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1 : Anonymous2021/03/15 18:00 ID: m5qojw
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2 : Anonymous2021/03/16 03:41 ID: gr35gpi

Hi. Can anyone recommend a game like FF7R? Bascially, I didn't really care much about the combat. What really got me addicted was the excellent music, setting, and plot (my favorite part was the rooftop scene with Aerith). My friend told me Persona games have good music and plot as well, but can someone recommend other games? Thanks!

ID: gr3xpv8

Well, most FF's are well liked for their story. Each is different, but they're all still great in their own way. I'd recommend trying out X, IX or VI, or maybe the original VII. You could also try any other FF if one catches your eye, those are just the most broadly liked. Persona games are also great, but they are quite different from FF.

ID: gr4d6wt

Well, Kingdom Hearts Games are fun, hell, it even features FF characters, even adds Cloud and Sephiroth as boss battles which are hard.

Another game is Xenoblade Chronicles 1, which is only on Nintendo Wii, 3DS and Switch, although some boss battles can be infuriating at times.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/18 20:41 ID: grem4hv

How often do the Android games go on sale? Want to get into 1 & 2 but as a load of other places have FF sales at the moment I'm wondering if it's worth holding on a little longer.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/15 18:20 ID: gr1f48h

Hello! I recently started playing ffxiv (on PC) for the first time a week or so ago (recommended by my SO), and I love it. (Not sure if this is relevant but I play still in the base class of Thaumaturge)

He’s been able to guide me through most, but I had a question he couldn’t answer. I’m leveling faster than I’m completing quests. I’m not sure if this is normal or not. I’m at level 34 and my main story line quests are all at 21-22. It’s a huge disparity. I haven’t done any side quests, haven’t ground dungeons, I do the main story, and my class hunting logs as they come up. Is this some thing I should worry about, or be grateful for?

I’m having to level sync for every dungeon/instance in the story and it’s getting annoying because I want to use my cool new spells! Thank you!

ID: gr2c0sj

The MSQ gives you plenty of xp so it's normal to be overleveled. Side effect, it gives you the opportunity to level another job alongside your main one. So nothing to worry about.

ID: gr5ofis

It's very normal and you don't need to worry about it at all.

ID: gr1fh42

Can't answer this, just mentioning that /

is more active when it comes to that game. Someone probably can answer you here too, but you'll get an answer faster and more reliably there.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/15 19:21 ID: gr1nbld

I got FF7R the other day from PS Plus. I've never played a Final Fantasy game before; is there anything I should know about the story of the original FF7 before playing?

ID: gr1tqg3

Not really, if anything it gives even more background, but remember the remake isn't thr full game of the original, I suggest play throught the original, but if thats not your thing totally understandable, I bet you would enjoy this one just as much!

6 : Anonymous2021/03/16 07:54 ID: gr3ntlw


ID: gr7jui8

If you're wanting to play them in order of release, it would go like this:

Final Fantasy VII (original) Advent Children Last Order Dirge of Cerberus Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Remake

If you're playing them in chronological order, it would go like this:

Crisis Core Last Order (technically takes place during Crisis Core) Final Fantasy VII (original) Advent Children Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII Remake (occurs in an alternate timeline)

I wouldn't consider Last Order all that important. It contradicts many of the events in Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII, and it might not be canon. For Advent Children, make sure you watch Advent Children Complete (the blu-ray version) since it has additional scenes that greatly improve the movie. Before Crisis is complicated because it begins before Crisis Core and covers events up to Final Fantasy VII. However, Before Crisis has never had an official English translation, and while an unofficial fan version exists, my playthrough of it made me think that it's not important to the overall story.

If you're really into the series, there are also some books that you might consider reading:

"The Maiden Who Travels the Planet" - This short story was never officially translated into English, but you can find unofficial translations online. It takes place shortly after Final Fantasy VII, but it is now considered non-canon since it was contradicted by Advent Children. On the Way to a Smile - A collection of short stories that occur between Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children. "Episode Denzel" - A short film adaptation of one of the stories from On the Way to a Smile. It's a special feature on the Advent Children Complete blu-ray. The Kids are Alright: A Turks Side Story - A novel that takes place shortly before Advent Children.

EDIT: Since you mentioned the Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode elsewhere, I also wanted to address it. It was only released on Amp'd Mobile Verizon cell phones, and it's no longer available for download. You can only play it on that specific model of cell phone if it was downloaded before it became unavailable. This makes it pretty much impossible to get nowadays. While I haven't played it, my understanding is that it's not at all important to the story and can be completely ignored.

ID: gr6f3jn

Didn't you already make a whole post about this and get your answers?

ID: gr6arst

There's not really an "intended" order, but I would say that if you're planning to experience the whole compilation, then definitely start with the OG VII and then the rest can pretty much go in any order after that. That being said, I don't actually know much about AC or Last Order, so maybe they fit somewhere specifically. As for BC, unless you're going to do the fan recreation (which I've heard many mixed things about), then you can't really experience any of it until Ever Crisis releases next year.

7 : Anonymous2021/03/16 23:15 ID: gr6g7ke

Why are FF guidebooks that expansive these days?

Back in my days I payed 20€ for a book FFIX or FFX ... Now I have to pay 50-100€ for FF15... What is wrong with the people?

ID: gr6rfee

I guess it's because no many people need them anymore, and they are treated as collector items, perhaps?

8 : Anonymous2021/03/17 19:38 ID: gr9sxl8

Hi all,

Looking for advice about which Final Fantasy game I should play next.

My favorites are VII and VI, then IV, IX and X. I just finished VII remake. Tried VIII, back in the day, but never finished it. Did not like XIII.

What makes a great Final Fantasy, to me, is the story, the characters and the world. Gameplay and systems are imprtant too, but not on the same level as the story.

So, what do you guys think I should play next? Which one has the best story/characters?

I was thinking either V, XII or Type-O. Or maybe I should give VIII another try?

Thanks for your input!

ID: gra0o61

Were you in your teens or younger when you tried 8? Ha, not to sound weird about it, but my first time through the game I think I was around 15ish, and I didn't really grasp the weird combat system or the nuances of the story as much. I picked it up again a couple years later, and it was much easier to understand the junction system and how powerful the Card command and game was.

If that isn't the case though, I'd give it some more time to breathe. FF5 has some excellent class-based gameplay, but the story is a bit simplistic in some ways, especially if 6 and 7 are your favorites. FF12 has an odd combat system, but the plot, story and characters are well-liked, and probably fit into what you'd be into. Type-O is more of an ARPG like the remake or 15, I think, so it can be hit-or-miss with a lot of the fan base.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/15 18:57 ID: gr1k4f4

Has anyone figured out how to remove ps+ games? I tried out FF7 remake with it and decided I really like it. I bought the game physically but am worried about how I can remove the ps+ part so I can get the upgrade in June.

ID: gr1mitc

If you have a physical copy you should be able to uninstall the PS+ version, and reinstall from the disc. That should allow you to get the free upgrade. I'm not 100% certain that will work, but I'm fairly sure.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/16 16:04 ID: gr4vr2w

Has anybody ever bought a PC game (steam) on Square Enix store? If you have bought a steam game, does it ever update?

I plan to buy XIII and XIII-2 through SE store because they offer Eng and JPN Dub. Asian countries are stuck with JPN Dub with Eng and JPN Subs and Japanese text in-game if I buy XIII and XIII-2 directly through Steam. My worry is that if I buy through SE store, I might not receive an update because lately, SE seems to have a surprise update like what they did with III, IV, and XII.

ID: gr5nquq

I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, but I think you'll probably get a better answer on the Steam reddit.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/17 06:39 ID: gr7nxr1

What is the state of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger? Is it discontinued or still ongoing?

ID: gr8dyy4

Still ongoing. Last chapter came out yesterday.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/17 12:57 ID: gr8da5f

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a controller to play the FF9 Moguri Mod, FF10, and FF12. I'm aware that there are some controller issues (PS4, Switch, and Steam) with the FF9 Moguri Mod, but I'm new to controllers and am trying to get recommendations on what to buy that would be compatible with it.

Also, I guess ideally I'd like the analog stick to be on the same level as the right-hand side buttons (not sure how to articulate this), but it isn't a deal-breaker.

Not sure about my budget but as long as its not extravagant I guess..

ID: gr8o32f

Moguri dev here, we got a bunch of reports of potential problems (correctable with softwares/drivers) mainly with switch pro and PS4, but I got no problem with Xbone and X360 (and got no reports including them), and I personally strongly recommend the Xbone controller (most comfortable and natively compatible with everything)

EDIT: I misread, you're telling you prefer the sticks at the same level, I think only playstation (and maybe 3rd party) still have that, and I think the asymmetrical sticks are more comfortable and logical in the long run. I believe you'd adapt very fast to it, but that's up to you.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/17 13:22 ID: gr8fwtr

Does the PS4 version of FFX-2 have those "booster" cheats like 2x speed, max HP, etc.? I wasn't aware that any version of it had that but I can't find a clear answer on which ports have what.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/17 17:26 ID: gr9b32l


ID: gr9ulac

Don't quote me, but I think you might need a level 1 sphere to unlock Rikku's path on the normal sphere grid. To get Yuna to learn Black Magic at the same time as Lulu, you'll want to keep Lulu stationary when she's there and have Yuna use a Friend Sphere to teleport to her place. Here's how you get Friend Sphere:

Location(s): Found in treasure chests throughout Spira, dropped by Biran Ronso, dropped by Yenke Ronso, dropped by Spirit, dropped by Master Coeurl, dropped by Vorban, stolen from Neslug, or Bribe from Coeurl (two Friend Spheres for 120,000 gil).

ID: grds9tx

Regarding Khimari, you really just want to build him in whatever you need extra of. Steal is a good choice because it doesn't have a great success rate so you get more tries at it, and rare steals can get you things like key spheres early that let you customize your characters better. But really you can build him into whatever.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/17 20:40 ID: gra189p


Quick question about this...auto feature.

I'm playing the mobile version of VI and this auto mode, where you make the game fight for you (in battles), yeah, does it come with a cost? Like, do you receive slightly/way less gil and/or EXP?

16 : Anonymous2021/03/17 21:04 ID: gra4gvk

Final Fantasy VIII ability question.

So I'm playing Final Fantasy VIII again after so many years or so. And recently got the abilities Mag Bonus and Str Bonus, it says "+1 Bonus to Mag at level up" which is straightforward enough but I'd like a breakdown of how the ability actually works. Because characters dont really have stats unless you junction so...does it just give them an increased boost based off their level or does it actually just give +1 whenever I level up. And how does it affect stats when I swap the junction between characters. Any useful information to help me understand this better and thrive in my game is welcomed.

ID: grajdk5

Characters actually, really do have stats when not junctioned. Every level up with a stat Bonus ability equipped will permanently increase the stat, and it's not just a stat boost based on their current level. Swapping junctions won't change anything, since the bonus is given permanently to the character, separate from their junctions.

17 : Anonymous2021/03/18 03:50 ID: grbf9ei

Playing FFXIII for the first time now - does anyone else get the feeling like using the auto attacks is cheating? What's the point of them? Doesn't the game try to optimize the auto-attacks to be as effective as possible? What incentive do I have to participate in combat actively?

ID: grbpdek

Doesn't the game try to optimize the auto-attacks to be as effective as possible?

Yes, and no, but mostly no. The game does try to optimize the actions, but it doesn't exactly succeed. The auto-battle is actually quite inefficient in many scenarios. Sure, you can do it and make it through the whole game (so long as you're still actively participating by managing your paradigm shifting), but it's typically more efficient to manually select your actions, at least if you know what you're doing.

So as far as incentive to actually participate in battle goes, there are 2 major incentives. The first is that you need to manage your paradigm shifting. I promise you some of the bosses, and even plenty of standard enemies later in the game, will wreck your shit if you're not actively switching your paradigms. The second is that it will be more efficient to manually select your actions. There's some room for debate as far as exactly how much more efficient it is (and it varies by paradigm role, too), but in general learning how to effectively enter your actions manually is only going to help you, especially when it comes to some of the harder bosses and the superbosses.

ID: grbr0s1

I'll use the auto features when it's the ability I want to use anyway, which happens often enough especially on easier enemies.

But like the other person said, on harder enemies and bosses it's not usually the most optimal.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/18 13:41 ID: grcus0e

Can anyone give some tips towards team setup in FFXII Zodiac Age? I'm a little overwhelmed by choices.

Right now my main team after arriving to Jahara is Vaan (shikari), Basch (knight), and Penelo (white mage) all around level 20 with like 600 spare LP. Balthier is a bushi, Fran an archer, and Ashe I haven't even set yet.

I feel like it's going ok, but I'm not really getting the best use out of everyone. Penelo seems like she's just non-stop healing so I can't even swap her out for someone attacking or with offensive magic, and Vaan and Basch don't have any gambits set up outside of steal then attack. Most normal battles go fine, but the 2 more advanced hunts I did (nidhogg and crocodile) I got them down to like 5% hp and then just had every member of my team KOd as they went into some critical agro, so I'm obviously still not set up that well.

I'm not trying for a perfect all optional bosses run or anything, so just looking for some improved team tips that will make it fun to keep going.

19 : Anonymous2021/03/18 18:23 ID: gre42kj

Would I be losing anything by playing the android final fantasy 1 through 6 instead of the psp?

ID: greui0v

I think mostly the CG intros (and ending for 6) which are included on the PSP and PS1 verisions, I think only FF3, FF4 still have them.

and hopefully you don't mind the awful sprite work for 6 and 5, which are the biggest critisim those two version have on phone.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/16 18:56 ID: gr5j8jd

Hi! If i got FF7Remake from ps+ it won't be eligible for the free PS5 upgrade as it is known, so if I'd want to upgrade would I have to buy the full game for PS5 , or just the intergrade DLC? I couldn't find any info on this and am not sure if there is any yet.

ID: gr812w8

You'd have to buy the full game. But you could buy a second hand copy of the PS4 version and upgrade that. Assuming you have a PS5 with a disc drive of course.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/18 22:25 ID: grezjhk

I’m playing FF VII remake and I don’t understand the combat system, is there any point to using cloud’s sword? Cause I feel like it does no damage even though I’ve leveled it up as much as I can, the only thing that works is elemental spells

ID: grf3o2a

FF7R combat system use the same philosopy as FF13's stagger system, you are no suppouse to randomly attack the enmies but exploid their weakness and drive them into a stagger, then they resive increase damage based on the percentage number that appear on them and the higher the number the more damage you deal.

the game is not about hitting the enemie as many times as possible but to break their defences.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/16 02:19 ID: gr2wph1


ID: gr31aij

Yes, multiple hits for Tidus and Wakka. Rikku has some broken mix combinations for utility. I used Yuna quite a lot with preloaded Aeon overdrive and tanking.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/16 03:10 ID: gr32e0w

How do the final fantasy ports play on the switch? I plan on purchasing VII - X-2 and play them for the first time! Gotta get them while they're on sale (at ~$50 total can I really complain?)

24 : Anonymous2021/03/16 11:17 ID: gr3zwyn

Anyone knows name of the track from FF7re, playing in background of this moment?

25 : Anonymous2021/03/16 13:34 ID: gr4ck6y

Hi, so i recently finished FFXV again but this time with Episode Ardyn, and i wonder which entry should i play next.

Now, i played FFVII (Beat it for the first time in 4 years), FFXII-2 (didn't bother trying to play again) a bit of FFIX and FFVIII, and only the intro from FFVI (which was called FFIII on my Wii) and one which i don't remember that was from the SNES

So, i'm wondering which Final Fantasy game should i play next. Any suggestions?

ID: gr4j9j6

9 or 10 if you want to go for the classics. 13 if you want something weirdly different. People seem to love 12 but only the Zodiac version (I played the original and didnt really feel it, my friend keeps nagging at me to get the Zodiac ver).

The 7 remake is perfect if you look past the weird plot change decisions, and its free on PS+ if you play on PS4.

27 : Anonymous2021/03/18 22:32 ID: grf0h0p

Do you think FF7r will ever come to Xbox?

28 : Anonymous2021/03/18 23:52 ID: grfa9h2

never say never

29 : Anonymous2021/03/18 23:04 ID: grf4f7o

FFXIII-2: is any of the DLC worth getting? And if it is, should I getting and playing through the DLC during my main game playthrough, or after?

30 : Anonymous2021/03/19 04:42 ID: grg5gzr

There are 3 DLC stories that are worth considering. The first is the Snow DLC, "Perpetual Battlefield." This one is several fights in the Colisseum with a little bit of story (that isn't super important, tbh). The fights are incredibly difficult and are meant to be like endgame superboss difficulty, if that's your thing. There are also a few Colliseum fights that are available separately from the DLC. You can do this DLC whenever, but you probably won't be able to beat any of the fights until the endgame anyways.

The second is the Sazh DLC, "Heads or Tails?" This one follows Sazh in a small side story (again, it's not really important to the main story) at the Casino. It's mostly just playing a couple new card games in the Casino and one small sidequest. It's an ok DLC, but if you're just looking for more story, you're probably better off just looking it up on YT. This can pretty much be played whenever you want.

The final DLC you should consider is the Lightning DLC, "Requiem of the Goddess." This one has the most relevant story to the rest of the game and is basically a series of fights between Light and Caius, but it has major spoilers for the end of the game and should not be played until you finish the game. This is the only DLC that I would say is must buy, because it does add a little bit extra to the end of the story (plus it's a lot of fun, imo).

31 : Anonymous2021/03/19 02:06 ID: grfpl1n

So I’m fighting Calcabrina on FF4 and am wanting to get all 3 of their beastiary entries. I can kill 5 of the dolls no problem but it seems like whenever they break up and reform again, Calcabrina recovers all her HP. Is this the case or do I need to just keep whittling it down?

32 : Anonymous2021/03/19 16:06 ID: grhrgum

As far as I know you'll get all three entries as long as you see them combine. I don't know how the HP works in the fight, though.

33 : Anonymous2021/03/19 04:44 ID: grg5mbj

i have bought final fantasy xv royal edition on xbox store, this will be my FIRST final fantasy. what dlc am i missing? i couldnt figure out if Episode Ardyn is included or not (probably it isnt) what else do i need to make it complete?

34 : Anonymous2021/03/19 06:05 ID: grgbumr

Episode of Ardyn is the only missing DLC. and remember to download the items packs (you may need to visit the store for them, they should be free), they will have a lot of usefull items like the Ring of Resistance which will prevent friendly fire from using magic to the whole party (magic in this game works like a grande anyone in the the blast radius takes damage).

and change the camera settings at your liking if you want it to be far away or up close, take these 2 video for example:



that's something I wish I knew way sooner, test different camera settings, btw stay away from bushes and take your time learning the main mechanics the game is not as intuitive but if you get the hang of it you will move around seamless in combat.

35 : Anonymous2021/03/19 11:55 ID: grgyec9

What brass does I & II: Dawn of Souls, IV, V, and VI Advance use in songs like the battle themes

36 : Anonymous2021/03/19 15:12 ID: grhk2y5

Are there any missable content in FFV?

37 : Anonymous2021/03/19 15:42 ID: grho2jg

There are some "points of no return" where you can't go back to how things were previously, so some stuff is gated off. Some of the summons you missed you can still get in the final dungeon as random encounters. There are also some songs that become impossible to get after a certain point in the story (abilities for the Bard class). There are various equipment also, but probably nothing you would miss in endgame, you can't miss any "ultimate" equipment.

We have some lists in the FFWiki but they have spoilers.

38 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:53 ID: grj157l

In final fantasy tactics advance, are the characters limited, it will be a point where it will not be able to recruit anymore?

39 : Anonymous2021/03/17 04:03 ID: gr7btb3

I just want to see more collection threads/posts!

40 : Anonymous2021/03/15 20:06 ID: gr1tix4

Im around lvl 22 doing the 3 runes quest and I've refrained from using the overpowered Gae Bolg, Ragnarok, Mage Mashers, and Masume. But I literally haven't gotten any other weapons other than the royal arms. Do I just wait longer? Or is there a shop I'm not seeing?


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