Job Builds

1 : Anonymous2020/11/10 20:13 ID: jrskhe

Hello, i would like to create a build for every job, i already have the black and white mage and i would really like it if people could help me with it it will be on a sheet and I’ll share it it’ll show everything you need to know

Job Builds

2 : Anonymous2020/11/12 18:42 ID: gc2m2hi

Hi, creator of the Sage build that you linked to here. I took a look over several of the builds that you posted (4 total, 2 being linked from other posts), and I have to say that they fall into three categories: Incomplete, out-of-date and mechanically challenged (My post would fall into the 'out-of-date category'). I highly advise that you find your way into the subreddit's Discord and read over the #theorycrafting channel, which has work over the past nearly-four years between six or seven players in really digging into the game's mechanics and figuring out the cream of the crop of the game, not to mention that my completed, weaker Sage build (Thunder Bullshit) has been written up in that channel and that a lot of your builds could be polished by speaking with the individuals there, including myself.

ID: gc2qiuw

Ok yes i am sorry i am in the discord and i have been starting to look over stuff and i realized it after a couple of days on discord i probably should of checked before, I’ve created so many older builds that it makes it almost ineffective


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