Whats the Point in even playing anymore? Anyone also got Cheated on like this?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:52 ID: ozbtjv
Whats the Point in even playing anymore? Anyone also got Cheated on like this?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:54 ID: h7ymcpj

For People that don't immediately Notice,

The Loot just disappears even out of the Backpack, whilst nobody was standing near the Body.

We were a 3 man Team and have every Video perspective, the Loot belongs to the Killer.

Before he could loot everything Disappeared, even the Armor he already put in his Backpack.

ID: h7zb7cr

What about when he went to use the car medpack but when he unzipped it and reached out came painkillers?

EDIT: Oh my bad, I don't use the car that often. I am usually using the silewa or the big ass med kit. I didn't know car pulled out a painkiller. I saw he had painkillers equipped too so thought some tweaked out

EDIT 2: god damn guys it was only a question because I haven't seen it before. Chill out with the downvotes

TLDR; Don't know something about the game, get downvoted lmao

ID: h7zbpcc

Huh? That's the actual animation

ID: h7zbw0g

There are different Animations for healing methods.

ID: h7zc6ty

That is one of the animations for the CAR kit.

ID: h7zsjo6

You made a mistake, it's okay. Stop caring about downvotes, redditors are gonna Reddit.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:25 ID: h7z7aip

Level 14 standard account killed my three man with about 2s between each of us about 15s after spawn on customs. Spawn trailer park. I run to dumpster to watch director door, tm8-1 runs to Blue shack, tm8-2 runs to broken wall by med car. tm8-1 gets head eyes, tm8-2 gets head eyes immediately after and I get insta thoraxed with BP though HEXGRID.

There is no legitimate spot that can see all three of us in our locations. Especially since when both my mates get head eyes, I duck down behind the wall. When I peak I get insta thorax.

I added the account and ask how long he's been cheating. He replies three wipes and tells me to gitgud.

ID: h7z95ex

The worst part was me and my buddy LVL 41 and 39, were trying to sherpa a timmy thru his quests. We killed him on a previous raid and he had added us asking to teach him how to play. This event with dying near instantly to a cheater had him saying he doesn't even want to play anymore. The game is hard enough without dealing with shit like this. It will kill the playerbase if it continues.

ID: h7zbrdm

I run a Tarkov discord community with more than 3000 users and we went from having all voice channels (hundreds of people) full all day long to have 5-10 people. I also ask my chat (I stream to 100-200 concurrent users) and they all used to play actively every day, now barelly anyone plays anymore, they just watch me play.

Nikita said they peaked in players this wipe. My reality is very different as you can see.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:10 ID: h7yx0bd

Oh wow... I thought this hack was patched, not looking forward to dealing with this again.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:56 ID: h7z3bxs

What surprises me the most is that this is not upvoted to the sky for visibility.

C'mon devs, is not possible for insta-ban players looting from distance?
Can't you guys read this on the code?

ID: h7zcktc

Client side game, bad choice made 10 years ago is hurting now.

ID: h7zqfh1

Still, the server should know the xyz coords of the looting player and item. Even if it's not easy for them to prohibit the pickup, it should be trivial to catch it after the fact. If they have decent logging of any sort...

6 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:33 ID: h7z06ur

Hope this gets upvoted like crazy. This tilts me so bad just watching it, id ragequit hard if this happened to me.

ID: h7zsv07

it's most likely going to get deleted by mods before it gets more visibility

7 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:37 ID: h7z0pmx

Yeah hackers are out in full force for now. Ran factory with my friend and he was in office with all doors closed... hacker shot him head eyes thru wall and i peek for a second and see a hatchling behind the chad gear hacker. So yeah RMT services are poppin rn.

ID: h7z21rf

Me and my 3 man were wiped on night interchange last night by an aimbotter.

Hit a running headshot on one of us, headshot another through 3 layers of hard cover, then started trying to shoot me through hard cover before also headshotting me.

Was my 3rd raid of the wipe with a meta Mutant…

ID: h7zq626

Thats why he hunted you guys down first

ID: h7z7npv

There was a shit post yesterday (?) taking the piss out of threads complaining about cheaters, the amount of posters defending BSG and claiming its not even remotely bad was insane.

ID: h7znlbd

Yeah I saw that too, at least I think we're talking about the same one. Absolute joke of a post, cheaters are literally everywhere right now and it's stupid.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:25 ID: h7z79g0

In previous wipes this used to be a common thing. Cheaters would loot kills from a distance often. They would also be able to teleport loot right to them, and access their stash while in raid so if they die it doesn't matter. There was even one video where a cheater was looting a player that was still alive.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:38 ID: h7z8zcg

BSG? Status of hacking problem? "Planned"?

10 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:13 ID: h7z5q6s

Yeah this is fucked

11 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:25 ID: h7z78db

The dude is so blatantly cheating is insulting. I killed killa from a short distance and by the time I got there the items were gone. Maybe someone swooped it from me or did this. But this dude is looting as someone else is. Man that's a big middle finger.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:38 ID: h7z91ni

Just grinded to level 20 and see this AGAIN... I thought this was adjusted a few wipes ago.. Wake up devs.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:49 ID: h7zak6s

LOL this is pretty bad, use to be a thing, haven't seen it in ages.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:03 ID: h7zcchl

Oh boy, here we go again.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:00 ID: h7yvnh9


16 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:28 ID: h7z7ol0

People used to loot you while you were still alive back in the day but they “fixed” that. Seems like it’s back. Can’t wait to spawn in and lose my keytools and good gear without every even dying.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:35 ID: h7z8mdn

Been pistol running interchange for tasks all day and either the desync is particularly bad today or I'm getting absolutely yammed on by a bunch of aimbot cock suckers. Hope that PM pistol with 6 rounds left in it was worth the ammo you spent to kill me ya fucks.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:08 ID: h7zd0sv

Great to see this shits back again.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:24 ID: h7zf7fd

The state of this game lmao

20 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:42 ID: h7zhkog

Past couple days on interchange have been bad. Scav and pmc runs have felt empty of loot and if I do find something someone runs to exactly where I am and shoots me in the face like they have xray vision.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:56 ID: h7zjhf9

Why even play like this, what is the fun in not even playing the game lol

22 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:37 ID: h7ysboa

Awwww shit, Here we go again!! ( i doubt this hack ever left!!!)

It sux, but thanks for highlighting it. Hopefully BSG can track them down from the raid code.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:13 ID: h7z5nae

I'm pretty sure I've been seeing this on a lot of my interchange runs in the last few days. My typical pathing takes me through most of the mall besides the tech stores, and I usually bail mid-route and head to extract once I'm full. But I've had at least 8-10 raids in the last few days where I'll be able to loot whatever spot I'm closest to (usually Idea/Power Station), then almost the entire rest of the mall is cleaned of valuable loot.

At first, I thought it was just a team of super efficient rats that just happened to be ahead of me and my duo, but I started to get suspicious after the 5-6th raid in a row of this happening and never being able to catch up to them. I couldn't figure out how they were doing it, but seeing this makes things a bit more clear. I absolutely love Tarkov, but seeing this genuinely makes me want to take a break until they figure out the hacker problems.

ID: h7z8dg0

Six of us tested this yesterday, doing 10-ish solo/duo runs each on Interchange (just a pistol + spare mag, a rig, an SJ6, and a headset).

Zero GPUs (in Ras, Techlight, and Texho).

Zero LEDXs (all of us have Ultra Med and Kiba keys).

On two of our runs, we opened Kiba (using both Inner and Outer keys to unlock both doors, so nobody could have entered before us) to find absolutely nothing inside. Not even random attachments, just completely empty.

Could be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

ID: h7z8we5

Fuck man. ESP/radar is one thing. You can counter that somewhat by going in with low/midrange kits and taking your time to rat around, which I enjoy personally. But vacuum hacks like this lower the loot value of the map by MILLIONS of roubles every time they show up in raid. Not to mention that if they’re able to remove items off your PMC, you can’t safely bring keys/docs case with you either or else you risk being set back a million+ roubles just for being unlucky enough to end up in the wrong lobby.

ID: h7znpz8

Well that's depressing. Guess I'll be getting on for my scav case from now on and that's it for a bit.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:18 ID: h7ypqmp

I've had this happen to me before when they could take things off your body while you were alive. I haven't seen this vacuum loot hack in a while. They took my red rebel, sicc case with keys, guns, and even my armor. Sorry it happened to you... Hopefully bsg can combat it like before.

ID: h7yy1l9

Holy fuck that’s twisted. Intstead of oh we just ruined people’s game that round they are fucking with your entire wipe. I guessing BSG didn’t give you any of that shit back huh?

ID: h7zgi2k

No but I didn't even try to ask to be honest. I know they wouldn't even respond or it would be a bot.

ID: h7zafor

BSG does not have any item reimbursement. The game is in beta.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:08 ID: h7zd2ff

lmao, welcome to the beta!

26 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:51 ID: h7zip80

that is just sad

27 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:14 ID: h7yp5um

You have to loot faster! /s

28 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:19 ID: h7zejva


29 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:49 ID: h7zigmg

Shitty game, good subreddit.

30 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:24 ID: h7zn0r0

I was gonna say dude stop playing with your friends...

Meanwhile Nikita thinks his game is working great and the players are very pleased with the patch. Life's good Nikita.

31 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:30 ID: h7znqrg

Just happened to me at the factory I killed a bear and looted his two guns but right when his friend came my guns were missing and I was left with a knife. Always thought it was a glitch but it clearly isn’t.

33 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:37 ID: h7zgwr1

Died to a player scav triple tapping my head with a shotgun through a tent . He was around the side of the knight building and fired as soon as he cleared the metal corner

34 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:40 ID: h7zoy8y

Iam already done with this Wipe. The experience with the Standard account was worse compared to last wipe, the new content and changes arent realy that big. Sure the Scav Karma was a cool Idea, but its already back to KOS most of the time sadly.

But running into Cheaters so many times now (alot more then last wipe) and watching Videos like this, yeah no thanks.

35 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:34 ID: h7zo9p5

We all know the devs don't care, they want the cheaters there so they an sell more copies to them once they are banned. Why would they cut off a tidy little money source like that.

36 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:18 ID: h7zm73d

Beaides the hack, I am now obsessed with watching Tarkov videos in different languages. Adds even MORE anxiety to the game.

37 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:59 ID: h7zrcqw

this would make me question why im bothered as well

38 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:59 ID: h7zrdge

WOW. As someone who's played since like .6, this type of vacuum hack was here during the literal worst of the worst.

We're talking right before BSG decided they would finally get BattleEye. We're talking, the hackers now have full control of the game.

Fuck this shit.

39 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:30 ID: h7zv4sq

but but but there’s no cheaters! You don’t have proof!!! 90% of the community doesn’t record.

40 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:36 ID: h7zvqw9

is why ill never buy eod, youre literally scamming yourself if you support this garbage

41 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:38 ID: h7zw160

welcome to all server information stored on a client json file

42 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:41 ID: h7zwcdf

This games a shithole. I love it. But I am certainly not playing any time soon.

43 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:50 ID: h7zxgei

Big yikes


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