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1 : Anonymous2018/02/13 19:49 ID: 7xc35n

Okay so, this thread is going to cover pretty much the same content as the team composition megathread, but I think the thread can be reformatted to improve effectiveness. Here is how this is going to work:

The only replies to this main post will be for a specific pairing like Uhlan/Time Mage or White Mage/Machinist. There will be one exception comment of "Please reply with suggestions or feedback here." and if you have any thoughts on the formatting or ways to improve this megathread please reply there or PM me.
Each of the comment threads will focus on discussion over that specific board pairing only. If a comment already exists for a board pairing, please do not start a second comment thread for that pairing, and if you notice you missed the first comment thread before posting yours, please delete your comment thread to keep the post tidy.
For overall team composition, you will need to reference the different board pairings comment threads and come up with your own team. If you have 6 job pairings that are discussed in here and generally seen as favorable, it is safe to assume your overall team composition will be just fine. There are just too many possible team combinations for each one to have their own comment thread and maintain a good central repository for discussion.
If you are going to reply to the main post with a thread for discussing a specific board pairing, please be willing to check on this post every so often and update your main comment with good information stemming from the discussion about that pairing.

This format of thread has worked well in other games I've played like Fire Emblem: Heroes, where each reply was for a specific hero and people wanting to discuss that hero could go find that specific thread and all the information they needed was there.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this works!

Very useful album containing all 12 License boards can be found here:

Basic class license board concepts, courtesy of patrincs:
-What does picking a class give you?
Access to that classes' license board. Nothing else. It doesn't effect your stat scaling or level bonuses, your damage, anything. This is an important concept because every license node on the board is exclusive.

-What do we mean when we say exclusive?
For example, if you have a 270 HP license on both of a character's boards, and you pick it on one board, it will also be unlocked on the other board. You are only gaining 270 HP, not 540. Basically anything you double up on is effectively wasted. As a goal, your second class should provide things you don't already have on your first board. If you are a Foebreaker and you pick up Uhlan as a second board you don't gain very much. Both classes have all the hp nodes up to 350, so you don't get any extra hp. Both classes have all heavy armor licenses, so you don't get access to any new armor. What you do get is access to spears, another battle lore or 2, some remedy/potion/phoenix lores, 1 swiftness, and a couple random skills of various value (mostly not particularly good). As you can see you don't gain a lot from this paring. A Foebreake

is just barely stronger than a Foebreaker that never picks a second class.

-So what should your goal be when picking classes?
Provide your first class with things to shore up its weaknesses, or provide healing/buffing utility. There's also some niche situations where access to a certain armor type is highly valued like Knight/Bushi to allow White Robes/Excalibur or Shikari/Mystic Armor class to allow Yagyu Darkblade/Black Robes.

Typically you want one of your two classes to have decent access to HP licenses, as many swiftness's as reasonably achievable (2-3) and then what you do from there is up to you.

2 : Anonymous2018/02/13 20:07 ID: du73owt

Black Mage/Monk: Quickenings 1,2,4
-Lots of HP for your Black Mage.
-Monk can gain access to White Magick 9-13 with Espers, allowing your Black Mage to gain access to high end White Magick without needing the White Mage board. Having access to Holy from White Magick 11 is especially powerful with Black Mage because the Staff of the Magi boosts Holy damage.
-When you unlock Swiftness 2 on the Black Mage board, it also unlocks Swiftness 3 on the Monk board, letting you snag all 3 ranks in Swiftness without needing an esper.

-None really, this pairing is insanely good.

3 : Anonymous2018/02/13 20:38 ID: du75tgi

Bushi/Knight: Quickenings 2,3,4
-Katanas use a combination of Strength and Magic in their damage formula, but the formula is set such that at higher levels Strength has more of an impact than Magic. Pairing Bushi with a board such a Knight that has a good amount of Battle Lores and access to Heavy Armor will allow you to significantly increase the damage output of your Katanas.
-Bushi comes with 12 Magic Lore squares, 14 with an esper, so if you unlock White Magick 6-9 on the Knight board with espers this will significantly improve its effectiveness.
-Most of the time your goal for this pairing will be to use Masamune + Genji Gloves, but this is the only board pairing that has access to White Robes, Excalibur, and Swiftness 3 if you want to dish out a ton of holy damage.
-Surprisingly, Knight only has access to HP 1-10, where as Bushi has HP 2-12 with Exodus, netting you a sweet 935 more HP for your Knight.
-No real ranged weapon if you need one for some reason. Your best bet is Shades of Black from Bushi or use Ultima to Snag Telekinesis on Knight.

ID: du7ydt2

Great Combo but I would like to add onto the cons:
-Putting Knight and Bushi together in a 12 job run means you can only ever use either a 2h sword or a katana, never both at the same time. Since these two categories are among the best weapons in the game you are potentially missing out on some extra damage potential, the ability to use Excalibur + White Robes probably outweighs this though.

4 : Anonymous2018/02/13 19:57 ID: du731wt

Red Mage/Shikari: Quickenings 1,2,4
-Tanky Red Mage with access to all Shields from Red Mage and Shield Block 1-2 from Shikari in addition to 1300 more HP from Shikari.
-Can pair the Yagyu Darkblade with Black Robes and Germinas Boots for decent melee damage if desired. Because daggers use the fast weapon damage formula they are not as penalized for having low Strength.
-Double dips on the esper Cuchulainn for Black Magick 9-10 and White Magick 12.

-Without access to the Burning Bow or Flame Staff you miss out on the Ardor + Oil + Fire Potency weapon combo, which deals quite possibly the most spell damage in the game.

If you're looking for a more offensive Red Mage you'd be better off with Red Mage/Archer or Red Mage/Black Mage, but for a more defensive/support Red Mage that still has decent offensive options available Shikari is a good choice.

ID: du7dwsr

This combo was the cornerstone of my newgame minus playthrough, serving as the all purpose ultra tank/buffe


-Able to self buff protect, bubble, decoy, shell (rarely).

-Shield block lores, sneak across the dalmasca eastersand waterway super early in game to score a dragon shield, snag a main gauche from jahara shop, enjoy 73+% evasion for the majority of the game.

-self heal with combination of pheasant netsuke (also early on in jahara) + Hi-potion (later X-potion) and curaga as MP allows.

-Able to hit magic weaknesses with -aga spells, great for 3x mage reflect spam strats on bosses with magic weaknesses or susceptibility to sleep.

-Can get gil toss from Mateus which does amazing damage at the expense of a ton of currency (use on bosses only). Allows you to do really legit boss damage while still being full evasion setup.

-Later when every boss ignores evasion, can use Shemhazai to run fomalhaut/darkshot/blackrobes

5 : Anonymous2018/02/13 22:40 ID: du7dk64

White Mage/Machinist: Quickenings 1,2,3
-810 More HP for your White Mage
-With Famfrit you gain access to Time Magick 8-10 which includes the coveted Hastega.
-Since your White Mage won't have the best offensive stats, the weapons that don't use characters stats (Measures and Guns) for damage are relatively stronger here than for other characters.
-Can combine Gun + Dark Shot + Black Robes for decent dark damage. Can shoot allies with dark absorb for extra healing.
-Swiftness 3 is a must have on your White Mage.
-Relatively frail. You wouldn't have access to Time Magick, but White Mage/Shikari gains shields, daggers with evasion, and 1175 more HP than White Mage/Machinist. You'd have to use Chaos and Zodiark on your White Mage/Machinist to close that gap to 435 HP, and those two espers are usually slotted on the Monk.

6 : Anonymous2018/02/13 19:49 ID: du72hoy

Please reply with suggestions or feedback here.

ID: du7yusd

I don't really have a good idea of the best way to do this, but it would be cool if for each job combination we could provide some sort of esper weighting, list if any espers are mandatory for the combo to shine, which ones provide nice QoL improvements, which ones to only use if they aren't going anywhere else etc.

ID: du79gua

Thanks for putting this together. This will be great for people wanting to try different combos

ID: du7obhb

Yeah thanks for this

ID: dudo0yv

Maybe talk about Time Mage/Bushi (seems like a great pair that I haven't seen anyone mention anywhere) or jobs that work well with Archer or Uhlan?

ID: dvdwges

I see a lot else where of black/red mage combo. Thoughts on this pairing as compared to splitting them as mentioned for your pairings? Pro/Cons?

7 : Anonymous2018/02/13 20:51 ID: du76p1j

Bushi/Breaker: Quickenings 2,3,4
-Katanas use a combination of Strength and Magic in their damage formula, but the formula is set such that at higher levels Strength has more of an impact than Magic. Pairing Bushi with a board such as Foebreaker that has a good amount of Battle Lores and access to Heavy Armor will allow you to significantly increase the damage output of your Katanas.
-If you don't like the variable damage output of Axes/Hammers (I don't) this gives you a better weapon choice for your Foebreaker character and provides access to Swiftness 3 without needing 2 espers.
-Bushi has access to HP 2-12 with Exodus compared to Foebreakers HP 1-10, making your Foebreaker character a bit sturdier.
-You have a board with 12 or more Magic Lore and no Magicks to use them on outside of Shades of Black. Not really a huge con since this character should be spending almost all of their time either applying breaks or dishing out significant Katana damage with Genji Gloves, though.

ID: du7inbr

This works especially well on Basch if you're looking for lore accuracy. Start with Foebreaker and don't use hammers, axes, or hand bombs at all, and just stick with Mythril Blade until Belias, then upgrade to Kogarasumaru, or Magoroku if you were fortunate and Urutan Exile dropped it for you. Not mentioned in this post, this gives Bushi access to all shields for endgame to be used with Kumbha as well as all Shield Block licenses as well as all breaks and Adrenaline as well, very great synergy. Very attractive if you don't want your greatswords and katanas used by the same character, and Excalibur doesn't need White Robes in my opinion, either. It's already strong enough without.

8 : Anonymous2018/02/13 21:05 ID: du77lrg

Monk/Archer: Quickenings 1,2,4
-Only way to have a non-Foebreaker character with access to all 4 breaks without using espers.
-While you'll be using Light Armor most of the game, Archer can unlock Heavy Armor 10-12 with Shemhazal for a late game damage boost. Even though Poles are resisted by Magic Defense, their damage formula is Strength-based.
-Once you unlock Heavy Armor 10-12 from Archer and all 16 Battle Lores from Monk, this combination may have the highest damage output for an Archer. Being able to target Magic Defense with Poles or Physical Defense with Bows can be a useful tool for monsters with skewed defense values.
-It's not as much as Black Mage or Bushi, but Archer does gain access to Magic Lore 2-6 with Chaos, so if you unlock White Magick 9-13 on the Monk board Archer will make it more effective to some degree.
-Until you reach Heavy Armor 10 you are forced to use Light Armor.
-If you are limiting yourself to using each board only once, Archer does not make as good a use of White Magick 9-13 from the Monk board as other boards such as Black Mage or Bushi.

9 : Anonymous2018/02/14 04:27 ID: du7wnrn

White Mage/Foebreaker : Quickenings 1,3,4 Espers Ultima

- Foebreaker gives White Mage some much needed HP and Tankyness for great survival potential.
- Bypasses the need for the Chaos esper to get Greatswords (2) for free
- Has good damage output during healing/buffing downtime.
- Puts all four breaks on a support character
- With Foebreaker and Knight being quite similar in terms of armor etc. this is nice for those who enjoy the Idea of a Knight/White Mage but still want access to 3 Swiftness.

- Has to have the Ultima esper to get 3 swiftness
- Has access to 0 potion, remedy and phoenix lores.
- Axes and Hammers have random damage (not too much of an issue since you'll want to be healing more often than not)
- Since you will be healing a lot of the time the damage potential of foebreaker is slightly wasted.

10 : Anonymous2018/02/14 04:42 ID: du7xdio

Machinist/Uhlan: Quickenings 1,3,4 Espers Famfrit

-Has high early game damage potential due to the nature of guns not scaling and good guns being available early in the game.
-With spears and the various elemental shots this combo can hit every elemental weakness in the game.
-Uhlan provides Machinist with Focus and Adrenaline which works to increase gun damage.
-When given Famfrit, has access to strong time magic to help with support.
-Has access to a decent number of item lores if additional support is needed.
-Makes a very good beserk bot.

-Damage falls off in the late game as other class combos start to shine and high combo rate weapons take the stage.

ID: e1064if

This is the combo I have for Balthier. I think it works incredibly well.

11 : Anonymous2018/02/14 04:56 ID: du7xz4h


Mage: Quickenings 1,2,3 Espers Zalera

-Timemage gives Archer some much needed battle lores and heavy armor while Archer provides HP.
-Doesn't require any espers to be effective (Zalera only if you want ether lore 3)
-With Zalera this combo has access to every item lore in the game making it a good option for supporting with Nihopalaoa and Pheasant Netsuke
-Has access to Cura and Raise without the need for an esper (for non item based support early in the game).
-Can use Crossbow bolts to apply debuffs while not casting.
-A not often mentioned but very fun and versatile combo.

-Using two 3 swiftness jobs together could possibly deprive another combo of 3 swiftness.
-Very much a support character, and while capable of decent damage this combo is easily out damaged by other class combos.

12 : Anonymous2018/02/13 21:46 ID: du7a9jm


ID: du7aqsy


13 : Anonymous2018/02/17 22:10 ID: dueo4dn

Bushi/Time Mage: Quickenings 2,3,4.
-Katanas use a combination of Strength and Magic in their damage formula, but the formula is set such that at higher levels Strength has more of an impact than Magic. Pairing Bushi with a board such a Time Mage that has a good amount of Battle Lores and access to Heavy Armor will allow you to significantly increase the damage output of your Katanas.
-If you want to be more of a hybrid character you can wear Mystic armor and use espers to unlock up to 14 Magic Lores with Bushi to improve your Time Magick.
-Time Mage provides Bushi with a solid ranged attack in crossbows.
-Both boards have Swiftness 3, so if you're only using each board once you'll need to spend espers unlocking Swiftness on Foebreaker and pair Monk with a swiftness 2 board for everyone to have Swiftness 3.
-Time Mage maxes out at 11 battle Lores (realistically 10 since Machinist needs Famfrit).

14 : Anonymous2018/06/30 06:16 ID: e1jht8e

I'll throw in a few build thoughts based on my current run where I tried to do every bit of content I could possibly do at each stage of the game. I'll talk about three phases Early:Up to killing Balias, Mid:Post Raithwall up to pharos(cuchulainn, zelara, Adrammelech, Zeromus, Exodus and chaos are killed here) and Late:from pharos to superbosses

Knight/BLM- ideally on Vaan gives you 99/99/91/90 with Excalibu


Early: Start as knight lots of early Passives and hp you can just auto attack with swords for a easy time through early game

Mid: BLM starts turning on at the -Ara level, free poach, Spellbound let's you hop to the other side of knight and bypass alot of expensive Armor, Oil+Flame Staff fucks shit up from Ozmone to Nabreus, Glacial Staff hits at the same time as blizzara and having a free healer named larsa(who has God dam SoB) perfect for killing Adrammelech, Sleep/Blind/Silence have useful niches, Decoy means something on you in Heavy+Shields, Souleater is powerful at this stage, Solid hitter for early cuchulainn

Late: You have Excalibur Cheese, Ele-Staff/-Ga for mobs, White 6,7,8,9 means you can self buff/offheal/esuna and you are the best 1h/2h Sword animation and are the zodiark pivot you hit holy in p1 and cover p2 with your magic. ****

WHM/Foe Breaker- My choice is Balthier who can end at 99/88/98/88 in Grand/Glimmering/Germinas (so because Balthier gets a decent hammer animation along with 98 vit he's actually one of the best hammer users Basch deals less than him because he has 10 vit less and his animation doesn't offset the stat loss on spreadsheet dps) also having 98 vit means that your buffs last as long as possible great for buffing and at 88 magic cureaja does its job well enough your a utility machine. 91 speed puts you in the .11 cs mod

Early: Start as WHM there's no breaks early and having a WHM is always useful.

Mid: Hammer's+Souleater is a powerful midgame combo you get it free off Foebreaker battlelores, Having Four Curas is my Zalara Strat, Tons of Hp off Foe, Bomb's, Elemental Shields, if you are a psychopath like me there's alot of good hamme

you can cheese meaning he's a good hitter for early cuchulainn and can which gets you Shades of mother fucking Black as early as before you ever enter golmore

Late: Your a God dam buff machine you are the Brave/Faith Pro/Shell setup guy you like to tell bosses they are not allowed to have fun because of your breaks and you heal well, also hammers aren't the highest dps weapon but there top ten and you fucking hurt with them while you have a million years free time not recasting buffs. Shades is still useful sometimes.

Monk/Foebreaker- I had this as Fran she's my favorite character so I wanted to play to her strengths which is her skill with pole's she has low magic and Vaan is eating up the good knight espers because he can actually use them so Foebreaker was the best fit for her to get genji and some utility. She ends 99/71/82/46 with Grand/Mirage/Genji and is a dps machine

Early: Start as monk Poles felt kinda shitty here lots of hp but foe start might have been better free blindga and steal are cool

Mid: You get Shades of I'm going to kill everyone you love Black(God this Tec is op as hell midgame) pole's start to be useful especially vs low mdef enemies and Shear being the first obtainable Break is great for her and as always Souleater is pretty good midgame. She's core in zero and exodus with solid lores and poles being range.

Late: Genji Poles, Self Brave and Cureaja when it matters Fran is depressingly one deminsional but I took that and optimized it as well as I could she's a Dps/Breaker I don't pretend she's anything else and it works you need a good neutral dps for endgame and she fills that role. Shades/Achilles can come in handy.

RDM/BLM- I made this Basch because I had other plans for penelo and ashe and I needed a black/red for strats. he plesently supprised as my mage he ends 79/99/77/88 with Skullcap/Glimmering/Germinas

Early: Start Red for obvious reasons you heal and smack shit with mace's

Mid: Oil+Fira agian comes in HOT, He is your second Blizzara/Glacial for Adra and importantly brings slow to that fight (a slow Adra is a dead Adra) and one of your Curas for Zelera he's great for special strats and for general roaming all around solid.

Late: elemental weak enemies become more rare but whenever he can get use from his +100% dark gear (Ultima) and +50% element damage niches he's a dude also whenever he can abuse Oil+Ardor he's the man. Also importantly he's low esper I gave him steal with Zalera

Uhlan/Whm- This is my ashe she gets to end the game at 99/99/97/86 with Grand/Glimmering/Germinas, has a weaker holy cheese in Holy Lance but it still hits like a truck has Spikes in early/mid/late and is great all around at dps/heals/buffs

Early: Start Uhlan she gets a partisan(I think) from the shop across the hall and starts poking people. Rush shades then Fira on license board 🙂

Mid: Well Balias is dead you have Shade's of I am starting to run out of names Black, Souleater, Oil+Fira (no flame staff T_T) she will spend most of the midgame in your party from running around Nabreus like a idiot and rolling scathe to running around cerobi like a idiot and rolling scathe, she is one of your Cura's for early Zelera, Two Potion lores for early Zeromus and Spear's for the early Exodus Kill she is a core member in most midgame content

Late: your good but not great as a trade off of being so strong early and mid. You can do everything well your holy cheese isn't quite vaan but you have +100% holy if you want and you are a core in Zodiark, your zodiac dps is good but not Fran but it will get you a core spot in neutral fights your a top tier heal/buff while being good at the other two, you have potion lore for them clutch xpots when a cast is too long your a everyman and lots of strats build around you.


- This is my Penelo. This was a midgame choice as this class combo can have a powerful spike mid. You can end at 98/81/99/96 with Grand/Mirage/Germinas.

Early: she wasn't used

Mid: This was her purpose she gets Cura, Burning bow/Element Arrows, Strong Chemist, and Shades of I only roll scathe right? Black. She's the pivot of Exodus and Zeromus and I was debating between time mage and this next play through I'm going to try time over Archer for slow arrows.

Late: Hits element weakness, xpotions are pretty good but Ultima, Zodiark and the like got different strats she was ment for midgame.

My thoughts: Knight/BLM is nutty, Foe/WHM is great, Fran on poles is great, Uhlan/Whm is great

My next play through I'm going to try and do characters on bad combinations for them so I might find some interesting combo.

15 : Anonymous2018/03/25 13:46 ID: dw9af04

Black Mage/White Mage

Ultimate Versatility

The critique you usually see with this is along the lines of how the character can’t heal and nuke at the same time. This critique is wrong because no character can do two things at once. With this character, if your HP goes down you heal and when your HP is up, you nuke. My ideal party at this point is 4 blm/whms with 1 blm/rdm and 1 tbm/blm but once I saw the synergy, I considered restarting without the tbm - I only keep tbm around because they do end up getting white magic through Adrammelech.

This is definitely my favorite mage only build - a lot of magic, super versatility, some nice weapons (like Save the Queen, Defender, and the admittedly crappy hand grenades), and by end game, your constant stream of nuking and ability to have any member replenish the team gives you tactical versatility.

Love this build.

16 : Anonymous2018/02/18 17:59 ID: dug8u05

HI GUYS!!! I have a question regarding STAGE 99 in Trial Mode. I can't defeat Omega Mk.XII, it was such a easy fight for me in the story mode but now i cant seem to defeat it.

My team consists of:

---Vaan - Uhlan/Shikari

---Balthier - Machinist/Time Battlemage

---Fran - Arche


---Balthier - Knight/Foebreaker

---Ashe - Black Mage/Bushi

---Penelo - White Mage/Monk

I start my battle with:

---Balthier (Mithuna/Bubble Belt):

.Ally:Ashe -- Reverse

.Ally:Ashe -- Decoy

.Ally:any -- Raise

.Self:MP<20% -- Charge

---Ashe (Masamune/Hermes Sandals - I forgot to pickup a third buble belt)

.Self -- Reverse

.Self -- Decoy

.Ally:any -- Phoenix Down

.Self:MP<20% -- Charge

.Foe:Lowest HP -- Attack

---Penelo (Whale Whiske


.Ally:Ashe -- Reverse

.Ally:Ashe -- Decoy

.Ally:any -- Raise

.Self:MP<20% -- Charge

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the comments

PS: i know this isnt the place to post it but i didnt want to create a post just for this.

ID: duk82d3

PS: i know this isnt the place to post it but i didnt want to create a post just for this.

This is exactly the kind of thing to create a post for. Go ahead and make a new thread, you won't get much traction in the sticky.


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