Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

1 : Anonymous2020/04/20 21:13 ID: g51fgd
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review
2 : Anonymous2020/04/29 19:51 ID: fozfq60

why is this guy so bad at the game but still reviewing stuff? He found normal mode hard for him. he was annoyed by long boss fights but that's the strategy part comes from and is great. I think the difficulty was very well done in this game and hard mode was very rewarding.

ID: fp1r18n

I Completed the game on normal, what are you on about.

3 : Anonymous2020/05/16 09:52 ID: fqsxrj7

The game is everything I hoped it wouldn't be, from the combat to the dialog they absolutely murdered one of the easiest wins any game company could possibly wish for. 3/10


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