How do you play mages ?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:41 ID: lz82tk

Hey guys ! I have started FF XII and I find the combat & licences system very fun ! However I have some issues as to how to play mage classes. And I would really appreciate some tips on what use to make of them. Let me elaborate.

For example, Fran is my white mage and I plan to make her Machinist as a second job. Currently I have her equipped with a staff and she mostly uses protect + cure on my party when necessary. Here I am wondering if I should also make her attack/steal foes? Because that puts her in melee range which I think is not the best. And once she is machinist, should I stop using staves and stick to guns?

Same thing with Ashe, my Black Mage whom I will also make Monk. How do you go about playing dark mage? Do you spam spells on foes? But then you deplete your MP like there's no tommorow ? Should I play pole when I get the second job and mostly use dark magic on bosses?

Finally I have Penelo as my Archer and she will be my red battlemage. How do I play that then? Do I stick to bows (which I find not great) or do I go ahead with maces once I have the second job?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:50 ID: gpzvtie

There are licenses that recover mp after doing damage and killing enemies. Once those are unlocked, mages become much more sustainable and very powerful

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:53 ID: gpzwaht

On mage's licence board, you have a lot of mp recovery, that makes spam magic a lot viable, gun get through defenses, so its situation and also a way to recover your mana by damaging foes. Basically, playing mage you want to find foes weaknesses, if you find yourself without mp, you can use an ability called "Charge" that has a chance to recover your mp or drop if fail, when your mp is low, use charge ability and you are good to go

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:08 ID: gpzzag2

Range really doesn't matter in this game. There isn't a fully developed aggro/zoning system. Sometimes the mob will just attack your mage, even if there's someone else right in front of him smashing his face in with melee weapons.

So yes, white mages are great candidates to be your primary thief. Especially if you're using a staff, then there's not much for your mage to do at the beginning of combat. So run in and get the steal, then let them heal or buff as needed.

For black mages, early on MP management is necessary, but later as you get some augments, your MP regen will be tied to spell damage and killing foes, which means your black mage will have plenty of MP the vast majority of the time. What I do, usually, is set up gambit so that Black targets weaknesses (foe: thunder weak->thunder, etc). Black magic is so powerful in this game that you really won't be needing to use your pole very much. This is one reason I'm not a huge fan of Black/Monk.

Red/Archer is great because it can do just about everything well enough. Usually I'll run with the bow because that will usually do more damage than your mace and come with elemental/status to boot. Where maces are better is when your Red/Archer won't be attacking much so you can take advantage of the defensive bonuses of a shield. Later on as shields get really good and bows become less above average, you may use your mace more often.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:54 ID: gpzwghm

I set gambits to the enemies weakness and have them use the correct element, otherwise they attack and and always have someone focus on healing with it without mages, if you have neutral magic(non-elements) like scathe or shock then it’s more a question of maintaining their magic, I usually set mine to mp- below 10 percent use charge.. not always a good idea though because sometimes 10 percent is actually a lot of magic. Alternatively using ethers or elixirs can work at some point they can be bought I think, but usually by then they are not as useful(ethers can be bought idk about elixirs) time magic is very useful to buff party and I like having one character steal most of the time, so set one to haste entire party, one steals and one heals, they can all attack and if need be for tougher enemies switch steal to attack.. that’s all I got for now that’s just my way of doing things, I also like berserking one character and buffing him as much as possible then having a mage casting from far away, whoever I’m playing can just run around and do nothing at that point.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:54 ID: gpzwmyz

Once you Unlock Charge and Warmage, which are Technicals/Augments on the license board, you can use them to sustain your MP for your mages. For your white mage, I would recommend that you set all of their healing gambits first, and then set an attack gambit last, so that they only attack if they have nothing else important to do. For your Black Mage, I would make sure they have a stave, as it increases their MAG stat, and for your red mage it depends. If you want her to also be only using magick to attack, then give her a Mace. If not, good be her a bow.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 23:06 ID: gq1alg0

The mage/machinist combo is actually really good. You might wanna stick to guns so your mage stays alive and does decent damage since guns do not rely on stats and ignore dedense. Keep the gambits to healing, for example Ally Any > Raise, Ally HP 60% Cure or cura or whatever, bellow those essential heal gambits put the attack/support gambits like Foe: Undead > Cura and below Foe: Flying Attack (give priority to flying foes since guns are long range. Under the attack gambits is your passive zone, meaning gambits that activate between battles, there you place Ally Any > Protect and Shell. If you get the wyrmfire shot then you can place the Foe: HP100% > Oil Gambit and on top of it add Foe status: Oil > Attack to dish out early 5k damage attacks. Your endgame build will have Dark Robes and Dark Shot which will deal heavy Dark Elemental Damage which is useful agaisnt the endgame super boss.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:24 ID: gq1pvy7

White mage/Machinist is all about those guns. Good candidate for steal bot as well.

Red mage/archer is fine to us a mace. Mace does respectable damage.

Black mage will be your highest damage dealing character later on, and by then you will regen mana aster than you spend it. Until then, like others said there's licenses like charge that will help.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 05:12 ID: gq2i9td

It depends on your mage. White mage i used bows to keep distance even tho it’s not really important. Black mage just uses the best magics you have unlocked

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 08:31 ID: gq2x1u8

so, i made Penelo WM/Gunner, Fran RM/Archer & Ashe BM/Bushi. a few times I've run out of MP, but i got a bunch of Ethers, so eh, sure.

i loaded my BM with all the main Foe:weak gambits, and let her go to town. good fer crowd-clearing!


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