FF7 Remake Intergrade coming for PS5

1 : Anonymous2021/02/25 22:48 ID: lsj66a
FF7 Remake Intergrade coming for PS5
2 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:23 ID: gorn9g7

!!!! YUUUUUUFFFFFFFIIEEEEEEE!!! I thought we would have to wait for her in Remake Part 2! I'm so excited!!

3 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:54 ID: gosj998

The Door

4 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:28 ID: gos2h09

With part 1 coming out at the end of the PS4 life I doubt we’ll see all the story concluded on the PS4. Part two might get released but if they do it in three parts and it takes a couple years between each installment I highly doubt they’ll keep it going on a last gen console for that long.

5 : Anonymous2021/02/26 00:20 ID: goru93z

Waiting for FF7 - ReGackted

6 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:04 ID: goub25v

This is a weird one.
Finished the game already and found out that an "enhanced" version of the game is coming to the PS5 when all over the world the PS5 is short in stock primarily due to scalpers. Would've been nice if the Yuffie Episode was released as a DLC to the PS4 owners kinda like Capcom did for Vergil in DMC5. Dick move, Squeenix. Dick move.

7 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:21 ID: gorn1tr

the music I mean *

8 : Anonymous2021/02/26 12:40 ID: gotmzjo

So who is the guy at the end??

9 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:26 ID: goue2bi

This will be a failure. Why the hell would you released part 1 on ps4 and then release the rest on PS5??? And to add insult to injury the PS5 is hard to get right now. You fucked up hard square.

10 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:06 ID: gorl61a

A character from Dirge of Cerberus named Weiss

11 : Anonymous2021/02/26 04:39 ID: gosnxeg

Petition for ps4 version

12 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:58 ID: gosjp4c

Are PS5s going to be restocked by June?

13 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:28 ID: gosgfya

Surprisingly the two mobile FF7 games coming look very interesting

14 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:38 ID: gos3n2b

they absolutely won’t be releasing part 2 and beyond for ps4

15 : Anonymous2021/03/01 09:25 ID: gpa7qlk

part 2is ps5 exclusive

16 : Anonymous2021/02/28 22:32 ID: gp8j9sf

I’m so excited for all of this !!!

17 : Anonymous2021/02/26 09:42 ID: gotaltj

no offense but that’s ign they are not trusted

18 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:10 ID: gos0bbg

Record for the most expensive DLC ever?

The first DLC that requires you to buy a new console.

19 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:56 ID: gorrbdm

I really hope this means a PC version is coming too... I want that new chapter but I can't get a PS5.

20 : Anonymous2021/02/28 13:57 ID: gp66i7y

Why has some youtubers boycotted this game?

21 : Anonymous2021/02/28 11:10 ID: gp5tcou

So if I buy the PS4 version now I would only have to pay for the DLC so it’ll work out cheaper than buying the PS5 disc?

22 : Anonymous2021/02/28 05:29 ID: gp4moau

I bought the game digitally on my ps5. Am I still eligible for the upgrade?

23 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:41 ID: gorpic4

if you have the PS4 game, it's free upgrade to PS5 version but you just gotta pay extra for Yuffie DLC

24 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:40 ID: gorpdg6

I'm not a big fan of Yuffie but I guess in the future we might get more character driven DLCs

25 : Anonymous2021/02/28 03:50 ID: gp497ut

Well, I'm pissed off now, but I knew this bullshit was going to be pulled either way, let's buy a whole new console yeah I got money to burn not like there's a short supply and people scalping them for a high price or anything, what a joke!

26 : Anonymous2021/02/27 23:32 ID: gp3iryw

When will it come to PC?

27 : Anonymous2021/02/25 23:32 ID: goroeru

I mean it looks sick but PS5 only? That stings. A PC/Xbox port at this point would make a lot of sense.

ID: goxuhin

Exclusive until April. Ports after that.

28 : Anonymous2021/02/27 17:03 ID: gp1dqiy

How do you claim the ps5 upgrade?

29 : Anonymous2021/02/26 03:11 ID: gosek24

so disappointed that this is ps5 only. kinda dumb too tbh

ID: gosgulb

Part 2 will be PS5 only.

That was to be expected

30 : Anonymous2021/02/27 08:20 ID: goym2qk

where tf is pc port?

31 : Anonymous2021/02/26 01:49 ID: gos4vl9

What is intergrade

32 : Anonymous2021/02/27 00:09 ID: gowxe0q

I knew they were waiting for ps5 based on the mirrors not working. Screamed of ray tracing to me

33 : Anonymous2021/02/26 22:56 ID: gowjsav

I lost my save when switching from PS4 to PS5, so I'm 100% getting and playing this.

But! It's total garbage that they never fixed the textures so that they could make the PS5 version look extra better. Not cool

34 : Anonymous2021/02/26 22:14 ID: gowbqsq

Anyone know who is voicing Yuffie?

ID: gowv7v0

I've been wondering this as well! She sounds familiar but I can't quite place it.

35 : Anonymous2021/02/26 20:22 ID: govoyi7

gotta say, as someone who bought my PS4 a few months after release just for FF7:R, I am EXTREMELY non-plussed about this.

36 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:43 ID: goutlrr

I already have the physical copy from PS4. With the release of FFVIIR for PS Plus, do I still need the disc to play the PS5 version?

ID: govof8b

Unless you have a no-disk PS5, you should be able to upgrade the physical version to PS5 (not the PS+, you will probably need the disc in the drive to play)

ID: govnqam

I heard that the PS Plus version won't be transferable to PS5 but I don't know how credible that is. I'm sticking with my physical copy, hoping it will receive a free update for the PS5.

ID: govfe0l

If you install the PS Plus version when it’s free next month you’ll no longer need your physical copy.

37 : Anonymous2021/02/26 17:35 ID: gourrae

Ik rn the yuffie dlc is only for ps5 which is lucky for me but I think they’ll announce a PS4 version of the dlc eventually

38 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:52 ID: gouhwrg

Does anybody know if the digital artbook and soundtrack from this is different from the PS4 version? It’ll be a shame if they added in newer artworks/soundtrack as I can’t get it having owned the digital ps4 version

39 : Anonymous2021/02/26 16:23 ID: goudphp

Ayo who's the short dark hair girl with glasses

40 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:43 ID: gou87t9

rumors of a PC version keep popping up, so hope that pans out

41 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:42 ID: gou81so

Intergrade is a real word. it's very apropos for what's going on.

42 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:40 ID: gou7qp6

I don't own a ps5 (yet) and I think it's fantastic news

43 : Anonymous2021/02/26 15:39 ID: gou7njd

Is the PS4 getting the updated classic/normal options?


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