Looking fabulous at this years Met Gala!!!

1 : Anonymous2021/09/24 10:22 ID: pugv8q
Looking fabulous at this years Met Gala!!!
2 : Anonymous2021/09/24 11:31 ID: he2up58

Lol now that I think about it several FF characters outfits would fit in at the Met Gala.

ID: he2urh6

Gilgamesh would lap it up. 100%

ID: he4j9ka

Every villain for sure.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/24 10:50 ID: he2r0nc

Oh yeah and Seymour Guado

ID: he2r7q4

If he succeeded to give Yuna a daughter

4 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:33 ID: he316gp


ID: he32ktv

Timber Maniacs top voted look of 1999!

5 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:27 ID: he30g9c

Totally fits the occasion

ID: he38irq


ID: he32cuw

Where did she get her look this year? Balamb Garden? Galbadia?

6 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:37 ID: he38x0d

i’m waiting for Kuja, Cloud of Darkness, and Kefka.

ID: he39hbj

And no surprises this year, Exdeath has again come as a tree.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:47 ID: he32rmj

FF8 remake looking good

8 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:26 ID: he30c6d

Edea looks very fresh, as ussual.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:57 ID: he3bhfs

Behind the cape...


10 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:32 ID: he388qr

In a couple of years i fully expect amano or square having to sue someone at met gala because their disguise outfit looks to similar to a mainline character from ff

11 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:26 ID: he3fjtj

Considering a lot of celebrities use the event to boost their brand I'm surprised you don't see more cosplays from them. If you wanted to pitch yourself as some sort of leading role in the next geeky product turned movie why not turn up dressed as Cloud?

ID: he3geh5

Hmmm yeah but if they started cosplaying unless they actually are fans it would just be pretty silly but hey Chris’s Pratt is fucking Mario now so eh could happen lol

ID: he4bngu

Agreed. So many of these high fashion brands come up with designs blander than what an ordinary character designer can draw on their drawing tablet inside their room

12 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:18 ID: he3ed1u

Would of loved to hear her speech.

Out of curiosity did she need one or two tickets?

ID: he3ep99

Definitely two

13 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:45 ID: he3qrom

Tetsuya Nomura would actually make a pretty great designer for Met Gala gowns

14 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:24 ID: he3nr4j

Fithos! Lusec! Wecos! Vinosec!

15 : Anonymous2021/09/24 17:28 ID: he45mrc

She can kompress my time any day of the week

ID: he5gbih

Edea sit on my fabric of time and space pls.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/24 20:58 ID: he4zq2f


17 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:06 ID: he3cq1u

Considering how absolutely ridiculous the fashion industry is, this actually looks realistic and fitting for the gala.

ID: he3e9vq

Ikr was the first thing I thought of when I saw it this year.

Heyyyy they all are starting to look like

18 : Anonymous2021/09/24 12:13 ID: he2yzbo

Just like everyone else there, possessed by evil supernatural entities

ID: he3bue5

Only we call those entities "ideologies"

19 : Anonymous2021/09/24 13:55 ID: he3b7qq

I think this is shopped.

ID: he3dvyx
20 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:46 ID: he3qx16

God, if I was a celebrity, I would probably style all my extravagant looks after FF antagonists. I think it would give the gays life. Because honestly, we are the only ones who care about the looks.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/24 17:21 ID: he44luw


22 : Anonymous2021/09/24 18:05 ID: he4awz4

Yassss queen

23 : Anonymous2021/09/24 20:19 ID: he4u54q

Tax the Gardens!

24 : Anonymous2021/09/24 21:01 ID: he5086l

Each Met Gala has a theme, next year they should choose final fantasy villains! Kim Kardashian can recycle her not yet unlocked character outfit.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/24 22:12 ID: he5a5hd

"Tax the SeeD"

26 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:23 ID: he3f28s

Tax the SeeD

27 : Anonymous2021/09/24 14:26 ID: he3fi4o

I would totally wear something like this to the Met Gala lol, then maybe switch to a Sephiroth for the after party

28 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:13 ID: he3m6y7

Oh shit evil space witch from another dimension is on the prowl

29 : Anonymous2021/09/24 18:20 ID: he4d2ap

Cid is one lucky bastard.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/24 19:59 ID: he4r7w3

AOC was wrong to go, don't text the rich, eat the Rich, take EVERYTHING from them, and turn your back on the Met, it's turned its back on humanity and the arts

31 : Anonymous2021/09/24 20:25 ID: he4uz5u

Still a hottie.

Would be a shame if we never saw her again.

ID: he5gywo

FFVIII remake is still but a fleeting dream of mine

32 : Anonymous2021/09/24 22:58 ID: he5g901

In complete honesty if someone walked out cosplaying as Edea I wouldn't have been surprised considering what everyone else was wearing.

33 : Anonymous2021/09/24 20:12 ID: he4t5jy

Oh no, hide this from Activision-Blizzard! Otherwise the might morph her into a banana or a fruit bowl.

34 : Anonymous2021/09/24 22:59 ID: he5gcu7

Wasn’t that lil nas x in his 4th gown of the evening?

35 : Anonymous2021/09/24 18:34 ID: he4ezaa

This would maybe work for 2018’s “Heavenly Bodies” theme, but since this year was American fashion (a terrible, vague theme), I would say she missed the mark.

37 : Anonymous2021/09/24 23:06 ID: he5hapn

Yuna's flower form from ffx2 would be the highlight of the night

38 : Anonymous2021/09/24 23:10 ID: he5hvr9

Yes! Omg a thousand yes’s and lulu could literally pull it off as herself too

39 : Anonymous2021/09/24 23:35 ID: he5l4ig

She can bend time I don’t think the normal rules apply lol

40 : Anonymous2021/09/24 15:56 ID: he3scty

Gross I ugly laughed at this 10/10


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