[Meta] r/FinalFantasy stands in support of the sitewide protests

1 : Anonymous2021/03/24 19:37 ID: mcekjy

I'm sure that many of you have seen a lot of subreddits go private lately in protest against Reddit for not only hiring an Admin who has ties to abusive pedophiles (namely their father and their current partner) but because any mention of this particular person and their link to aforementioned pedophiles has seen people getting permanently banned. This information has been public knowledge for a long time, yet Reddit currently claims that this Admin is being doxxed and that is why they are taking such extreme actions.

We here at

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do not support the decision that has been made by Reddit. We believe that the name of a public figure should absolutely be allowed to be mentioned on a social media platform without fear of being banned. The Admin in question should not be allowed to work on a site that doesn't protect children, especially as the Admin in question is known to handle subreddits that are aimed at younger Redditors. It is disgusting that Reddit is doing more to protect the Admin in question over the young people that use Reddit.

The Admin in question openly supports both their father and their partner despite what they have done.

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has no current plans to go private. We don't believe that the Final Fantasy fanbase should suffer because of the actions of someone else. But, depending on how Reddit handles the situation, that may change.

Useful Links A write up of the situation about the Admin in detail More information about why subreddits are going private A list of subreddits that have either gone private or posted their support

Please do not name the Admin in question. People are still being permanently banned for doing so by Reddit admins.

You can discuss the current situation in the comments below.


The Admin in question has now been fired.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/24 21:16 ID: gs3hov1

Thanks for making this statement, I think its important to acknowledge it. Hopefully reddit will reconsider their actions.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/24 23:50 ID: gs41f2d

Make the sub private.

ID: gs48jl0

If you were talking about hours before then that might’ve been fine but it’s been a bit since she was fired so it’ll only look like gatekeeping on a whole other level

4 : Anonymous2021/03/24 20:00 ID: gs36xa5

Unpopular Opinion: This new wave of people thinking companies need to be some exemplar of morality is foolish. A company shouldn't be more or immoral, they should be amoral. A company should exist to make money by legal means, not try to extoll virtues or other shit. If they have questionable people on board, then they have questionable people on board and when it's widely known; they know they're one fuck-up away from lawsuits (something companies shouldn't want).

I don't like people seeing a video, social media post, tiktok or whatever from someone who did something and then watch the outrage mob go into overdrive to get this person fired, depersoned, and otherwise thrown into the gutter. I don't like it when it happens to an idiot saying a gamer word, and as such I don't like it when it happens to a notorious Relm abuser. They'll screw up sooner or later, and when it's time for heads to roll, the people who protected them can roll along with the idiot they protected.

If you want Reddit to feel the pain, then don't log in, don't give them clicks, they'll notice their revenue drop and then they'll take action. This privating stuff is just as useful as an online petition.

ID: gs49gj8

If you want Reddit to feel the pain, then don't log in, don't give them clicks, they'll notice their revenue drop and then they'll take action. This privating stuff is just as useful as an online petition.

Hard disagree here.

Privating subs means 2 things:

It raises awareness, so more people can decide to make Reddit "feel the pain" It hurts Reddit directly in the wallet even if users don't seek out more information.

It's the best way that mods can protest against Reddit.

ID: gs3jtak

Companies are made of people and people should be moral. This isn’t just an unpopular opinion you have, it’s extremely naive and senseless in a long term and short term sense.

You support child labour with this opinion, working people to death and tax loop holes to name a few immoral but legal practices.

ID: gs3hm26

I see what you're saying, but a company isn't a thing. Its a concept. So when we say that a company should do otherwise, what we're really saying is that the humans involved should have made a different decision. I personally think people should always make moral decisions and not prioritise the generation of wealth. If you disagree with that, fair enough.

ID: gs66rp9

I agree with you that this witch hunt we have been seeing in internet is plain stupid. If anyone is not a moral paladin, needs to be destroyed.

But if you see the other side, we also have the right to express or opinions and make a hard criticize when we see something outrageous. I think in this case is a legit movement and not people demanding others to be perfect.

I rather ask reddit to change so I can feel comfortable here than just rage quit a social media that I love.


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