Sniper skill grind is such a BS part of this game and I honestly don’t understand why it hasn’t been addressed yet…

1 : Anonymous2021/08/27 15:45 ID: pcpwxk

First of all, one thing I don't understand is why only bolt action guns classify as snipers. A sniper's definition is: "a person who shoots from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range".

It has nothing to do with the type of firearm used more so with the circumstances and the behavior of the shooter. Having that said, someone shooting a nine millimeter pistol from far away I wouldn't call a sniper of course, but if I'm shooting my scoped M4 as a sniper that should definitely count as sniping.

I believe that instead of bolt action rifles being classified as snipers they should have their own skill "bolt action rifles" and sniper skill should level up every time you shoot someone with any gun over 100m or something like that. I also think that the skill should level up faster.

Currently we have a situation: we all need to get to sniper level 9 which takes a lot unfortunately. Even with SBIH and Mentor giving us 4 levels, getting to level 5 is still quite annoying and if you're unaware that you have to get to 5 before you turn those tasks in it can be even longer. Sitting in one place reloading a Mosin over and over raid after raid is simply dumb... Running around shooting scavs in the arms and legs is dumb... There needs to be a better way to level up sniper skill than what we currently have. I know that not all tasks need to be easy to do but can we all agree that the current system is kind of stupid, and simply forces you into a very unreasonable behavior. Sitting in a bush half the raid reloading a Mosin is neither going to make you an expert of sniper rifles nor does it make sense. Shooting scavs multiple times in the arms and legs before you finish them off when they are shooting live ammunition back at you doesn't make sense. And sure I know what someone people are going to say: "well nobody forces you to do either, just run a bolt action normally like you would use any gun, shoot everything in the head and eventually you'll get there". Look bud, I'm sorry but this would literally take all wipe long to do if you did it way and NOBODY wants or can run a bolt action all wipe long. Not only that's not viable, not fun, but it's just unrealistic. And I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole of an argument, I'm sorry but fuck you for even suggesting something like that.

In conclusion I believe that we need to do something about this situation and before the next wipe is upon us.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/27 15:48 ID: hakilw0

You don’t like reloading a bolt action 100s of times?

ID: hakzp71

I think its more like 1000s of times

ID: hala978

My buddy just spent literal weeks unloading and reloading an M700 during all of our raids quiet moments. It was so FUCKING annoying hearing that sound "clink, ka-chunk, clank" nonstop.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:53 ID: hakshab

honestly i think sniper skill should be separate from bolt action rifle skill, you should get a point or so every time you hit a headshot at lets say 70m or more no matter the weapon used

4 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:12 ID: hakm9v2

I agree that it's dumb and should be changed. I like the idea the other commenter said of combining sniper and DMR XP. I leveled it up to 4 doing the stupid ass reload a mosin over and over technique and then paid for 7 to unlock m61. No way in hell I felt like reloading a mosin to get psycho sniper

ID: haknuod

If you got one more level, 5, you can euro to 8, and SBIH to 9 for psycho sniper. I've been doing reserve sniping and getting 10-15 scav kills and the occasional PMC. Mostly DVL-10. Actually a pretty good way to make money too.

ID: hakriw9

Yeah I agree with that - just got tired of doing the mosin leveling. There's no way in hell I'm going to get to level 71 this wipe (as I assume most people won't) so I felt no need to do the perfect meta grind to get the psycho sniper kappa prerequisite done. Kinda at that point where I just log on and get my bitcoins and run a meta kit until I die with it.

Stream of consciousness typing here - to be frank they didn't really add jack shit this wipe right? Mk47, a half baked scav karma system, couple new quests, etc? I loved the early wipe play as usual but once again back to that burnout point

5 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:38 ID: hal82yo

I have never wanted to run a SVD, M1A or SR25 so bad in my life, but I refuse to run anything other than a DVL on woods so I can get this quest over with.

It’s kinda lame

6 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:31 ID: halobis

I expected to disagree with you, but this makes sense.

"I believe that instead of bolt action rifles being classified as snipers they should have their own skill "bolt action rifles" and sniper skill should level up every time you shoot someone with any gun over 100m or something like that."

7 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:36 ID: hal7quq

Let's be honest, you are arguing semantics. There is an easy way for BSG to work around your issue: rename the skill to bolt-action and the quests requiring sniper level will just require bolt action. We will get nowhere with that as the quests are specifically geared towards bolt action from the start. Heck it was mosin specifically so any kind of method to level sniper rifles will probably be followed by adjustments to the quests that will only allow the use of bolt action rifles.

Also, I recommend SV-98 or the VPO bolt action. You can keep reloading the mags without needing to pick up the bullets from the ground.

ID: hala1oi

DVL probably works too.

ID: halp1ce

Yep, I was more pointing to cheap alternatives. Otherwise, M700 is fine too. It just takes several reloads to get a single skill point so you would take ~3-5 minutes of reloading until diminishing returns fully kick in

8 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:05 ID: hakl4kq

After the change i think the levels are justified, considering that the quest doesn't really lock your other progress so basically you only need to level your sniper skills to level 5 before level 71? (and get level 3 first for the quest completion, forgot the name of it)

Agree that it is annoying. If you play in a group then its relatively easier because you can just bring a mini mosin every raid and get 3 free exp. Its frustrating for solo players.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:44 ID: hakr4j9

If you get to level 5 sniper skill, you can then finish SBiH to get 1 level and then hand in mentor once at level 6 for the last 3 levels for pyshco sniper.

ID: hakt2sc

Did OP edit his post after this comment, or did you literally just quote OP back at him? 😛

ID: hakt9ym

Honestly, I might not have read enough of the post. So they might have already had it in their OP.

Yea I stopped right before the real long bit where theywntion exactly this method.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:29 ID: hakoqkh

Labs sweatlord here99% of 20k kills last wipe were assault rifleleveling up sniper skill for Kappa takes only a few days / raids

It's really not that bad and a lot of fun if you turn off the sweatlord mentality and just enjoy a different playstyle
I think the biggest reason ppl hate it is because they think only reloading a mosin is viable. Landing shots is nearly equally as good as going through 20 rounds.

it's just a grind task and I appreciate to have something to do. You might get used to it as well at one point. Try out some DVL long range shots on woods while killing scavs it's super satisfying to land those.

If you want the fastest way - play call of duty no scope on factory. Takes you if you are effecient only a day.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:59 ID: hal2df0

Are you legit suggesting we instead gain sniper skill through shooting distance because its shit to only bolt. Damn, that would make it even more annoying for us non-rats. I legit hated getting stuck to get sniper skill 3 for tarkov shooter and grinding last 5 but atleast its duable. But putting it behind distance shooting would really be cancer since 80% of my fights are under 30m.

ID: hal4qx2

Yes but with ANY gun, including ARs, etc.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:52 ID: hala2i5

All of the RPG stats in this game are stupid.

ID: hala9wj

I kind of agree, although a lot of it is just to remove annoyances. Like metabolism, I personally hate the dehydration/energy mechanics in this game is metabolism helps not deal with it and I'll take it

13 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:21 ID: hal5hnv

I'm sorry but this has been addressed. The psycho sniper quest used to be lol 12. And there was no mentor quest to speed the process up. Talk about grind? I think you are upset that you can't one tap someone to the chest who is chadded out. They addressed that too when too many people were running around with mosins deleting Chad's who were wearing gen4 with a tv110 on top of it. The way the sniper skill is now is a great balance in my opinion. You can speed up the process for money. The only gripe I have is I don't snipe when I'm playing in a group because it's boring to so in one spot for 30 minutes with a group of 4

14 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:00 ID: halb978

They half ass everything, the idea of it all is great but the implementation is done poorly and without giving it much thoughts like most of what they do.

Whats make a sniper? long distance, stealhtness. I do not care nor does anyone wtf type of weapon you use as long as the result is death of the target.

yet they implement a quest to kill X player with ... bolt-actions. no distance no stealh factored in. Thats lazy, reallll lazy. Thanks BSG

15 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:05 ID: haku9ae

I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I actually love running a bolty kit. That said, I do plenty of non-bolty raids and I've never once sat and reloaded in a bush for half a raid and I'm already on the cusp of level 8 sniper skill. Maybe the grind doesn't bother me because I'm not doing it simply for the quest, and I don't disagree that dmr's and bolt actions should both count towards it, but I don't think it's quite as bad as people are making it out to be. Also there's no progression block for not completing it so if you don't think it's worth the grind there's nothing stopping you from just not doing it.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:18 ID: hakw9p7

Agreed, they need to just make it “marksman shots” or something to that effect, and anything that isn’t full auto fall under said category.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:35 ID: hal7klb

The most likely outcome of these complaints is that they correctly label the sniper skill as "bolt action rifle" in order to bring it in line with the other skills and change SBIH to require kills with bolt action guns so that the skill rewards make more sense. The grind sucks. Nobody is going to contest that. The rewards are worth it. The skill is leveled in the same ways as every other gun based skill, other skills just have no quest requiring skill level checks.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:59 ID: halb2b3

This doesn’t add much to the discussion but here’s a relatively painless way of leveling sniper. Every raid, I bring in a mosin and 40 round of T-46 along with my kit. Only takes a minute or two to go through those 40 rounds and I use that time to get a better situational awareness of the map rather than rushing to a hot spot to die right away. It isn’t the most fun gameplay but a couple minutes every raid really adds up and I hit lvl 5 over the wipe along with a couple bolt action only raids and never find myself dying of boredom sitting in a bush reloading hundreds of rounds a raid.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:04 ID: halbswe

They should do what they should have done with .338, and release a bolt gun only. They could release the mcmillan tac50 and add .50 bmg, with the ability to pen and 1 shot level 6 armor. If I had a say it would be found in raid only, or a very high priced barter at max trader rep/maybe quest locked, with fir only and/or crafted ammo with a low craft volume and large craft time. A step up from .338 in terms of pen and damage but with the drawbacks of a bolt action. It could/should have high recoil, and maybe induce the concussed effect for a very short duration( 3-5ish seconds), or the annoying tinnitus ear rape to try and counteract people running and gunning with it. Imo this would push shooter born later in the wipe cycle, but may be easier to get some bolt kills. Also if possible the smaller caliber rounds should award more leveling xp upon kill than the larger rounds, with headshots scoring more xp. I dislike the idea of shooting out all a scavs limbs before killing him just to try and max xp gains.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:12 ID: halczwu

To play devils advocate...BSG has stated they want to set up the grind so that it'll take a general player at least a year to finish all of the content. That may be why its so slow. On the other hand, I agree that the current system to level up snipers can be they need to fix that. Maybe they can introduce some more quests that give you sniper level exp and balance it out a bit.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:15 ID: haldbmo

Flowery bitching aside, I think most people would generally agree that the sniper skill grind could be improved.

If the idea is to incentivize players using bolt action rifles, I think the exp gained by reloading should be reduced but the gain for landing hits with a bolty should be massively increased, either with + modifiers for distance of the hit and/or large bonuses for headshots.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:26 ID: haleyod

Sniper skill?

I call it shotgun with bullets skill. 99% of all my "sniper" kills are from close range unmodded VPO-215 manhunting.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:40 ID: halh08z

There isnt even a point in doing the quests, M61 is the same price on the market than from traders u may save 100 roubles per bullet but if ur spending 2300 a bullet who cares. Unless ur going for kappa who cares just dont waste ur money n time. Play for fun.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:42 ID: halh7ve

"I honestly don't understand why it hasn't been addressed yet" is Tarkov in a 4 year long nutshell. I have that thought every time I go back to try out a wipe.

26 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:34 ID: halop77

Nah, just needs a better multiplier for headshots so it's not more efficient to do body and leg shots. Play woods or shoreline and you level it up pretty reasonably quickly just killing scavs.

27 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:39 ID: halxoqu

I did a whole shpeel farther down, but yeah I'd agree, more xp for a headshot, xp modifier based on distance, and reloading should no longer give xp.

I went from level 4 to level 5 in 4 raids on shoreline last night, running around with a ghetto m4 for players and a VPO-215 to snipe with. It's really not hard if you just use the bolt actions all the time. It just doesn't mesh with people's comfort-zone playstyle, so it's 'not viable'. Sure it's not viable to push resort with, but if you stay on the fringes and...y'know....snipe with it, it's pretty easy. People don't realize that there's a playstyle between running + gunning, and laying on top of a rock trying to hit someone 300+m away. You can still play the map normally you just have to play it a bit slower, have some patience instead of shooting the moment you see someone, and pay attention to where people are at so you don't get walked up on. Wait for the opportune moment, and turn that head into pink mist. Bonus is you'll run into some poor sap be-bopping around and you'll get a SBIH headshot or three.

R700 on Interchange was my old stomping ground, since nobody would ever check the long sight lanes, only looking at the nearest corner or store. Nowadays everyone's min-maxed Interchange, and you don't really get people wandering/looting, it's just a straight shot to the good loot and they're out of there.

Edit: sorry this also turned into a shpeel. Bored at work.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:52 ID: halr8ib

Pro tip; loading ammo into a mosin gives you shit ton of more XP than shooting scavs in the head.

29 : Anonymous2021/08/27 20:58 ID: hals60j

Pretty sure pistols can be snipers. Got an 88.1m headshot kill with a PM earlier this wipe. Absolutely dumb luck but I think it counts

30 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:12 ID: halu1kd

I just got level 5 sniper today. I brought a silenced bolt action as a secondary to almost every raid for the past 3 weeks except if the plan was to rush a CQC hot spot.

Any time I saw a scav, I shot it in the legs 2-4 times and then finished it off with a head shot. Sniper skill levels very fast when you do this.

I also ran a few woods raids with a cheap level 4 rig and a suppressed/scope mosin and just did the same thing to scavs and even toyed with a few Timmys 🙂

I do agree that Sniper skill should not be limited to bolt actions. Perhaps any hits/kills over 80m would level the skill too.

Regardless, it is possible to level it without cheesing and just playing the game.

31 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:48 ID: halz0ed

It definitely feels nerfed from prior wipes. I have reloaded over 3000 rounds into a mosin (not in one raid), fully finished SBIH with only a DVL, and my sniper skill isn't even level 3. I am one that usually quits playing after Kappa has been achieved because just pvping isn't my jam, but at level 42 now, it might be the end of playing for a bit, regardless of this skill.

32 : Anonymous2021/08/27 22:00 ID: ham0jnc

But it's Sniper Rifle skill not Sniper skill

33 : Anonymous2021/08/27 22:10 ID: ham1uoh

I reloaded for hours yesterday and still am not lvl 2, tips?

34 : Anonymous2021/08/27 23:21 ID: hamb0mn

Do 28 rounds then take a 5 minute break and do another 28. After 28 diminishing returns hits and you don't gain many points

35 : Anonymous2021/08/27 22:12 ID: ham284z

Ngl I'm against alot of bullshit tasks in this game, mainly Jaeger who seems to be in there for Nikita to project his rage on the player. You're telling me that this son of a bitch knows I killed 2 PMCs with headshots WHILE my hands were shaking? Now I'm not sure if shitting in the woods slowly increases ones omnipotence but I'm 90% sure half his tasks would be literally impossible to tell whether or not they were completed

36 : Anonymous2021/08/27 22:45 ID: ham6e9z

It sucks that reloading the mosin is the only way to quickly level it. I want to use the dvl, m700 or t5000 but they don't constitute to leveling it as much

37 : Anonymous2021/08/27 23:26 ID: hambmum

Got Kappa 2 months into the wipe last time, including Sniper grind. And I never ever cheesed it through Mosin reloads. Just go Woods and snipe scavs with VPO-215.

But I agree, having exp boost to skill every time you do a headshot from 100+ meters similar to Battlefield would be a breath of fresh air.

38 : Anonymous2021/08/27 23:44 ID: hamdsxf

I totally agree that there should be some changes to how leveling works, i.e. distance multipliers for shots landed XP.

However, I've had a good bit of fun grinding the sniper skill by changing my strategies and attitude. I hate naked running and doing the reload spam and I hate losing a nice sniper kit to people using automatic weapons. The strategy that works best for me is running a mosin/VPO on customs and chasing down scav kills like a maniac. There is some decent loot to be found in some of the scav spawning areas that other PMCs seem to rarely check.

If you spawn on the ZB-011 side you just hit the lottery, because you can hit the house next to extract, the USEC stash building, and the power building on your way to ZB-013. On a good run I'm hitting 25+ shots to kill 8+ scavs, spamming reload whenever it's safe, and often making it out alive with a few hundred thousand worth of loot. If I'm lucky I'll have a few PMC kills and insurance fraud upgrades too.

Don't take a siderarm or a helmet, just take a rat rig, headphones, and Berkut sized backpack. I went all the way from level 2 to 3 yesterday in just a couple raids doing this strat and I've actually netted like 5 million. Try it out!

39 : Anonymous2021/08/27 16:54 ID: haksiae

"we all need to get to sniper level 9"

Nope. Kappa is unobtainable anyway. No need to worry about bullshit quests anymore as long as they not block your progression towards "perfect mediator". Relax and have fun.

40 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:02 ID: hakttfw

Well you still need level 7 for m61...

41 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:12 ID: hal4avu

Well, paying 40k euros (in the case that you didn't spend the 10k euros you get from quests) means that you'd have to buy about 12000 m61's to actually start saving money from buying m61 from peacekeeper

42 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:04 ID: hal31pu

Ammount of investment doesn't worth it (mentor). I am not a biggest fan of SA-58 anyway, especially since it been nerfed and for semi-auto purposes you don't need THAT much of ammo.

43 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:13 ID: hal4emm

Not to mention you can only buy 40 each re-stock

44 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:28 ID: hal6lf8

Fun is completing quests for some.

Making a quest an unnecessary grind so that people are sitting is bushes cheesing it? That might be an indicator that you need to address it.

45 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:25 ID: hakx7et

I'm sorry but this would literally take all wipe long to do if you did it way and NOBODY wants or can run a bolt action all wipe long.

i should change my name to NOBODY. i would be like that fat dude with feathers in dead man movie with johnny depp

46 : Anonymous2021/08/27 17:50 ID: hal11mm

Congrats to you fam, now the other 99.99% of the community who doesn't do that would love it if we didn't have to do dumb things like reload a Mosin 5000 times or shoot scavs in the limbs

47 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:45 ID: hal8z6l

your post is just a rant. i already did it without cheesing reload without shooting scavs legs why would anyone do it? without mentor. theres a lot of time left till the end of the wipe as you can see

its not mandatory. i doesnt hinder progression and doesnt lock any tasks. you dont have to do it unless you want kappa.

48 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:55 ID: halahl4

Is simple: noone gets that far. Everyone I know that's played tarkov has given up before that point, even the guys who made kappa in previous wipes... especially now that kappa is off the table. So if noone tries, no need to balance B)

49 : Anonymous2021/08/27 18:58 ID: halaxb4

Wtf lol

50 : Anonymous2021/08/27 19:10 ID: halcl7y

Bolt action buff idea: Introduce an ammo type for each bolty caliber with higher pen and flesh damage that is only compatible with bolt actions, and make it available from level 2 traders.

Further bolty buff idea: Introduce battlefield 1's bolt action sweet spot mechanic, that increases the bullet damage (enough to 1 tap thorax) based on how far away from the target you are (70-150m, for example)

51 : Anonymous2021/08/27 21:22 ID: halvgo6

Not to nitpick but you fail to realize how masochistic I can be. NOBODY minus 1, wants to snipe a ton.

I've run bolt actions as much/more than rifles the last couple wipes. It's just so much more satisfying getting that one tap than spraying at them. Perfectly viable, although not on every map I'll grant you, the bolt action kills within 15m quest is the bane of my existence. It just takes a different playstyle than hold shift+w and spraying. Personally, I cant stand (and am bad at) the COD playstyle so I tend to use semi-auto guns and play more tactically when I don't snipe. Used to have to get to level 12 without getting sniper levels from quests, back several wipes, but that was also before diminishing returns.

I hit level 4 this wipe just normally running bolties with an smg secondary (Power filter for suppressed DVL trade is OP BTW, and UMP is overlooked, unless you want to be suppressed) over about 450 raids so far this wipe, roughly 100-200 (ish?) with the bolt action. I have the majority of quests done, and with few other quests to 'grind' I decided to get level 5 last night. In 4 or 5 raids of 'power leveling' by shooting scavs on shoreline in the legs with a VPO-215 getting 20-25 hits per raid got me to level 5 from ~10 xp over level 4. Bopped a few players while I was at it. Whoever had the 155 with an elcan on it, and pinged an ap-20 off of my dickhead ratnik helmet, sorry for that rng bro.

Edit: Fixed some wording, and also I'd agree that it should give more xp for longer shots, and reloading should no longer give xp.


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