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1 : Anonymous2021/05/17 17:00 ID: nellmt
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2 : Anonymous2021/05/20 21:59 ID: gyvim0c

In FFX, how do you trigger Dona and Barthello's last scene at Djose Temple at the end of the game? I told Dona to quit her pilgrimage on the airship. Is there any other prerequisite for them to show up?

3 : Anonymous2021/05/17 22:58 ID: gyi50j5

In final fantasy V, when you change jobs, do you keep the stats/stat growth from the previous job or does it change depending on what job you have?

ID: gykog47

In Final Fantasy V, each job has a bonus or penalty to every stat. This is applied to the character when they are in that job, but it doesn't not affect their growth when they level-up. Because of that, the characters' final stats are not affected by what jobs they are in when they raise a level.

It's worth noting that when you master a job, the stat bonuses (but not the stat penalties) for that job are given to the character's Freelancer job. If you master multiple jobs, only the job with the highest bonuses in each stat are applied, but you can boost the Freelancer's stats this way. The best stat bonuses are Monk or Gladiator for Strength (+26), Thief for Agility (+16), Monk for Stamina (+26), and Oracle for Magic (+36).

4 : Anonymous2021/05/19 01:16 ID: gyn4dm7

Best way to play final fantasy type 0 now/ steam or psp?

ID: gyoacs2

Steam out of those two. It looks considerably better than it did on PSP and it's actually localized, whereas the PSP version was only ever released in Japan

5 : Anonymous2021/05/19 16:12 ID: gypndyc

Which version of Final Fantasy XII is better on Switch, Japanese or American? I bought the japanese versions of VII/VIII (Double Pack), IX and X/X-II (both on the same cartridge). I am wondering if I should get the american or japanese verison of XII?

ID: gypplib

They're the same apart from the language. You should get the one you prefer, though I will say that the English localization and voice acting are really good

6 : Anonymous2021/05/19 17:31 ID: gypyuel

Final Fantasy X, need assistance. Currently stuck on the boss fight in the Zanarkand temple, y'all know the one, and got caught out near the end and wiped. Can anyone suggest a way to prepare for the fight and maybe mitigate some of the fuckery that happens there? I dont have access to fast travel even though I know it should be available at some point, but I think I can run back as far as Bevelle, maybe further

ID: gyqaknl

Being in zombie status makes you immune to death, if that helps. If you don't have any Deathproof armour make sure to keep at least one character in that status alive and prioritise reviving over healing.

ID: gysbz81

Would also add that you should optimise your use of Aeons. Get Yuna and each Aeon into overdrive beforehand. You can wipe out some of her stages fast, before serious damage comes your way, with swift use of Aeon overdrives.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/20 03:59 ID: gys7ung

If Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is only going to be available for PS5 does that destroy the possibility for a Switch release? I’m debating which console to purchase and FF VII Remake is a huge decision factor for me as the original is one of my favorites.

ID: gysbj0b

I highly doubt that FFVIIR is ever gonna come to the Switch. They squeezed everything they could out of the PS4 to make it work on that console.

ID: gysbq4n

I don’t think it will ever come to Switch. Square Enix likes to push graphical limits when it comes to Final Fantasy. So newer FF games tend to only come out on consoles with solid hardware. Give it a few more years before FFVII remake gets released on a Nintendo console (likely one more powerful than the Switch but still behind the latest PS/Xbox)

8 : Anonymous2021/05/17 22:05 ID: gyhybul
ID: gyk7awn

Originally announced in 2017, and then again in 2019 and 2020, with no serious updates or gameplay screen shots since then. I'm kind of assuming that Squareenix licensed the IP to the Chinese company (GAEA), and when and if any sort of actual product comes out is anybody's guess. Squareenix itself cancelled DLC related to FF15, so I think they're done developing on it themselves.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 02:01 ID: gyway81

Should I play Tactics before FFXII? I hear that XII is a prequel to Tactics, but how so? Is it like Ys Origin, where there are subtle "Aha!" moments everywhere? Or is it like Tales of Symphonia, where there is only one specific plot point that just so happens to line up perfectly with Tactics, and the devs thought "screw it, just market it as a 'prequel?'"

ID: gyxbojw

There's not many connections between the two due to Tactics being set very, very long after XII. Some of the Espers in XII appear in Tactics in a different role and there's a person with the same last name as Balthier, but that's pretty much it. I don't think they marketed XII as a prequel either. It just happens to be set in the same world.

You should still play Tactics because it's a very good game, but it's not at all required before XII

ID: gz46y78

XII and Tactics have pretty much nothing to do with each other other than both taking place in a world called "Ivalice". XII's setting is based far more on Tactics Advance than the original Tactics, and even then, the stories have nothing to do with each other.

Though if you ever intend to play Tactics A2, then XII and Tactics Advance should both be played beforehand for story reasons.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 02:06 ID: gywbj4f

can someone explain the FFXIV free trial? steam says it’s only 30 days but the official website says it’s up to level 60 with no play time restriction so i’m a little confused. sorry if this is a stupid question.

ID: gyxgi03

Not a stupid question, don't worry.

The free trial has no play time restriction and is up to level 60/the first expansion (but it has other limitations like not being able to trade or join free companies).

The 30 days on Steam is referring to the free time you get once you buy the game/starter edition. After those 30 days you have to buy a subscription.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 15:56 ID: gyyf96o

I'm playing through FFX for the first time and have reached the postgame. I just got Yuna's Celestial weapon + both crest and sigil so it's been upgraded. When she is equipped with this weapon, Nirvana, she gets BDL. She doesn't attack much herself, does that mean that whatever Aeon she summons also has BDL, in addition to Bahamut, Anima, and Magus Sisters?

ID: gyyks6f

To break the damage limit for the other Aeons you have to fully power certain characters ultimate weapons

Fully powered Nirvana = Valefor

Wakka = Ifrit

Kimhari = Ixion

Lulu = Shiva

12 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:38 ID: gyz8pwk

Any times for someone just starting Crystal Bearers? The controls are taking me some time to get used to. Any stats I should focus on?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/22 08:20 ID: gz1byu8

Does anyone know where i can reliably buy a Revolver Gunblade replica (maybe an official one?) from Final Fantasy VIII?

14 : Anonymous2021/05/22 21:07 ID: gz3f6vb


ID: gz3gvyx


15 : Anonymous2021/05/20 06:43 ID: gysmdqp

Can I ask the question here or should I make an individual post for it?

The question is with regards to final fantasy 4.

I was going through the game play recently, and I noticed I was missing items.

Like, for example, I know that I got Silver Apples from the gators and worms from the desert, and the underwater passage. Yet, when I got to mount Ordeal, and I got another Silver Apple, I checked my inventory, and it only showed that 1 apple. Now I did not use any, and I know I saved often. Yet, I do not know, can things steal from the player? Like in the water Crystal town, the Mages that turn you into stuff, do they take from you? Or if you talk to certain npc’s, do they? I’m thinking back to other games, like in ff7, where some npc’s did steal from you.

I’m just wondering what happened to my Apples, and anything else I might have over looked. I have not died up to that point.

Can someone give me a clear cut answer? I’m not sure if this merits a stand alone post or not.

ID: gytqp1x

I've never heard of that kind of behavior, and the bugs and glitches page on the FF Wiki doesn't really have anything that matches your description. So, my assumption would be that you were mistaken about the items you got from combat, or, you used them at some point and forgot that you used them.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/22 06:52 ID: gz16h91

Just started FFX on PC (Xbox game pass) and I can't find the booster options. Are they available on this version?

ID: gz1rs1f

Should be. Here's how to activate everything except the ones from menu (max Gil etc. that you can't really toggle off)

F1 - Toggles between normal speed, 2x speed and 4x speed, doesn't affect menus or cutscenes

F2 - Supercharge characters

F3 - Increases or decreases enemy encounter rate

F4 - Auto-battle

F5 - Toggles the HUD off/on

I haven't used these myself but these should be the right ones.


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