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1 : Anonymous2021/10/18 17:00 ID: qaqv9v
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2 : Anonymous2021/10/19 15:59 ID: hh8vgod

Thinking about getting the FF3 Pixel Remaster. How are Blue Mage and Thief classes in it? They're my favorite two classes but I want to make sure there's good enemy skills to learn and loot to steal.

Also I heard music is super good in these remasters?

ID: hh8wus4

Blue Mage isn't in FF3.

Thief isn't really good as well. Stealing usually only gives you weak items, but they do have some utility at opening doors and if you want to run away. They're generally easy to phase out when you have stronger job classes available. And their unlocking utility can easily be replaced with Magic Keys.

And yes, the music is mostly re-arranged with orchestral music, so quite a different experience.

ID: hh99jik

blue mage isn't existing till FFV 🙁

3 : Anonymous2021/10/20 00:41 ID: hhay5xw

I’ve never played FFX-2 but I know that there’s a lot of talk about 100% completion. How important is it to the experience? I think using a guide on my first play through wouldn’t be very much fun.

ID: hhba1ip

Not very; you get an additional cutscenes at the end of the game if you get 100% story completion but that can just be watched on YouTube.

The game does have new game + where your completion % as well as accessories etc are transferred over so you can do a blind playthrough then use a guide on a second run if you want. In fact it is recommended to get 100% over 2 playthroughs as it is much easier.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/24 16:14 ID: hhvjebg


I’m playing the 20th anniversary edition and am going for 100%, two enemies I’m missing before I tackle the labyrinth of time are the blood tiger and sekret. I have been grinding on a cavern of earth floor past level 10 and haven’t found one. Is it on a marsh cave floor instead or something?

ID: hhvzye0

Sehkret can be found on floors 31 - 39 on either Cavern of Earth floors or lava floors. It can also be found in the Labyrinth of Time so you can try your luck there if you continue to have trouble. Blood Tigers can be in the Giants Cave or Waterfall Cave looking areas.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/22 15:43 ID: hhms83b

What is up with the wait for FFV PR? It felt like I-IV were released on a somewhat regular schedule, but we haven't heard anything concerning V and VI yet.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/21 11:57 ID: hhhbg4w

I dropped FFXV and I'm thinking about picking it up again, but idk whether I should start over or just keep playing since i did get kinda far, but I forgot all of the mechanics and most of the story. I think I left of when some woman was fighting a big sea monster or something

ID: hhmlcua

I say start over other wise you will be way too confuse, also if you haven't watch its movie you should try and watch it before starting again (it is on netflix for some countries):

ID: hhmncl5

Start it over. I am just replaying for the first time in 4 years and restarting was a good choice. Also, that fight is not too far if you just focus on the main story and no side quests.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/21 18:04 ID: hhioun0

I have Origins(Ps1)for 1 and 2, roms(I completely intend to buy these, btw) for GBA 5 and SNES 6, and 3D for 3 and 4. Just curious what else I should grab.

ID: hhiqvuz

I recommend the PSP version of 4. It has a lot of content. Are you interested in 7 onwards?

ID: hhjmr1r

FF Tactics is excellent if you like SRPGs. I think the PSP version is the best but whatever you can get your hands on will do.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/23 11:53 ID: hhqeubo

So I'm playing all Final Fantasy, started with Pixel Remaster of 1-4 but now there's wait. Where can I play 5 and 6 or should I wait for pixel remasters?

9 : Anonymous2021/10/23 16:49 ID: hhr9q20

So whatever happened to the Pixel Remasters for V and VI?

Has there been any news on them in the past month?

ID: hhvej2j

Weird amount of downvotes for this question, I came here to find news about the same thing...

10 : Anonymous2021/10/24 15:43 ID: hhvex27

Why is everyone asking about release times for FF PR V & VI getting downvoted? Seems like a valid inquiry and a common one.

ID: hhvtexj

We heard it all the times for a few months so far. We can't answer if we don't know. Asking the question isn't going to help anyway. Sorry if it sounds mean. I admit that I do want to know.

What do we know:

Steam: 2021

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Website: Coming soon

Twitter: no post of FFV/FFVI

Reddit: :shrug:

Then we don't know. :'(

11 : Anonymous2021/10/19 19:07 ID: hh9nse8

Any recommendations on which version of FF12 to play?

I know there’s the new version on PS4/switch, but I’ve heard it’s way easier than the PS2 original. Is it worth playing the original if I want more of a challenge? Or should I just play the remake anyway.

ID: hh9ouog

The new versions are easily the best for most people. As far as I know, the ease comes from having access to 2 jobs instead of one, and that they haven't really rebalanced the game for that. So I guess you could just go through the game with 1 job for everyone if you want to get a tougher experience, but I haven't played enough XII to know how viable that is.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/20 06:19 ID: hhbyult

I feel like I skipped some story bits in Final Fantasy 8. But I'm also not sure if I just did what I was supposed to.

I arrived at that futuristic city where you're supposed to bring Edea and Rinoa, and dropped Rinoa off at the scientist with an accent, but I couldn't remember if he told me to go somewhere in particular, so I explored every bit of the city I could find, found out I couldn't do anything beyond shopping, and decided to explore the outside. I was checking out the various structures around, when I visit a station that sends Squall and Rinoa into space.

Why are we going into space? What does that have to do with helping Rinoa? Why does Squall have a letter from an ambassador upon arriving? Did I sequence break the game by skipping a scene or something?

ID: hhc0re8

You didn't sequence break.

You met Dr. Odine, who is a bit of an expert on magic and Sorceress powers. You went into space to find Ellone, who is in the space station. Squall is hoping that with her powers over time, they can find out what happened to Rinoa so that they can heal her. Odine is the one who allows you to travel to space and is likely the one who gave the letter explaining why you went into space.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/20 21:32 ID: hhex6bj

/wiki/whichversion#wiki_final_fantasy_x" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//wiki/whichversion#wiki_final_fantasy_x
does FFX have all boosters on Switch? Googling around I saw posts saying no but here says yes.

ID: hhezpek

It doesn’t. You can also find the exact differences here:

That said, I played it on the Switch and I can personally confirm that there were no boosters, unless there was some sort of update but there was none as far as I know.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/21 01:32 ID: hhfsy5q

Do any of the other games have combat like XV or is that just an exclusive thing? I hate stacking numbers to beat encounters and prefer using what limited skill I have to beat them. Do any of the other games have this or are they all just turn based?

ID: hhfvn8o

If you like FF15 combat, FF type-0 should be similar. Kingdom Hearts as well.

FF1-3, 10, 13 turn based

4-9 ATB (active turn based, based on the bar to fill till perform an action)

11 and 14 are MMO and there are delays in the skill usages/autoattacks. I think 12 is similar as well.

15 and type-0 AXB (active cross battle, able to switch between active and wait mode)

ID: hhspiv3

X's combat is both turn-based and very, very skill-based, although it doesn't seem that way at first. There is an entire community built upon challenge runs where you never level up once, and that's considered an easy, entry-level challenge.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/21 04:11 ID: hhgbxab

Did Square pull the old Piano Collection albums off of streaming platforms? Loved the Uematsu piano arrangement of Zanarkand but the only thing I could find is a Japanese CD of the collection on Amazon for $50 bucks.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/21 18:01 ID: hhiod2v

This past week, the Nintendo Switch version of Final Fantasy 7 had a recent patch going from 1.0.2 to 1.0.2_5.

Does anybody know what that was about?

ID: hhoa2zy

Not sure as I don't have FF7 on switch, however FF9 also received an update like this. (though the other FF games on switch didn't) There's probably nothing connecting the two but it's the best answer I have

17 : Anonymous2021/10/23 01:20 ID: hhoy518

Which do you prefer, hd or pixel remasters? I plan on playing all games in the FF series on steam and ps4 but idk whether to go with the PR or HD for 3 and 4. I unfortunately can't afford to do both at the moment.

ID: hhplm33

I personally recommend the Pixel Remasters, especially if it's your first time playing them. They're fantastic recreations and more faithful to the originals (with some nice QoL, tho) than the 3D versions. That being said, I think the 3D versions are really good, too, so go for it if they appeal to you more. You can't really go wrong, imo.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/23 07:44 ID: hhpxjr7

Looking to play ffxii zodiac age. What are some of the best job combos?

ID: hhs2w8a

General consensus is that the strongest job is Black/Red mage. Black mage has access to all of the good elemental, damage, and status spells as well as the highest magic power. Then Red mage ads on the strongest damage spell in the game, dark elemental magic, as well as a good amount of white magic to be a backup healer. They can also use shields to be a little sturdier if you're willing to give up a little magic power from the staff. I give it to Ashe since she's my favorite character and has the highest natural magic.

Foebreaker is super useful as well, pair it with a high DPS job like a Bushi or Monk or a ranged job to inflict those debuffs from a distance. And hell, now that I'm thinking of it, pairing it with white mage might be awesome too to give them something to do when you don't need healing and to make your WM have more HP and armor. The description of foebreaker abilities might not sound like much but they are a HUGE help against enemies with high stats.

But any job combination can get you through the game, you aren't going to screw yourself by picking the "wrong" job

19 : Anonymous2021/10/23 12:56 ID: hhqkmoy

Anyone have a fix for that problem, when FFIV PR starts with a grey screen which then changes into a black screen. Steam says it runs at 60fps, but it seems nothing happens. Help appreciated. Right now I have:

Checked the games files

Run it as an admin

Looked for GPU Updates

Reinstalled the game

20 : Anonymous2021/10/24 13:01 ID: hhuv0gr

Does anyone have that meme of Yuna compared to Mariah Carey in FFX & FFX-2 poses. It's hard to describe so I can't find it just by googling. I'm hoping someone understands what I mean and can share it. If you've seen it you'll know!

21 : Anonymous2021/10/24 10:14 ID: hhuh0jn

For fans of XIV, when does it get fun? I'm a level ten arcanist and the game has been painfully boring so far. It might just not be the game for me.

ID: hhumsgu

MMO's generally get most fun at max level when doing the endgame content. FFXIV Does have a decent story though, that gets better as the expansions go on. That being said, you're still far off from the best parts, which come lvl 60 onwards, even more so after lvl 70.

If you've got the time and/or willingness to play until then, I do recommend it, but it does take quite a while.

ID: hhvtv5e

I believe it starts at lvl 15 when you can run the dungeons. Also again, post-50, post-60, post-70, then post-80.


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