to pull a Diablo 3 and just rip that player market band-aid off.

I had no issues playing to level 32 (highest at that time) and having about 3 traders max rank and a few ranks of others with what little time I had playing with a full time job. This was a little after Reshala but a bit before Labs.

Scav runs existed for people who were low on in-game currency. Labs runs gave a way for a high risk high reward. And the traders seem like they've been neglected. What happened to the trader reworks we were supposed to be getting?

A part of me truly believes if we didn't have the market the game would be much more far along, but instead we have BSG hitting every flea market speedbump having to adjust things along the way.

This was a rant by a man child who hasn't played EFT the last few wipes due to focused changes like these and lost his friends to the economy (it took 5minutes for them to gear up before the market, now I have time to watch entire episodes smh).

17 : Anonymous2021/08/03 21:16 ID: h7lmyoa

I haven’t even checked the price of tracksuit. I should probably do that with 25 kills left.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/03 21:30 ID: h7loy22

The clothes are definitely expensive but it gives you something to work towards, I personally think its a bad idea to buy expensive cosmetics before you have a lot of upgrades and quests completed. I didn't bother myself until I had money behind me and most of the hideout upgraded

19 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:06 ID: h7lttag

During a podcast Nikita said he wanted these to be expensive, This was before the bitcoin inflation, So i don't think the prices will ever come down to be honest.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:16 ID: h7lv2pg

If you don't feel like it's worth investing money to clothes, don't? I feel it's nice to have something to work towards.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:11 ID: h7m281l

I like that clothes are expensive, it gives them more meaning and a money sink late wipe too

22 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:14 ID: h7ko2r7

Do you get to keep the clothes after a wipe? I've heard that, but I haven't bought any clothes so I don't know the truth behind it.

ID: h7koj0k

Nope, you dont.

ID: h7lh0za

Nope they wipe your account which is why you have to set your username at the start of each wipe

23 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:43 ID: h7lictq

can the bitcoin economy come back? The game was wayyyy more fun when we had money.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:00 ID: h7lt1mf

Wrong, they weren't increased until this wipe.. It's literally NOTHING to do with BTC. Nikita increased it because he wanted to.

Fact that this is so upvoted and almost no one has mentioned this.. Shows how little this subreddit knows.

ID: h7lyyt3

Wrong. The Clothing prices were increased a Month before this Wipe. Dont spread misinformation.


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