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1 : Anonymous2021/06/07 17:00 ID: nuhji0
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2 : Anonymous2021/06/07 23:48 ID: h0yzhrg

So I just noticed that the FFIV iOS app got its title and icon updated to say “FFIV (3D version).” Is the PSP remake coming too? Has there been any word on that?

Edit: FF3 has also been changed to say "(3D version)" but The After Years has not. I'm tryin' real hard not to get myself hyped up for a 2DHD remake after they finish Dragon Quest 3, but... the omission of TAY has me cautiously optimistic.

ID: h112vy5

Here is an article about the rebranding. Right now, the reason is mostly speculation, but it's possible that a release of the 2D versions of these games is on the horizon. Either that or Square Enix has decided that the 2D and 3D versions are different enough that they need to better differentiate between them.

ID: h0zyrcj

I would think that it this probably just means the 2D versions of each would also be made available. I don’t think TAY has a 3D version, so it doesn’t need anything to denote what version it is

ID: h0z8sya

no news about any of that but E3 is in a few days so, who knows?

ID: h102bwg

interesting catch. but TAY not saying 3D remake is weird, considering it has actually been released in 2D before. and FF3 saying 3D is weird too, considering the 2D has never been released in the West, nor anywhere in Japan in like the last 20 years

it might be a hint at them finally doing something for the earlier titles in HD-2D.. but i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/09 02:01 ID: h13qf97

I had to stop following the “Final Fantasy” tab on Twitter because all it is, is a bunch of weird accounts defending Tifa and Aerith about shit that NOBODY said or thinks! Like they quite literally just make shit up to complain about to defend those 2.

“Who said Tifa can’t-“ Nobody. Not a damn soul.

ID: h19n42b

I know exactly what you're talking about. All the interesting stuff to talk about in FF7, like the themes, the environments, the planet, and stuff like that. But people just wanna have annoying, stupid ass ship wars. Good god

ID: h15le9w

I don't know. I'm pretty sure Tifa can't properly prepare fugu. Aerith probably can't either. I just don't think either of them have had the proper training.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/10 04:40 ID: h18th3t

Where can I download the Yuffie DLC episode? I only see the option to buy the full Integrade ($70) on PlayStation Store when I already have it on PS4.

ID: h1d05rl

try going to the PS Store and searching for FF7 Remake Intergrade. there should be one item which is $0 for existing PS4 players. Get that one first. the DLC is titled "FF7R EPISODE INTERmission (New Story Content Featuring Yuffie)". When I bought it, it said (Chinese/Korean version) but its in English so no worries there.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/09 13:42 ID: h15h0wl

So I'm trying to beat every offline FF and nearly at the end of 2. I have 3, 4, 5 & 13 remaining.

Just wondering what order & on what console I should go through the rest either numerical order or pick one at random?

Also looking to know the best console to play these on. I have 3,4 & 5 on Steam but I've seen comments they're not so good on PC. I played 1 & 2 Dawn Of Souls on a GBA emulator so if there's something similar I could play on my more portable mobile that would be great too (mobile versions even?)

Thinking either 5 or 13 last but I'll def play 13 on PC.

ID: h15keub

3 and 4 on Steam are the 3d remakes. Those are great versions, but if you care about playing the original 2d versions they won't work. Also the in battle framerate for 4 is really bad, but there is a very simple mod to fix that.

5 on Steam is also just fine. Some people don't like it because the sprites are high resolution but are lacking some detail. It looks fine when you're playing, though. But honestly if you look at the screenshots on Steam and don't see any problems then you're fine. The only problem I had with that version was that when you're moving around and start walking diagonally there is a bit of a janky delay. But you get used to it.

Also if it helps 5 is pretty short and doesn't take itself seriously. That makes it perfect to play in between other titles, so I wouldn't save it for last. But that's just my opinion.

ID: h16ucdz

Play the NES version of FF3, because almost nobody does and you'll get a unique experience out of it. Play the Japanese SNES version of FF4 with the Namingway patch, followed by the Wiiware version of The After Years because the artstyles will match and it'll feel like one continuous game. Play the SNES version of FF5 with the RPGe translation and then the GBA addendum on top of the translation (both available on romhacking.net) because the GBA version of FF5 actually has a lower resolution than the SNES original which means you'd be playing on a cropped version of the original.

ID: h15ohgy

FWIW and jumping on Mooboo's comments, I'd highly recommend that you tackle a 2D version of FF4 first. The 3D versions were made with long time fans of the series in mind, and as a result, the difficulty has been ramped up. It also requires you to do some non-intuitive things for maximum combat efficiency. (i.e. Giving powers to characters right before they leave your party.)

Personally, if you just finished 2, I'd just go in order, so that you can see how the series "progresses" in its installments. But, 3 can be kind of grindy, so something like 4, 3, 5, 13 would work too. 13 isn't as much of an action RPG as 15 is, but it's definitely more of an ARPG that all of the previous numbered entries.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/09 20:25 ID: h174hh2

Currently playing through FFX for the first time and I was wondering if I should upgrade my weapons and aeons. Soul for aeons sounds like it would take a lot of work. What skills do you recommend?

ID: h17ds5h

For Aeons you don't really need to add skills to them, maybe you can add Fira to Ifrit – in a normal playthrough you usually use Aeons for 1) soaking a big hit of damage and 2) their Overdrives

ID: h17ehyp

Yes to weapon upgrades, although don't get too tied to any one weapon. By end game, you'll get access to ultimate weapons with incredible built-in attributes (that require really tedious quests to unlock) or you can buy empty four-slot weapons to customize.

IIRC, I would sometimes use the spheres to power up aeons if I was near 99 for a particular one. However, I didn't really use aeons that much - Tidus, Rikku and Wakka were my main party - and there are other ways to power them up anyway. It's better to save your spheres for the Grid.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/09 20:27 ID: h174rmm

What Final Fantasy Should I play after 4?

ID: h1d0aah

if you enjoyed 4 and want something similar, then probably 6.

if you'd prefer something slightly more modern/3d, then i'd recommend 12

ID: h17dw2g

I mean, why not 5? 🙂 I generally find it easier to stick with a game from roughly the same generation, vs. ping-ponging from 16-bit to modern to PS1, for example.

If you're asking, "What other games are like 4?", well, that's different. In that case, I'd say skip 5 and play 6 or 7 - those games have different settings than 4, but kind of match the "tone" better in some ways. 5 is a bit less story / plot-based, plus it relies on character classes vs. defined roles for characters.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/10 00:02 ID: h17xhu8

I'm a very new streamer and plan on playing through the majority of the series, a lot of the games will be for the first time, others will be for the first time since around launch, so 20+ years in most cases.

Starting with the original, would people rather see the classic NES look, or something like the PS1 release instead?

ID: h185eog

That's going to really depend on the kind of audience you have and how you want to build your brand. If you're appealing to retro gamers or gaming history then you'd want the originals. If it's a more general approach then the newer versions might work better, since they're nicer to look at and have higher quality music. This isn't something that is going to have a definitive answer.

That said, I'd take a look at this list:

/wiki/whichversion" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//wiki/whichversion

There are more lists like this that are even more detailed, but this list will give you the general idea of major version differences.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/10 12:16 ID: h19rmlc

I wanted to get started somewhere. I read a lot online, mostly on reddit... and asked a couple friends who are really into the series. I decided I want to start on FFVI. Overall gameplan is to play VI > VII > VIII > X > X-2 > then finally VX.

Problem is I'm on PC. Tons of people apparently hate the release on steam and all I'm coming across is people saying it's not worth it, the graphics ruined the game, etc.. I really felt like I couldn't get a fair 'review' of it. Putting aside the graphics and adding mods. If I were to buy it on steam, is it playable? Nothing really changed but some visuals?

ID: h1a3m23

Yes, essentially that. I never played the original VI, and I had no issue with the new version. There are some other slight problems I've seen other users say, but it was perfectly playable for me. And like you mentioned, you can mod it if need be.

Can I ask why your list skipped IX? I'm just wondering since it's one of the overall most liked FF's, up there with X.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:46 ID: h1aaelw

I am going to watch Advent Children and play FF7 Remake Intergrade.
Which order do I watch/play them in? This is my first Final Fantasy experience.

Well, I watched Advent Children when I was younger and I probably watched it 10 times but it was so long ago I’ve forgotten the story but I definitely want to rewatch it. Anyway I’m just not sure the order. Thanks!

ID: h1b0j0z

If you don't want to be spoiled about a lot of stuff in the game and the next parts of it, don't watch Advent Children. It happens after the main game, so you should only watch it after playing the entire story, and the remake we currently have is only the first part.

If you definitely want to watch it, watch it after playing the game, but I wouldn't recommend it.

ID: h1cbf20

Advent Children takes place after the original FF7, and FF7 Remake only covers the first 5 or so hours of the original (although it greatly expands it to be a full 40 hour game) but if you watch Advent Children it will spoil the future parts of FF7 Remake, so you should play the original game first, then watch Advent Children, then play Remake. (also if you watch Advent Children I recommend watching the Complete Edition since it improves some scenes and adds I think 20 min. of extra scenes that aren't in the original version of the movie)

ID: h1bwjz5

Advent Children is not great, for one, but it's also a sequel to FF7. The remake is not complete and won't be for quite some time. Play original FF7 and then watch Advent Children, or just skip Advent Children IMO.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/10 22:59 ID: h1c7grt

Hi guys, I am interested in starting to play the Final Fantasy TCG but I wanted specific cards. Do you guys happen to know if TCGPlayer.com is a legit site to buy from? Thank you!

12 : Anonymous2021/06/11 00:12 ID: h1cfw5f

I’m still hoping for 7r Xbox release date Sunday.

ID: h1cnr8j

Keep hoping

13 : Anonymous2021/06/11 00:35 ID: h1cihmz

What is the best ff for the ps1

ID: h1h18k3

7 I'd say, the PS1 version of Tactics is pretty messy, 8 is very mixed... you could make an argument for 9 but 7 is much more influential

14 : Anonymous2021/06/11 01:23 ID: h1co0ov

I've already beaten vanilla Remake.

When does intermission take place (chapter wise) during Remake?

I'd like to know where to integrate it as I play Integrade.

ID: h1cyiyg

chapter 8 thru to the end of chapter 12.

but the ending picks up after the ending of the vanilla

15 : Anonymous2021/06/09 23:17 ID: h17s424

How do I download the free PS5 Upgrade for Intergrade? I'm in Canada, but AFAIK that shouldn't affect my ability to get the free upgrade for people who own the disc/digital version that wasn't given away free with PS Plus.

No matter what I do, the free PS5 upgrade doesn't show up anywhere in the PS5 store, nor anywhere on the store.playstation website. I really wanna play Intergrade/the PS5 updated version of the remake, and get/play the DLC, but I really don't want to have to pay for this game a second time just to do so.

ID: h17tlw1

The option "Final Fantasy VII Remake upgrade for PS4 version owners" appeared for me on the store once it hit midnight in my timezone. Check the store at midnight in your area?

16 : Anonymous2021/06/10 14:23 ID: h1a74z0

Question about FF7R INTERGRADE:

Does the PS5 version of FF7R add anything new to the game content wise outside of the Yuffie DLC? By that I am meaning new difficulties, new trophies, anything like that.

I am trying to decide whether or not to do a full playthrough again or just play the Yuffie DLC, since I already have 100% completion on PS4 version.

ID: h1czsg6

theres a new combat simulator fight in the base game that unlocks after you clear the DLC. i believe theres a trophy for that, but its under the dlc's subcategory. you can just chapter select your way there to clear it tho.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/10 15:15 ID: h1aeiv2

I got the xbox gamepass for pc and have been wanting to play a ff game for a while, but idk where to start, which game should I start off with that is one the xbox gamepass for pc: FF x/x-2 HD remaster, FINAL FANTASY VIII remastered, FF VII, and lastly FF XII.

ID: h1ah2eq

I would say either 7 or 10. 10 is usually the more recommended for a first time FF game. I would personally go with 10 first.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/10 18:45 ID: h1b9b9v

Ok I bought th ff7r disc to play the update BUT. It’s downloading ps4, ps4 v1.03x Ps5 and Ps5 intermission. I can just delete the PS4 stuff so I don’t waste time downloading them right?

19 : Anonymous2021/06/11 21:53 ID: h1gbcml

I have never played a FF game. I am considering buying FFVII REMAKE INTERGRADE - Is it more for nostalgia players or is it a great game for first timers?

ID: h1gcviv

it's a great game for first timers but just remember that this is just part 1 so you won't get most answer by the end of the game, so don't worry if you are confused by the ending even veterans are confused for some mayor changes to the story.

we only ask you to give the original a chance if the story engage you, there are many reason why we recommed that but I am not gonna overwhelm you with FF7's drama going on right now.

20 : Anonymous2021/06/08 07:46 ID: h10aj9h

Is the FF14 mmo ending with end walker? Is it a bad time to jump into the game as everyone is gonna be at end game content?

This was one of the reasons I dropped monster hunter world as I joined pretty late and everyone was at end game content.

ID: h10f0zp

Is the FF14 mmo ending with end walker?

nope. the mmo will still continue. however, the current story arc will reach its conclusion when endwalker releases.

there is never a bad time to jump into the game as each character can have multiple jobs, allowing the same player to become a level 1 again at any time.

ID: h10f1mg

It's not ending, it's just the end of the current arc apparently. There'll be more content in the future. Just look at FF11(the other MMO), which is still getting updates after all these years.

Also, people being at end game doesn't matter. This game has duty roulettes, which reward players of all levels for queueing for them. This is what ensures you'll always be able to do mandatory dungeons and stuff unless you play in the middle of the night.

ID: h14tur7

Do you follow JoJo? Think of it like this: Endwalker is the end of Battle Tendency and the start of Stardust Crusaders.

Also, no, never a bad time to start. This isn't like most MMOs where everyone rushes to the end so take your time.

22 : Anonymous2021/06/11 00:06 ID: h1cf5sy


23 : Anonymous2021/06/11 02:59 ID: h1cyx23

you aren't misunderstanding it. that $40 premium gave you exclusive use of some of those items in the past year versus anyone who didnt get them. think of it as paying for timed exclusivity

24 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:53 ID: h1b1osd

I've been playing X for the past week and have been enjoying it. Right up until Beville. I'm fighting Yunalesca right now and I'm in phase 3 and absolute pissed because apparently this is right near the end of the game. I'm clearly under sphered and haven't done any of the side quests because apparently there are side quests that I've just walked past. Should I just watch the end of the game because I'm fed up of this shit now.
And for the record I was assuming it was like ff7 where you get the airship halfway through the game rather than literally just before finishing it. I also only just unlocked Hastega for Tidus so I can only assume I've messed up my game bad.

25 : Anonymous2021/06/08 15:35 ID: h11fb4g

I’m currently stuck on the Edea fight in the auditorium. All she does is cast maelstrom and death, wiping my party out immediately. I don’t have carbuncle (I’ve read this GF is helpful in fighting her) and I mistakenly used my last reflect on Seifer in the previous fight.

Am I screwed? I’m 17 hours in at this point and I REALLY don’t want to start all over.

I’m using Squall (lvl 22) Quistis (lvl 18) and Rinoa (lvl 19) btw.

26 : Anonymous2021/06/08 15:51 ID: h11ho2g

Do you have access to Sleep? Edea is vulnerable to it, and using it should make the battle much easier, whether you're using Status-Attack or casting it. Also, having a character with Mug is useful, to get a Royal Crown from her (teaches MAG +60% to a GF). Make sure you remember to Draw the Alexander GF from her as well.

27 : Anonymous2021/06/08 21:21 ID: h12se20

I know this doesn't help and may even feel a bit annoying, but please people, use multiple saves. Feel free to use all the save slots if you feel like it. No reason to stick to one, I see these more than I'd like.

28 : Anonymous2021/06/08 22:54 ID: h134b34

I’m using Squall (lvl 22) Quistis (lvl 18) and Rinoa (lvl 19) btw.

This doesn't mean much, since levels don't give you big stat boosts like in other FF games.

What magic is junctioned to each character's stats?

I would junction some of your hardest hitting magic to attack for Squall. Use Quezacotl's Card Mod ability to change your items into strong spells. Do you have Death spells you can junction to your status?

FYI Maelstrom can't kill you. It just reduces each character's current health by 62.5% and inflicts the Curse status.

Cast Esuna or use remedies to rid you of curse. If your HP is yellow, spam Limit Breaks, epsecially with Squall and his hopefully high attack from junctioning magic to the attack stat.

29 : Anonymous2021/06/09 14:16 ID: h15lrhs

I think it was originally released in episodes. So if you wanted to keep playing a particular episode or something you'd want to be careful.

As far as I know anyway. I only just started playing it myself.

30 : Anonymous2021/06/09 10:51 ID: h14zah7

I recently bought FF7R Intergrade Digital Delux version on my PS5.

Will there be an upgrade for Intermission? Or I will need to buy the full thing again?

31 : Anonymous2021/06/09 13:15 ID: h15dof5

I’m fairly sure Intermission is included in Intergrade.

32 : Anonymous2021/06/09 11:16 ID: h151cgt

On the phone app it says a lot of things but nothing about this specific thing...

33 : Anonymous2021/06/09 14:35 ID: h15ocx0

Wait what’s intermission. Am I missing things about the dlc?

34 : Anonymous2021/06/11 03:13 ID: h1d0f8t

Intermission is included in Intergrade. if you bought physical, it comes as a code

35 : Anonymous2021/06/10 10:42 ID: h19jdmi

So I've never played a final fantasy game and have heard for the longest time about the final fantasy 7 remake and how good it is but I never went out of my way to get it cuz I have never played any of the games so i feel like i wouldn't know what's going on or who the characters are. So my question is whether or not it's fine for me to go get ff7 remake without having played any of the previous ones or whether I should play the previous ones to know what going on?

36 : Anonymous2021/06/10 10:45 ID: h19jl2l

Each numbered game is its own story not related to other numbered games so you are good to go

37 : Anonymous2021/06/10 11:26 ID: h19mx0n

The stories aren't connected besides direct sequels (Final Fantasy X-2). They take place in separate worlds for the most part, so Remake is fine as a start point

38 : Anonymous2021/06/10 17:02 ID: h1au929

Regarding INTERGRADE: I am trying to figure this out regarding save transfers and trophies from PS4 to PS5. I want to play with an earlier save file FIRST on PS5 THEN go to my plat save on PS5.... however here's what I'm wondering:

1) if I transfer "save A" from PS4 to PS5 with let's say 2 trophies first, and play this a bit, these 2 trophies will pop on PS5. THEN (later)....

2) I transfer "save B" (my plat trophy set), will the remaining of my trophies pop? Or will I be stuck with only the 2 trophies from "save A", and the rest won't pop?

Can anyone confirm?

39 : Anonymous2021/06/11 03:05 ID: h1czizi

you can transfer both saves but only one at at time, so if you want the trophies to pop while you play on PS5, go with the 2 trophy file first, then play through the game.

at a later point you can go back and transfer save B - the rest of the trophies should pop then.

40 : Anonymous2021/06/10 23:27 ID: h1canll


41 : Anonymous2021/06/11 03:01 ID: h1cz499

nope. seems like the download doesnt start until the full game is done

42 : Anonymous2021/06/11 00:03 ID: h1cev1d

Regarding FF7R: Intermission

Has anyone found a good strategy for the Shinra Whack-a-box mini game? I’m trying to get the final reward for it and I’m not getting close with my score. I’m getting around 35000/50000, not sure how to make up the difference.

43 : Anonymous2021/06/11 03:01 ID: h1cz34y

i havent gotten down to trying this one but heres a video on youtube that show it

looks like Banishment helps alot?

44 : Anonymous2021/06/11 09:31 ID: h1duonb

Playing ffvi right now and just built a party to go to zozo. If i do my grinding now will the characters i didn’t bring auto level up when they rejoin me?

45 : Anonymous2021/06/11 17:44 ID: h1fe8a5

They will not, although at a later point, the levels you gain now will "help" because they'll increase the overall average, which is used to calculate when they rejoin later.

I would recommend against grinding now, because 1) after Zozo, a major gameplay mechanic opens up that'll require you grinding again and 2) partially because of #1, grinding is more effective in FF6 the later you do it. If you're looking to min-max, you actually want to avoid gaining EXP as much as you can until you complete about 90 percent of the game. (NOTE: This is not at allllll required to beat the game.)

If you're looking to play through FF6 in a "normal" way, I'd just suggest using your characters equally. Remembering when you split into three parties for the battle in Narshe? You'll have to do this again in the future.

46 : Anonymous2021/06/11 20:13 ID: h1fyjkt

Was the digital artbook advertised as being included in the pre-order for FFVII: Remake - Intergrade a new artbook focusing on Intermission or was it just a digital re-release of Materia Ultimania? If the latter, does anybody know if they have plans to release an artbook for Intermission? I know Ultimania is getting an English translation re-issue in December.

47 : Anonymous2021/06/12 05:04 ID: h1hiwzf

Is the Yuffie dlc soundtrack available anywhere?

48 : Anonymous2021/06/12 15:11 ID: h1itg8f

I got FF7R from PS+, how do I get the Yuffie DLC if I don't have a PS5?

49 : Anonymous2021/06/12 18:29 ID: h1jgzn0

It's only available on PS5.

50 : Anonymous2021/06/12 21:34 ID: h1k293o

This might be an odd question, but I've started up a game of FF1, and my thief unfortunately died. Is there any way to close the experience gap so he's now always 15 EXP behind everyone else? It strangely bugs me


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