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1 : Anonymous2022/01/03 18:00 ID: rv7pu4
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2 : Anonymous2022/01/05 10:22 ID: hrc5r38

I'm playing FFV on the PC and gil keeps disappearing from my stash. I can't seem to make more than 10000 at any one point. I make 1500 from a battle, I'll make another 1500. Then I'll lose 1500 from the third battle. Is the game broken or is there something in my party that causes me to lose the same amount of gil I'm supposed to gain from a battle? TIA

ID: hrcjcb2

Do you have a samurai or character using Gil Toss/Zeninage? That ability essentially uses money to do damage.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/03 18:05 ID: hr3mmll

Which final fantasy should I play from 1-5 on mobile? I just want one of them to kill time so something more on the grindy side and less story would prob be best. Also if it’s 3 or 4, please lmk if I should get the pixel remaster or the 3d version!

ID: hr3qq5p

I reckon V is your best bet, out of that lot its definitely my favorite. The gameplay is definitely amazing and yes it has a good story but it's strong point is the job system so you can create so many job combinations. It definitely has some difficult bosses so grinding may be necessary so that will help.

ID: hr3qu60

They all have a bit of grind to them. You wont really go wrong with any of them. 5 is probably the longest. 4 is a fan favorite. 2 can be made super long with its proficiency system but in practice its not that long cause there no need to grind that much.

Not for nothing but every mainline game up to 9 is on Mobile atm, id recomment 6-9 more than the previous ones. Maybe 4 is a good contender too. They are all longer in general with more side content to boot

ID: hr5vcj3

the 2D pixel remaster version of 3 and 4 are closer in feel to the originals than the 3D remakes. usually it depends on whether you prefer old school sprites or blocky 3d

ID: hr8a0yy

I'd say 3 and 5 present a lot of opportunity to grind, because they have pretty robust class change systems. FF2 does as well, because its combat system is just kind of unique, but plenty of people find it kind of frustrating as a result. Installments 1 and 4 are good, but somewhat straight shots from beginning to end. (1 does have a class selection and then a change, but that's it, and 4, characters have set roles, so it's just a matter of leveling your end game party when you get there.)

4 : Anonymous2022/01/05 17:39 ID: hrdonan

I've been enjoying FF13 way more than I thought I would. Would I also enjoy FF13-2 and Lightning Returns? I've been playing on Steam and saw that the sequels, at least 13-2, get a lot of hate. I wanted to grab them while they were on sale but wanted to get some opinions from people who have played through the trilogy first.

ID: hrepmfs

I highly recommend the rest of the trilogy if you’re enjoying XIII (glad to hear it!).

XIII-2 has combat similar to XIII but introduces some fun wrinkles, including monster collecting. It also allows for much more exploration that I found well worthwhile.

While this is an unpopular opinion, Lightning Returns is my favorite of the three. The combat and party building systems depart significantly from the previous two games but it’s a blast to play - you get something resembling a classic job system and thrilling combat that’s somewhere between XIII/2’s styles and full action. The world is well designed, the aesthetics are beautiful, and there’s a ton to explore and discover. Very unique entry in the FF series.

Story-wise I feel that XIII’s is the strongest of the three, but I won’t say anything beyond that to let you form your own opinions.

ID: hrdtuvs

I think 13-2 was better than 13. Especially in terms of gameplay. You'll probably enjoy it if you liked the way 13 feels to play.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/04 06:51 ID: hr6nin3

I just finished VII and IX, and I loved both of them, but really really enjoyed IX. I think the traditional fantasy aspect sells me a bit more. The story and characters (Vivi!) have stuck with me. I want try out either X or XII on the switch. What do you recommend?

ID: hr89lb4

You can't really go wrong with either, but I think 12 has more of a "fantasy epic" feel, similar to 9, than 10 does. That being said, I think 10 is a bit easier to play, since 12 has a combat system with less direct control. Nothing too complex though, so really, I'd try them both.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/04 02:27 ID: hr5rcwk

So I want to get into FF as a series, but I'm also currently at point in my life where I'm on the go a lot, meaning that the Switch is my go to for gaming right now.

Which version on the Switch should I pick up? I'm leaning towards either FF: X or the FF7/8 bundle version, but maybe there are different ones I should look at?

This is also a side note, but I'm also open towards any Switch JRPG suggestions too!

ID: hr5u289

FFX is a good starting choice for Switch.

7 : Anonymous2022/01/04 13:56 ID: hr7ojhs

Which FF game can I play to appreciate fanservice in FFXIV the most (especially at the beginning, i.e. ARR/Heavensward)? Now of course I am not expecting to get every reference from playing a single game, but I wanted to play one game from the franchise before I start FFXIV, and then continue with the remaining entries (playing along FFXIV).

ID: hrfodad

You'll want to check out FFXII and Tactics: WOTL for the raids post Stormblood.

ID: hr7ru8z

There are a lot of references. The biggest one in ARR is the Crystal Tower series of raids, which is all based on FFIII.

If you want to look for all the references there is this page:

Follow the links to whatever you're interested in. But the page on references to other FF game is sorted by the other game, not by which expansion has the reference. I don't know of any list that does that.

EDIT: Oh and the best one to play for Heavensward is probably VI. However it isn't as strong of a connection. There is a series of fights in XIV about VI but they are all single fights and not a whole raid series. There is a series of raids in Heavenward and it is kind of related to VI but not really. It's more like two things that have the same name rather than actually being a reference.

So if you specifically want to prepare for references III is your best bet, but VI is the better game between the two.

ID: hrhkvnh

Also there are allusions to FFIX in the Heavensward Hildebrand side quests

8 : Anonymous2022/01/04 20:41 ID: hr9dddn

Does anyone know if Final Fantasy IV 3D remake (android) includes the extra colored tails for the onion equipment like in the DS version?

ID: hrco71m

If it's the same as the Steam version then yes.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/05 16:33 ID: hrddrte

Now that Pixel Remaster of V has come out, I would like to know which version that I should go for? The latest port or the other ones?

10 : Anonymous2022/01/05 18:25 ID: hrdwkuw

I'm relatively new to FF series, played 15 and 7R and loved them, and i played FF14 for the past 2 and a half years, I'm really into story driven games and i often feel like I'm missing out when people around me catch references to old games in 14,

My problem is i couldn't ad much as i tried get into the old games because of the turn based combat system, it's just not for me, i still want to go through the story though, is there a YouTube channel maybethat goes through the games in some way that isn't like twitch with destruction from chat and is engaging enough that you recommend? Thanks in advance!

ID: hrdy00w

If it helps, I'm specifically lookimg for ff12, ff10, and ff4, mainly.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/06 03:54 ID: hrg2s1s

Hello all, recently I've been gifted FF X/X-2 HD remaster, FF VII remake, FF XV, FF XII the zodiac age, FF type-0 HD, all on PS4 and Xbox One and then FF XIII and FF XIII-2 on PS3, and the closest I've ever been to anything final fantasy was kingdom hearts, which of these is a good place to start?

Edit: Also, I'm not sure on whatever direct sequels to any of these I might be missing, any suggestions on others I should add to the collection?

ID: hrh4fnu

The order I would play in would be: 1. X & X-2


3: XIII & XIII-2 (you’re missing Lightning Returns)

I suggested these ones first because of the turn based battle systems, once you play XV and VII Remake, their active styled battle system makes it sluggish to get through the turn based ones.

I would then tackle XV next and then VII Remake.

It’s not necessary but if you can handle the old school polygon graphics of the original VII, I would play through that before playing VII Remake.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/06 09:18 ID: hrgyplh

Does anyone know who did the disc inlay art for feel / Go dream Yuna & Tidus and the art on the disc for Music from Final Fantasy X japanese preorder promo the art style looks similar so might be the same person

13 : Anonymous2022/01/06 21:37 ID: hrjq0bg

How seriously do FF fans consider the connections between FFX and FFVII? Are they canonically in the same universe?

ID: hrk2dun

Depends on who you ask. Some people consider it to be the most canon of all canons, while some think it's just an Easter egg and not even a real connection at all. I fall into the latter camp, in part because the main writer of both VII and X said it was just a fun thing that was never meant to be taken seriously.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/04 00:11 ID: hr57qu7

What are the chances of the pixel remaster coming to ps4/ps5 I really want to play 6

ID: hri65kv

At this point in time, unlikely. They are available on some mobile devices and Steam currently. If they are coming to console, I haven't found any articles about it.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/05 03:21 ID: hrb0nm2

I read that the audio is compressed on the steam version of FFIX. Is there a mod that fixes that, gets the original sound and works with Moguri?

ID: hrbyyae

If you're talking about the sampling rate, which gives you a noticeable saturated sound, it's fixed in Moguri by default.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 22:35 ID: hrp82wf

I'm not sure what game I should play next. I have FF7R, FFX-2, FFXII, and the FFXIII trilogy. I would try 7R or X-2, but from what I played of 7R I didn't enjoy, and I've only heard negative things about X-2. I started FF13, and it's interesting, but the combat isn't that exciting imo. I am sort of looking for something similar to FFX, but with an actually good post game. Whenever I play a JRPG, I feel the need to complete it, and FFX is probably the worst game I've played in terms of post game, but the best game I've played in the series.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/07 23:30 ID: hrpgdqj

FF13 is know for it's slow phasing when it comes down to gameplay, combat takes time to get good, I say around chapter 4 is were the gameplay finaly starts to shine a little, before that there is almost not challenge, and as you unlock more abilities it becomes better, for me chapter 11 was this game highlight.

18 : Anonymous2022/01/08 14:26 ID: hrs2xdu

Have a look at X-2. I enjoyed it immensely, but how you like it depends a bit on how you feel about the change in atmosphere compared to X. Should only take a couple hours to find out.


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