We are voice acting the entire game of Final Fantasy VII!

1 : Anonymous2020/12/02 06:41 ID: k546da

For many years, I have been a modder in the FF7 scene trying to keep game fresh for everyone, 20 years after the release. Imagine a team of incredibly talented voice actors teaming up, to voice the entire game for Project Echo-S. All NPC's, Menu tutorials, Battle dialog, FMV cutscenes, etc. Voice acted. Playable.

We currently have about 6 months of work done with over 30 professional quality voice actors, plus hundreds of voices for NPC's from the community. We could always use more NPC voices!

And it's not just voice acting! Together we have made or currently making other mods too.

- Complete remodelling of all 3D assets in the game (characters, enemies, summons, etc)
- Complete remaster of all the games world map and magic textures
- Rerendered field maps using AI upscaling software (2k resolution field maps)
- True to original menu UI enhancements
- Battle menu UI re-imagining
- New Music (Modernized Rendition by Dracula9AntiChapel)
- New SFX (Modernized Sounds)

Get involved: - Discord - Twitch - Youtube - Twitter

2 : Anonymous2020/12/27 00:36 ID: gh4ccag

that sounds pretty awesome. this last play through i started naming everyone from the show friends and when i read dialogue, in my head i make them sound like the actors from the show are voicing the characters xD it's been interesting and keeping me hooked a lot longer than usual. (played through a lot so i usually quit by the time i get to gold saucer since tldr for me)

3 : Anonymous2020/12/30 23:21 ID: ghjs6s3

This sounds awesome. I've enjoyed the remake so far, and I don't mind that they decided to take the story in a new and further direction. Given that the remake isn't actually a remake, and is actually a "sequel" I was definitely worried that the original's age would prevent new fans from being able to get "the full story".

Square enix wouldn't go through the effort of a full remaster of the original, after spending decades teasing us with this remake, and I was worried that the beginning of the story would end up almost unplayable by people who don't have Nostalgia towards late 90's video games.

I've done some modding of ff7 before, but This looks like a huge project that covers all the parts that didn't quite hold up. ( only 4 years later they released FFX with full voice acting,) Almost like a "1 modpack to rule them all" type situation.

As someone planning on kids in the next couple years, you may be giving me a way to share one of my favorite games with them.

ID: ghvuvzy

Yo that'd be awesome 😀 I'd be glad to allow something like that to happen

4 : Anonymous2020/12/31 19:01 ID: ghmqiz0

Can I voice Dyne I can send some demos!

ID: ghvuxoh

If Dyne becomes available I'll let ya know

5 : Anonymous2021/01/10 23:29 ID: gitadl5

Is it available to download?

ID: gizb1dh

Not yet, this is more a ask for help to find NPC voices rather than a "Hi this exists and you need it." But we'll get there 😀

6 : Anonymous2021/01/12 04:03 ID: giyrl5g

I would love to help out with an NPC voice

ID: gizb079

If you'd like to help out you absolutely can. Best way to do it is in the Discord.
There is a chat to unlock the FF7 section and then you'll find a "Character Applications" chat. Mention it there and one of the managers should look after you from there.

7 : Anonymous2021/02/25 05:29 ID: goobb7n

Wonder how long it'll take before Square-Enix sends a cease and desist letter.

ID: gop16yv

They wont, I've been in touch with them and they know what were doing.

They have no issues with us


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