Add & Customize a FFX Themed User Flair!

1 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:49 ID: l2z5dp
Add & Customize a FFX Themed User Flair!
2 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:50 ID: gk95zrr

Thanks for keeping FFX alive in our hearts by sharing the all the content from fan art to successfully getting 0.00 in the chocobo race! As an early celebration of this community's cake day, you can now add user flairs. Follow the images to do so, and any abuse of the customizable flairs may be punishable by permanent ban.

3 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:57 ID: gk96tba

Awesome. Awesome to the max.

4 : Anonymous2021/01/23 01:06 ID: gk9qdxl


5 : Anonymous2021/01/22 22:57 ID: gk96uo6

How am I looking?

ID: gk9742z

Kimahri think you got flair

6 : Anonymous2021/02/04 03:42 ID: gly4v06

Best mods!

ID: gly5pnq


7 : Anonymous2021/02/15 12:37 ID: gnj28h6

Thanks for this!

ID: gnj29he

You're welcome.

8 : Anonymous2021/02/16 23:03 ID: gnp9pxa

This is excellent

9 : Anonymous2021/02/16 23:10 ID: gnpah3l

That's even better!

10 : Anonymous2021/01/22 23:19 ID: gk99ozd

My end doesn't show the Rikku emote, does it only appear on for everyone else?

ID: gk99s59

I see it! Sometimes the flairs need a quick refresh on the page


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