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1 : Anonymous2021/05/24 17:00 ID: nk2p5b
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2 : Anonymous2021/05/25 21:31 ID: gzfuj0e

I’ve been going to this guy for years but just thought about posting it. My Barber’s name is Jecht (Though his is spelled Jechtt with two T’s) and has a deep kinda gravely voice just like him.

It makes me chuckle every time I come to see him but he has almost ZERO idea what a Video Game really even is. He’s an older guy. A “I got my grandson a Nintendo” type of guy. Know what I mean?

ID: gzjuoti

You should bring in a picture of jecht and have some voice clips to show’em, but then finish of the showcase with “he’s really good at water soccer.”

Unless you’d think he’d get pissed. Then probably stick to the chuckles and grins

3 : Anonymous2021/05/25 01:44 ID: gzcd3wd

What's the best version of FF1 to play? Now that its getting a prequel I'd like to play it. I've only played the series from 7 onwards.

ID: gzcnieo

I’d say the PSP version is “definitive” - it looks great and has lots of side content. The difficulty is tuned down though in a few ways (e.g. spells using MP instead of charges a la D&D), so if you’re chasing that part of the experience, I’d look at the PS1 version (there was a recent post here touting that version but I can’t find it at the moment). That version is missing some of the extra content though. I haven’t played the GBA version myself, so I’m not sure about mechanics adjustments, but it has most of that optional content.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/24 17:20 ID: gzaladw


ID: gzb3jqx

I think you're done with the really hard, non-optional bosses, haha. However, the game has a slew of optional tough bosses - roughly one for each Aeon, plus a couple more on top of that - that require plenty of grinding, though. If you just want to go through the story and plot bits of the game, I'd recommend staying the course, and tackling the optional stuff later.

ID: gzf4nsi

Removed this for spoilers. Certain boss names give away plot elements, even if you could guess you're gonna fight them eventually.

ID: gzdgukx

Laughs in Jecht

5 : Anonymous2021/05/26 07:08 ID: gzhk8mi

Is FF13 on the PS3 worth playing? I could get it for 5€

ID: gzhq481

It's worth a try for that price

ID: gzju6ba

If you have the time, give it until you get to Gran pulse and are able to have a little more freedom to move and choices.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/25 03:08 ID: gzcmi9e

Final Fantasy IX: how much am I missing by using the cheats and/or assistive features? I want to experience the game but also want to try and move through it quickly.

When I played VII I did a mix where I’d fast forward while grinding and use the invincibility when I’m about to die or just wanted to get past a certain part. This time though the money, skill acquiring, and levels are irreversible and that’s what has me hesitating. I don’t think I’m gonna do the skill adjustment because that’s what I like about this installment (reminds me of tactics) but the money thing is appealing.

ID: gzd64qi

That depends on you more than anything else. For me personally, doing any of that would ruin the game in both VII and IX, or basically any game for that matter because I like challenge. But I'll try to answer your question anyway.

IX, like VII requires no grinding at any point if you've got a hang of the combat, so in that sense it's not the worst for people who want to just chill through. The money cheat is probably fairly okay if you want to use it, I rarely run out of money anyway but that's mostly because I know where all the valuable stuff is by now and sell them and don't buy anything I don't need. You can't buy anything gamebreaking anyway, but it'll make things a bit easier.

The skills and levels are indeed core parts of the game and either one will make the game a lot easier. I wouldn't use them, but like I said at the start I do seem to play games differently from you. It's worth a note that you can check out a decent strategy for most bosses that should get you through them if you end up getting stuck. The game is completable on level 1, so there are all sorts of cheesy boss strats around for you to use if you wish.

ID: gzgusy1

If all you care about is story, I'd go all in and use whatever streamlines the experience.

If you care about and are interested in the game play though I'd suggest you avoid most if not all cheats and assists. Maybe with the exception of accelerated speed, but I'd even use that sparingly.

The game is what it is. Visual clean up is one thing but the stuff you are talking about fundamentally changes the experience and the game play loop. You won't be playing the same game people played when it first came out. For both better and worse.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/26 10:07 ID: gzhw5t3


My favorite and first FF is FF IV. But recently I am playing more and more final fantasy. I finished FF 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13 (only the first game) and 15.

I got myself final fantasy X on switch and I absolutely hate it. The mini games are atrocious. The story is ok though I really don't like Tidus and Yuna. I am currently only 16 hours in and I am about ti give up. I am at the place where lightning struck you, and horrible enemies that can one shot me if they magically get attacked first. I also really dislike the sphere grids and the spheres you have to get to spend them.. FF 12 seems to only requires license points.

I am wondering if final fantasy 12 has things like blitzball which I really hate. I know Vaan isn't a great characters but I read others made up for it, which isn't really the case to me in FF 10 besides Auron. I looked into gambit and the fighting system which seems to be interesting.

I loved final fantasy 4 for years, but final fantasy 8 was one of the best. No gear to take care of, only g-force and once you understand how junctions work, it's the easiest final fantasy ever made. Also, I love Squall. FF IX was disappointing near the end. The story went weird with other worlds and all.. But I loved the beginning.

I would like Nintendo to release ff 6 on switch as I am curious about it, but so far the only final fantasy I don't have is 12. And FF 10 is the first final fantasy I really can't stand, so that's why I am here asking about 12. Thank you very much.

ID: gzhxp3q

Can't really answer stuff well about XII, but I am curious how everyone who dislikes X keeps bringing up blitzball as a major point. You only ever have to play one game of blitzball, and even then you don't have to win. You can just afk through it if you hate it with a passion and then pretend like it doesn't exist for the rest of the game. So why is it always such a big point on everyone's list?

ID: gzo257k

12 is the opposite of 10/13 so you'll probably like it. Play the zodiac age version if you can.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/26 12:44 ID: gzi9va3

So, I bought FF7R physically but haven't played it but added FF7R to my PS+ library, am I still eligible for a free PS5 copy of Intergrade? I just haven’t been motivated to game recently, have a lot on the backlog along with just life and my mental state getting around to things. I bought the game physically back in like November or December but never popped the disc in, I added FF7R to my library with PS+ because hey, free digital copy I’m not complaining. I haven’t DOWNLOADED FF7R from PS+ yet, I just wanna make sure I don’t have to shill out fucking $70 for an extra episode and true upgrade.

I felt REALLY cheated out initially when I found out they added it to PS+ and only found out soon after it makes you ineligible for any upgrade with that alone. But ya gotta read the fine print.

ID: gzm8z33

You're probably fine if you put the disc in

9 : Anonymous2021/05/24 23:52 ID: gzc06bo

Final Fantasy VI: Should I bother buying weapons for Edgar, Sabin and Cyan? With them I just use Tools/Blitz/Bushido or magic, I don't know if their weapons affect those abilities.

ID: gzdtd76

For Edgar, his tools have a set attack power, so yeah, early game you don't have to worry about buying new stuff for him. Late game, you can increase his strength or magic with equipment, depending on whether you want him to use Tools or Magic. (I'd recommend strength - Drill does stable, consistent damage throughout the whole game, and it's a first half killer.)

Likewise, Sabin is a first half tank if you put the Genji Glove and Black Belt relics on him. Some enemies resist Fire or Poison, but heck, even two Kaiser Knuckles work well on him, plus you don't have to worry about Blitz inputs. I hate having to input commands for him every battle round, so that's usually the build I use.

Cyan is a trickier case. His first SwordTech / Bushido is physical based with a set battle power, so it'll work with any equipment. However, some people like to use him with two Tempest swords - you can steal one off a boss as you're leaving a factory, and the second is found in a sealed cave. It has a 50 percent chance of using Wind Slash, and combined with an Offering and a Genji Glove, you can get 8 hits and might use Wind Slash 2 to 6 times. Also, Cyan has no purchasable equipment in the game's second half. They're all drops from bosses or found.

If you want to get nerdy with it, there is an algorithms guide for damage for FF6 on GameFAQs, and the FF Wiki has info on Edgar's Tools battle power.

ID: gzc777l

yes, i always buy 1 weapon each atleast and see if they boost any good stats that might be usefull. then if they are good weapons i buy more of them if needed

10 : Anonymous2021/05/25 16:32 ID: gzepdr6

On ps4 i see that the FFXIV expansions are on sale should i get Complete edition with just the expansions or collectors with the other stuff. Are they worth it?

11 : Anonymous2021/05/27 18:22 ID: gznz7yh
Is the artbook and OST included with Intergrade Digital Deluxe the same as the base game's digital deluxe? Will buying the Intergrade deluxe get me the base deluxe's content too? (The artbook and OST if they're different and the extra summon materia).
12 : Anonymous2021/05/27 19:01 ID: gzo4nam

in the new ff7 remake schedule, will yuffie automatically join the party or will u have to recruit her in a forest and answer her questions correctly?

13 : Anonymous2021/05/28 03:30 ID: gzpv274

how often do the FF games go on sale on Steam? 7 and 8 are on sale on PSN right now, but if they drop in price often I might just wait

ID: gzre42p

At least according to PS Deals, 8 goes on sale pretty frequently, usually with a couple other games. It's on sale now, and was on sale in March, and two or three months before that. Usually when it's on sale on PS, it's on sale or about to be on sale on Steam as well. If you put it on your Steam Wishlist, you'll get an email if they do a price drop of 20 percent or more.


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