What would be your winning Blitzball team in the Final Fantasy universe and why?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 06:40 ID: lyvxu9

I’ve always felt bad for the Ronso in Blitzball so I’ve always wished Kimahri could be a playable character. That got me to thinking who else I would want on my team and why? We’ve got 6 spots for our team. Fill ‘em up.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 08:23 ID: gpw77rn

Sin shall be my goalie

ID: gpw8w15

I’m leaning on Quina for my goalie. If you can eat a frog, you can eat a ball... at least that’s how I imagine it works.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 07:37 ID: gpvwb6h

I always wanted to have Jecht on my team xD. He would have ridiculous shot, speed and end.

ID: gpvwqrf

I mean if we’re gonna put Jecht in there we may as well allow Anima xD

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 07:27 ID: gpvtdh7

Auron should be able to take a goalie's head off.

ID: gpvv30n

“No time to waste, let’s go!”

ID: gq0027i

Step 1: Fatality

Step 2: Victory music plays

Auron: “That’s how it’s done”

ID: gq1v0oy

Goalie: you almost took my head off that really hurt.

Auron:....what of it.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 09:25 ID: gpwmhs5

Tidus and jecht(as Messi and Maradona, have in mind that Messi is better than Maradona) are a must on the team.

I would put Tifa(agile and strong) there, and also I would put Cloud as a goalie for his reflections

Defenders would be Kimhari because he is a short ronso so he would be faster than the rest of them, with the same strength and Fran for speed

6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 09:12 ID: gpwj8r7

LF: Butz FF5 (his name is butts)
RF: Zalbaag FFT (badass, and willing to take the tough shot - see fort zeakden)
MF: Yuffie FF7 (agile ninja, perfect midfielder)
LD: Kefka (dude is evil, has a lightning tower to snipe his foes, also Venom Tackle 3)
RD: Barrett FF7 (another sniper, also big as heck)
G: Dycedarg FFT (His sword in FFT is called the Defender, so he'd probably make a good goalie. Also has the holy zodiac stone Capricorn in case things get tough)

ID: gpxpf0s

upvoted for Butz

7 : Anonymous2021/03/06 12:07 ID: gpxm9ih

I just want a mod where the kid who wanted to be a blitzball is actually the blitzball used to play

ID: gpyk8pb

I would play this

8 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:00 ID: gpx69sb

Tidus and Jecht (ffX) as shooters, Squall and Zell (ff8) as defenders, Barret or Vincent (ff7) as goalie, and the center is a wild card that wouldn’t always be the same. Center position could go for Locke (ff6), or Lightning (ff13), or Noctis (ff15), or the dark knight Cecil (ff4). That’s if you are talking FF series, but if you mean FFX only, then just use Tidus and Wedge (Luca stadium entrance’s guard) as shooters, Rikku’s brother as center, Jumal as goalie, and any two above average defenders and you can win without problems.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/06 15:00 ID: gpynbje

Canonically, the best team long term is probably:

LF: Tidus

RF: Jecht

MF: Brother

LD: Ropp

RD: Kulukan (or Kiyuri)

G: Nimrook

Non-blitzball universe characters would likely not be good at it. I don't think Auron can really swim well since he refuses to go into the underwater battles.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/06 12:48 ID: gpxw3g2

Kimhari only shoot.


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