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1 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:00 ID: pj3fyl
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2 : Anonymous2021/09/07 01:15 ID: hbvli4v

I'm going through the pixel remasters in order. With FFIV's coming out here in a couple days, I'm wondering if I should play The After Years when I'm done with it. Does it contribute to the story in any important way, or is it more like fan service needlessly tacked on? The Steam page for it doesn't really have glowing reviews for it, and it seems to be a broken/unfinished port?

ID: hc1y1nr

The After Years is absolute trash fan-fic. It's horribly boring. It was a cell-phone game cash-grab developed by an entirely different team from any of the main FF games.

I bought them all when it came out and forced myself to keep playing LONG after it was obvious they were not great.

Hard pass.

ID: hbw4ehr

FFIV at its core is a story about the growth of its characters, and while TAY does have an arguably serviceable story, it never really does expand much upon what we already know in IV. The only bonus is really if you miss the characters and want to catch up with them and a bunch of side characters.

If you're playing pixel remaster then actually the best version of TAY to play is the PSP 2D version, which is also sprite based. Otherwise the jump from 2D to 3D might feel a bit jarring.

ID: hbwenb5

You can easily get a psp rom for the complete collection to play the after years.

Only bother if you love the characters and the battle gameplay and want more of the same, the story is even worse and it reuses lots of locations and bosses from FF4.

ID: hbyfvc9

If you love FF4, its a nice game and story. and its cool to see 15-20 years after the original story.

I think the main boss is kinda dumb and the way it pushes you through the story. but the amount of characters and different outcomes/challenges that come up depending on your party makes it kinda fun.


3 : Anonymous2021/09/07 18:23 ID: hbylvur

Do we know what time tomorrow the FF4PR will be releasing? They released around noon CST if I recall, so I'm expecting it to be at the same time.

ID: hc1xx3j

I'm getting 11am-noon EST according to Steam today. It's 9am EST here and it has said "unlocks in approximately 3 hours" for the last 30 minutes.

Edit: Unlocks at 11am EST, which is 8 am West Coast time.

ID: hc0rqk5

based on what steam says, approximately 11 hours from this post.

no idea what that is in timezones

4 : Anonymous2021/09/07 19:18 ID: hbytscc

So i just beat Dragon Quest 11 and im going to try a Final Fantasy game now. I use gamepass on xbox and my question is... Which one do i play? On gamepass there's ff8, x/x2, ff12 the zodiac age, and ff13 (xbox360 version) The obvious choice is start with 8 and work my way up but I'll probably just play the best one. So which one is the best and why? Thank you all for the help.

ID: hbyxv0a

Honestly, 10 is the standard recommendation for a series newcomer, and if you're coming over from DQ11, then 10 keeps you in turn-based combat for a bit longer. I'd just go with 10, then branch into 10-2, 12 and 13 if you like them.

FF8 is one of my favorites, but it's got a pretty quirky combat system. Basically - You draw or "harvest" magic from enemies, and then equip it to "guardian forces" or summons. There isn't much conventional equipment. You can also get magic and items by playing Triple Triad, a card-based mini-game. Again, I like the game, but I wouldn't recommend it as a "start" to the series.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/10 10:19 ID: hcamj6o

Are there any missable Steam achievements for the FF4 PR? This is my first time playing FF4, so I'm not sure if I can backtrack at the end of the game or not.

I'm not really sure if I want to 100% it, but it'd be nice to keep the option open.

ID: hcax60o

Looking at the list quickly, I don't think there are any missable achievements. That being said, two are obvious time sinks - getting Adamant Armor, and getting the optional summons. Both feature really low drop rates, unless they adjusted that.

ETA: Taking a fuller look at the list, the only thing that strikes me as a potential issue is the 100 percent bestiary. There are two "one time only" dungeons in the game, IIRC, so you might want to double check with a guide when you get into them. Those two occur about 30 to 40 percent through the game (an airship dungeon, the Tower of Zot) and about 75 percent through the game (a giant robot dungeon). You're unlikely to miss the random enemy encounters in those areas, but for peace of mind, you should probably be using a "check off" guide of some sort.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/08 09:37 ID: hc1g60r

I was in a stream a couple nights ago where a streamer was talking about "potentially problematic" elements of FF7 that might be changed in the remake, and gave Cid's treatment of Shera as an example. Is this something that people actually think should be changed? It's part of his character, like it or not.

ID: hc1vr7y

I don't think it's a problem necessarily. The game doesn't glorify it or anything, but it also doesn't really address it much.

If anything I think they should show more of it and use that to explore Cid's character. It's a huge flaw of his and they could use it to show character growth.

ID: hc1xqq9

The game doesn't reward or glorify Cid's treatment of Shera, so it's not problematic at all really. Just a character with some negative qualities.

ID: hc2w6yv

While Shera DID utterly destroy his life's dream, Cid was still a prick who was too harsh on her.

The problem isn't whether they should "remove" his treatment towards her, but rather instead they should give him character development to move past his issues and forgive he

kinder towards her (Which I believe the devs never actually did?) But then, that's life.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/09 05:13 ID: hc5e3ll

I want to play a version of FFIV before Endwalker comes out, but I'm not sure which. What are my options and what are the pros and cons of each version?

ID: hc5gog3

Your best choices right now are:

Pixel Remaster on Steam/Mobile - literally just came out, closest to the original SNES version with QoL changes and some battle adjustments (but without content added in other versions)

PSP Complete Collection - bundled with a post-game Interlude episode and the sequel The After Years, is the 2D SNES version with different artwork and lots of additional content (two bonus dungeons and additional characters available at endgame)

3D version on DS/Steam/Mobile - a more expanded way of telling the story, with gameplay mechanics and features that are different to the 2D version

8 : Anonymous2021/09/08 15:55 ID: hc2llv5

im not liking ffx, and its the most recommended to start with the series, are the others games different? im excited for trying FFVII, i played XV and didn't like it either.

ID: hc38mc4

X and XV are both actually very unique entries in the series so there are lots of other options. What is it you don't like about X? Maybe I can recommend something more up your alley.

ID: hc3ff87

Maybe tell us why exactly you didn’t enjoy them, because these two games almost couldn’t be more different from each other, for FF standards.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/06 17:12 ID: hbtuuau

Pretty sure this applies: Besides the mobile release coming soon, is there any chance of the original ff7 on PS1 getting a remaster for pc?

I know the steam version was a bit of an upgrade (even though it wasn't the best) but any chance of a full on remaster with remaking everything instead of just applying a new coat of paint?

(Also I'm very new to the game and franchise as a whole so go easy on me if I stuffed anything up here lmao)

ID: hbtwk82

There's a chance Ever Crisis could come to PC. And even if it doesn't, I think you can play Android games on PC.

I'm guessing that's the mobile release you are referring to.

But we don't really know if it's really a remaster of the original FF7. It looks like it, but it's free to play so it will probably be a gacha game. So overall it will probably be quite different.

I doubt there will be a straight remaster any time soon. But you can basically achieve the same effect with mods.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/06 18:00 ID: hbu1h8q

Can anyone tell me if the PAL version of FFIX is multilanguage? found a german version cheap but cannot find if it has English as an option

11 : Anonymous2021/09/06 22:57 ID: hbv4uwy

Does anyone here play any of the mobile games? Not the ports, but the original games like Dissidia Opera, or the other gacha games. I'm looking for a fun way to kill some time here and there.

ID: hbw4ob8

i quite enjoy FFRK. its built upon a huge nostalgia bomb, especially if you've played 2D FFs

ID: hbxjovn

Yes! Opera Omnia is what I play and it's regarded as one of the most F2P-friendly gachas.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/06 22:59 ID: hbv53n5

Any tips when starting Final Fantasy XIII? I just got the game a couple days ago.

ID: hbvkybx

Not really a tip, just don't let the early game combat make you think the entire game's combat is like that. The combat REALLY picks up halfway in. It's just...you have to wait for the halfway point for that to happen. Just stick with it. The same goes for the characters, too. The beginning with them is rough but they even out.

ID: hbwqv2x

The story is interesting but they throw around random terminology in the beggining of the game, not explaining them properly which makes the story seem confusing. However, there is an in-game encyclopedia that explains each term and each plot line, so be sure to read those explanations regularly so that you can understand and enjoy the story.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/07 00:22 ID: hbvf465

Out of 10, 12, and 13 what should I play? I have them and gamepass, and want to play them, but I'm worried about playing them because of how long they are. I've spent the past hour sitting on the FF12 start screen, unsure if I want to commit. I know it sounds lame but, I don't want to invest 20 hours into one and realize I don't like it. I guess my preferences would be a game that isn't super linear, more mature, and a modern setting would be cool, as I've found high fantasy doesn't mix well with me. I can give an idea of other games I've played and enjoyed or other preferences if those are important.

ID: hbvktma

10 is the most classic of the three listed. You really can't go wrong with it. The other two have their issues and positives, but 10 is the most well regarded of the three.

ID: hbw4kgh

based on your criteria, 10 is probably the best fit. 13 does have a more moderns setting and is only slightly more mature in a sense, but it does play very linearly.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/07 03:20 ID: hbw0dmr

I now realize I got blessed years ago with a PlayStation 1 and a copy of Final Fantasy VIII. Any important info that I might need to not ruin my playthrough? Specially that which may not be so obvious like ,I heard farming doesn't work because enemies scale with you . No spoilers please just tips you would give ur friend to make sure he doesn't get stuck or ruin himself and end up hating the game . Cheers !

ID: hbw1xt7

Make sure to pay attention to the tutorial about "Junctioning" at the start of the game. VIII doesn't have the usual equipment-based set-up to powering up characters, and the gameplay (how battles work, how you raise stats, etc.) revolves wholly around the Junction system.

Thankfully, you can access Tutorials from the main menu in case you need to review how things work.

ID: hbw43lp

Drawing magic frequently will help you get stronger as you stock more magic spell uses.

You should always try drawing from bosses as well because they usually stock stuff that you can't commonly find

ID: hbx9oxu

First, always always always draw from every boss. They sometimes have guardian forces and you do not want to miss those.

Second, drawing magic is more successful with higher magic stat and you can also swap magic around in the menu. So don't draw magic with someone like Zell or you're in for a boring time. Draw with someone else then trade Zell the spells he needs.

Third, don't ignore the refine skills. Your GFs can learn skills that end in RF that will let you create spells from the items that drop from enemies. It's a LOT faster and easier than drawing spells directly. Also, on that note, don't ignore Triple Triad because you can get very useful stuff from refining the cards.

ID: hbxrdup

The advice the others give is spot on. I would also add - You don't want to grind just to gain levels in this game. If you're getting into random battles, it should be because you're hunting 1) cards 2) items or 3) magic to draw. You don't really "need" to gain levels until late in the game.

And all this being said - You don't need to do the other extreme and run from EVERYTHING, either, which is what some older guides focused on min-max suggest. Just beating up on the enemies you encounter normally, and drawing magic from them and mugging / stealing from them when possible, should put you in a pretty good position for most portions of the game.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/07 23:29 ID: hbzsnva

Which FF has your favorite gambling aspect in the game.

Ff6? Or ff7 saucer?

ID: hc0rm99

depending on what you consider to be gambling, I really enjoy the luck elements in FFX2's lady luck (slots) and FFXI's Corsair.

With Corsair each roll is basically like mini blackjack, and its very satisfying when you can get lucky rolls

16 : Anonymous2021/09/08 04:33 ID: hc0tf7l

FFX-2 100% beastiary.

is the beastiary connected to multiple save files? or do i need to get all the oversouls on a single entry?

17 : Anonymous2021/09/09 05:17 ID: hc5efx9

Is there a way to buy/preorder all six pixel remasters on Google Play like there is on Steam?

18 : Anonymous2021/09/09 07:18 ID: hc5n63l

Is it possible to travel back to mushroom rock and get aurons ultimate weapon before getting to zanarkand?

ID: hc5qo7y

Yes, once you defeat the Macalania boss, you can backtrack. Be warned, it's a long journey on foot.

ID: hc5vh4i

Update i cant sadly guadosalam is locked off so the furthest i can make it is thunder plains

19 : Anonymous2021/09/09 08:23 ID: hc5r52w

FF4PR: has anyone confirmed yet if they fixed mirror Cecil's darkness attack shooting the wrong way?

21 : Anonymous2021/09/09 14:25 ID: hc6noly

In XIII-2 and LR: Does either game pull save data from core XIII for any reason? I'm asking if I need to play the other 2 on the same console as I played XIII on?

22 : Anonymous2021/09/09 15:07 ID: hc6tghj

I think with LR you could get extra outfits if you had XIII and XIII-2 save data, but they’re not necessary or game-breaking or anything like that.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/09 16:26 ID: hc74qyr

Does FFIVPR reuse any of the older translations, or does it have its own unique translation?

EDIT: No one answered, so I looked it up myself. For those who are curious, the Pixel Remaster is using an edited version of the PSP translation, which itself was edited from an earlier translation. I'll provide a comparison, italics for PSP, bold for Pixel Remaster.

Could this be...some kind of punishment from the gods?

Could it be...some kind of omen?

I suspected as much. It matters not, so long as I obtain the Crystals. Send him in.

He does!? Your counsel is well heeded, Baigan. But so long as I obtain the Crystals, Cecil's transgressions matter little. Send him in.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/09 21:24 ID: hc8cbf5

Is there a good YouTube playthrough for ff7r, I don't really want to get a playstation and I don't see it coming to pc anytime soon. I would prefer one by a person who knows the original ff7 and doesn't talk over cutscenes.

Edit: apparently it has been spotted on the epic game store a few days ago so maybe?

25 : Anonymous2021/09/10 01:33 ID: hc99nzt

There are a couple mods on PC but nothing in game other than some music tracks you can find and listen to

26 : Anonymous2021/09/10 10:29 ID: hcana7i

Im trying to log in on PS5.

It has a random id that i dont remember the email for.

I have a different account that i have set up on my primary id but i cant seem to login to that account?

27 : Anonymous2021/09/10 12:53 ID: hcb18t1

Do I have to undertake all the side-quests in VII Remake again? I missed two that I didn't know about in my first playthrough.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/10 20:57 ID: hccxki1

Nope! You can just select what chapter you want to jump to and complete any sidequests you missed there. If you are trying to do sidequests to get different dresses for the girls though, you have to complete that chapter, just doing the quest and then saving the game doesn't count it

29 : Anonymous2021/09/10 22:46 ID: hcdbtnr

So what are the other changes made in the Pixel Remastered versions aside from the obvious graphics and new music? I know in 4 you get unlimited arrows which is nice

30 : Anonymous2021/09/08 14:35 ID: hc2a8ob

10:30 AM EDT and still no FF4 Pixel Remaster on Google Play.

GG Square.


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