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1 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:00 ID: mkpdlo
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2 : Anonymous2021/04/07 14:36 ID: gtoxrlx

My friend recently finished playing the game Final Fantasy VII, and she wants to watch the sequel movie, Advent Children. Problem is, there isn't a website I can find for us to stream it on or download, and Blu-Ray isn't exactly an option since it's a long distance friendship. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.

ID: gtp1vuc

Unfortunately, it looks like it's not streaming for free anywhere in the United States right now. It is on most of the major rental services like Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. The cheapest price I've found is $2.99 for SD or $3.99 for HD.

ID: gty8wsu

If you can use a VPN, it's available to stream free in Canada on CTV

3 : Anonymous2021/04/07 23:58 ID: gtr0wwi

Hey I wanna get into final fantasy for a while and the three Final Fantasy XIII games always looked appealing so I was wonder is it any good and I can get either the Xbox 360 or ps3 edition which one would be better and or is the game even worth it

ID: gts0yg1

XIII is pretty divisive (mostly just because it's different from the rest if the franchise), but is absolutely worth a shot, especially if it interests you. Personally, I love the whole trilogy. I'd check out the first game before getting the others, though, just in case you don't like it. However, it is worth mentioning that both sequels are fairly different from the first game, so you could still like them even if you don't like the original XIII.

If you have an Xbox One X or a Series S/X, then that's the best version to go for, because the whole trilogy is Xbox One X Enhanced. The lesser versions of the Xbox One work great too, though I'm just not sure if any of the Enhanced features will work. Otherwise I don't think there's a difference between the 360 and PS3.

ID: gtv19xd

FFXIII is a poor place to start. It is very divisive, and does not accurately reflect what the rest of the series is like. If you have a PS3, I recommend starting with either VII or X. Both are available on the console (VII and other great classic FFs are available digitially for a mere $10 each, but not for much longer, as the PS Store on PS3 is shutting down in a few months), and both make pretty good starting points.

ID: gtrm3v5

perhaps no, FF13 is a game with a lot of good points:

I love the music, the world is just beautiful, the gameplay is unlike any other is the most fast phased turn battle system ever till the point where it feel like a action game mixed with turn base, I can not think other game who does what FF13 did.

BUT FF13 is a game with a really mayor flaw which makes the game hard to recommed:

its linearity and restrictive progression, rather than writing a wall watch this from 19:00 to 25:00 (6 minutes):

that alone makes the game hard to recommend specially because we don't know if you will even like the story enough keep pushing you forward till the point where the game actually opens up.

if you think you can deal with that go a head if not, then tell us what kind of story and gameplay you prefer, also which consoles are you playing.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/08 11:13 ID: gtsp20r

I'm playing FFIX right now. I'm at the point in the story when characters go in pairs to different temples, and I have discovered with horror that I'm assigned with Quina. The thing is, Quina does not know a single blue spell since I don't like fighting with her and I have avoided putting her in my team. At the beginning of the game I tried to eat some enemies but I didn't accomplish it so I desisted and never did it again. Could you recommend me some blue spells that I may use in that particular temple, and where to find the enemies that I must eat to get that blue spells?

ID: gtt42gp

You can beat the fight with Zidane quite easily if you have decent items with earth absorb, which should be available at that point. Float or earth resist would also work to a lesser effect.

ID: gtt01gz

White Wind is a good healing spell, which is probably all you'll need for that fight. You can get it from a few bird type monsters, but I think griffins will be the easiest to find. It should spawn in the plains around the Black Mage Village and Conde Petie.

That said, I don't actually remember that fight being terribly hard(even without White Wind), so you may be fine as long as Zidane is geared up and you have some healing items

5 : Anonymous2021/04/06 01:00 ID: gtiop3p

What was the deal with Cloud?

He was just a regular soldier, not a SOLDIER. How did he get a mako infusion and take over Zack’s life?

I guess I missed it on my one play through way back when.

ID: gtisnw3


ID: gtmil7k

Please tag your spoilers.

ID: gttebwm

I don't know what the other folks have answered since the comment is deleted, but I can tell to you without spoilers that tis part of the game is explained very well in Crisis Core (PSP).

6 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:18 ID: gthii2a

Final Fantasy 6 glitches

Just started a new game to try some of the glitches.

First one I'm trying is the Locke / South Figaro glitch.

Mission: beat Kefka's tower with a party full of moogles.

ID: gtjo1cg

Good luck!

ID: gtw2lmh

Username checks out.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/06 18:41 ID: gtlljt4

Are the items I. The FF14 event going away after the patch? It just seem weird that they would have those items up for the event sale

8 : Anonymous2021/04/06 23:14 ID: gtmlabs

I got my ass handed to me on the last mission of CH2 in Type-0. What are the best ways to grind in that game? I had 16 casualties and it just seemed like I was severely unprepared

ID: gtns39c

use the battle simulation to get used to the controls and character and the secret training exploid to level fast:

start with cadect difficulty while you get used to the controls and switch to officer if you feel comfortable, and for you second walkthought go however you want (there alternative missions with extra cutscenes after you finish your first run with and "what if" ending), just remember to keep all your character even, it's far too easy to lose all your team in some sections try to get used to more than 5 characters, as you unlock new abilities they some of the most "useless" become quite good Deuce and Quince became two of my most used character.

ID: gttguub

Other than the secret training there are two methods to grind. First: accept a quest, exit from Arkademeia, finish the quest and grind in the overworld/dungeons before returning to the base. Second: repeat already finished missions.

The game can be difficult sometimes even with good level characters, especially in the end sections. Find characters that you like and form two teams of three people, every team should have a magic caster, a phisical attacker and a ranged character: these six will be the only character that you grind for, leave all the others behind. My suggestion is to include Rem, Trey and Jack in one of your main team, but the choice is up to you. Don't try to level all the characters, it will be a great waste of time (at least in the first playthrough). Always take all Moogle Classes available, some of them will give a big amount of exp to all the party and this will keep all the characters at a decent level.

When you start a free break the Moogle will always tell you the suggested level for the next main mission, if you follow my advice your six preferred characters will be always at the right level or 1-2 levels behind. If you plan to play the game at least two times follow only the story and some tasks on the free breaks and leave the side missions and Expert Trials for the subsequent playthroughs. The side missions are very tricky, most of them will require you to talk many times with a character in Arkademeia during different free time breaks and missing only an event generally make the quest fail, so it's better to leave them for the second playthrough when your characters will be at higher levels.

9 : Anonymous2021/04/07 10:16 ID: gto7gn7

Since Endwalker will be full of FF4 references, I'm wondering which version of the game should I play. Should I buy it off Steam and go with that, or is it better on other platforms?

ID: gtptxiu

Just to add to what Black Riot already said: the Steam and PSP versions are both good so I would go with whichever is easier for you to obtain, which is probably going to be the Steam version.

If you do go with Steam, I highly reccomend you use this 'mod':

The native FPS the game runs at in battle is only 15 which looks really choppy. This mod just changes the speed the battles run at which makes it much, much smoother. It does make the game a bit harder though, since everything is happening faster.

ID: gtp1xla

If you like 2D style, a bigger character roster, and its sequels packaged into one game, PSP. If you like 3D style, voice acting, increased difficulty, and NG+ mechanics, Steam (PC).

ID: gtwfmue

My favorite version is the PSP release, personally. I played the 3DS version too and think it was fine, but it mostly comes down to personal taste.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:52 ID: gtv0ui2

Was the original Final Fantasy X ever released digitally as a PS2 classic?

11 : Anonymous2021/04/08 22:37 ID: gtv6mo0

Is Crystal Chronicles on Switch something you can play alone, or do you need to do online play etc with it?

ID: gtxbsvy

If it works the same way as the original on GameCube, you can play solo and a moogle friend carries around the chalice for you.

12 : Anonymous2021/04/09 05:39 ID: gtwfggw

Anyone have any experience with Final Fantasy X on Steam and using a save editor? I originally bought the HD remaster on PS3. Played it all the way to the end, got everyone's ultimate weapons (even dodged all the lightning bolts), and prepped to do the grind to max out the sphere grid so I could do the Dark Aeon fights... but quickly gave up. Farming the same boss for hours on end did not sound fun, so I gave up.

I've been getting the itch to play again, but I really don't want to dodge 300 lightning bolts again, and I'd like to skip the sphere grid grind at the end game. Call it whatever you want, but unless I "cheat", I'm probably never going to do it. So I'm curious if save editors are an option on Steam so I could play the game normally, and when I get to the end game grindy bits, give myself a little boost. Anything like that out there?

ID: gty6dfh

I used FFXED:

IIRC, you could edit in celestial weapons and max out your sphere grid with one click. It was the only way for me to even challenge Dark Bahamut, Anima, Magus Sisters, and Penance in a reasonable amount of time. The other Dark Aeons were beatable with Aeon Overdrive abuse.

ID: gtxbp7f

I haven't done anything with this game specifically, but you may want to look into the program cheat engine.


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