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1 : Anonymous2021/10/25 17:00 ID: qfl7c3
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2 : Anonymous2021/10/28 03:23 ID: hic5ko7

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster is coming out on 10 November.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/25 18:50 ID: hi0nu4y

Is the pixel remaster worth getting? I’ve been working my way through the games before the PR was announced (currently on FF4) and have the GBA versions of FF1-6 (steam for FF3).

ID: hi2d2jy

The pixel remasters are basically just highly polished versions of the originals. So I'd say they're worth getting just for that alone.

But that's going to be a personal call. You aren't missing out on extra content or anything. I think the GBA versions generally had some extra super bosses and fluff, so technically these are inferior in that regard. But those extras were never THAT important anyway.

So just ask yourself "Do I want to play a shiny new version of a game I already own?" And if the answer is yes then it's worth it.

ID: hi0ywtm

If you care about content, then no. The Pixel Remasters are just the original games with prettier graphics. No bonus dungeons, no superbosses. Take that however way you will.

ID: hi982sn

Honestly, no. FF3 is a bit of an edge case since it has never had a 2D remaster see the light of day before this. FF1, 2, and 4 have been on every platform under the sun at this point and the Pixel Remasters are hardly definitive editions of the games that I had hoped they would be. Especially FF4, that was a thoroughly mediocre experience that wrecked the pacing of the original, ditched the one good thing about the Advance port, and brought very little new to the table.

ID: hi9jsmf

FF 2 PR is the best release 2 has ever seen, and 3 is in contention for its best version

All four are good but you could argue better versions exist for 1 and 4 (both PSP in this case).

ID: hi6cc22

Are you interested in mods? There's a lot of mods on Nexus Mods of the Pixel remasters and more coming out, so if there's one that you like, it may be worth considering.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/29 10:42 ID: hihvx3p

Playing FF2 pixel remaster. Is there any point in leveling more than one damage spell, for example fire? Should i level up blizzard etc or just use fire over and over and level it up till the end? Thank you in advance.

ID: hii6vyt

It just depends on whether or not you want to invest time into leveling it up. In general, magic isn't very strong in FF2, so you don't need a lot of attack spells. However, it might help if you come across an enemy that's weak against the spell you choose. It's also worth noting that the strength of the Ultima spell depends on the level of all of your spells, so the more spells you level-up, the stronger it will be once you get it.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/28 14:30 ID: hidv58w

Replaying Final Fantasy XV lately, and I just beat Omega Weapon last night. Something that did not ring a bell happened during the fight, when I had Thundaga equipped it would randomly be cast when it was not selected. Is there a mechanic that makes this happen? The only thing that makes sense to me is maybe the confusion status? I never used magic anywhere else in the entire game this time so I have no idea.


6 : Anonymous2021/10/28 22:27 ID: hifu9l5

Just a straight question, FF13 or FF15?

I've played from FF7 - FF12, big fan of the series. Recently played the FF7 remake which got me interested in a newer game. My understanding is that FF14 is an MMO, which isn't my thing. So, just a quick survey of opinions, which game is better? Or which do you recommend?

ID: hijlukk

FF15 for sure! 13 has a really interesting story, but it's sort of a "game on reels." There's not a lot of room to actually explore, whereas in 15 (though it isn't perfect) you have so much more freedom. I actually ended up watching all of 13 on YouTube because I wanted the story but didn't care for the gameplay.

ID: hig7plm

I haven't played thirteen, but fifteen was okay. It's an open-world (but in a weird way) action game. Its story and characters are among the weaker in the series, but still has some great moments.

ID: hip9s7c

13 feels like playing through a visual novel for the first half. The game wants you to auto battle most of the fights and you have no control over your party.

ID: hihvync

Definitely get FF15.

ID: hiir4xe

7R has more in common with 15 than 13, so, I'd go that way. Both are kind of Broken Base games though, in that some people absolutely love them and some absolutely hate them, because they're pretty different than previous games.

15 is a straight up Action RPG, and at times, feels more like any open world game released in the last 10 years, just with FF elements like summons, crystals and angst. The basic plot of the game - cruising around in a car with your bros on your way to your wedding - made me roll my eyes when I first heard it, but admittedly, the actual experience of playing the game and getting to know them was pretty good. I'd give it a B+.

While 13 isn't quite that - you're picking abilities from a menu - it does have an emphasis on quick decisions and timing that I didn't especially care for. I also found the story pretty dense, but some people really enjoy it. It's more of a C, C+ game to me, and I've never really had the urge to replay it. (All this being said about both - They're regularly $15 or less, or free if you have GamePass, and at those price points they're both definitely "play it" for me.)

7 : Anonymous2021/10/27 13:15 ID: hi8ru69

Bought FFVI on steam a looong time ago, and figured yesterday I wanted to replay it. Used the Atma Weapon mod to make it look like the original but ... geez, the scrolling bar is HORRENDOUS.

I played it on SNES back in the day, and haven't really kept up with all the localization projects, mods etc ... What's my best bet as of right now ? I haven't really looked into the upcoming PR so I might wait a bit.

ID: hi9mu6p

It depends on what you want, first and foremost.

If you want the GBA script, but on SNES, use this. If you want the original script, but with translation errors cleaned up while retaining Woolsey's writing style, use this. If you want a new translation done from scratch using a professional translator's YouTube stream/website as a basis, use this

While there are definitely other translation projects out there, these 3 are what I consider the closest in regards to accuracy.

ID: hi96yvb

Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is pretty much the definitive way to play FF6 today. It will probably be superior to the pixel remaster (outside of still being capped at the original SNES resolution) if FF4 is anything to go by. The FF4 Remaster was such a disappointment.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/28 00:34 ID: hibj5uh

Playing through a translated FF3 NES, and was looting the Undersea Cave, reaching the trapped chests at the end. At some point between the last two chest fights, my Viking randomly changed into a Master while retaining his equipment (and I think the job level also transferred as well). Has anyone encountered something like this before?

9 : Anonymous2021/10/29 21:17 ID: hikbwqx

Would you splurge on a ps5 to play ff7 remake or would you wait for pc? I'm looking at black Friday ps5 deals rn and I'm already on the fence with the yuffie dlc looking lit.

ID: hikuk3c

I'd feel bad urging people to spend that much money for one game, but I will say that the PS5 version of 7R is even better -- just the 60 FPS alone makes the cutscenes look that much better and the action all the cleaner.

If you have the money and can comfortably spend it, then sure.

ID: hip9hnh

Good luck finding a ps5. They are still selling out within minutes.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/29 23:35 ID: hikused

So I'm seeing at my wal-mart that they have Dissidia NT for 10 bucks. Is it worth it at that price?

ID: hinq8un

Hard to say. You may end up really loving the gameplay if you’re a fan of arena fighters, but personally, I got bored of it in less than 5 hours. I would say wait, but I don’t know if you’ll find it cheaper than that.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/30 20:35 ID: hiopgn4

Been filling out the FF1 bestiary to 100% the game as best I can before the 8 Chronordia fights. The only enemy I’m missing (aside from Chaos obviously) is the abyss worm. I have been in the open desert in the Earthgift Shrine so long that I have gained my 90th and 91st level on the party. Is there a certain area of the desert I need to go to or am I just extremely unlucky?

12 : Anonymous2021/10/26 13:34 ID: hi423u7

When are we getting FFV PR for fucks sake

ID: hi4t6ou

Sometime after yesterday.

ID: hi53jb2

Steam says November 10. However, some are saying it is only a placeholder date.

If the date is true, we should be getting the release date today or tomorrow.

ID: hi5dcdx

this literally gets asked everyday

13 : Anonymous2021/10/30 18:18 ID: hio6er4

So im playing XV, and about that journalist at the docks who threatens us…. Why cant he have him executed or something lol. Locked up maybe. How fucking dare he blackmail the literal heir to the throne?????

14 : Anonymous2021/10/30 02:08 ID: hildp9t

How the fuck do you find Qactuars/activate the statues in the Thunder Plains (FFX)??

ID: hilih6o

Press square on PlayStation controller when the statue shine. It is easy in first two areas, the last one need to wait for the timing. After that you will see a ghost of a Cactuar in Thunder Plains and you need to follow it to get Khimari weapon.


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