Best character in the entire franchise. Prove me wrong.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/08 04:21 ID: q3q8n1
Best character in the entire franchise. Prove me wrong.
2 : Anonymous2021/10/08 11:50 ID: hfudpco

Interceptor. Shadows dog. Sweetest baby in the series!

3 : Anonymous2021/10/08 07:35 ID: hftvg3h

Nah the best character is the Triceratops with wheels for legs from FF7.

ID: hfu7cu6


I do love how much FF7re owned the ridiculous enemy designs from the og game. In the arena, when the big house came out, I laughed so hard I had to pause the game. I was like "This game is more serious, there is no way that giant house enemy is going to come ba- OH MY FUCKING GOD LMFAO"

ID: hftw52e

Finally someone isn't afraid to say it

ID: hfu18yk

Throw in the TRex from FFVIII and you got one heck of a combo

ID: hfu1bd5

Hell House says hi

ID: hfu0vvu


ID: hfu09p7

So hyped for this guys inevitable boss fight in FFVII Remake part 2/3!

ID: hfufoih

This is Mr. Dolphin erasure and I will not stand for it.

ID: hfu7cju

Thread should be closed and this pinned in the main page.

ID: hfud7aj

He deserves his own remake dlc.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/08 09:44 ID: hfu3xmv

All the big existential questions under one hat.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/08 14:40 ID: hfuxr7i

Can he body slam a train?

ID: hfvtucx

body slam

It's a Suplex, you uncultured swine!

6 : Anonymous2021/10/08 10:03 ID: hfu58ev

I liked Barret. It’s not everyday you are willing to take care of your dead friends little girl, and want to lead a resistance where there is darn near no hope. I think they could have made him more intelligent and cunning and less flying off the handle and trying to be like Mr. T, even though I like Mr. T and he’s a more successful character type. Anyway. My hat goes off to Barret. I liked his special move too. Catastrophe. Plus out of all the characters I can relate to him. I wish FF would make more characters like Barret. Then comes Sephiroth. He was everyone’s hero til he lost his darn mind. But he was lied to and messed with in the first place which he found out later. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! You have been warned. Last warning! Ya know in the new FFVII Remake timeline space continuum (whatever they want to call it) I hope Sephiroth ends up not losing his mind and help the team fight the one Sephiroth that’s causing all the havok.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/08 06:03 ID: hftomqc


ID: hfu03s5

There can be no substitute for all his tentacley goodness!

ID: hfu2agc

Seafood Soup!

ID: hfv4ti5

"Don't tease the octopus kids!"

ID: hfukdg8

I'm gonna jam up your opera!

8 : Anonymous2021/10/08 11:25 ID: hfubglr

How do we prove we exist...? ...maybe we don't exist

9 : Anonymous2021/10/08 06:38 ID: hftrcso

*Control+F's for Gilgamesh; no results.*

Now it's time to vote like MEN! and LADIES! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh ... IT'S BEST CHARACTER IN THE SERIES TIME!

ID: hfttypd

never seen Vivi and gilgamesh in the same room together,.. just saying

10 : Anonymous2021/10/08 10:57 ID: hfu97cr

I would say he's the most universally loved, but not necessarily the best.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/08 11:34 ID: hfuc7r2

My boi Vivi

12 : Anonymous2021/10/08 08:19 ID: hftyc5c

nah Hildibrand is the man

ID: hftzfhb

I used to think FF9 had the best characters until I met Hildibrand. I just really love the super serious story being interrupted by anime bullshit, Hildibrand really is the man.

ID: hfuga38

I keep telling my wife she needs to play to get to level 50 so she can experience the greatest quest chain ever written. I laugh so damn much at those guys.

ID: hfuhisv

I really wish he gets to come back for Endwalker. He had such a perfect setup for a story in Shadowbringers with the way the Stormblood story ended, and all we got was an RNG cameo in a dungeon. Missed opportunity.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/08 08:14 ID: hfty0pv

Tidus and Yuna are my faves. A lot of people think they're kind of plain, but imo the nuances in the writing of their characters can not be understated.

The thing I treasure most about Tidus' character especially was the quality that a lot of people seemed to dislike him for—the fact that he's just some dude. He's not a hero, he's not the chosen one, he's not the son of a king, or a knight, not a clone, or a soldier, not an anthropomorphic rat. He's just some everyday dude. A dude that plays sports back in his own world. A dude who has daddy issues on account of his NPD alcoholic dad, and a mother who neglected and ignored him growing up a dude who secretly cries when he feels sad, but still smiles in spite of it, and is a total goof who tells terrible jokes. A dude who, unlike the majority of FF protagonists, can't even handle a weapon the first time it's handed to him.

Just some dude. Just like me. Just like us.

ID: hfubgje

This right here is why FFX is one of my favorite FF games! Tidus is always cheerful in front of others, but he is just a normal dude, who cries when the world is just too much.

ID: hfucyd3

They’re my favorites as well. I love how with X-2 in the equation, their character development is a perfect mirror of each other. To put it simply, one goes from being selfish to self-sacrificial and the other goes from being self-sacrificial to selfish (in a good way).

ID: hfuge8o

I just finished X for the first time this week and I'm deciding if I want to unleash my pretentious budding essay where I liken Tidus and Yuna's joined arc to the plot of Demian by Hermann Hesse on the world or not, but in all seriousness, they are perfect deuteragonists and narrative mirrors. Two people who provide exactly what the other needs simply by being present and being themselves, and it was delightful to watch their relationship develop even when I knew early on what it was heading to.

I agree on why Tidus stands out especially. I think a lot of people in 2001 weren't ready for a guy protagonist like him who's openly emotional and doesn't vent his feelings in the form of aggression in battle.

ID: hfvcqyo

Completely agreeing on everything you said. I never was a fan of those badass, stoic heroes that doesn't give a crap about the world and only exist for beeing badass and cool in the first place. Tho, that doesn't mean I hate them it's just so much more immersive if you have a main protagonist who's able to express his feelings let alone talk about them and even crieing sometimes cause everybody does it once in a while thats why it's so relatable.

The narrative style of FFX rly helps with that cause tidus talks to YOU. He's telling his story directly to You. Even if it may be his last chance. He wants to get you involved. Physically and emotionally.

And it just works.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/08 10:40 ID: hfu7w4b

I'm sorry but no one can surpass Greg.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/08 11:43 ID: hfud3vf

Love that little guy!

16 : Anonymous2021/10/08 08:27 ID: hftyv14


ID: hfur3dl

This is where I'm at, too. Vivi has to choose between embracing a shortened life and despair but it's really not *that* interesting of a character conflict.

Ramza, otoh, has the institutions of his life torn down around him -- and has to figure out a way to *continue* living a meaningful life in the face of that. It's a more interesting conflict imo.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/08 09:04 ID: hfu1aon

I love Vivi, but personally for IX I like Freya and Quina. Especially Quina.

Overall my favorite is Yuffie, as I identified with her as a bratty teen when I first played the game.

ID: hfv0ise

Quina was such a fun character! I wouldn't call he

/they my favorite, but I genuinely enjoyed every dialogue including Quina. Always put a big grin on my face.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/08 05:55 ID: hfto293

I mean it’s an opinion…

19 : Anonymous2021/10/08 12:12 ID: hfufrzc

I'm not sure I could single out one greatest character, but he's the one I've shed the most tears for. I'm yet to think about "My memories will be part of the sky..." without welling up a bit.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/08 12:44 ID: hfuj8zd

You're right, but Vivi wouldn't want to make this a competition.

21 : Anonymous2021/10/08 13:09 ID: hfum1rv

Vivi and Ardyn are tied for me, both because they're deep and complicated characters.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/08 14:55 ID: hfuzrcf

Unless he can suplex a Ghost Train, I'm gonna pass.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/08 16:44 ID: hfvfeuh

He's the most iconic, but Locke is the best

24 : Anonymous2021/10/08 05:36 ID: hftmkf8


25 : Anonymous2021/10/08 04:23 ID: hftg04q


26 : Anonymous2021/10/08 05:20 ID: hftl7pp

Purely subjective, impossible to prove you wrong.

27 : Anonymous2021/10/08 06:08 ID: hftp32a

I like the cast of FF9 as my favorites. Then a few here and there from other FFs. I like Edge, Auron, Wakka, Rikku, Irvine, Quistis, Tifa, Zell, and Selphie. Also Rydia, Snow, and Sazh


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