Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – Final Trailer

1 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:01 ID: n6xys0
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – Final Trailer
2 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:06 ID: gxa4par

SE has such a bad habit of showing the entire game’s plot in final trailers lol

ID: gxa5k8q

Yeah. Like, what was the point of the first minute of that?

ID: gxg8scq

Did they really do it again, so much for the suspense.

ID: gxr956x

They even spoiled almost all major key events and scenes of FF XV in their trailers 😀

ID: gxufz0w

I stopped watching SE trailers a long time ago. I usually watch them after I finished the game and boy the spoilers are ridiculous. What's the point of seeing all the best moments... The ones for KH 3 were insane too.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:10 ID: gx9pinc

Wow... now I'm super hyped but I really shouldn't watching trailers ever again.

ID: gx9z3rl

PSA, don't underestimate the spoiler tag folks. This trailer has spoilers for the base game (the non-Yuffie stuff).

Because it wouldn't be a Square-Enix trailer of an update/re-release to a game if they didn't make a trailer full of spoilers of that game.

ID: gylt74p

I'm just pissed that I paid for FF7 Remake on the PS4 and now it would seem that all future releases might go to future consoles. What's the point in having 1/3 of a game when I can't even finish it without buying a new console, which I won't do. They fucked up the remake badly with all of the changes, and now I can't even finish this Dark Tower wannabe train wreck.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/07 14:35 ID: gxa0ef3

I like that for the final trailer they just said screw it, here is all the cool end game stuff. I guess if you were holding out for this version of the game for some reason you should probably avoid this trailer.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/08 02:53 ID: gxckdnw

rewatched a few times.

my observations / predictions would be..

1) fort condor (or at least the minigame) isn't gonna appear in Remake Pt 2. this is its replacement

2) remake timeline will wildly differ from this point - DoC story will probably not play out (which is a good thing lol)

ID: gxqcpab

fort condor (or at least the minigame) isn't gonna appear in Remake Pt 2. this is its replacement

I mean, maybe not in Part 2, but in Part 3 or Part 4 it should appear since the Huge Materia is there.

...unless Future Sephirot stops Present Sephirot from getting Black Materia and makes that entire plot irrelevant.

remake timeline will wildly differ from this point - DoC story will probably not play out (which is a good thing lol)

Imagine they do DoC story but the Tsviets are completelly different because Yuffie killed like... half of them.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:27 ID: gx9rmcx

HOLY shit. Yuffie was real busy before Cloud's party even met her, and I dont think things turned out so well for Sonon at the end of this. . . assuming Yuffie wasn't only tearing up over the Sector 7 plate.

ID: gxa6fjc

Yeah. Sonon gonna be like:

ID: gxqbtpl

Man i hope Sonon survives just because people expect him to die.

Also yeah What the fuck Yuffie was there killing a different god.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/23 16:15 ID: gz6a9ut

Man, I hate how they are ‘Kingdom-Hearting’ the game. Going to be the most convoluted assortment of games by the time they butcher their way to the end.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:07 ID: gxa4vz7

Awesome. Now i just need to find a PS5

ID: gysmob1

Dude... i purchased a ps4 the week FF7remake i need ps5 for need one already...ive only ps4 for like a year! Glad they pushing more remake stuff...but i wonder how long intergrade will actually be

Also ps5s are impossible to get

ID: gzjd4v0

What worked for me on the second try was during one of the Walmart drops where they're available every 15 minutes, I used the app. When you hit add to cart and it says it's out, don't refresh the page so the add to cart button stays available. Wait for when the next wave happens and mash add to cart.

Don't know if I just got lucky or if that technique works well, but that's how I got mine

9 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:16 ID: gx9q82i

I will definetely play Remake for third time when Intergrade will be released. Can't wait for Yuffie chapters.

ID: gx9woi2

Real question is do i replay FFVIIR first or do integrade first.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/07 14:30 ID: gx9zndj

I currently have the PS Plus version of Remake, so I need to buy the game to get the new stuff.

If I buy Intergrade Digital Deluxe, will that get me the base Remake Digital Deluxe content too?

ID: gxa4qoc

If you buy any standalone version of Intergrade you should get base game with Yuffie chapters. As far as I understand PS+ version can't be upgraded to Intergrade and still you need to buy it separetely on PS5.

ID: gxb2li0

All PS5 SKUs of 7R include the Yuffie content. Which is only available as Intergrade.

Only people upgrading from PS4 version to PS5 version have to buy her content separately.

So either you buy a PS4 version and then pay extra for Yuffie. Or you just buy any PS5 version and it's included. Tradeoff is platform accessibility or possible savings if you can find a cheaper copy of PS4 7R before upgrading since PS5 SKU is MSRP.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/07 21:37 ID: gxbky4c

When I get my PS5 in 2023 I'm going to play the shit out of this.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:23 ID: gxa74u8

Do we have any insight yet on what happens if you own the disc.... but also have it added to your account from PS+? For the PS5 upgrade part I mean.

ID: gxaydqr

Just put in the disc, it'll download the ps5 version to play and it'll use the ps4 disc for authentication.

ID: gxabkth

I would like to know the same thing!

13 : Anonymous2021/05/09 00:18 ID: gxg068m

Geez, that last scene in the trailer is very spoilery for the Yuffie content. Do not watch this.

31 : Anonymous2021/05/22 23:55 ID: gz3y9pk
15 : Anonymous2021/06/07 19:58 ID: h0y5d9e

I’m struggling to figure out how to pre-order this. I paid for the digital copy of the original remake before it was free through ps plus. But I can’t figure out how to upgrade it to the ps5 version and/or how to buy the new episode

ID: h13kamj

I can't figure it out either, my guess is there'll be a "PS5 upgrade" version with the DLC available as a separate purchase. If not, then they really screwed over a lot of people.

ID: h151u9u

I bought the disc version of FF7R a few days ago, and have read online that the PS5 upgrade patch will become available at midnight locally tonight. I would imagine it's the same for digital owners, where you can download the patch at midnight. As for the paid Yuffie DLC I'm guessing that will also appear on the store after midnight.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/07 14:04 ID: gx9w715

Positives: Nero and Scarlet bosses, Weiss is a simulation fight, story looks cool

Negatives: PS5 exclusive for apparently another 6 months minimum... and I'm sure Epic after that on PC...

Fingers crossed for Game Pass I guess...

ID: gxejlvx

I’d happily buy a PS5 if I could find one, but I have a Series X and wish it was available there just so I could play the Yuffie stuff. I already beat the game on PS4.

ID: gxqc4qy

Weiss is a simulation fight

For avalanche, maybe Yuffie & Sonom fight him for real.

ID: gxdlq96

Killlllll meeeee

17 : Anonymous2021/05/07 16:47 ID: gxaiyzc

Enter Nero the Sable. Always like the Tsviets so I’m glad they are getting some love.

Now if I can just get my hands on a PS5 without paying some piece of shit scalper.

ID: gxqc9tf

Plot twist, Shelke is not on Intergrade because she will get her own episode.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:47 ID: gx9u00n

congrats you posted the trailer first lol

ID: gx9u8sg

on a separate note.. i see they went FULL DoC in the episode

not sure what to expect now

19 : Anonymous2021/05/14 00:41 ID: gy1mzdc

Cant wait to play episode yuffie when I find a ps5 in the year 2030

20 : Anonymous2021/05/20 09:43 ID: gysy6og

Can anyone help me evaluate my final fantasy Vlll zippo

ID: gysyc93

Msg me if you can help it comes up rear when I search on Google and I'm looking at selling it

21 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:39 ID: gxa9dpg

I am so hyped! Man I hope I can get a PS5 in time to play this - I've been in so many queues with no luck, fingers crossed this is the month I make it to the checkout!

22 : Anonymous2021/05/07 18:36 ID: gxaxulj

I see the combat has gone even deeper into devil may cry rerritory, sounds fun.

23 : Anonymous2021/05/07 18:21 ID: gxavxaf

Sony stop paying for timed exclusivity on Final Fantasy challenge

24 : Anonymous2021/05/15 17:17 ID: gy8fh4r

I cannot see anything that is happening during combat. It’s just numbers flying around on screen and explosions.

I couldn’t get past 2 hours of the remake and FF7 Is my favorite game ever.

25 : Anonymous2021/05/08 01:45 ID: gxcd4gt

Okay, but when are we getting part 2. At the current pace, I get the feeling that we’ll be seeing the last chapter of FFVII remake when we’re all in retirement.

ID: gxcynhh

At least you'll be alive to see it.


26 : Anonymous2021/05/07 18:09 ID: gxau981

Thank you for using spoiler tags

29 : Anonymous2021/05/21 05:28 ID: gywv7f0

How do you buy any if it on ps store? I have ps4 remake and it won't let me buy anything integrade related 🙁

30 : Anonymous2021/05/21 17:27 ID: gyyrl1e

Does anyone know the exact time of the launch? I don't know whether to ask for the day off on June 10 or June 11.


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