So I checked my inventory after Chapter 12…

1 : Anonymous2020/04/20 15:05 ID: g4ufmh

45 potions, 12 mega potions, 8 Phoenix Downs, 20 Ether potions and three characters with heals. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

2 : Anonymous2020/04/20 21:47 ID: fo0t3p3

Items are completely pointless. In normal you should be able to get by no problem with just using benches when you see them, and in hard mode you can't use items anyway. Items are literally just junk to sell.

ID: fo2b9yg

You got what I have in mind

ID: fos7kzj

Well late on this but if you get the item master materia and that one piece of equipment that make your heaps better then your items will be I hit more useful at least first play through after than then yeah sell em lol

3 : Anonymous2020/04/20 15:11 ID: fnzjwy1

Those are rookie numbers son

4 : Anonymous2020/04/20 15:36 ID: fnzmrj3

Missing the point, all of these healing potions and I can’t use them when it matters the most.

5 : Anonymous2020/04/20 23:08 ID: fo11x39


Either y'all haven't played the chapter yet or are heartless bastards. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't use them to save best girl Jessie!

ID: fo1zq7l

In battle you get knocked out. That's what phoenix downs are for. Jessie straight up dead.

ID: fo5in7n

Her gloves and headband are next to Biggs, leading to the assumption they both somehow survived

ID: fp6igks

Jeez that wasnt exactly obvious.

6 : Anonymous2020/08/13 01:22 ID: g1a3zu5

I kept maxing out my potions and hi potions that i ended up just selling them all. Same with the antidotes, smelling salts and the others. Items are truly useless in this game. The only useful one was phoenix down.


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