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1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:59 ID: lztfgu

Does anybody know of any sort of RNG abuse or strategy to make a team hire a specific player? I'm trying to get another team to hire Ropp so I can learn Drain Tackle 3. I know it can appear as a 2nd place prize, but let's be real, coming 2nd place in the league on purpose is more annoying that just tech copying Ropp.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:31 ID: gq3y66a

You can forfeit exhibition games against a specific team until one (or preferably both, although that's unlikely) of their defenders has only one game left on their contract.

Then save, play an exhibition vs that team and forfeit. If they don't sign Ropp, soft reset and try again.

A couple.of questions, though. Firstly, why do want DT3 anyway? It isn't a good tech. Secondly, other players will learn DT3 if you just use it yourself as a technique for Ropp, and then it'll spread and you can eventually learn it.

ID: gq425e9

Completionist purposes. Want to try and get every technique possible on at least Tidus. I know one of them is basically impossible to learn (I think it is Anti-Drain), but still.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:49 ID: gq409dl

Get Brother, he’s in the center cockpit of the airship. He has the highest base speed and really good frontline stats. Draft him as a center, play him, grab the ball and just run around the AI. You can just drag them to follow you and pass to Tidus when he’s at the goal, or just use brother. Easiest strat.

ID: gq4yria

Did you even bother to read the topic or do you just assume every blitzball topic is about the same thing?

ID: gq5ieoq

I'm sure you can read more than half a line, try again


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