NsH – Maiden of Water (Final Fantasy III OST Remix)

1 : Anonymous2019/04/12 17:41 ID: bcgfuz
NsH - Maiden of Water (Final Fantasy III OST Remix)
2 : Anonymous2019/04/13 02:24 ID: ekrqkax

Hmm. I'm rather unfamiliar with Trance as a genre, but I really love this track! What I find very impressive is that, despite having a rather exciting beat, the piece maintains the original's ability to captivate the listener and invoke a relaxing mood.

I love everything about the orchestration here! I would expect a sawwave and an electric organ to clash, but here the two instruments meld perfectly along with the samples and piano to form not only something coherent, but something beautiful. Props on the beat, too! 3/4 beats are hard and you've nailed it here.


ID: eks5qgt

Thanks man I really appreciate the feed back! I'm mostly a trance producer but I haven't dipped into much modern trance these days, it's fairly complex LOL! I dont know if the original song is in 3/4 but I had to rewrite a lot of the melody to where it could fit 4x4 dance music.

I also did a take on Chrono Trigger's schala's theme which is in sort of the same vein


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