Banner image for “new” Reddit, looking for subreddit icon

1 : Anonymous2020/03/04 03:21 ID: fd6s8t

Hi all,

Been a while since posting an announcement like this, hope you're all doing well. I saw the thread asking for a subreddit banner and realized that it needed to be migrated from the old stylesheet in order to be visible in the "new" Reddit UI. So that's done. Please let me know how it looks on the official Reddit mobile app so I can make any necessary tweaks.

The source for the artwork used in the banner is here:

By the way, last time I posted one of these updates was around 2 years ago, and we had hit 1000 members. Now we're at 6700 members. That's pretty huge growth, and the trends show a rapidly-growing userbase. We should hit the 10,000 milestone well before the end of the year.

Also while I was at it I figured I'd mention the subreddit icon. Right now it's just the default Reddit alien "snoo", and unfortunately I have no real artistic ability. If any of y'all in the community would like to customize the alien to be something FFT-related, please post it in this thread. If it looks nice I'll add that too.

2 : Anonymous2020/03/04 03:48 ID: fjfkjfb

Banner looks good on mobile!

3 : Anonymous2020/03/04 07:13 ID: fjg06ig

Banner looks good, but, if you haven’t already, can I recommend crediting the artist? I have the link right here. I know it looks awfully official, but it is fan made! As for an icon, maybe Ramza from the War of the Lions cover? 🙂

ID: fjglb3k

Yep good call, the original decision to add this as the banner was kinda spur of the moment and for some reason I didn't think to search for a source, that thread is here:

/comments/5daj8o/reposting_this_here_from_rfinalfantasy/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

Added a link to the source to this post.

4 : Anonymous2020/03/04 04:45 ID: fjfpue4

Looks awesome, man. Well done!

5 : Anonymous2020/03/04 06:26 ID: fjfxetg

Should it be a Ramza portrait?

ID: fjglipv

I considered that, but I feel like it should be something Reddit-related.

6 : Anonymous2020/03/31 15:45 ID: fm1055c

Pretty fly.

7 : Anonymous2020/05/19 21:52 ID: fr6f60j

Banner looks great! I want to give the sub snoo a try.

Edit: Here is a quick mockup I did. Any critiques or ideas?

ID: fr6hjz7

Whoops, I just noticed the ears aren't colored in and also the antenna doesn't have a stroke. I'll fix that when I get off work. Open to suggestions/comments!


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