I didn’t have a bag to loot the fuel, so when I encountered these players, i did this.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:17 ID: ozb44i
I didn't have a bag to loot the fuel, so when I encountered these players, i did this.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:47 ID: h7ytupk

When I am not getting shot on sight from a scav who betrayed the wiggle these days, these experiences are whats keeping me in the game. I've probably given away millions worth of gear on my scav purely for seeing the happy little nods and wiggles of my fellow friendly scav bretheren.

ID: h7zdqdo

Whenver possible, i try to hand out quest items to scavs who may be in need. Good way to make a friend.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:49 ID: h7zainf

With the Scav Karma it now feels like we are just scavs trying to survive and every Scav respects that the other Scavs are also only trying to survive. This is how it should be. Lore demands it.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:05 ID: h7ywaqw

I hate not being able to pick up fuel lol

5 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:59 ID: h7yn4c6

Wholesome scav

6 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:17 ID: h7yh2hn

sry for clickbait title

ID: h7zfoe0

It’s not that bad don’t beat yourself up - also good play, loving how scav karma has opened up new experiences

7 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:26 ID: h7yicrm

Love to see it!

8 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:13 ID: h7yp3it

Spread the wealth!

9 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:11 ID: h7yx76o

I found TWO cans of gas in the same crate last night and couldn't carry them, I found a trio of pmcs and tried to lead them to it but half way there one of them shot me, I managed to kill him before his friends got me, I doubt they would have found the gas since the area looked looted already, what a waste.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:32 ID: h7z86lq

being a wholesome scav is the best. my stash has been completely full as i've approached 20, so on my scav runs, i mainly go to the grocery store and then camp the extract. i wait for a scav to come running past and scare the fuck out of him with voice comms, then drop everything i have on me. some are suspecting me to kill them as the grab the loot in the bags, even though i've dropped everything, down to the knife, too, haha. then i just wave and leave. makes me cackle every time.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:35 ID: h7z8mxv

Smart of the one buddy watching you as the other checks loot

12 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:32 ID: h7z89nk

Awesome. Good on you mate. I had a Scav today show me a car battery but I was already full up.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:05 ID: h7zcpys

This is the kind of content that restores my faith in humanity

14 : Anonymous2021/08/06 22:03 ID: h7zkc31

Fellow scav dropped me car battery on Interchange. Scavvy way to play!

15 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:19 ID: h7ztq8o

I love this.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:27 ID: h7zup1k

I do stuff like this all the time on scav runs, I'm mainly trying to level up my karma so players have gotten 60 rounders, salewas, fuel conditioners, gas analyzers, etc. Sometimes you get clapped, but sometimes ya makes friends.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:29 ID: h7zuxyk

Ik I can search this up but how important is fuel I have like three metal fuel tanks should I sell them ?

ID: h7zx8fu

fuel is used for hideout if you dont need it yet and want money sell it on flea market for 165k

18 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:37 ID: h7zvvgz

There's also a possible scav BP under that same train platform, further towards dorms near a little garbage bag

19 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:39 ID: h7zw6jh

Not every hero wears a backpack.


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