WOTL Balance Mods? Out of the game a long time

1 : Anonymous2021/02/25 03:48 ID: lrxeog

It's been a long time since I last played FFT and I was going to start up a WOTL run which would be my first go because the PSX has been played to death. I've exclusively played 1.3 and I'm giving Tides of Fate ( a shot but I'm curious if there's something out there I'm just not aware of. Any recommendations appreciated for the goals I'm seeking

Story battle level scaling. Lucavi Boss improvements. 999 HP really isn't a boss fight once you get to Chapter 4. Generic Job cleanup. After the Archer change in 1.3 I can't imagine some of the vanilla classes anymore. Balance the special jobs. The miss chance on Holy Knight skills is something I've grown to see as needed, Tides of Fate adds in an MP cost too and that seems a bit much.
2 : Anonymous2021/02/25 06:04 ID: gooecf4

There are not really that many options available for the PSP, although each one has their own merits and flaws on seeking each creators vision of balance.

Since you stated you already checked Tides of Fate, the only other suggestions I have are: Valeria 2.3, Kind of, Emergence (last one only works on the EUR iso).

If you are open to the PSX version, there is a bit more options like Cerabow, LFT and EZ-8.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/28 16:57 ID: gp6wu7c

Work tweaks is really good. For songwriting that's played it over 20 times it still feels like the game I love but highlights the good parts.

Controllable first characters, always on jp up ( I used so maybe more quirky and fun builds), and some very light teaks to classes (ex: dragoon change is you get 3/3 for free and 8/8 are the only others)

Also enemy units pick more skills and focus on useful ones. I had enemies using cool skills all the time.

ID: gp6yfn9

I do like that one it is lacking the story level scaling or any Lucavi improvements.

I took a look at the Tides of War patch in the editor and fixed a few things that were broken (for example the whole poach list is broken), changed the move finds to be rare finds only (a change that they did for some maps but not all), reverted the job progression to the vanilla WOTL, changed Berserkers back to Onion Knights. I can't get the text to change however because there's crazy text editor issues but I think it's a good place to test.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/02 22:38 ID: gpgvv0t

Do you need a hacked PSP to run these mods, or are most people emulating them? I have done quite a bit of PC modding, but console modding is out of my area of expertise.

ID: gpkam0l

I'm not certain of the specifics on the PSP but I know that for PSX emulation of modded roms you can burn them to physical media if you wanted to. The original translation of 1.3 to WOTL used a European ISO as the base and that's the one I have edited.

I'm actually finished with the changes so the only thing I'm stuck on is how to make a PPF for wider distribution to other people. Turns out there were a lot of missed things in the PSX to PSP transition so I'm glad I looked at the code.


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