The most secret object of the game in my opinion and in your opinion?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:26 ID: m317jy

I am attaching the photo where in my opinion the most secret object of the game is! also for the simple fact that there is a procedure to be done that is impossible to know and then once the raid event on the midgar headquarters is over it is no longer possible to obtain it. For you, on the other hand, what is the most hidden item in the game?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:49 ID: gqme2ds

Not quite an item, but the Vincent waterfall cutscene is wonderful and quite obscure. I think you have to know it’s there to go and do it.

ID: gqmg721

It can be accessed early by using a blue chocobo before getting the submarine but its harder to get one without going to the Golden Saucer because its closed until Cloud comes back to the party.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/11 21:38 ID: gqmclr5

Also Rising Sun because it’s only obtained by stealing it from Diamond Weapon, it wasn’t in the official strategy guide like Behemoth Horn and its unobtainable in the original Japanese version.

ID: gqmd4zd

nice observation sir! there are so many of those beautiful and secret things in this game that after so many years I still love it!

ID: gqmlsp4

yeah, the rare items at this point seem to be those that weren't made know in the Official Brady Games Strategy.

The Versus Strategy Guide, definitely gave more in-depth look into the mechanics of the game.
I never knew different weapons gave strength and magic boosts, armor too. There was never even any description made in that little text window available in the game, something I think would be worth revising

4 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:05 ID: gqmg6ju

Along the same lines as the Rising Sun (brought up by someone else), the Warrior Bangle can only be stolen from the Eagle Gun enemy, which only appears once, on the train in the Corel huge materia mission.

ID: gqmgmrh

I didn't remember an object in that event. thx

5 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:14 ID: gqmha0p

I’ve heard rumors you can go on the Gold Saucer date with Barrett but I could never figure it out

ID: gqmhhmw

I think it can be done with all the characters but I've never quite understood how it works too!

ID: gqmlc5t

It's done by a point system that changes when you make certain gameplay and dialogue choices and whoever has the most points is who joins Cloud on the Gold Saucer date. Aerith starts with 50, Tifa with 30, Yuffie with 10 and Barret with 0.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:16 ID: gqmhj8m

Isn't there a secret custcene in Nibleheim that wasn't discovered until fairly recently? Once Cloud rebuilds his psyche after falling in the lifestream? I've read about it, but not seen it. Run a play through every year for the last 10 years and never came across it. Building up to it on a current play through. Not an object but hopefully still in the spirit of the thread.

ID: gqmjid7

The Flashback was originally planned to be part of the scene where Tifa saves Cloud from the lifestream in Mideel after washing up on the shore with Tifa, Cloud would have been unconscious and Tifa would have had to revive him with CPR.

ID: gqmngcz

i think its been known for a while but its one of those things that may or may not have made it to the official strategy guide, and is obscure enough to have people still discovering it on their ownthere was an FF7 anime episode called LAST ORDER - FF7 which is based on that secret cutscene release was September 14, 2005.

i remember my older brother brought this to us, either internet p2p or bootleg dvd from the asian flea market. I didn't live in a city with a big asian population enough for a asian market but when my brother got back from one of his city trips back in the day, that is one of the things I quite vividly remember he brought back. I remember seeing an anime on VHS at the video rental that had a chocobo on it, i forget if it was official FF franchise or a spin off or reference or something but. FF7 Advent Children was such a big thing too despite it never getting official support from american/european/western markets.

i remember a time when access to non-western media was hard to comeby, pre-youtube proliferation i guess would be a way to describe it

7 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:23 ID: gqmihob

What about the Tetra Elemental from Cactuar Island? I never use the damn thing, but I don’t feel complete until I visit my little buddy out there.

ID: gqmjpdh

wow i didn't know

8 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:01 ID: gqmn5hx

The most secret item in the game IMO is the Earth Mallet.

When you first visit the northern crater and jump down from the Highwind, there is a short area which shows Cloud running down the side of the crater from a profile view.

It is a very short, linear area with no items. Most people will run through it without encountering anything. You then end up in the whirlwind maze, and never return to this area.

In the area one of the enemies you can encounter is the Gigas. This enemy was not mentioned in the official guide and cannot be encountered anywhere else in the game, other than as the seventh round enemy in the battle arena in the Gold Saucer.

Stealing from this enemy gives you the Gigas Armlet, a decently powerful accessory. This is available elsewhere in the game.

To complete the height of obscurity, the Gigas has a switch in it's code; if you don't steal the Gigas Armlet from it, it has a 14% chance of dropping the item Earth Mallet. This item is not mentioned in any official guide.

All the Earth Mallet does is cast Quake3. It's surprisingly weak given how obscure it is.

So to summarize, in an area that is a very short, single visit, and completely linear transition screen with no interesting features, items, or diverging paths, you might encounter an enemy. That enemy might be a Gigas, the only place in the game you randomly encounter it, and if you don't steal from it, it has a 14% chance of dropping an item that cannot be obtained anywhere else and isn't mentioned in any guide.

ID: gqmnts2

wonderful explanation! I didn't even know about this object! thank you

9 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:56 ID: gqmmi10

Not an object, but some of the Fort Condor battles are weird with their timing.

ID: gqmo6el

The fort condor battles are a great example of an "impossible to know without a guide" side quest. I never realised how many there were until I completed a playthrough with a guide.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/11 23:21 ID: gqmpizq

Yoshiyuki - who would ever think to talk to that guy again after the short cut scene of looking at the rocket.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/11 22:57 ID: gqmmmsn

i don't think the behemoth horn was listed in the Official Brady Games guide, which can make it rare. also a nuisance to get because you have to go up the stairs the 2nd time you go back to midgar. I've yet to confirm if you can still get it if you don't go up the stairs the first time around. Maybe the story behind the Behemoth Horn is, Red XIII dropped it on his way down, or it was dropped by Hojo when he left the building. or maybe, its actually Jenova's Horn. anyway, beyond the speculation...

the obvious answers would be Earth Harp and Desert Rose, of which you get when you defeat Ruby and Emerald Weapon.

i think the most rare and hard to get items are those miss-able and only available from random drops from defeating enemies.
in my most recent play through, the Earth Mallet) was an item I would like to have had, as I was collecting all Battle Attack Items that can cast level 2-3 magic spells. Earth Mallet casts Quake/Earth 3. you can't go back to the Whirlwind Maze i.e. "norther crater pre-meteor". i've tried.

Rumor Has It, once you collect 35 1/35 Soliders, you get a playable Shinra Solider Character.

when i play through this game, i always find it satisfying to capture and obtain the hidden items. its not just the items, but the perks they provide for you, early in the game
Right arm comes to mind. you can steal them from bombs on the bridge on Mt. Corel, before corel village slum. dealing 1500 guaranteed damage at level 20-30 is about par and worth the low steal rate

ID: gqmnx81

wow I remembered this enemy in the fight in that area but I didn't know any of this!


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